Film breakdown: One example of the Skins’ excellent pass protection against the Saints

Robert Griffin III’s rookie debut was stellar by all accounts.  Equally impressive was his pass protection. One of the better examples of the Skins’ good OL play was in the 2nd Quarter, when they were facing a 3rd and Goal from the 5.

The Redskins ran a little double pick play.  They had three receivers to the right side of the formation.  The TE, Fred Davis, will run to the goal line, and do a little out and up.  Santana Moss will run just shy of the goal line and turn his route outside.  With the Saints in man coverage (exactly what the Skins want), that left the LCB, Corey White, to have to navigate through 4 bodies (Davis, Moss, and two of his teammates) to get cover Aldrick Robinson, who is running a slant:

On the play, the Saints brought 7 on the blitz.  Circled here are safeties Roman Harper (top of the screen) and Malcolm Jenkins (lower).  The Saints also brought David Hawthorne, who was irrelevant on this play, coming on a delay:

Harper, perhaps the best blitzing safety in the NFL, is picked up by Helu, and the right side of the Skins’ OL does a great job of communication as Chris Chester picks up Jenkins:

Griffin has a clean pocket, and an absolutely WIDE OPEN Aldrick Robinson (11) for the easy TD pass:

Video of the play here.

Great debut for RG3, but also an outstanding job by the Skins’ staff and their OL of putting him in positions to succeed.

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  1. ve may bay says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  2. Dave says:

    Looks like the only one who could have broken up that play was the ref! I am shocked that Goddell did not call in a favor to make that happen!

  3. […] • OL was excellent in pass protection the entire day. Here was one example that I pointed out earlier today. […]

  4. skinsaholic says:

    Hail yeah…its only one game, but man, what a game. Agree with Roy, watch out NFC bEast.

  5. Roy says:

    And to think there were some critics saying that three 1st rounders was too much, the Skins should have drafted Tannehill or Weeden… Look out NFC east!

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