NFL TV Maps, Week 1

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Cowboys @ Giants: Tonight, 8:30, NBC, Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth

Redskins @ Saints: Sunday, 1:00pm, FOX, Kenny, Moose and Goose

Eagles @ Browns: Sunday, 1:00pm, FOX, Dick Stockton and John Lynch


• Obviously, everyone is going to watch Cowboys-Giants tonight.  That game should break a number of ratings records.

• Congrats to Redskins fans around the country, who are relevant again in the eyes of the TV networks.  About 75% of the country will have the option of checking in on Robert Griffin III.  It doesn’t hurt that they’re playing the Bounties, but still interesting to see the Skins getting some love.

• The Eagles-Browns game might be the least exposed game on the docket.  Worse, Dick Stockton is the play by play guy for the game.  Fortunately for Dick, he doesn’t have to worry about pronouncing Asante Samuel’s name in this one:

• Also, poor Broncos fans. They have to watch Bills-Jets this week, which means they’ll probably get Jets games all season. Needs more Tebow! Living in North Jersey and being forced to watch Jets games, I feel your pain Denver.

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  1. fiftyfourd says:

    What the hell is the last frame of that video?

  2. DickMuffin says:

    Dick Stockton sounds like a horrible Christmas present.

  3. Juz Sayin says:

    Record breaking numbers because of The Cowboys who always draw big ratings not because of the Giants who are not even popular in New York ,the Yankees,Kinicks & Jets are way more popular

  4. Tracer Bullet says:

    I am determined to mute the TV and listen to the radio broadcast this season. Merrill Reese is a god among men for the local games and Boomer Esiason on Mondays has at least a functioning brain stem, which is more than I can say for Gruden.

    1. I actually like Gruden. At least he points things out that I normally might not see the first time around.

      Liking Gruden, however, requires one to have the ability to ignore his “Everything and everyone is great” thing. I find it amusing more than anything, mainly because I expect it now. But I completely understand if people find it very irritating.

      1. Balagast says:

        Can they find a way that Collinsworth gets to call every game in the NFL? He is quite honestly the only analysis commentary I can find tolerable.

  5. Todd B says:

    Booooo… Eagles game in my area. [thumbsdown/]

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