Random NFCE Notes: Updated practice squads, injuries galore, Sean Locklear at LT, and a new podcast episode

• Tommy and I recorded a show yesterday. Tommy talked about the four new Eagles acquisitions: T/G Nate Menkin, S David Sims, WR B.J. Cunningham, and C Chase Beeler.  I talked about stuff like Jon Dorenbos selfishly not affecting games by choosing not to use witchcraft, and how Sav Rocca is like Steve Urkel’s cloned twin with swag, Stefan Urquelle.  We also got into the Eagles’ youth a little bit.

• The NFC East’s updated practice squads:

Eagles Giants Cowboys Redskins
Chase Ford, TE Matt Broha, DE Ben Bass, DE Tom Compton, OT
Emil Igwenagu, FB Selvish Capers, OT Tim Benford, WR Doug Worthington, DE
Marvin McNutt, WR Larry Donnell, TE Rob Callaway, DT Emmanuel Arceneaux, WR
B.J. Cunningham, WR David Douglas, WR Danny Coale, WR DeAngelo Peterson, TE
Ryan Rau, LB Stephen Goodin, G Lance Dunbar, RB Antwon Bailey, RB
Chase Beeler, C Craig Marshall, DE Ronald Leary, G Darryl Gamble, LB
Frank Trotter, DT Matt McCants, OT Orie Lemon, LB Jason Shirley, NT
(Empty) Laron Scott, CB Jamize Olawale, RB (Empty)

• There are 24 players listed on the Giants and Cowboys injury report. Crazy.  Teams will designate players as probable, questionable, etc., on Tuesday.

• Tom Coughlin named Sean Locklear the Giants’ starting LT.  I’m sure Redskins fans will say “Good luck with allllll that, Giants.”  (Locklear was a Redskin last year, and not a very good one.)  His first test?  None other than DeMarcus Ware on national TV, in a game that is likely to shatter some TV ratings records.  Expect the Giants to give Locklear a ton of help in the form of Ahmad Bradshaw and Martellus Bennett.

• David Wilson has some (cough) lofty goals this season, per Alex Raskin of CBS:

  • “Five yards per carry”
  • “Score at least 10 touchdowns”
  • “No sacks” allowed on “my behalf”
  • “A play of at least 20 yards” in every game
  • “At least six 100-yard games”
  • “No fumbles.”

I attended 2 practices at Giants OTAs and 2 training camp practices.  That’s not a ton of time logged there, but it was enough for me to see that David Wilson has an absurd amount of talent.  However, he’s going to have to win the trust of Eli Manning to get playing time.  Can he pass protect?  Will he be in the exact spot Eli needs him when he goes out into pass patterns?  Can he understand/diagnose what the defense is trying to do?  Can he hold onto the football?  (Fumbles were a major issue for Wilson at VT).  If so, he’ll get plenty of playing time.  There’s a thinking in the NFL that RB is the easiest position in the pros to learn, because you’re jut taking the football and running with it.  To some degree, that’s true, but I don’t think it fully applies to a head coach like Tom Coughlin, who is a lot more hesitant to trust rookies, especially early in the season.  I do like that Wilson is setting goals, even if they’re totally unrealistic.


• In the comment section of my Cowboys’ 3rd QB post yesterday, “TrackCoachRyan” had an interesting thought: Mike Kafka to the Cowboys.  It makes a ton of sense, in my opinion:

  • Kafka, in my opinion, is an upgrade over Stephen McGee.
  • The Cowboys’ offense doesn’t necessitate a QB with a howitzer, or at least it has operated with under a QB without one for the last half decade.  That has always been the knock on Kafka: Arm strength.  However, he does move around in the pocket well, and is smart and accurate.
  • Quick learner.
  • He could provide intelligence on the Eagles’ offense.  Remember the reports that Kevin Kolb was calling out the Eagles’ signals when the Cardinals played Philly last year?

• Mike Jenkins finally practiced yesterday.  First time since 2011, as noted by Nick Eatman.

• Joselio Hanson signed with the Raiders, per Adam Caplan.  He’ll join Keenan Clayton there.

• Sucky couple of days for Julian Vandervelde.  He thought he made the Eagles’ 53 man roster, only to be cut the next day when they traded for S David Sims and had to release a player to make room.  Then the Buccaneers signed him, only to cut him a day later as well.

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  1. SteveH says:

    Monte Taylor definitely was someone of interest but I’m kind of surprised Phillip Thomas hasn’t generated more interest as a PS candidate for us. I was really impressed by his play whenever I saw him. He had some really nice tackles and a great PBU in the endzone in the Cleveland game alone. He seemed like a physical guy with coverage skills. Him and Ryan Rau were the 2 guys I coveted as PS guys but no one else seems to have mentioned Thomas at all. Is there something about him I’m not seeing ?

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      I’ve seen Thomas mentioned quite a bit, and I also thought he was prime PS material… until the Eagles traded for David Sims.

      The practice squad serves two functions. The one that a lot of people look at the practice squad as is a place to stash potential future contributors. Guys like Monte Taylor and Phillip Thomas make a ton of sense in that regard. However, equally important is its intended benefit – they actually practice against the regulars every week in… well, practice.

      When the Eagles traded for David Sims, that gave them 5 safeties. A 6th safety, while perhaps a nice prospect, would be useless in practice. There’s nothing wrong with Phillip Thomas. The Eagles simply have nowhere to put him.

  2. Trueblue63 says:

    If Wilson gets Jacobs carries are his goals that out of line?

    1. Yep. He could be Barry Sanders, but that OL paved the way for a Giants running game last year that was dead last in the NFL in YPC (3.5), total rushing yards, and rushes of 20+ an 40+ yards.

      1. Trueblue63 says:

        I think he has a shot at 2 or 3 of them.

  3. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    Monte Taylor update?

    1. None yet, to my knowledge.

  4. Most Cruz catches will be him hiding in the slot ,he wont be visiting Jerry’s new(Brandon) Carr on the outside.Nicks & Randle you even know there playing!

  5. DaCrock says:

    Robert Hughes (FB, 5’11”, 235 lbs., 23 yrs. old), UFA from Notre Dame, is reportedly filling in the final spot on the Redskins practice squad (yawn!).

  6. AJ says:

    I hear a lot about David Wilson. Is it all hype, or does he legitimately have a shot at being the 2nd best back in this division? Also, with the state of the Giants O-line, will he even have the opportunity to produce?

    1. mjoedgaard says:

      Wilson got McCoy like talent, but unless the OL finds the 2007 magic again, he wont produce very good numbers

  7. William says:

    I’m pretty sure Eli’s iron man streak ends this season. It’s honestly safe to say that they most likely have the worst O-line in the division. I’ve never heard of Sean Locklear before

    1. mjoedgaard says:

      Unless he takes a bad hit like getting dragged head first into his OL, he should survive. Some people can just stay healthy while others cant.

  8. youngwiz says:

    nice shot on romo. his first td against the rams a few weeks ago displayed a plenty strong enough arm.

    1. #youngtroll—fixed it for you

      1. Bob says:

        Disagreeing with the author isn’t allowed around here, apparently.

    2. It wasn’t meant to be a shot. I like Romo, but he definitely doesn’t have one of the stronger arms in the league.

  9. Maybe Julian will come be on Philly’s PS. We do have an open spot.

    1. He’s eligible, but they have a full line for the scout team in practice:

      Bell – Menkin – Beeler – Reynolds – Kelly

      We’ll see.

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