Ranking the NFL teams by age: Rams and Eagles have the two youngest teams in the NFL, Chargers are the oldest

As of this morning, when I began collecting data from all 32 NFL team website rosters, the Rams had the youngest team in the NFL.  The Chargers are the oldest, as they have an absurd 18 players that are 30 years of age or older.  This data is already out of date as teams continue to make minor tweaks to their rosters, although even with the continued movement the average ages of each team shouldn’t change much.

Here are the results:

Rank Team Avg age   Rank Team Avg age
1 Rams 25.32   17 Jets 26.21
2 Eagles 25.55   18 Saints 26.34
3 Browns 25.62   19 Raiders 26.38
4 Vikings 25.64   20 Giants 26.4
5 Packers 25.65   21 Ravens 26.4
6 Buccaneers 25.69   22 Texans 26.42
7 Seahawks 25.77   23 Broncos 26.47
8 Chiefs 25.8   24 Redskins 26.53
9 Patriots 25.81   25 Steelers 26.56
10 Titans 25.85   26 Bills 26.57
11 Bengals 25.87   27 49ers 26.64
12 Panthers 25.91   28 Bears 26.66
13 Dolphins 25.91   29 Cardinals 26.91
14 Cowboys 26   30 Lions 26.93
15 Colts 26.02   31 Falcons 26.98
16 Jaguars 26.06   32 Chargers 27.15

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  3. Kben says:

    I assume you saw you got a nod and call-out on the ESPN NFC East blog? Congrats on hitting the mainstream! (Even though ESPN sort of blows now…it’s still pretty awesome.


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  5. Cee-Jay says:

    Give me a break. There is less than a 2-year dif between the youngest and oldest team. Further, it makes much more sense to focus on impact players… starters at key positions or even just the starting lineups. For example, who gives a hoot if you’ve got a 35 year old kicker and a 37 year old punter?

    This stat tells us next to nothing.

    1. Disagree. Is there much of a difference between one player that is 26 and another that’s 27? Of course not. But we’re talking about an average of 53 players per team here.

      So let’s take a team, for example, that averages 26 years of age and another that averages 27.

      Multiply 26 years of age on average by 53 players and you get 1378 cumulative years.

      Multiply 27 years of age on average by 53 players and you get 1431 cumulative years.

      1431 – 1378 = 53 cumulative years.

      A difference of 53 cumulative years is the equivalent of taking 10 or 11 players on one team and making them 5 years younger.

      We can agree that a difference of 5 years (a player that is say… 26… vs a player that is 31) is a significant difference, right?

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  8. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    If the mean age difference is only 1 year between the #1 and #17 teams, does this mean anything at all?

    1. ATG says:

      I thought the same thing at first, but I think it does. Each 32-year old you replace with a 22-year old only changes the team average less than 0.2 years.

      1. Trueblue63 says:

        Then you’ld want to calculate standard deviations, so that you could tell whats a significant difference.

      2. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

        So trade the Henery Brothers for Akers and Rocca, and Eagles are out of the top 10?

  9. Bob says:

    It would probably be a more genuine assessment of the age of the roster if you only used starters, as these are massively affected by the players at the bottom of the roster, most of whom will never do anything and be out of the league fairly soon.

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  12. SteveH says:

    Off topic but the Eagles claimed this guy Nathan Menkin off the waivers from the Texans and we got rid of Trevard Lindley.

  13. youngwiz says:

    need to compare to the last two years’ averages

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