New 2-part podcast: Eagles’ 53 man roster projection with IgglesBlitz’s Tommy Lawlor

So… I got home from the Eagles game last night at sometime around 1:30am (about 5 hours past my typical bed time), and got up bright and early to bang out a pair of podcasts with Tommy.  And you know why I got up so early to do these?  Out of love for our listeners, that’s why.  I’m comfortable saying that.  I love you all.

Anyway, it’s a two-parter on the 53-man roster projections.  The first one is the offense.  The second is the defense (duh).  We each say who WE would keep, and then opine on what the Eagles will actually do.  So make sure you return my unconditional love and listen today, because they’ll be useless at some point around 9pm tonight.

Part One: The offense

Part Two: The defense

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