Notes from around the NFC East: Mike Jenkins and Hakeem Nicks return; more replacement official comedy

• Tommy and I recorded another show. We discussed the Eagles’ biggest concerns heading into the 2012 season.  Not including the health of Michael Vick, we had the same exact #1 and #2 concerns (we didn’t know each other’s lists ahead of time).

• Mike Jenkins was activated off the PUP list, although he probably won’t be ready to go Week 1 against the Giants.

• Hakeem Nicks played last night.  I watched him on a number of his snaps.  On the one catch he made, it looked like he barely ran a route (he barely jogged), but the defense didn’t really cover him, so Eli hit him on a 5-yard in.  A couple Pats tackled him physically.  Caught a pass, got tackled, survived – Call it a win.

• That Giants game, by the way, was brutally boring, and the Giants’ 1.5’s got outplayed by the Pats’ 2’s.  Final score: 6-3. I tapped out before the first half was over.  I should have watched the Redskins game, which was far more interesting.  I can’t really comment on Kirk Cousin’s game as a whole, but every time I flipped over, he was doing something good.  On one play, he threw an absolutely gorgeous deep ball, while getting hit, to Anthony Armstrong.  The Kirk Cousins pick got a ton of criticism when they made it, and still is.  I loved it. I mean…  We’re talking about a 4th round pick here.  Here’s what I wrote in my Redskins draft recap months ago:

Redskins select Kirk Cousins, QB, Michigan St: The Redskins are going to get absolutely slammed for this pick by a lot of people, but here’s what you have to keep in mind about Day 3 of the NFL Draft.  You are not filling holes at this point, or at least you shouldn’t be. You’re drafting players with the long view in mind.  Next year, Rex Grossman will be gone, and John Beck will probably be gone this year.  The Redskins can now groom two rookie QB’s… simultaneously… and be set at that position for at least the next 4 years.  Cousins can push RG3 (not that there’s any threat to take his job), and vice versa.  Cousins is outstanding value at this stage in the draft.  The big knock on Cousins is his arm strength, but I saw a live arm at the Senior Bowl.  On one play that stands out in my head, Cousins launched a ball 50 yards, into the wind, to a streaking Marvin McNutt down the sideline.  McNutt dropped it, but the ball was on the money.  Impressive throw.

But here’s the part that, if I were a Redskins fan, would be most encouraging about this pick.  Mike Shanahan is in Year 3 of the Shanaplan.  So far, the Redskins are 11-21 in his tenure.  It’s only natural to wonder if they would be drafting with the selfish intent of finding players that might contribute more immediately, as opposed to taking a player that makes the most sense in the long view.  This pick shows that the Redskins very much have the eye on the long-term prize.  I love this pick.


• I started watching the Cowboys game, but when they trotted out Rudy Carpenter to start, I immediately lost interest.  Apologies. I did hang in long enough to see Kevin Ogletree drop an easy pass that killed a drive.  Ogletree is talented, but that inconsistency…

• Mathias Kiwanuka took a shot at Jerry Jones.  The Giants have this weird reputation for being all-class, and just going about their business while keeping their mouths shut.  Bull. Shit. The Giants players might run their mouths more than any other team in the league. I don’t have a problem with it, mind you.  It’s fun, and I’m certainly not a fan that gives a rat’s ass about “winning with class,” but can we please stop with this nonsense about the Giants “just being quiet and going about their business?”

• David Wilson is changing his jersey number to 22. Click here if you bought his jersey already.

• During the Giants-Pats game last night, it took the replacement officials 3 separate announcements to sort out a pretty simple play in which 2 penalties occurred. From the time the whistle blew on the initial play (see the circled running time clock at the bottom right)…

…until the time they blew the whistle for the next play to begin…

…5 minutes and 22 seconds had gone by.  The NFL owners and Roger Goodell are unreal.

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  1. Todd B says:

    Listened to your podcast last night. Feel like most of my comments are a little late now so I’ll just post the one that I think is still relevant:

    * Ryans: I am not concerned at all. Even if all he does is that “rock” in the middle of the defense and just is where he is supposed to be and getting everyone else where they are supposed to be, then the entire LB corp will be improved 10 fold over last season. Give me 5 tackles a game plus the knowledge that everyone else will be in the right place and I’m happy.

    I personally think he will be better than that but I look at that as gravy.

  2. Juz Saying says:

    Jacobs,Tuck,Strahan,Canty & now Bennett have always run there mouth & double that when it comes to Dallas maybe the Giants feel there not popular enough.

    1. ct17 says:

      Or they are human. I also see no problem with what Jerry Jones said. It’s part of the game.

  3. skinsaholic says:

    In the skins game, the refs made one of the most idiotic mistakes I have ever seen. The ref went to the replay to check the spot of the ball. After a few minutes, the call was upheld. The refs then had another conference. The head ref got on the microphone once again and simply said, “were gonna take another look at that,” then went back under the hood again. Ridiculous

    1. Haha, awesome. Missed that.

      1. A Fine Messi says:

        not only that, it was right after the two minute warning. so combined time to take a first, second and third look at the play was 11 minutes 43 seconds. no exaggeration. on a spot of a ball. that was upheld. three times. it was far more ridiculous than all the press the refs got in the Pats vs. Giants game. it was unreal.

        1. ct17 says:

          All refs make mistakes. Look at the Giants-GB playoff game last year, they were a mess. Meanwhile, the crew at the Giants-Bears game did a good job. They called Eli for a head bob that was illegal, and they picked up a flag for incidental helmet contact on KP. And I like the fewer pass interference calls, penalties for sleeves brushing arms does not belong in a contact sport.

          1. slandog says:

            Yes all refs do make mistakes. But with these refs it’s the time they are taking between plays that drives me nuts. It’s bad enough when a touchdown is scored, then commercial. Come back, kick off and a touchback and then another commercial. That is two commercial breaks sandwiching one kickoff/touchback.

            These stupid delays are avoidable.

            1. RogerPodacter says:

              yea, wasnt there talk in a recent offseason (not sure if it was this one) about speeding up the flow of the game?
              i mean sheesh…i can’t really be angry at them going the extra mile to make sure they get it right, but you just have to go with what you have after so much time.

    2. What happened with the officials in the Skins game was a disgrace. Flat out joke. The play went for a first down and they called it as such. Then, since it was under 2min, the guys upstairs signaled them to go take another look. After using every god damn second they are allowed to, if not more, the Ref emerged and declared that the call on the field was correct. Then they lined up, were about to snap the ball and the Refs stopped the play. The Ref actually made an announcement that “we’re gonna take another look at it” and then trotted back over to the replay system and again took the full allotment of time to look at the play for a 2nd time. Thankfully, after 2 full reviews, both most likely exceeding the allotted 60 second maximum…..the Ref emerged and declared that the call on the field was still correct…..

      This is going to be a looooooong season if this is any indication of what we will see. Unfortunately, the speed and importance of the games only increases exponentially from here…..sad.

  4. BBI says:

    Yeah, the Giants actually do chirp quite a bit. I think this whole “Giants are quiet and go about their business” sort of applied to maybe 5-6 yrs ago. Though to be fair, they don’t come out and starting pooping all over the place, they’re prompted. In this case, Kiwanuka was obviously baited by being asked for his thoughts on Jerrah saying “Dallas will kick their asses”…

    …still though, there are ways to sidestep those sorts of questions.

    1. ct17 says:

      I agree. What people prompted by the media fail to distinguish is the difference between players taking easy shots at an opponent and outright disrespecting them or a teammate. Little Leaguers call out “we want a pitcher, not a belly itcher”. It does not make national news. It is gamesmanship, not an attitude problem. Just because most players give you a generic PC answer the media overreacts to everything else. Kiwanuka’s comments are a world of difference from T.O. putting blame on McNabb or Dez hitting his mother.

    2. ct17 says:

      The quiet thing is more management. You won’t ever hear Coughlin, Reese, Mara complain about a thing. They don’t call out their players, other teams’ players, the refs or the league.

      1. Snow says:

        uhhhh, Tom Coughlin has called out his own players and other players a lot…

        1. ct17 says:

          I guess it depends on what you mean. He said this last night:

          Q: Andre Brown got an extended look last night. What did you see from him?

          Coughlin: He played well. He ran hard. He made some good, solid, powerful runs. He missed a cut here or there and, of course, he put the ball on the ground.

          I don’t imagine Brown is crying over this. You won’t be able to find a comparable example to Reid vs. Jenkins the other night.

      2. Matt Dodge says:

        I disagree

      3. Roy says:

        Mara sure complained about the Redskins loud enough to get us slapped with a bogus $36 million cap reduction. Which was wrongfully upheld by the league — er, I mean the cartel. So yeah, I think rich guys make as much noise as anyone.

        1. brisulph says:

          You break the agreed to limits made by the owners, you pay the price. Seems pretty straightforward.

          1. poolboy87 says:

            You make “agreed to limits” in an uncapped year, you break the law. Seems pretty straightforward.

          2. that response was a joke, right?

    3. slandog says:

      Osi has a mouth, but he’s terrible at trash talking, he’s at a third grade level.

      I personally don’t mind it at all, but they do talk prompted or not.

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