Eagles release Mat McBriar the week after Alex Henery misses FG in Cleveland

According to Mat McBriar’s agent, the Eagles are expected to release the punter:

Throughout camp and into the preseason, I thought Mat McBriar was the better punter.  However, in Cleveland last week, Alex Henery missed a FG attempt. Of note is Henery’s reaction immediately after he kicked it:

The ball was heading far wide left, and Henery didn’t even bother watching it.  He immediately whipped his head back around and looked at the spot.

During the 2009 season, McBriar and Dallas kicker Nick Folk had issues with the spot of the ball on FG attempts:

Folk’s missed kick stemmed from a bad spot on the hold from McBriar, who said he’s reaching for the snap instead of letting the ball come to him so he can place the ball.

When he reaches for the ball, he puts the ball a few inches away from where it’s supposed to be. At times, it’s messed up Folk’s timing. And over the past few games, it’s been noted.

A few weeks ago, I asked McBriar about holding issues he had back in 2009. “There was a period of time where we struggled with our operation there,” McBriar said. “You’re going back a few years there. Don’t say that to (Henery) please (laughs). It hasn’t been an issue in the last few years. Nick’s last year in Dallas wasn’t a great time. Just working with Jon (Dorenbos), he seems like a really reliable snapper, that definitely helps my job.”

When asked about whether or not he would seek feedback from Henery on his preference as a holder, special teams coach Bobby April confirmed that he would. “Henery’s feedback on (his preference as a holder) will be critical… I mean it won’t be a deal breaker because both guys can hold.  When there’s a big separation in their ability to hold, obviously it’s more of a factor, but absolutely I’ll get his feedback and relay it to the head coach.”

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  1. shanghaipft says:

    Check the tape right after the miss, as Henery is walking back to the sideline. He is talking to Dorenbos and puts his hand up at a very weird angle. Seems to be telling Dorenbos that McBriar held it weird. (…That’s what she said.)

    1. JohnGiam says:

      im hearing that we are exploring trading Tapp, dixon and Polk….I also hear we are trying to upgrade the safety position…anyone hear any news on potential targets?

  2. DerfDiggy says:

    I forgot how automatic Folk used to be. These kickers and their head games are something else…Great job pulling that up, Jimmy.

  3. FrenchEagles says:

    And Elliot Short-Parks said that during the TC, Henry and Henery seemed like Best friends while McBriar was more alone. Do you agree? If yes, Henery could have forced this bad kick to happen or push for his holder friend to stay…

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