A handful of meaty news items from Andy Reid’s presser today

The Eagles’ DEs are getting interest from around the league, according to Andy Reid.

A bunch of newsworthy items from Andy Reid’s presser today, with some of my own thoughts:

• Brian Rolle has been demoted from his starting spot at WILL.  In the preseason game against the Browns, he was offsides twice on the opening drive.  That’s simply unacceptable for any player, but how does a linebacker do that?  Akeem Jordan is the new starter.  I didn’t mention Akeem Jordan all that much in my camp write-ups, as he’s a guy that has just kind of been around for a while now, but he quietly had a very good camp.  Here’s a note that sticks out from Jordan at camp:

I had a chance to watch some one-on-one pass blocking drills from the RBs and TEs today.  Depending on whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist, either the RBs and TEs looked really bad or the linebackers looked really good.  I’m leaning toward the RBs and TEs looking really bad.  Chase Ford and LeSean McCoy were the best of the blockers, with Clay Harbor right there as well, but nobody really looked good.  Brett Brackett looked really bad, especially on one play in which Akeem Jordan basically put him right on his butt.  Brackett has looked excellent catching passes throughout all of camp, but oy vey, the pass pro needs some serious work.  I was also disappointed by the way Stanley Havili blocked.  Havili too felt the wrath of Akeem Jordan, who evidently turned into Lawrence Taylor for 10 minutes during this drill.  Another guy that really impressed was Mychal Kendricks.  He was routinely beating the RBs and TEs with his quickness.  The Eagles may have themselves a really effective blitzer there.

It is also noteworthy that Jamar Chaney tweaked his hamstring, which may have factored into the decision to make Jordan the starter, although Jordan has outplayed both Rolle and Chaney.


• King Dunlap will not play against the Jets on Thursday.  That’s a pretty good indication he has won the starting job at LT over Demetress Bell.

• Joselio Hanson is still the first team nickel and won’t play Thursday.  That should pretty much cement his standing with the team (as far as making the 53 man roster or not).  Brandon Boykin has been thoroughly impressive, but I suppose the Eagles aren’t quite ready to hand him the keys just yet.

• Mike Patterson may miss the entire season.  That was already sort of expected, but sobering nevertheless now that it has come directly from Andy Reid.

• The Eagles could very well keep 6 DEs.  I have them doing just that in my 53 man roster from yesterday.  Reid also said they are getting plenty of inquiries for defensive ends.  To note, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re interested in Darryl Tapp.  They could be interested in other players that most fans would be less stoked about trading, like Phillip Hunt.

• Casey Matthews and Riley Cooper are unlikely to be ready for the opener.

• Jason Babin should be ready to go Week 1.

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  1. Tracy says:


    If Russell Wilson was still available for the 25th Pick in the 3rd round, do you think that Foles would have still been the pick? I know that the Eagles have a private workout with RW also.

  2. johngiam says:

    I keep hearing that we are wasting kendricks playmaking skills by lineing him up at the sam. former players suggested him playing at the Wil were he can better run around and make plays…I also hear that he is the MLB of the future

      1. johngiam says:

        thanks jimbo

  3. Alex says:

    I brought this up on Tommy’s blog, but would welcome your input: what would you think about trading Jason Babin instead of Tapp or Hunt? He would definitely command more compensation coming off a pro bowl season, plus he’s getting older. Or, maybe I should just stop sniffing glue. Either way, I’d like your take.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      He’s more valuable to Philly than he’d be anywhere else. Perfect fit for wide 9.

      1. Alex says:

        Yeah, you’re right about that. Teams have been known to reach for players that don’t fit their schemes, though. Like what happened with Albert Haynesworth as a 3-4 NT after being a star at UT in the wide 9. I’d hate to see Babin put in a similar situation, but what if the Eagles could gain depth at a position of need and pick up a draft pick in the process? I don’t think the Eagles should actively shop him, but if the they are entertaining offers for Tapp or Hunt, wouldn’t it also make sense to ask what they could get for Babin?

        1. Jimmy Kempski says:

          I think it probably too late for a player to come in, learn the playbook, and be an instant impact player with only 2 weeks until the season begins. So that rationale would negate a player-for-player trade. And you’re not going to trade him for picks if you think you have enough talent to win a SB.

          1. Alex says:

            That makes sense. I’ll try to lay off the glue before posting any future crackpot questions.

            1. Jimmy Kempski says:

              Ha, no worries. Keep em coming.

  4. theguyotc says:

    Forget where I saw it, but someone said that at least one of the penalties on Rolle was bogus. Hard to believe with the current set of refs, I know…

    I think they had Rolle starting last year because they didn’t really have good options, and he did have some speed and playmaking ability. With the way Kendricks has been playing, that’s not so important, and they’re probably looking for guys who don’t always get swallowed up by an offensive lineman.

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