My crack at the Eagles 53, err… 52 man roster

Not to worry, fellas. You all made it.

Apologies first of all to the fans of the other 3 NFCE teams.  I didn’t attend your camps with any regularity, so I’m not going to venture a guess at those 53 man rosters.

Anyway, this may be my one and only crack at the 53 man roster.  I’m keeping who I would keep, and then I note what I think the Eagles will do.  In theory, things could change after the final preseason game, but I think for the most part I have my mind made up, so now is the time.  Let’s just get right to it:

QB: Michael Vick, Nick Foles, Mike Kafka (3)

And yes, in that order.

What I think the Eagles will do: Same

RB: LeSean McCoy, Dion Lewis, Bryce Brown (3)

Chris Polk was one of the most difficult cuts to make.  He runs hard and could be a valuable player in short yardage situations, but there’s no way he’d ever get any meaningful snaps unless McCoy went down, and even then, there isn’t anything that I’ve seen that he does better than Bryce Brown.  Great effort player, but that’s not enough.  Also, forget the the whole “We could use him at FB” thing.  That’s not happening.

What I think the Eagles will do: Same

FB: Stanley Havili (1)

Andy Reid is adamant that the Eagles offense necessitates a FB, and Havili is the best one they have.  He made some plays in the Pats game, both as a runner and blocker, although I’m not 100% sold on Havili as a quality blocker.  His only competition will come from one of the other 31 teams, and I’m not sure there’s anything else worthwhile out there.

What I think the Eagles will do: Same

WR: DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, Riley Cooper, Damaris Johnson (5)

Marvin McNutt simply hasn’t done enough to justify a roster spot.  At times during training camp he played well, at other times a few days at a time would go by in which McNutt was completely invisible.  He has 1 catch for 13 yards on 5 targets in the preseason games.  Frankly, I wouldn’t even have McNutt as my 6th receiver.  That honor would go to either Mardy Gilyard or Jamel Hamler, who both had a far better camp/preseason. McNutt may have some upside and blocking skills, but I’m comfortable enough with the rest of the Eagles’ WRs to leave him exposed to the other 31 teams in trying to sneak him onto the practice squad.

What I think the Eagles will do: They’ll keep McNutt.

TE: Brent Celek, Clay Harbor, Chase Ford (3)

Harbor was thought to be fighting for his professional life heading into camp.  He put all those doubts to bed with an excellent camp and preseason.  The Eagles want to run a lot of 2 TE sets this season, so 3 TEs on the roster would be ideal.  Brackett is the better receiver, but Ford is the much more polished blocker.  The Eagles have no shortage of weapons in the passing game, so give me the guy that can block.  Admittedly, this is kind of like taking SW Missouri St to beat Duke in the opening round of the NCAA tourney.

What I think the Eagles will do: They’ll only keep Celek and Harbor, and if a 3rd TE makes the roster, it’ll probably be Brackett, not Ford.

OL: King Dunlap, Evan Mathis, Jason Kelce, Danny Watkins, Todd Herremans, Demetress Bell, Dennis Kelly, Julian Vandervelde, Steve Vallos (9)

I think the first 8 guys above are close to locks.  The only real question is who the backup center will be.  I’ll take Vallos, who looked the most natural of the other backup center options (Dallas Reynolds, Mike Gibson, Vandervelde, etc).

What I think the Eagles will do: Dallas Reynolds in, Vallos out.

DE: Trent Cole, Jason Babin, Phillip Hunt, Brandon Graham, Darryl Tapp, Vinny Curry (6)

And that’s also the pecking order for playing time.  Unless I get something in return for Tapp in a trade, I’m not cutting him.  Is it overkill? Yeah, probably.  I don’t care.  This may just be my stubborn personality showing through, but I’m simply not going to cut a talented player in favor of a weak player at another position, especially this deep into the roster.

What I think the Eagles will do: Cut Tapp if they can’t trade him.

DT: Cullen Jenkins, Derek Landri, Fletcher Cox, Cedric Thornton (4)

Ideally, I’d like 5 DTs, but I’m only keeping 4.  Thornton was a star.  He’s not only going to make the team, but he’s going to get a ton of playing time.  Antonio Dixon showed me absolutely nothing this offseason, and I’d feel totally comfortable picking up a player off the street that could be better if need be while I await Mike Patterson’s return.

What I think the Eagles will do: Keep Dixon.

LB: Mychal Kendricks, DeMeco Ryans, Jamar Chaney, Akeem Jordan, Casey Matthews, Brian Rolle (6)

I really like some aspects of Keenan Clayton’s game.  He’s fast, he’s a nice special teamer, and he can cover.  He just can’t tackle.  And as a linebacker, that’s kind of a big deal.  I just don’t trust him.

What I think Eagles will do: Same

CB: Nnamdi Asomugha, DRC, Brandon Boykin, Curtis Marsh, Joselio Hanson, Brandon Hughes (6)

Jose survives!  As does Hughes, who is a very good special teamer.  Cliff Harris had an excellent start to camp, but I’m going to try to stash him on the practice squad and try to get him to bulk up a bit in the weight room for a year before he makes the 53 man squad.

What I think the Eagles will do: I have almost no feel for what the Eagles are thinking here, so I’ll just be lazy and say “Same.”

S: Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman, Oshiomogho Atogwe (3)

It’s a roll of the dice (although a calculated one), but I’m only keeping 3 safeties.  I have no trust in Jaiquawn Jarrett, and so, I’m crossing my fingers that everyone else stays healthy by the time Colt Anderson returns.  I’m at a disadvantage here, not knowing for sure how far along Anderson is in his recovery.  I should also note that I really liked what I saw out of Phillip Thomas, the undrafted free agent out of Syracuse, so if the Eagles can retain him on the practice squad, that would be good.

What I think the Eagles will do: I think they’ll keep Jarrett.  Keeping Jarrett gives the Eagles 53, while I’m at 52.

Specialists: Alex Henery, Mat McBriar, Jon Dorenbos (3)

The veteran punter beats out the kid.

What I thnk the Eagles will do: Same

OK, so that’s only 52.  What the hell, Jimmy?  Well, I’m leaving one spot warm for a signing after final cutdowns.  Maybe a DT?  A safety?  TBD.

PUP: Mike Patterson, Colt Anderson

My top 8 practice squad candidates:

  • OG Brandon Washington
  • S Phillip Thomas
  • WR Marvin McNutt, Chad Hall, Jamel Hamler (I’d keep a maximum of 2 WRs).
  • RB Chris Polk
  • CB Cliff Harris
  • TE Brett Brackett
  • DT Ollie Ogbu

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  1. phillyangst says:

    Welp, so much for that theory. Due to injury, Kafka is the QB casualty for the Iggles.

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  3. JohnGiam says:

    btw, TAPP needs to GO! prefereably for a draft pick. You just cant keep 6 DE, especially when you have 2 tackles, in Cullen n Fletcher who will situationally slide over to DE, and Tapp is making over a mil to be a back up veteran, who still gets flagged for dumb penalties too often….let Tapp go, or trade him, and keep an extra tackle in DIXON. I know he hasnt looked good, but with Patterson, up in the air, keep dixon’s girth around. There was a time that I liked Dixon’s game. We didnt start getting TRAMPLED by the run game in Niners game until dixon tore his Bicep…

    My roster:
    DE: bABIN, COLE, Graham, HUNT, Curry…situationally Cullen/fletcher slide over to DE

    DT: Fletcher, Cullen, Landri, THorton, dixon, Patterson

    btw: Hunt and Landri will go BEZERK and have A HELLUVA YEAR!

  4. Dan says:

    AND the other teams won’t touch Polk because of his shoulder.. that’s why he went undrafted.. after seeing Brown kill it this preseason I would bet money that teams are drooling waiting for us to cut him and practice squad him… DROOLING! I bet you thought we should have kept KOLB my KNOB also..

  5. Salem Sarieddine says:

    alright… So I actually went back and watched the 2nd half again. I played the game in college, I coach football now… I’m not saying I am Gruden here. But watching the 2nd half from a film study standpoint watching some plays 2 and 3 times and taking notes. Brown is a better raw athlete. Polk is a better football player and displayed it. If you really go back and compare the two under the microscope you’ll see.
    Brown, trying to bounce everthing out and getting washed up when the perimeter has integrity. Brown Fumble on the goal line. Brown often going down on the first maybe 2nd tackler. ) catches, ) yards, 0 first down conversions. 7 touches 18 yards and 1 fumble.
    Polk; cut lanes, cut backside on 3 of 6 carries all positive gains. Polk 1 catch 9 yards, heady enough to run the corner over vs. challenging OLB. Polk fumble recovery of QB, Edwards. Polk 8 yards of RT, (RAN OVER OLB, OLB left game shaken up) Polk 20 yds off left tackle (stayed in bounds, under 3 mins). Polk 4 first downs, 1 fumble recovery, 1 catch 9 yds, 6 rush 39 yds Polk 13 YAC.

    I do like him better… because he’s better.

    1. Corry says:

      I agree that Polk is the better player. You can tell the kid has played 4 years of college ball and played well, but in my opinion, Polk is what he is and doesn’t have that high of a ceiling.

      Brown is very raw right now. His play shows he hasn’t played a whole lot of football in the last few years. However, what Brown has going for him is that his ceiling is so much higher. There’s no guarantee that he’ll ever reach his potential, but I think just based off of that, you keep him over Polk.

      I do think Polk catches on with a team somewhere in the league. He’s shown enough to be on someone’s roster and I do think he’ll excel in a run heavy offense, just not here in Philadelphia.

      1. Salem Sarieddine says:

        thats why you get some mileage out of a ready to go player and land Bryce Brown on the practice squad this yr. get some mileage out of Polk this yr, then trade him with (hopefully) some stats, let brown develop and get his game along. its a win win. you develop Brown, get some solid downs and special teams out of a ready to go player. trade Polk, call brown up. You’ll could get something for polk next yr. and I don’t know that a team is going to sign brown off of a practice squad his track record is non existant and I don’t know a team is going to go after that.

        1. Salem Sarieddine says:

          alright, done with this topic… NEXT

        2. Dan says:

          Your an idiot.. watch more than 1 game. Brown has twice the yardage both rushing and receiving as your boy Polk. The only thing Polk does better is pass protect.. which can be coached. Brown has better hands… more speed.. runs strong and makes yards out of nothing whenever he touches the ball. Is your real nam Salem Polk? For watching and coaching football your analysis is terrible. Are you confusing which guy is which? Brown is so much better.. that’s why he has been the number 3 for ALL of the preseason. NOW the topic is OVER.

          1. Dan says:

            Also.. the reason they drafted Brown was because he woldnt have made it to the UFA. Other teams wanted him really bad.. why the hell do you think he would make our practiice squad now when they didn’t think he would make it to UFA?

            1. JohnGiam says:

              what kind of silly argument is this? of course a guy who played 4years of college is a better and more ready back then a guy that played 3 games in the past 3 years….DUHHHH!!!! But thats not the point. We dont need our 3rd back (a rookie) to be the better back TODAY!….you can not give up on Bryce’s potential, not with the ceiling that he has. I mean, the kid really does have a trent richardson type ceiling, the odds of him reaching that ceiling are stacked against him…but the kid has really been making strides all summer. If he improved this much already, just imagine what he looks like in 3 years…also, he has about 3 years less of SERIOUS wear and tear than all the backs his age..

              I dont even understand how this is a discusision. Its a no brainer! dont get me wrong, I like Polks game, but he is what he is…..Bryce really does have a chance to be special, and there would be no chance of Bryce clearing waivers. at least polk has a chance to clear waivers and land on our practice squad

          2. Salem Sarieddine says:

            I did… Brown had 1 good game. if there isnt a lane he goes down on the 1st or 2nd tackle. Polk’s YAC is silly. you sound like Al Davis… he’s fast and big and has tons of potential. doesn’t mean he’s a gamer/

        3. Jack Andrews says:

          Brown wouldn’t last 5 minutes on the practice squad. His potential make him a future pro-bowler.

          1. Jack Andrews says:

            Bryce Brown runs the 40 in 4.3, he is just as fast as McCoy and 15 lbs. heavier. We haven’t had this much potential in a running back since McCoy! No way you can let him go or put him on the practice squad, he would be picked up so fast it wold make your head spin. If it were up to me, I would keep Polk over Lewis, but the Eagles won’t do that. They will try to sneak Polk onto the practice squad. If we’re lucky, it will work.

  6. phillyangst says:

    The Iggles have a great problem at DL. Most teams would kill to have this type of depth. The thing that makes this good for the Iggles is that the younger guys are effective and CHEAP. I agree with most of your roster Jimmy. The biggest shake up that I see will come at QB. My hypothesis is that Edwards and Kafka will be cut after the trade/salary adjustment is agreed upon for Tavaris Jackson. This will include Darryl Tapp and draft choice(s). And may involve multiple teams.

  7. MFlick says:

    I am leaning towards keeping 2 QBs. You can always sign Edwards if someone gets hurt.

    1. The Giants keep two, but they have a QB that has played in 100+ consecutive games. I don’t think the Eagles have that luxury.

      1. JohnGiam says:

        no way in hell that the eagles can afford to only keep 2 qbs.

        1. MFlick says:

          If Vick gets hurt, you could just sign Edwards or Kafka off the street. No one else is going to sign those guys. Then it would be easier to slip Polk onto the PS.

          1. Or they could even snatch up the tasty morsels known as Vince “dream team” Young or Donovan “I’m still a starter” McNabb. -barf-

            They have to keep 3 QBs

  8. JohnGiam says:

    This may be a case of CONVENIENT AMNESIA, but I really dont remember Kolb EVER look THIS GOOD, on any level, whether preseason, starting, relief…. there was a time that many philadelphians were high on Kolb, but did he ever look as good as Kolb? or am I just remembering it how I want to remember it?

    1. Kolb had stellar performances in some games that mattered. He looked great against the Chiefs in ’09 and the Falcons in ’10. Those were the two games that got the Eagles the package they got from the Cards. He also had some other impressive games, like the Niners in ’10 and even the Saints in ’09.

      1. JohnGiam says:

        ahh, i def remember the atlanta game. I was living in ROME at the time, watching the game 6 hours ahead….Revisionist history is amazing! lol

      2. Unfortunately Kolb is garbage now, I fault Wisenhunt(sp?). that OL is hot garbage. How could he think anyone could win with that?

        1. johngiam says:

          you know what I am most impressed about Foles, beside his athleticism that many said to be bad….I absolutley LOVE the way his eyes are ALWAYS downfield when he is pressured out of the pocket, or backpeddling. I guess thats what happens when you are a big durable kid that spent his college years behind a putrid offensive line!

  9. JohnGiam says:

    Unlike most eagles fans, im not ready to cut Vick and sign foles to a 100million dollar deal, but I am extremely impressed with what I see out of THE KID. I actually liked the draft pick simply because the kid made a dollar out of 15cents. His teammates were terrible. The kid had NO HELP but put up some numbers. That says something to me. Im really confused right now about Foles. I pride myself on being one of the rational and more evenm Keeled BIRD fans, but this is a very interesting situation. Conventional wisdom is that, YOU DONT WANT TO START A ROOKIE QB in the NFL. Some rookie qbs exceed expectations, but its really rare that a rookie QB has taken a team to a deep play off run…However….
    This situation is different, and their isnt much precedent for this….Hear me out:
    Since HISTORICALLY, no one wants to start a rookie QB, unless they absolutely HAVE to….but when you think about it, 99% of rookie QBs that get extended playing time as rookies are top 1st round picks…and to get top pick, and to have to draft a qb with your first round pick usually means that you were a terrible team the year before thats in a rebuilding mode. Its really rare, that you see a team, thats so STACKED at EVERY POSITION play a rookie QB. It just hasnt really happened historically. What rookie qb can we think of tat got to actually play with a playoff team already in place around him? maybe Brady for a game?

    I would never BENCH Vick for a rookie….but when you really think about this situation, its very unique, and pretty much unprecedented, so who knows what the kid could do? I prefer Vick staying healthy and playing well, so that we dont have to find out…but, Im just sayin….

    1. Patrick says:

      Maybe Im not understanding you? But …. Didn’t Andy Dalton lead Cincinnati to the playoffs as a rookie QB? Didn’t Joe Flacco win 2 road playoff games as a rookie QB? Didn’t Ben Roethlis win like 14 in a row and make the playoffs then turned around and won a SB in his 2nd year? and yes Tom Brady did win a SB after becoming a starter week one when Drew Bledsoe went down? Wasnt Tom Brady a rookie 7th round pick then? I can say the same for Kurt Warner he may not have been a rookie but he did come off the bench after the starting QB went down. Im not saying Foles is ready to do that. Id prefer M. Vick stay healthy all year and be our guy. But ……….. the question is can M. Vick stay health. I just dont see M. Vick staying healty for 16 games and sooner or later Nick Foles comes in to replace him during the season. Me personally IMO I think Foles has looked alot better then Vick in the preseason so far and would actually take the gamble and let the rookie play/Start. Look around the league at all the other teams starting or playing 2nd year or rookie QB’s

      Redskins RG3
      Colts Luck
      Browns Weeden
      Miami Tannehill
      Seattle Wilson

      Now teams with 2nd year QB’s who were rookies last year

      Cincinnati Andy Dalton (lead team to playoffs but lost) its a good start
      Tennessee Jake Locker
      Jacksonville Blaine Gabbert
      Minnestoa Christian Ponder
      Carolina Cam Newton
      Denver Tim Teebo (won a playoff game @ Pitt now with JETS)

      Other teams who started a rookie QB but have been around awhile now 3 or more plus years

      N.Y. Jets Mark Sanchez
      Baltimore Joe Flacco
      Pittsburgh Ben Roethlisberger has won 2 SB but started game 1 of reg season as a rookie
      San Diego Philip Rivers
      N.Y. Giants Eli Manning won 2 SB but started game 1 of reg season as a rookie
      Lions Matthew Stafford
      Atlanta Matt Ryan
      Tampa Bay Josh Freeman
      San Francisco Alex Smith
      St. Louis Rams Sam Bradford

      thats 21 of the 32 teams in the NFL who have gone with a rookie QB to start from day 1

      Now here is the other 11 teams

      Buffalo Ryan Fitzpatrick
      Houston Matt Schaub who use to be M. Vicks back up in Atlanta
      Kansas City Matt Cassel who use to be Tom Brady’s Back up
      Oakland Carson Palmer who hasnt been the same since his injury
      Chicago Bears Jay Cutler
      Arizona Kevin Kolb or maybe it will be John Skelton (neither is any good)

      last 5 teams

      New England Tom Brady 3 SB’s
      Denver Peyton Manning 1 SB
      Dallas Tony Romo
      Green Bay Aaron Rodgers 1 SB
      New Orleans Drew Brees 1 SB

      my point is that any thing is possible. Im not saying Foles is the answer , but if that kid keeps playing the way he has and he clearly can only get better his ceiling is very high. The Eagles are looking @ their future QB. If M. Vick isnt going to step up and be the QB we think he can be then by all means start the rookie QB and let the Nick Foles ERA Begin and no I don’t think its too soon. The sooner the better. Like I said its just my opinion but i think the kid is the real deal.

      1. William says:

        I don’t always hype up a rookie QB, but when I do it’s still the effing pre-season.

      2. JohnGiam says:

        no, im talking about a rookie qb, playing with a superbowl contending team sorrounding him. when has that situation ever happened. Flacco was probably the closest, but this eagles team is much more highly touted going into the season then that ravens team was…..think about it. most rookie qbs that get to play, play for a bad team….If you had a good team in place and a decent qb, you would never risk playing the rookie qb…….we havent really seen a team thats gonna make a superbowl run, play with a rookie qb. It just doesnt happen…, who really knows what a young rookie wuld be able to do with a great sorrounding cast…look what aj dalton did, and we have zillions better players in place then he did.

        Basically what im saying is I ride with VICK for this season, but if he gets hurt, its not the end of the world…I owuld still like to see what a young rookie can do with this sorrounding cast. I believe we would still be competitive. If Vick is to get hurt, I hope it comes after the opening stretch of murderous row of opponents

      3. JohnGiam says:

        patrik, you definitely arent understanding what I am saying! I like Foles, how can you not so far? whether Philadelphians agree with it or not, going into this season we are touted as superbowl contenders, at the very least we are expected to win our division….and we have a 100million dollar QB who at times, can be really good….Historically, the rookie qb’s who have played in this league, HAD TO PLAY! There wasnt a MIKE VICK franchise qb playing in front of them on the roster….The only situation I can think of, where a team had a superbowl contending players sorrounding a rookie QB was Brady as a rookie, deep into the playoff run…..There is really very little precedent for a rookie QB playing with such a good sorrounding cast…so, who really knows what could happen if Foles has to play extended time? i wont say we will win a SB, but I dont think it would be the end of the world, like I thought it would be if Mike got hurt, about a month ago….

        What I will say about FOles is: I absolutely LOVE the way his EYES are ALWAYS down field, even when he is running for his life….You also have to love what you saw out of him in the redzone. we havent seen that type of redzone efficiency in Philly in a real long time! I also like after all these years, to finally watch a real qb, instead of a frantic video game QB….Personally if both are healthy, I have to go with VICK over ANY TYPE of ROOKIE….but Im definitely not gonna waive the white flag if Vick gets hurt. Foles = Hope!
        We no longer are short a back up QB this year!

  10. JohnGiam says:

    You cant help but be excited when looking at this roster…But the JUAN siuation still really scares me. I wish there was a way of knowing exactly how much imput Bowles has in the grand scheme of things (I do not believe he is simply a secondary coach).

    I have 2 interesting questions for Jimmy or any of the readers:
    1) Name a currently EMPLOYED (4-3D) Defensive coordinator that you would prefer to have Juan instead of.
    2)How many currentlly employed 4-3Defensive coordinators wouldnt trade their entire defensive roster, straight up, for ours!

    IMO On paper, we easily have the most stacked collection of defensive talent in the league. Very curious to see if they can come together as a team inspight of Juan. I hate to beat a dead horse, but what has juan really done to merrit our faith, or eliviate our concerns.

    btw, watching Foles and watching Vick is night and day. Its great to get a break from Vick for a few meaningless games. when I watch Vick, the entire time I am a nervous wreck, worrying everytime he takes off or takes a hit…watching Foles is a pleasure. Nice and calm, throw the ball away…Im not a delusional eagles fan who thinks that this year we would go further with foles then Vick…but its really nice to finally have a backup qb that you have somewhat faith in, in case of a vick injury. It makes watching vick much less nerve wrecking

  11. JohnGiam says:

    love your work Jimmy! Been looking for a site like this one for years! stumbling upon this site made my offseason. Thanks again. much appreciated

    1. Thanks, much appreciated

  12. Todd B says:

    Jimmy, I like your line up but as I was thinking about this, I would make the following changes:

    *I like Ford over Bracket and the logic behind keeping three TE but I have to believe players at this end of the roster have to be helpful on ST. Perhaps I missed it but I haven’t seen either of these players stand out. Plus they are both PS material. So I only keep two TE’s. Harbor already is on the coverage units.

    Probably not what the Eagles do but that is my logic.

    *I keep Dixon over Tapp because no one has said when Patterson will return. It might not be….ever. Tapp deserves a spot infinately more than Dixon but it is luxury I don’t think they can afford.

    *Illogical, I know. But I keep Jai-Jar over Hughes. I just haven’t given up on him. When he has played with confidence, he has not been bad and his hard hitting style could be useful on coverage units. As for Hughes, I think we see his ceiling. Also, as the 6th CB, It is unlikely he would be active on game day. Same could be said for Jai-Jar but as the 4th, it is more likely he would be called upon at some point.

    I also considered Phillips over Hughes but he has PS written all over him.

    *Instead of the 3rd TE, I keep Keenan “I-am-listed-as-a-LB-but-hit-like-a-prima-donna-WR” Clayton as a 7th LB. Again ST should mean something and until Colt Anderson returns, he can take his place.

    1. Todd B says:

      Excuse me, I wrote “Phillps over Hughes” when I meant to write “Phillip Thomas over Hughes.”

    2. All good thoughts.

      Re: Ford on STs. I agree there. Plus, Ford isn’t the kind of player that teams around the league are going to steal from you, so it wouldn’t be hard getting him onto the PS. Still, I’ve always liked having that one TE that’s a good blocker. Just a preference, and I understand that he’s the guy on this roster I’ve carved out that is least likely to actually make it.

      Re: Dixon. Even if Patterson never plays professional football again, I still cut Dixon. That’s how unimpressed I’ve been by him. I’d rather find a guy that another team cut. Hope I’m not being too harsh on Antonio there, but that has just been what I have seen.

      RE: Keeping Jai Jar. I can see it. I don’t trust him, but I’m less patient than others. In fact, I think the Eagles will keep him. The thing I like about Hughes is his ability as a special teamer. Excellent gunner. I care somewhat less about his CB skills. But again, Jai Jar’s spot is also affected by the health of Colt Anderson, which as you noted above with Patt, we just don’t know like the Eagles know.

      Re: Keenan. I see your logic there, and he was actually a favorite of mine at one time, but I’m done hoping with him, ha.

      1. Todd B says:

        You’re right about Hughes as a gunner. Hughes would make more sense to keep over Clayton and then make a decision on Anderson at that time.

      2. JohnGiam says:

        Because Harbor and Celek are both solid blockers, I think you can afford to take brackets explosive upside over the sturdy Ford

        1. AJ says:

          I don’t think Brackett is all that explosive. He had a great camp early but fell back to earth the last couple of weeks. He had a good game against the Browns but didn’t really show up against the Pats or Steelers.

  13. I also think they cut Hanson if Boykin is deemed “close to ready” since he will be active on gameday anyway. Saves an active spot.

    1. I agree, and was prepared to cut Hanson, but if you look at the guys that might make it instead, there really aren’t a ton of compelling “We have to keep this guy” options, at least the way I was looking at it. So Jose survived.

      1. The thing with him is that he’s pretty good at his job, but not so good that he’s coveted if we cut him. It might be possible that the Eagles cut him for someone that April wants on ST like….Clayton perhaps?

        1. I think they got lucky last year when they were able to sign him back after cutting him. They wanted him at their price, and it worked out. Last year, when you look at teams like the Rams that had like 11 corners go on their IR, you realize the value of being stacked at CB. I don’t think he would last very long on the street if the Eagles cut him.

          1. I just think his play has fallen off incrementally, but I understand where you are coming from. He could have been an instant “plug and play” Nickel CB during a shortened offseason last year for a team that needed someone. He either wanted too much $$ or the interest wasn’t that high.

            1. Todd B. says:

              I thought Hanson looked good against the Steelers and not so good against the Patriots. Didn’t see the game last night as I will have to wait another hour or so to see the NFL Network replay.

              But the Patriots have different players and use these players differently than other teams. Not trying to dismiss Hanson’s performance as not important but just about any CB in the league will have just as much trouble.

              If Boykin has to miss a game or two and there is no Hanson, do you feel comfortable with Marsh or Hughes in the slot against a slot receiver? Not me.

              No one else on the team can do what those two players do so they have to keep both, IMO.

      2. Plus it’d save about a Mil. to cut a guy who, I think, is going to be our 5th best CB by midseason, Maybe a cut and resign deal like last year, so he’s not fully guaranteed?

        1. Saving a million buck or so (it would actually be Hanson’s pay minus whatever you pay his replacement) is nice, but for a team that’s roughly 15 mil under the cap already, I don’t think that saving that cash is a priority.

          1. I just think its going ti happen. He was a better NB than DRC last year but they cut him anyway. If hes only AS good as Boykin… He just feels like a goner. There are plenty of reasons to be rid of him, and only one for keeping him.

      3. AJ says:

        I agree, but do you think they could cut Hanson for a guy like Harris or P. Thomas to avoid one of them being snatched up by another team. Sure Jose is better now, but if the gap is close enough to between him and Boykin, I’d play Boykin. If this is the case Jose will barely see the field, as Marsh would be the go to guy in case of injury. I really don’t like keeping a guy with no future on this team, say past week 5-6, in favor of someone with promise. Especially in the case of Thomas where safety help/ depth is a concern.

    2. Todd B says:

      I would not cut Hanson. As mentioned in previous blog entries, Greg Costel who know a whole lot more than me, thinks the nickel corner should be considered a starter based on how pass happy the league is these days.

      So while these two players might be close, you still need a backup at nickel back. Frankly, there is no other player on the roster that can back up Boykin if he should get hurt.

      Besides, based on pure rating, Hason is one of the top 5 corners on the team.

      I think you have to keep him.

      1. He was top 5 last year too. That didn’t change anything then and I just don’t think it will now.

        1. Todd B says:

          Yes, and they admitted they made a mistake by resigning him. I don’t think they will risk than mistake again.

          1. JohnGiam says:

            Its really a win/win situation. They learned 1st hand, the importance of the slot corner. I dont believe that they will cut Hanson, unless they are completely CONVINCED that Boykin is ready to Roll, and play at a high level in week 1. So, we either retain a top slot corner in hanson, or we cut him, and insert a young STUD! Its all about how ready Boykin is, and I actually have complete confidence that they will make the right decision in this regard, so Im not really worried about it.

            Personally, I cant give up on Jarret….not when you are starting Kurt Coleman. Anyone who watched the seahwaks game last night cant help but have thought what Earl Thomas would have done, in this defense….with all these defensive ends, I would gladly sacrafice B graham, to have earl lined up next to Nate! 53man roster, pracice squad…whatever! just please keep Phillip thomas in this organization

            1. The thing is I’m just looking at through a few week into the season.How soon do the Eagles need a top or awesome slot guy? I’d say not till week 4 vs Giants. Could Boykin be ready by week 4 if we let him learn on the job by starting him week 1? I think so.

              1. JohnGiam says:

                listen, for all i know, boykin is ready now. Definitely doesnt look that far off, and obviously he will be better after 3 games of real nfl action, so If they told me that bOYKIN WAS ready to start week 1, i would have no problem…but like jimmy pointed out, they need to be sure before they cut Joselio, because i also doubt he will clear waivers. cant wait to see what players teams cut in the next week

                If Boykin isnt ready NOW, I think we are all in agreement that he will be, real soon. no later then after the bye week

              2. I think he is probably ready. I mean it’s not as if it’s keep Hanson or keep Boykin. I don’t think it’s a big deal if we do keep Hanson, he’s solid at the least. I just would rather Boykin get the reps because we already know what Hanson is. maybe Boykin has an amazing showing in week 4 and they decide he is ready, but they keep Hanson anyway. It’s good to have the depth that we have.

  14. I think Phillip Thomas could play his way into that 4th spot, at least temporarily. It’d be a travesty if Jarrett made it and he got cut..

  15. Salem Sarieddine says:

    Chris polk is a superior back to Bryce Brown and as shown it…. brown can do 1 thing, run. Polk is well rounded, fast enough and his punishing style wears defenses down… thats when he starts ripping off big ones… watched it at Washington, watched it in trainng camp. people don’t like to talk about his 4k+ of rushing at Washington, b/c U CANT USE COLLEGE to gauge NFL… yet they are happy to talk about Browns High School performance… HIGHSCHOOL?!

    1. I couldn’t disagree more that Polk is superior to Brown. In fact, I remember thinking that when the Eagles drafted Brown in the 7th and picked up Polk in the undrafted scrap heap, it would have made more sense to me if it were the other way around.

      But Brown has special ability, and showed in camp pretty clearly that he’s the better overall player. Polk runs hard and I love the guy for that (and I also respect the hell out of what he did a Washington), but his skill set is a dime a dozen. Brown has the chance to really be something special, while Polk will always have athletic limitations.

      I also think you’re underestimating Brown’s skills. He runs hard too, has good size, was a better receiver in camp, and was even a better blocker in pass pro.

      1. Salem Sarieddine says:

        well Jimmy, we’ll have to agre to disagree on this one. I think Brown runs fast and scared. all camp they actually said the opposite, that Brown struggles in pass pro and is having difficulty reading the D. So to address your statement Brown has the chance to really be something special, thats what the practice squad is for… developing players. Polk at this point is more game ready in my opinion. Additionally I have little respect for a guy that quit college football… sounds soft to me.

        1. CarolinaGreen says:

          You sir, are wrong

    2. AJ says:

      I think what you are forgetting is that the eagles don’t pound the ball enough to wear down the defense. Polk’s style would be ideal in SF but not here. The Eagles are a big play team and have skill players at all positions with the potential to score from anywhere. Brown has shown that type of potential. Polk on the other hand, has not. He would make a better short yardage back than Brown, but he won’t see time there as it would be ridiculous to take Shady out.

      1. Salem Sarieddine says:

        So who gets tough yards for the eagles? not shady, certainly not little man… Brown? Is brown your 1 smashmouth back on the roster? I don’t think he’s smashmouth at all… I think he runs fast and scared

        1. Shady was outstanding in short yardage situations last season.

          1. Salem Sarieddine says:

            Wasn’t the goal this yr. to lessen shady’s load? awesome, throw him into obvious short yardage run situations… send him right into the teeth of the beast.

            1. Yeah, I think they’d like to preserve Shady whenever they can, but it won’t be in goal line or crucial 3rd and short situations.

              1. Salem Sarieddine says:

                So riddle me this Jimmy… Polk game over game has come on stronger and stronger… wat heppens if next weeks performance (like the previous 3) tops this weeks?

              2. I think we’ve reached the point where we just say that you like Polk as a player a lot more than I do.

            2. They want to lessen Shady’s snaps, not necessarily significantly reduce his carries. He was on the field for a ridiculous number of plays last season, mostly because Ronnie Brown and Dion Lewis were not good in pass protection.

              Since Lewis has improved 1000% (maybe only a slight exaggeration), he can and will be used more often to spell Shady. Hopefully, Lewis is 80% as effective as McCoy, and Lesean won’t end the season with his worst 3-4 games ala 2011.

        2. I think you’re giving Polk too much credit for being able to push around 2nd/3rd string guys on opposing defenses. Is he going to guarantee you a yard on 3rd and 1 against starters? Polk is an effort player, and as much as I hate to have to say it… it’s practice squad or bust for him. My guess is that another team with a real need for a RB will pick him up.

    3. Todd B says:

      I like Polk but I have a hard time seeing him getting into the game at all. Playing him at FB was an interesting thought a week ago but Havili all but sealed his spot on the roster with his play the last few weeks at FB and on ST.

      Keeping 5 RB for a pass happy team seems like a bit much.

      1. icdogg says:

        Polk is a lot more NFL-ready, and would be more likely to help immediately. He’s the type of guy you would love to have to help protect a lead in the fourth quarter, to pound out some tough yards. But Brown is the type of guy who may well become a starting caliber back.

        I’d love to keep them both. But between the two I have to keep Bryce Brown for the upside.

    4. jacka123 says:

      I would actually keep Brown and Polk over Lewis, but the Eagles won’t. And, they would never let Brown go, he has great potential. Do you guys realize he is much much faster than Polk, he is as fast as McCoy, runs the 40 in 4.3, and is 15 lbs. heavier. Brown will be a star in the NFL before his career is over. Polk will not be.

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