Film breakdown: Giants looking to find other ways to open up the run game

The Giants run game was atrocious last season:

  • Total rushing yards: Dead last
  • Yards per carry: Dead last
  • Runs of over 20 yards: Dead last
  • Runs of over 40 yards: None

The offensive line simply couldn’t get a push in the run game, and I don’t foresee that changing all that much this year, as it’s the same basic personnel along the OL.  The Giants are, however, perhaps looking to get a little more creative in the run game, and the speed of David Wilson opens up some additional possibilities.

I loved the following misdirection play that the Giants ran last night.  The Giants lined up with 2 TEs, 1WR, a RB and a FB. Martellus Bennett is up on the line of scrimmage to the left side.  Behind him is FB Henry Hynoski and TE Bear Pascoe, with David Wilson by himself in the backfield:

At the snap, Eli Manning will pitch the ball to the left to David Wilson, who will then hit the breaks and come back to his right as soon as he catches the pitch.  Pascoe (86) and Hynoski (45) will come all the way across the formation and serve as lead blockers, with Kevin Boothe (77) pulling across from his LG spot:

The Bears had 8 in the box, and now find themselves with 6 of their defenders caught up in the trash, and Wilson has two lead blockers with a head of steam out in front.

Hynoski gets a weak block on Lance Briggs, but it’s enough to get him out of the play:

And Bear Pascoe gets a good block on CB Tim Jennings, leaving Wilson with a lot of running room, as he gets around the edge with impressive speed.  The play goes for 20 on 2nd and 11.

Excellent design.


  1. Trueblue63 says:

    Reminds me of Counter Trey. If the Giants offense is missing two things, it’s misdirection and short yardage efficiency. This type of play/formation could help both of those things.

  2. Joe D says:

    Looks like a play that could work well against the eagles if they ran it to Rolle’s side. I think Kendricks has the speed to break that up. But our OLBs can sometimes get punished in the run game on the outside

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  5. NYG_slater says:

    Love this formation/play.. we ran a play out of that formation with the exact personnel vs the jets (2nd offensive play of the game), EXCEPT it went strong side instead of that weakside/counter variation you reviewed. Sadly, Snee and/or Baas whiffed their blocks and AB got stuffed at the line. I took a mental note of the play at the time, because if either Snee or Baas got a touch on B. Scott it could of been a very nice gain.

    I cant hear the cadence, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Eli makes the decision at the line which way that play is going. The jets never adjusted their personnel and were out leveraged on the strong side playing what looked like a strict zone. (NYG had 3 guys outside the hashes + an eventual pulling guard vs NYJ 2 men outside the hashes, a DE and OLB)

    Against the bears last night, CHI looked to line up playing man def and matched the giants additional leverage to the strongside. Maybe it was coincidental, but that counter variation could of been a response to a different defensive front/look.

    Also, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few passing variations out of that formation/personnel. Possibly, a screen, a roll out, or a combination of routes that set up a pick. Any option could be executed pretty well considering Hynoski is a good blocker and has nice hands for a FB (at least relatively to M.Bennet and Pascoe).

  6. That is a pretty sweet play.

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