I recorded a bunch of stuff over the weekend

I’ve been recording a lot this weekend:

My spot on TSN Radio (ESPN Canada) – Some general talk about the NFC East with my Canadian friend (and Giants fan) Matthew Cauz (@mcauz56).  I think my favorite part of that back and forth was our agreement that the underscore is the bane of the Twitter world, an offense I’m guilty of.

Helmet 2 Helmet Show 12 – Tommy and I preview the Eagles-Pats preseason game: Brandon Boykin vs Joselio Hanson, Michael Kendricks, King Dunlap, Nick Foles, and more.

Helmet 2 Helmet Show 11 – Tommy and I discuss the Eagles’ FBs, Damaris Johnson’s potentially increasing role, and of course, plenty of Marlon Favorite.

I posted a bunch of stuff yesterday (more than typical for a Sunday not during the season) on the Redskins-Bears game, the Redskins FG protection unit, the replacement refs, and The Giants’ hazing stuff, so be sure to check all that out below.  Still reviewing the Cowboys-Chargers game.  Spoiler alert: I thought the Cowboys, and more importantly for them some key players, looked good.

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