Replacement official comedy from the Skins-Bears game

Situation: 2nd and 4 for the Skins from the Bears’ 49 yard line. RG3 drops back to pass, and Adam Gettis holds Henry Melton 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage, at the 44 (see the flag)…

“Holding, #73, 10 yard penalty, we’ll repeat the down.”  OK, so far so good.

In the NFL, you walk off the 10 yards from the original line of scrimmage, as… oh, let’s estimate that 95% of NFL fans know.

Unfortunately, at whatever level this officiating crew formerly/currently works, they mark off 10 yards from the spot of the foul, as the Skins lined up at their own 34 on the next play, instead of their own 41, where they should have:



  1. Johnny Sans says:

    You do know that happens once a week in the NFL, correct? But nobody is none the wiser. These officials are under scrutinized microscopes. Oh and by the way, stay on your couches gentleman. Dont get up. Let the “replacement officials” do their thing while your sitting there yelling at them…over a game your not even involved in.

    1. Lol, what? No idea what youre talking anout on the sofa thing (I prefer a wicker rocking chair), but whatever. Hey, good for the replacement refs. I have no beef with them. They’re completely unqualified to officiate at the pro level, but it’s the NFL i’ll blame if they’re still in use Week 1.

      And no, the above definitely does not happen once/week.

    2. Dave says:

      I am also confused about the couch comment. Should I be doing something else? Should I actively be trying to get the refs back to work?

    3. corn on the Kolb says:

      Sounds like you’re a replacement ref yourself.

      I can’t think if how anyone would find these performances satisfactory unless they were biased in some way. To be honest, I’m one if the biggest advocates for what the locals are going through, but they are terrible.

  2. […] Adam Gettis, playing with the 1’s at RG, was completely over-matched by Henry Melton.  He had to hold him to save RG3 from getting killed.  That play led to the replacement officials comically penalizing the Skins 17 yards for a hold. […]

  3. icdogg says:

    He was using Lingerie League rules.

  4. SteveH says:

    After watching some of the Giants and Redskins games last night I gotta say, we (the eagles) are not the only team with some kinks to work out.

    RG3 definitely has some talent though, you can see that, but holding him to Cam Newton’s ridiculous rookie standard is asking too much, I think.

  5. NYG_slater says:

    the giant-jet game refs weren’t that great either….First, a pretty blatant missed PI call in the endzone on cruz. Also, a lot of questionable holding calls that looked like good blocks by both teams. The trend being, guys would throw their arms up acting like they were held and the refs would bite on it….like every time….kiwi did it on a good block by slauson, got the call….Pascoe/jernigan had pretty good blocks, released when they lost the angle but got called for holding when the defender flopped with their arms raised..

    I hope the refs spend time reviewing the tape and see that they are being used and caving to player gripes.

  6. poolboy87 says:

    It’s mildly entertaining right now…but it’s going to start getting serious soon.

    I thought the refs were pretty lousy in the Cowboys-Chargers game, as well. I don’t think this is what the league was hoping for when they decided to use replacement officials.

    These guys are just…bad…

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