Redskins-Bears preseason game notes

I only really evaluated the 1st half, and only did one pass through.  For the most part, it was ugly.  Let’s just get right to it:

  • Alfred Morris had an extremely impressive run to start the game.  Put his head down and ran over Lance Briggs.  That’s 7-time Pro Bowl linebacker Lance Briggs.  Then he broke a tackle attempt by Peanut Tillman, one of the best tackling CBs in the league.  Later Morris would put Nick Roach on his butt on a short gain, although Roach made the tackle.  Then on a pitch, he broke a Roach tackle, and three Bears had to bring him down, one ripping his helmet off.  On other carries, the Skins’ run blocking was awful.  Morris often had to deal with a Bear 2 or 3 yards in the backfield the second he got the ball in his hands.  That would explain his 3.4 yards per carry.  But I really liked what I saw of him.
  • Adam Gettis, playing with the 1’s at RG, was completely over-matched by Henry Melton.  He had to hold him to save RG3 from getting killed.  That play led to the replacement officials comically penalizing the Skins 17 yards for a hold.
  • Cedric Griffin had terrible coverage on a deep ball to Brandon Marshall. Marshall didn’t even really put much of a move on Griffin; he simply blew right by him.  Marshall had a good 2 yards of separation on Griffin.  Then Alshon Jeffrey got wide open on Griffin on the same drive.  Griffin gave a huge cushion to Jeffrey who was free and clear down the middle on a post pattern.  Really ugly showing for Griffin on that series.
  • Michael Bush walked in virtually untouched on two TDs.  Kerrigan was easily sealed off to the inside by Matt Speath on the first one, but the second TD was much more alarming.  Perry Riley got absolutely abused/embarrassed by Bush on a simple cut in the hole.  Riley dove and missed, and Bush had a free lane to the end zone.  On the end zone view, it looked really bad.  The Skins need Perry Riley to be a long term starter at ILB.  London Fletcher isn’t going to be around much longer, and while I liked the Keenan Robinson pick back in April, the Skins have too many other glaring holes (OL, secondary) to fill in the next few seasons if Riley and Robinson don’t pan out.  It would be a major disadvantage if they also had to worry about fixing the ILB spot.  I don’t want to over-react to one bad play, mind you, but Riley is a player that will be closely watched the entire season.
  • The Bears almost blocked a FG.  That was a bigtime problem for the Skins last year.  It appears their FG protection team still needs major work.

  • Apparently the Bears’ Henry Melton has 9.3 career sacks.  The Bears announcers could not have been more annoying in their homerism commentating on this game, by the way.  The highlight was one announcer praising Alshon Jeffrey for getting a personal foul.  ““I credit Alshon Jeffrey” for not backing down to the vet.  Jeffrey ripped DeAngelo Hall’s helmet off his head and threw it. Yeah, good job Alshon.

  • Niles Paul had a bad drop.  It was a bad pass by RG3, but still an easy catch that should have been a 1st down.  That’s a killer.  Can’t have bad drops on 3rd down.  That’s not much different than a turnover.  Paul was also the gunner on punt coverage, and he missed a tackle on Eric Weems, leading to an extra 18 yards on the return (which was called by on a block in the back elsewhere).
  • Nice play by Kerrigan on Forte run.  Got inside the TE, and made the play.
  • DeAngelo Hall did a nice job getting to Cutler on a blitz, got held by Speath (not called), and Cutler converted.  That was the play in which Orakpo got hurt.  I’m not on board with Hall playing the slot if it means Cedric Griffin has to play inside, but I am intrigued by the prospect of Hall blitzing on occasion.  I’ll say this for Hall – He has speed.
  • Some good and some bad out of Lorenzo Alexander.  He had a nice blitz on one play – timed it perfectly and exploded.  Got there very quickly.  Cutler threw the ball away and should have been called for intentional grounding as the ball didn’t get back to the LOS.  On the negative side, he was slow getting out to Michael Bush on a swing pass on 3rd and 1.  He reacted upfield too soon and his angle to the flat became too difficult.  Very valuable, versatile player.
  • Josh Wilson had a gift INT thrown to him by Jay Cutler.  Easy.  Dropped.  He also gave up a a first down on a crosser by Earl Bennett.  Otherwise, I thought Wilson was solid.  He covered Brandon Marshall well on a deep ball, made a nice quick tackle on Devin Hester after a short reception.  He is the best player in that secondary, and it’s not even close.
  • Trent Williams did a nice job for the most part on Julius Peppers.
  • Brandon Banks had a punt return TD.  He had one last preseason as well.  He also had 7 fumbles/muffs on kick and punt returns last year.  I triple dog dare you to make him your primary returner again this year, Skins.


  1. Jericho Slim says:

    On the Redskins running game:
    1. Trent Williams was awful – Peppers abused him a few times when they tried to run to his side
    2. The bears had a neat way of defensing the outside zone run for the skins.
    a) The d-line would take a step in the opposite direction that the o-line was stepping and attack the gap.
    b) The linebackers would flow hard to the same direction as the redskins zone blocking (opposite direction of the d-line).
    c) The safety would run blitz (or support quickly) on the outside.
    It looked like the bears would make the call before the play.

    1. skinsaneasylum says:

      in regards to your 2nd point above: sort of weird for the bears to be game planning for an offense in week 2 of the preseason….no?

  2. Chastle says:

    oh Banks as returner that wont end well he shouldn’t have made the team last year and he shouldn’t make the team this year, even on his return he barely had to do anything but run, it was the blocking that got it. I am sure Aldrick Robinson can do what banks did just as well and be an effective back up receiver.

  3. theguyotc says:

    There’s been a lot of discussion about the performance of the replacement refs, but at times I’ve been wondering if the announcers all went on strike as well.

    I also noticed that comment about Jeffrey. Never heard anything like that from an announcer.

  4. Juz Saying says:

    Jerry Jones got a brand new Carrrrrr!(oops next post sorry)

    1. Joe D says:

      why are cowboy fans so hyped up about getting a Cb…you know you have 100 other holes.

      1. Sb2bowl says:

        As in “glory hole”


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