Prince Amukamara gets dumped into a cold tub by Jason Pierre-Paul, doesn’t look all that happy about it

It’s a little disappointing to learn that a player that I have a ton of respect for as a player, Jason Pierre-Paul, is a little bit of an idiot.  Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk posted a video taken by punter Steve Weatherford on Twitter of Jason Pierre-Paul dumping his teammate, Prince Amukamara into a cold tub.  Prince does not look happy about it:

Not to sound like a prude here, but I think there’s a time and place for this kind of stuff.  It’s called adolescence.  There’s a book called “Finding the Winning Edge” written by Bill Walsh. It may be the best football book ever written.  It’s so good in fact, that it’s extremely difficult to find for less than $100.  It details every facet of the job of an NFL head coach / GM, to the most minor details. One of those minor details that Walsh dedicates an entire page to is hazing.  The section doesn’t perfectly match up with the relationship here between JPP and Prince (since Prince isn’t a rookie and JPP is a star player), but is very interesting nevertheless.  I have no idea what Tom Coughlin’s stance is on hazing, but it would be a complete surprise to me if he allows it.

The entire passage after the jump…

The proper approach to establishing a policy on hazing rookies in training camp is very straightforward – simply follow the advice of the legendary Paul Brown: “There should be none of it.”  Rightfully so, Brown believed that any form of hazing unduly compromises a team’s learning process.

In reality, rookies have a lot to do in training camp, including learning a new system and adjusting to a totally new environment (i.e., primarily the huge difference in the size, ability and experience between pro-level players and college-level players). If they’re going to succeed (i.e., make the active team roster), those rookies have to give every bit of their attention to handling the relatively traumatic transition.

Any form of hazing that disrupts the ability of these rookies to focus on the tasks at hand can be counterproductive, not only themselves, but also to the team as well. Depending on the circumstances, such hazing can have more of a negative impact on some players than others.

For example, hazing will typically not prevent a high draft choice from making the team.  Having invested a lot in this type of player (i.e., money, high draft choice, etc.), a team is usually quite reluctant to give up on the player by releasing him.

The situation is quite different, however, for those middle-round draft choices, undrafted signees, free agent pickups, and those perennial training camp players who try out for the team despite having no real chance of making the roster.  These are athletes who are literally fighting for their professional lives to prove that they belong in the NFL. Hazing diminishes their chances.

Young players have far more to worry about than getting up and singing their alma mater in front of the team before dinner. Depending upon the format and the circumstances, hazing can be embarrassing, humiliating and cruel.

Unfortunately, as thoughtless as hazing may be, some veterans persist in such deplorable behavior. When given an opportunity to demean vulnerable, young rookies, those veterans who are less intelligent, who have dysfunctional sense of reasoning, or who may view hazing as a meaning for wrecking competition (for jobs) that the rookies may provide will undoubtedly surface.

Hoping to be accepted by the veterans, most of the rookies will endure these taunts, as humiliating as the insulting behavior may be. Eventually, however, some rookies will only take so much and will turn on their predators.

The key point to remember is that hazing is dehumanizing. It does nothing to bond athletes to each other. Bonding between players occurs on the field when the veterans learn to trust and respect the abilities and commitment of the rookies.

An excellent example of the negative aspects of hazing occured recently in an NFL training camp. A first-year player actually left the team he was trying out for rather than have his head shaved.


  1. Sad. Bullies picking on the small shy kid to overcompensate is nothing new, but the fact that this is going on in a work place is totally unacceptable.

    Amukamara’s reaction (Star ledget article) shows a stand up guy just lost because this just shouldn’t be happening and his coaches are failing him. His teammates are failing him. How is posting this on youtube gonna help Amukamara both as a person and a player ?

    And people will still say the Jints are a classy organization ?

    1. Eric says:

      “And people will still say the Jints are a classy organization?”

      Overreacting much? I’m sure these type of hijinks happen in every organization. They still don’t have a dog-killer as a QB, or employ a WR who hit his mother in an argument.

      1. It’s been adding up lately though. Boley hitting a stadium employee with a ball celebrating a TD and not even giving 2 shits if the guy was ok, a RB insulting an opposite coach on national TV, and Hanlon is well known to be an ass …

        And in any case, it’s not because some are worse than we are good. But hey, if it makes you feel better to believe that …

  2. Trueblue63 says:

    It’s a bad thing. I doubt it happened when TC was around, he’s a control freak. And the injury risk! What a great way to derail a career, ACL due to carrying another player to the ice tub.

  3. rabbit says:

    ” I have no idea what Tom Coughlin’s stance is on hazing, but it would be a complete surprise to me if he allows it.”

    This video is proof that he does allow it. Or has lost control, whichever you think is more likely.

    1. NYG_slater says:


      Are Dez bryant’s previous action proof that Jason Garrett either approves or has lost control? What about Shanahan and Fred Davis? What a bout Andy Reid with Herremans/Parker?

      Coaches aren’t babysitters. Furthermore, you are kidding yourself if you think things like these don’t occur in practically every nfl, nhl, mlb, D1 college locker room across the country. When you stick 53+ Alpha males in a room these type of pranks, antics, bullying, pissing contest, whatever you want to call it, will always happen…..However, what generally doesn’t happen, is when someone is dumb enough to film it and post it on youtube.

      1. youngwiz says:

        interesting, i didnt realize dez slapped his mom inside cowboys’ facilities.

  4. Tracer Bullet says:

    This isn’t hazing. This is Jason Paul-Pierre (6-foot-5, 278 lbs) kicking Akumura’s (6-foot-0, 207 lbs) ass. Which happens; it’s not like these guys will like each other all the time. Or at all. That said, it’s not like JPP is picking on Marvin Austin.

  5. NYG_slater says:

    tbh, I dont really care…..First, Coughlin will smash it, he won’t stand for hazing. Secondly, as long as JPP doesn’t (a) hit women, (b) kill animals, or (c) consume lots of drugs, I really don’t mind him throwing guys in cold tubs. I laughed, most of the giant players laughed, and i doubt this event starts some cascading ripple effect where mid-late round rookies feel “dehumanized” and eventually “turn on their predators (teamates)” (jeezus….. walsh)

    However, I would like to hear how the incident started…..there’s no way Jpp just randomly did that on a whim, there was probably some trash talk/prior incident….which also might be funny to hear.

    1. For Coughlin to ‘smash it’ – he’ll have to acknowledge the incident, and take some disciplinary action. Possibly he could let JPP off this time, but promise similar further actions will result in possible suspension, team fines, or both.

      I have no idea what happened prior to the point the video began. I do know there was a period of time involved, which seems to make this more likely a form of hazing than a lost wager or getting a pie in the face for hitting a walkoff in baseball.

  6. BBI says:

    I didn’t like this, though we don’t know the context or when this actually happened. Odd that Prince was not fighting it and JPP seemed somewhat pissed at him, as evidenced by his comments after dumping him in the tub.

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