Film breakdown: Redskins FG protection team gave up 6 blocked FG/PATs last year, and doesn’t look improved

In 2011, there were 35 blocked FG’s or PAT’s in the entire league.  The Redskins accounted for 6 of them.  In other words, they were on the wrong end of 17% of the NFL’s blocked FG’s/PAT’s last year.  In fact, one in every 8.2 FG attempts were blocked!  That is absolutely embarrassing.

I can’t help but feel bad for Graham Gano.  If you were to look up his stats out of context, they’d say he was 31 of 41, or a paltry 75.6%, when in reality, it was more like 31 of 36, for a much more respectable 86.1%.  And now he has competition this year in the form of Neil Rackers.

I did a film breakdown of all 5 blocked FGs they had last season, and 4 of the 5 were the result of the opposing FG block team getting 4-5 yards of penetration up the middle.  First FG attempt last night, almost the same result.

This first shot shows the line of scrimmage:

And here’s Julius Peppers getting 4-5 yards of penetration up the middle, just barely missing the block.  Look as his hand – He merely missed the ball slightly to the side.

This is still not fixed.


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