Redskins sign Marlon Favorite, the Superman of defensive tackles, and roster transactions

A few years ago, LeBron James chose to take his talents to South Beach.  In March, Peyton Manning signed with the Broncos.  Last week, Dwight Howard was traded to the Lakers.  And yesterday, the Redskins signed Marlon Favorite.

A career rundown of one of my all-time favorite players:

  • 5/09: Signed with Carolina as an undrafted free agent
  • 9/09: Waived by Carolina
  • 9/09: Signed to Rams practice squad
  • 10/09: Signed to Chiefs practice squad
  • 12/09: Signed to Seahawks practice squad
  • 1/10: Signed to Saints practice squad
  • 3/10: Signed as free agent with Bills
  • 5/10: Waived by Bills
  • 5/10: Signed as free agent with Colts
  • 9/10: Waived by Colts
  • 1/11: Signed to Patriots practice squad
  • 8/11: Waived by Patriots
  • 8/11: Signed as free agent with Eagles
  • 8/11: Highlight of Marlon Favorite’s career…

  • 8/11: Waived by the Eagles
  • 8/11: Signed as a free agent with Rams
  • 9/11: Waived by Rams
  • 8/12: Signed as free agent with Redskins

11 teams, and not a single snap in a regular season game.  “A++++” for persistence.  God speed and best of luck, Marlon Favorite.


  1. skinsaneasylum says:

    This guy will push Barry Cofield for some playing time with that motor….

  2. rabbit says:

    Big Fav…
    What can I say? He’s OUR Favorite.

  3. icdogg says:

    Damn gravity always gets in the way.

  4. brisulph says:

    I am sensing some mockery here…

  5. Doug_M says:

    I got a football signed by Marlon at training camp, he signed it “Big Fav”… When he makes it into the HOF for the first flying D-lineman that will be worth millions upon billions.

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