Jason Witten has spleen injury; he’ll likely miss the rest of the preseason, and possibly more

Jason Witten will be out with a spleen injury, likely for the rest of the preseason and possibly longer, according to ESPN.

If surgery is not required, Witten is expected to miss up to three weeks but likely would be available against the Giants. But if the bleeding continues and he needs surgery, Witten would be sidelined indefinitely, the source said.

We don’t know what the Cowboys offense would look like without Jason Witten, who just turned 30.  He hasn’t missed a game since 2003.  Statistically, 2011 may have been Witten’s worst in the last 5 years, and he still racked up 79 catches, 942 yards, 5 TDs, and 47 first downs.  There isn’t much behind Witten.  John Phillips was looking like he might become a really nice compliment to Witten, when he tore his ACL during the 2010 preseason.  I think that was a bigger blow to the team than most people realize.  Post injury, Phillips has yet to show the promise he once had, although now that he is a couple years removed from the ACL tear, this could be the year.  The Cowboys also drafted James Hanna in the 6th round.  Obviously any sort of dropoff from Witten to Phillips or Hanna would be enormous.

This would be a devastating injury for the Cowboys if Witten misses any sort of extended time.

UPDATE: The injury will not require surgery.


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  2. skinsaholic says:

    I hit a tree sledding when I was young and ruptured my spleen. It sucked.

    Going back to that depth article you wrote a few weeks ago, Boys fans better hope he heals up quick.

  3. deg0ey says:

    How hard do you have to hit a guy to rupture his spleen? Brutal.

    1. SteveH says:

      I’ll bet Tony Romo gets a fruit basket or something with a card that reads “Thanks for the ruptured spleen, asshole.”

  4. Dave says:

    I know how you’ve been anti-martellus bennet jimmy but the cowboys sure are going to miss him now:

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGRiQpmAhEk&w=560&h=315%5D

    1. yehti says:

      uhhhhhh no

  5. gershwin is dumb says:


  6. Jack says:

    Ouch ! Sucks for the Cowgirls

  7. Derf Diggy says:

    Just injured..no surgery needed..

    1. Got a link? I’ll add it in.

      1. Derf Diggy says:

        Just the twitterverse…@Clarencehilljr and a couple others reported it.

        On another note…Jason Garrett picked up his nephew off waivers….some TE.

        How’s that for nepotism?

        1. Yeah, it’s not like whoever they sign has any shot at all of making the team, but I’ll bet there are better players out there.

          1. Derf Diggy says:

            Yea I was going to add how awkward it would be to have to cut your nephew…but then I realized that it’s really JG doing him a favor by potentially showcasing him for other teams, thus setting him up for future employment.



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