Notes from around the NFC East: David Wilson’s undeniable talent, and Jamaal Jackson to become a Cowboy?

The Eagles demoted Demetress Bell, and have promoted King Dunlap to starting LT, with indications it’ll stay that way for at least the remainder of the week.  Obviously, the Eagles are unhappy with something they have seen from Bell.  He didn’t play well in the 6 snaps he was on the field Thursday night against Pittsburgh, but I hardly think that was the sole reason for this decision.  Seems a little knee-jerky to me.  Could be attitude, could be I’m missing something about his play in practice (I thought he has been fine), could just be that Howard Mudd is lighting a fire under Bell’s ass.  But obviously, this is not the ideal scenario Eagles fan were looking for.

Mike Kafka broke his non-throwing hand.  3-4 weeks.  More reps for Nick Foles with the 2’s until then.  I still think Kafka is the clear-cut 2 based on what I’ve seen in practice from the two players.  Kafka had a really bad game Thursday night, and Nick Foles had a very good one.  You want to be careful not over-evaluating players based on one preseason game, unlike say… this.

The Cowboys are reportedly bringing in Jamaal Jackson for a workout.  Jackson was going to work out for the Giants earlier this offseason, when he suddenly announced his retirement.  He is expected to sign if he is in shape.  In the last 2 years, Jackson has played a grand total of 37 snaps.  There had also been reports that Andre Gurode might get a look, too.  The Cowboys’ OL is a mess, predictably.


RG3 started off great, although I’ve yet to watch that game.  I posted a sarcastic Tweet after RG3’s first series that I thought was pretty obviously a joke.  It received multiple angry replies from derpy Skins fans.  On RG3’s screen pass to Pierre Garcon, it was good to see Trent Williams get down the field and ride the CB for 7 yards.  Williams is no Jason Peters, but he was effective here.

Still haven’t watched the Giants game yet either, but David Wilson’s night was pretty much exactly what I’ve been saying about him.  Here’s what I wrote about Wilson after watching him at Giants training camp:

It’s impossible not to notice David Wilson.  He’s so fast, but there are things about his game that annoy the Giants.  Today he muffed a kick return.  That earned a “Catch the ball David!” from Tom Coughlin.  He also dropped an easy one in the flat.  But then later he got a crease, exploded through it, then made a devastating cut in between two defenders.  After practice, Coughlin was asked about Wilson and Reuben Randle, and what he needs to see from them against Jacksonville this week.  ”We need to see ball security, we’d like to see David’s big play potential, and Reuben has been a guy that has caught the ball consistently all throughout camp.  Very smooth, got himself open, caught the football, and I wouldn’t think that there’d be any reason not to expect him to continue to do that, but we’ll see how they do competing against someone else, other than our own people.”  No surprise that “ball security” is the first thing Coughlin noted.  Wilson is currently running with the 3′s behind Ahmad Bradshaw and DJ Ware, and you can kind of see why.  Ware had a really nice blitz pickup on Chase Blackburn today.  He’s a known, trustworthy commodity at this point.  Wilson is not.  I think that’s smart to have Wilson running with the 3′s.  Make him earn a jump up the ladder when he does all the little things correctly.  But again… obvious bigtime talent.

Bigtime talent, but untrustworthy at this point.  He’s going to be a stud though.

I’m back up at Eagles camp this afternoon.


  1. David Wilson’s game

  2. WNL says:

    I’ll predicate this by saying, I am ‘Skins fan, but Trent Williams is the fastest o-linemen I’ve ever seen. I will agree, up until this point, his athleticism hasn’t shown in his blocking. However, there have been a couple of times when he has been chasing down interceptions that his speed has been absolutely stunning. There was one last year where he looked like a linebacker, and a fast one at that.

    Observers in camp have been impressed by him this year. There is a feeling that he is finally getting it, working like a professional and aiming to reach an elite level. So, we might finally see him exploit his athletic ability in his blocking.

  3. NYG_slater says:

    really like what I’m seeing from wilson. Watching a replay of the game now, man…carr and perrilloux tried to force too many throws to WR’s…..couple times wilson released to the flat with a nice head of steam and CB’s had their backs turned…..if only he got the ball…..could be a lethal check-down option.

    1. trueblue63 says:

      why pre-season evals are pretty toothless

      There is a good chance the coaches asked the QBs to force it to the WRs so they could evaluate them, and that they aren’t really worried about Wilson catching the ball in the flat

  4. Juz Sayin says:

    Jamaal Jackson picks America’s Team over the G men!

    1. mjoedgaard says:

      No he picks potential playing time (Imo JJ would be a good veteran for the Cowboys and if in shape should be on upgrade of anything else they had) over riding the bench,

  5. mjoedgaard says:

    I think the Giants draft this year could be similar to the Eagles 2009 draft where we drafted Maclin+McCoy. As an Eagles fan I hope not, but the Giants have been really good at drafting in the first round the last few years.

    1. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

      Except last year — Prince is looking like spaghetti gravy.

      1. Troy O says:

        its his 1st training camp … Not sure its smart to label him a bust, just yet;..

  6. DerfDiggy says:

    Are you saying you predicted the injuries on the Cowboys OL?
    I think you predicted they’d struggle with a lack of continuity and just for the fact that, the interior wasn’t that good last year, and they’re young and inexperienced.

    If by “mess” it’s all encompassing the injuries, then you’d be right, and psychic…and you and Biff Tannen have a ton of bets to make.

    If by “mess”, you predicted they’d struggle….based on other factors. That’s yet to be seen…no?

    (Bored on this sunday morning…football please get here soon)

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