Eagles training camp notes, August 12, 2012: Jaiquawn Jarrett demoted, the DE’s continue to play well, and a fight!

The big news of the day was that Jaiquawn Jarrett was demoted.  He is now running with the 3’s.  Tom Nelson is running with the 2’s.  Actually, it’s not quite that black and white.  Jaiquawn is still getting some reps with the 2’s, but it’s definitely still a demotion.  Nelson was informed that he would be running with the 2’s at some point yesterday.  The overwhelming consensus among some of the other reporters is that Jaiquawn is not long for the 53 man roster.

I learned today that if I had to choose to fight either Clay Harbor or Derek Landri, I’m picking Clay.  Those two got in a fight today, and let’s just be kind and say that Landri wanted it more.

I thought Clay had a good day otherwise, in situations where he wasn’t fighting psychotic defensive tackles.  He had a nice day catching the ball, beating Keenan Clayton at least twice, among others.

Phillip Hunt continues to impress.  He “sacked” the QB (and I put “sacked” in quotes, since it was only 2-hand touch).  But sacks don’t end the play.  The QB will still throw the football even if sacked.  So what does Hunt do?  After he picks up the sack, he chases down the TE for the tackle.


Another DE that continues to play well is Vinny Curry.  In 9 on 7’s, where there’s 9 players blocking 7 defenders in running plays only, Curry did a great job chasing down plays in backside pursuit, and on plays that were run right at him, I thought he held up very well at the point of attack.

Michael Vick had a sloppy day.  First, on a drop back, he simply dropped the football.  Not sure if that had anything to do with his banged up hand.  Earlier in the practice he fired an absolute laser to DeSean Jackson that would make you think, “Oh, yeah, I think his hand is OK.”  Tough to tell if it was bothering him or not.  He also had a shotgun snap that he was not ready for glance off his shoulder, which the defense took to the house.  Never easy to tell if that’s on the QB or the center.  But otherwise, I just didn’t think he looked sharp today.

Damaris Johnson continues to be awesome.  He had the highlight of the day.  One-handed grab in the back corner of the end zone.  Damaris was getting reps with the 1’s today, with Jeremy Maclin out with a hammy (Maclin had a scheduled half day).  The fact that Damaris getting reps with the 1’s shouldn’t surprise anyone.  He got reps with the 1’s against Pittsburgh last Thursday.  Every day he’s getting closer and closer to “lock status.”

One player that I don’t think I’ve mentioned all that much is Akeem Jordan.  I think that he has quietly had a good camp.  He was almost unblockable in RB/TE pass pro drills the one day I watched those, and he had a really nice PBU on a pass intended for Clay Harbor today.

Mike Kafka practiced today, sort of.  He threw some passes in 7 on 7’s.  He has a broken left hand, and was the 4th QB.  I wouldn’t read anything into the order in which he got on the field though.

Brandon Boykin made a few nice plays today.  Nick Foles tried to go back to the Mardy Gilyard magic from Thursday night, but Boykin would have nothing of it. Pick.  Actually, it was a pretty badly underthrown ball.  Boykin als0 had a pretty impressive PBU.

In other embattled player news, Demetress Bell was beaten by Darryl Tapp twice today.  The first one I missed, but according to a few of the other reporters, it wasn’t pretty on Bell’s end.  Then later, I saw Tapp beat Bell around the edge pretty easily.  Not good.

Since I have mentioned both Phillip Hunt and Darryl Tapp in my notes, I should also point you in the direction of a post Sheil Kapadia of Philly Mag.  Sheil compares the two players and their chances of making the team.  Well done – worth a look.

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  1. Shaun says:

    Re Vick being sloppy: Is it just me or does Vick always practice kinda sloppy? He seems to be the type of player who is a gamer but just doesnt practice well. Each time Ive seen him on training camp video, he just doesnt look crisp or comfortable on alot of his drop backs or his throws

  2. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    How’s about any safeties we could get?
    What would Babin return in a trade? I’m tired of those tattoos.

  3. Pitteagle says:

    Are there any good LTs available for trade i dont want demetress bell ruining this season

    1. icdogg says:


      1. Jon D says:

        On the same note, anyone willing to trade me a $1,000 for this slightly chewed piece of gum?

  4. JasonE says:

    I miss Jason Peters…

    I love Tapp, but Hunt has more upside and is cheaper. I hope they find a way to keep 6 DEs. If not, I hope Tapp ends up someplace that I can continue to root for him.

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