The New York Giants: NFL Champs, and undisputed training camp lunch spread champs

A list of all the things the Giants have at their lunch spread here in Albany (jumping around quite a bit, and I undoubtedly missed a few things):

Gatorade, water, coffee, tea, penne (white or whole wheat), pizza, chimichangas, black beans and rice, steamed cauliflower, manicotti, carrots, mushrooms, turkey, sliced beef, onions, broccoli, full salad bar (w/anything you can think of), burgers, pancakes, chicken, assorted cookies, brownies, peanut butter brownies, chocolate pudding bars, pound cake with chocolate drizzle, ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, black raspberry choc chip, banana cream pie, peanut butter chip, rainbow sherbet, rocky road), sprinkles, nuts, chopped up Oreos, cereal (10 options), yogurt, ice cream sandwiches, chocolate and strawberry eclairs, Popsicles, Chipwiches, fresh fruit (ton of options), iced tea, strawberry infused water, orange infused water, pineapple infused water, apple/orange/grape juice, 8 different sodas, goldfish crackers, pretzels, soup, and an effing Mongolian grill.

And it’s all complimentary… or at least I think it’s all complimentary.


  1. youngwiz says:

    no alcohol?

  2. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    Did you Blutarsky the buffet line?

    1. They didn’t have jello.

  3. Dave King says:

    Is there a reason why this is posted in Cowboys?

    1. Must have clicked wrong button. Will fix later.

  4. skinsaholic says:

    Nom nom nom. The gif makes that post. Well played sir

    1. AltoonaEagle says:

      Agreed. Really set off the post nicely.

      And those strawberry eclair things, they were called strawberry chief crunchies in my school cafeteria. Good memories. 😀

  5. Carl says:

    How do I go about acquiring a press pass? In the mean time I’m gonna raid the fridge cause this post made me hungry.

  6. immynimmy says:

    Didn’t you say last year that the Giant’s had horrible food for TC and the Eagles had the best? Or was that at the press box during actual games?

    1. Press box, and it was the Jets (preseason), not the Giants. Eagles press box spread is regarded as the best in the league.

  7. Macc says:

    What did the Eagles have?

    1. Directions to the parking lot.

      1. JJeaglerooter says:

        pickle juice .

  8. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    Oh, strawberry shortcakesicle!

  9. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    What the fuck is a strawberry eclair?

  10. andiamo says:

    Naturally I just assume Cap N Crunch was one of the cereal options….

    1. Actually, no. Cereal was the one and only thing they cheaped out on. All generic brands, although they probably had a Cap’n Crunch knockoff. Not sure if Marty approves or not.

      1. Trueblue63 says:

        Don’t you mean Kevin?

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