Eagles training camp recap: Day 10, August 2, 2012: The rise of Cedric Thornton, and who was the latest Eagle to get the crap juked out of him by Dion Lewis?

Let’s just get right to it…

  • I had a chance to watch some one-on-one pass blocking drills from the RBs and TEs today.  Depending on whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist, either the RBs and TEs looked really bad or the linebackers looked really good.  I’m leaning toward the RBs and TEs looking really bad.  Chase Ford and LeSean McCoy were the best of the blockers, with Clay Harbor right there as well, but nobody really looked good.  Brett Brackett looked really bad, especially on one play in which Akeem Jordan basically put him right on his butt.  Brackett has looked excellent catching passes throughout all of camp, but oy vey, the pass pro needs some serious work.  I was also disappointed by the way Stanley Havili blocked.  Havili too felt the wrath of Akeem Jordan, who evidently turned into Lawrence Taylor for 10 minutes during this drill.  The one guy that really impressed was Mychal Kendricks.  He was routinely beating the RBs and TEs with his quickness.  The Eagles may have themselves a really effective blitzer there.
  • Cedric Thornton had himself an extremely active day.  He was routinely getting penetration in the 7 on 7 rushing drill, which is a drill that sort of separates the men from the boys.  Later, he got himself a sack, got chewed out by Jim Washburn for jumping offsides, and recovered a fumbled snap.  I just kept seeing him.  The guy is playing his ass off.  I asked Cullen Jenkins what he thought of Thorton:

“Ced is just naturally strong.  He reminds me a lot of (former Packers teammate) Corey Williams.  I’m just trying to teach him how to use his strengths, because he’s so naturally explosive and strong, and the thing with him is just getting him to understand how strong he actually is, and how good he can be.  We’ve been working with him, and he’s been improving a lot.  His improvement from last year to this year is huge.”

  • I watched Demetress Bell quite a bit today.  He’s clearly an athletic guy, but it looks like he can over-extend at times.  For example, on one play it looked like he got a little off balance trying to stop the speed rush, and Darryl Tapp smoked him on an inside spin move.
  • Speaking of Tapp, in addition to that sack, he also stuffed Bryce Brown in the backfield for a TFL.  Bryce never had a shot.  Tapp, by the way, has matched Cedric Thornton’s tenacity in these practices.  They both know they’re fighting for jobs, and it’s showing in their play.
  • Broken record alert: Julian Vandervelde fired another high snap, this time over the head of Nick Foles.  I don’t think he’s a realistic candidate to take control of the backup center job.  Far too erratic with his snaps.  The Eagles are right to keep working him there because he has been a good blocker, but there’s no way he can be trusted in a real game to snap consistently in the shotgun.
  • Mike Kafka had a nice day.  Arm looked live today.  Some days he just looks like he doesn’t have it.  Other days he looks like a guy you can legitimately win with if you lose your starter.  Today was one of those days.  Meanwhile, I should note that Michael Vick had a bad day today, in my opinion.  He didn’t look very good yesterday either.
  • Curtis Marsh, come on down… You’re the next contestant on the “Dion Lewis juked the crap out of me” show.  Somebody is just going to get mad, pick up Dion, and punt him.  He’s really making defenders look silly.
  • Jaiquawn Jarrett had a nice day.  DeSean Jackson ran a post corner route, and Jarrett did a really nice job running with him.  Jarrett jumped and got himself a PBU.  Really well done.
  • Another day, and more praise for Bryce Brown.  On a run up the middle, Brown got free (albeit in non-tackling drills), and sprinted down the sidelines.  He completely ran away from Nate Allen.  It should be noted that Allen left early with cramps, so that may have had something to do with it.  Still, undeniable burst from Bryce.
  • On a 3rd and short play in live hitting, Clay Harbor made a one haned grab on a misdirection TE screen, then carried Casey Matthews for 3 yards and got the first down.  In my opinion, that was the play of the day.
  • The Eagles had a laundry list of minor injuries today.  The list (in no particular order): Jamel Hamler (hammy), OJ Atogwe (groin), Jamar Chaney (hammy – he’ll get an MRI tonight), LeSean McCoy and Nate Allen (cramps), Todd Herremans (shoulder), and Evan Mathis (illness).
  • Also, the Eagles signed some DE from Temple.  I didn’t get his name right the first time, and I’m too tired to look him up.  It’s either one of the versions below, or something close:

Tweet of the day goes to my buddy Parks:

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UPDATE: The Eagles also just traded Moise Fokou and Greg Lloyd to the Colts for 2010 3rd round pick from USC Kevin Thomas and a conditional 7th round pick.


  1. Tracer Bullet says:

    Maybe Malekith the Accursed? Because that dude is a BAWSE.

    1. Would rec for the Warhammer reference. Moar geek shoutouts needed.

  2. Tracer Bullet says:


  3. IMO…best play of the day goes to Nate Allen. During 11 on 11 drills he ran step for step with DJax and picked off a deep bomb by Vick. Should also be noted that DJax looked warn down the entire practice, I’m starting to question if he still has the stamina to stretch the D on every play.

    1. Yep, also a great play. Crap, did I omit that? (Checking)… Yep, I did. Tweeted it, but it didn’t appear in these notes. My bad. I liked the Harbor play better (maybe because I’ve seen so many DBs make so many great plays already), but agree Nate made a really nice play.

  4. Steve D. says:

    Where do you think Kevin Thomas goes in the CB hierarchy?

    1. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

      Probably after Cedric Thornton.

  5. Stephen says:

    Woot, a 7th and some guy for our .leftover scraps. Who the heck is Kevin Thomas?

  6. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    Look at the size of Cedric’s head. A real Thornton Mellon.

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