Eagles training camp recap: Day 9, August 1, 2012: Brett Brackett continues to impress, as does Bryce Brown

  • Cullen Jenkins left the field today.  Hammy.  MRI tonight.  I don’t have any more info than that at this time.  D Linemen are dropping like flies.  Trent Cole missed practice today with swelling in his shoulder.  Mike Patterson is out with his brain thing.  Jason Babin is out for a few weeks with a strained calf.  I think Jenkins just said “To heck with this,” and joined the rest of his boys along the DL in the tub.  There’s a good chance the entire starting DL will be out of action for tomorrow’s practice.  DE Monte Taylor was also hurt today.  Concussion.  He’ll be out for a little while, I would presume, although there’s no timetable on that.  The still-standing D Linemen are going to be GASSED tomorrow.
  • There was some chatter that Jeremy Maclin hurt his wrist or his hand.  I haven’t heard anything further on that, and he seemed fine after practice.  I don’t think there’s much to worry about there.
  • Nnamdi Asomugha has had a good camp so far.  He was up and down today.  Early on, he had a diving PBU that could have been a pick.  Nice play.  Later, in one-on-one drills against Jason Avant, Avant juked him badly, Nnamdi tried to hold him but Avant was able to get away for the bomb.  All Nnamdi could do was take his helmet of and smile.  And then even later in the practice somebody in the stands yelled “Will Smith!”  Nnamdi is sporting an 80’s style flat top this season.
  • Avant, by the way, is the best route runner on the team.  Have I mentioned that already in these write-ups yet?  Only 4 times?  OK, well… he is.
  • Got my first chance to see Brett Brackett in pass protection.  Abused by Brandon Graham.  Not pretty.  However, Brackett caught a couple TDs today, and continues to be a very effective receiver.  If you were to ask me if he’s in or out at this point, my guess would be that he makes the team as a 3rd TE.  He is clearly adapt at getting open and catching the football, and my gut says that the Eagles will feel like they can coach up his blocking, if indeed he struggles with it for the rest of camp.  Clay Harbor, by the way, has been excellent in camp thus far.  He had a boatload of drops in minicamp and OTAs, but I can’t recall a single drop in training camp.  I’m sure he has had one, but if he did, I missed it.  I think that Brent Celek going down, allowing Harbor to get reps with the 1’s has benefited him.
  • Getting back to Brackett…  On one of his TDs, the QB lofted a high pass that Brackett looked like he was able to bring in fairly easily.  Mychal Kendricks was in coverage on the play.  Brackett is 6’5.  Kendricks is 5’11.  I wrote about the Eagles linebackers being the shortest group in the league, and this was the first time throughout camp where I thought Kendricks’ height cost him a play. I should note in full disclosure that I did not have the best view of the play, so I stress that his height might have cost him.  If they make the tape available, I might have to take another look at that.


  • Antonio Dixon had another bad day, from what I saw of him.  On one play in particular, he was single-blocked with ease by Julian Vandervelde.  Dixon looked to be doing little more than leaning on him.  I don’t know if that was due to fatigue or what, but it wasn’t pretty. He also jumped offsides once.  I would say that I think his roster spot could be in serious danger, but the Eagles are down so many guys on the DL right now that he could be safe simply because he’s still standing.
  • Vandervelde had another rough day snapping the football.  Launched a high one to Vick that caught Mike by surprise.  I’ve been at camp every day so far, but your guess is as good as mine on who the backup center is going to be this season.  Right now it appears to be Dallas Reynolds.
  • A couple DB blitzes were able to get to the QB today.  Atogwe got one, as did Boykin.
  • LeSean McCoy has 5 fumbles in his 3 year career on 801 touches.  That’s a minor miracle to me.  He is almost reckless the way he holds the football so far away from his body at times.  It’s amazing that opposing teams don’t seem to make that a point of emphasis when tackling him.  Perhaps it’s just because he’s so elusive that if you try to go for the football you can forget about tackling him?  Whatever the case, I think that at some point LeSean is going to start losing some footballs.  I can’t see how that isn’t going to happen.
  • Moise Fokou had a nice pop on Dion Lewis today.  Rare mention for Moise in these write-ups.
  • Bryce Brown had one big mistake today, but otherwise had a really big day.  He ate up big chunks of yardage against the 1’s today on a variety of touches.  One play was on a screen, one was on a sprint draw, one run was on a stretch play.  His talent is undeniable.  But he did fumble once today.  Chris Polk was better today too.  He had two bruising runs where he broke a few tackles and got some YAC.
  • I talked to Mat McBriar after practice.  Some decent stuff there.  Should have that up at some point.
  • After practice, Howard Mudd was driving his Muddmobile about as fast as you can drive a Muddmobile with Duce Staley as his passenger.  Mudd hit a puddle on Duce’s side… hard… and Duce got himself some nice old-fashioned Lehigh Valley mud on him, courtesy of Mudd.

I’ve been slacking lately.  I missed the boring morning practice today and the boring morning practice on Monday.  I’ll be up here for both sessions tomorrow, so make sure you check in.  That’s an order, by the way, which is apropos since today was military day.

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  1. EagleDomiNation says:

    Thanks for keeping the Eagle faithful informed, Jimmy. I have something to read while I steal time @ work. A couple of questions:
    – How is Demeco doing?
    – Besides Dixon, is anyone else screwing the pooch on the field?
    – I heard Jamar Chaney will be staring in the nickel package w/ Meco. Any truth to this?

  2. rage114 says:

    Anyone hear the results of the MRI on Jenkins?

    1. Yep. Minor strain. He’s fine.

  3. DonnyD says:

    Nice write up, Jimmy. I love these and can’t wait for them to be posted.

  4. MightyJoeBanner says:

    Good stuff Jimmy. I love camp battles! Would you say that :

    – Polk is the odd man out for the RB’s?
    – How does Kendricks look?
    – How does the OLine look as a unit?

    1. – Polk clearly 4th, but it’s still early. He could stick on the practice squad if he doesn’t make the team.
      – Kendricks looks really good. A hell of a lot better than Matthews looked this time last year.
      – As far as the OL goes, Watkins looks far better than he did last year. The rest of the unit looks good, including Bell, but I want to see more of him. Haven’t really focused much on Bell just yet, because so many other people already are.

      And thanks.

      1. MJB says:

        No thank you

  5. LucyFur3d says:

    A backup center named Dallas – is this for real?

  6. jeff says:

    seems to me like shady is very good about tucking the ball whenever someone gets close to him.

  7. jack says:

    With our whole 1st team out (Babin , Jenkins , Patterson & Cole ) who’s getting the first team reps ? It should be Graham , Landri , Cox (Dixon sux & Cox needs the reps) , and Vinny Curry ( I know Tapp & maybe even Hunt are ahead of him but VC needs the reps & I love his potential) …. By the way ,, I love you’re blog Jimmy keep it up !!

    1. Thanks Jack.

      2’s right now are Graham, Cox, Landri and Tapp.

      Curry is guaranteed a roster spot, so I wouldn’t worry there, but he’s currently with the 3’s.

  8. JJeaglerooter says:

    LOL at this statement……..[I think Jenkins just said “To heck with this,” and joined the rest of his boys along the DL in the tub. ]
    Couldn’t really blame him .
    And Moise Fokou ????Almost forgot about him !!Show up dude !!

    1. Dan says:

      sad thing to see indeed. goes from a 2011 starter to getting 3rd team reps. barely gets to see the field

  9. Eaglesfanatlarge says:

    You got any pics of the Muddmobile? Is this a golf cart? One of those handicapp scooters? The wheeley thing that ruined JPs season?

  10. jack says:

    Has Nnamdi Asomugha had a single INT in camp yet ? Im always reading how one slips through his fingers or how he dropped an easy one .

  11. AJ says:

    Hey Jimmy can Ced Thorton get some love? He literally threw Mike Gibson 3 feet then just walked and collected the towel. I can’t see how he doesn’t make the team based on what I’ve seen so far.

    1. Big Ced fan. Tough to see all 22 on every play.

    2. Dan says:

      hahah that was a false start AJ, mike gibson was the one who grabbed the towel and threw it in the air after he got knocked on his butt

      1. Dan says:

        **encroachment on Ced, my bad. But Thornton HAS been tearing it up, really pushing Dixon at this point

  12. theDtrain says:

    Brown running all over the 1’s concerns me. Is it because he’s pretty good, or are we in for a year of shitty run D again?

    1. Corry says:

      Follow up to the above question: Was Brown running all over them before or after Jenkins went down? And how late into the practice are we talking? I’m really hoping the Dline was just gassed…or he’s just that good.

      1. AJ says:

        Brown was running all over them with none of the starting D line in place, they were still running a rotation mixing in some of the third and 4th string guys. This was also the last drill in practice. Earlier the defense was destroying the offense in live 3rd and short.

        1. Dan says:

          I did notice (since the 2nd team offense’s drill was a little bit longer than the first team’s) that the 1st team d-line, which had no starters on it, switched to the 2nd team d-line during that drive (which was technically 3rd team d-line). After that switch occurred, the next two run plays were no gains or short gains. My guess would be the defensive line was just tired as hell.

    2. It was a lot of misdirection stuff. Keep in mind the entire DL was out.

  13. Tracer Bullet says:

    Are we to the point where they have to start thinking about bringing in a FA center? I haven’t heard one good thing about the backups candidates yet.

    Is anyone else concerned that the $12 million CB can’t corral a not overly fast, not overly physical slot WR?

    1. Avant destroys in that drill. It’s almost comical.

    2. theguyotc says:

      It seems like Avant is the star of every camp, running great routes, beating CBs, and never dropping a pass.

      Then the season starts and he’s back to being #3. He’s been a decent go-to guy on 3rd down and I don’t mean to denigrate him, but sometimes I wonder if Na Brown had his name legally changed after getting cut.

      1. MightyJoeBanner says:

        If Avant had Vick his whole career OR better yet Brady or Rogers his numbers would be GREATLY be improved. He’s had 50 receptions in the past 2 seasons with Vick last year accruing 680 yards.

        If you saw him in the 1-1 on drills you would be shocked how NO ONE can stick with him. His biggest enemy is he is a slot WR in an offense that attacks down field and the QB runs before they look at the third progression.

    3. Dan says:

      1 on 1’s are extremely hard for the defensive backs. During 11 on 11’s however, no one seems to throw the ball at the receiver Nnamdi is covering.

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