NFC East injury roundup: Three serious injuries yesterday to Terrell Thomas, Jonathan Goff, and Ron Johnson

The biggest name in the NFC East that suffered a serious injury yesterday was Terrell Thomas.  He suffered what appears to be a torn ACL, but as of this publish time, I do not believe that has yet been made official.  This would be Thomas’ 3rd ACL tear.  This now leaves the Giants very thin at CB.  2011 1st round pick Prince Amukamara will be inserted into the starting lineup.  The other Giants corners are rookie 3rd round pick Jayron Hosley, Antwaun Molden, Dante Hughes, Justin Tryon, Michael Coe, Bruce Johnson, and Brandon Bing.  Per Ebenezer Samuel, seven Giants tore their ACL last year:

It is the latest ACL injury for a team that’s been plagued by them in recent years. Last season, Thomas was one of seven Giants – WR Domenik Hixon, CB Brian Witherspoon, LBs Clint Sintim and Jonathan Goff and TEs Travis Beckum and Jake Ballard – who suffered injuries to the ACL.

Speaking of Jonathan Goff, now of the Redskins, he too tore his ACL yesterday.  That is Goff’s 2nd ACL tear in as many years.  ILB depth should now ne a concern for the Skins.  Also of note is that Kory Lichtensteiger had surgery to clean particles out of his the same knee where he tore his ACL and MCL last season.  Some additional minor Redskins injuries here.


In Eagles camp, Ron Johnson suffered the nastiest football injury I’ve ever seen in person.  He landed awkwardly on the ground and his ankle bent a way ankles aren’t designed to bend.  I basically had to turn away.  He dislocated his ankle, and is likely done for the season.  This doesn’t affect the Eagles’ depth all that much, but Johnson was having a solid camp.  They are down to 10 receivers at this point, so a signing just to bring in some bodies could happen today.  Riley Cooper had “successful surgery” to repair a broken collarbone.  His expected timetable is about 6 weeks.  Jason Babin suffered what is now being classified as a 2nd degree calf strain.  He’ll be out 2-3 weeks.

Dallas Cowboys camp just got underway yesterday, and while they did not have any new injuries of serious note, it was revealed that in addition to a surgery to repair a tear in his hip back in May, RG Mackenzy Bernadeau also had arthroscopic knee surgery recently.  His return from the PUP list will be delayed, and there is no timetable for his return.

“It’s going to take a little bit of time,” Garrett said. “He hasn’t been on the field with [offensive line] coach [Bill] Callahan going through the drills, understanding our system. He has tried to stay as engaged as possible and until you do that it’s hard to learn what you need to learn as quickly as you need to learn.”

Bernadeau was signed to start at right guard this offseason, and depth along the entire Cowboy OL is sparse.  Bill Nagy started four games last year for the Cowboys, but he was not good.  Beyond Nagy, the Cowboys have David Arkin and UDFA Ron Leary, both of whom have never played an NFL snap.  By missing valuable reps, Bernadeau will be unable to build continuity with RT Doug Free and C Phil Costa.


  1. Dalva says:

    it is really an informative post. thanks buddy

  2. […] There are a few more additions to the NFC East injury roundup.  Guard/Center Bill Nagy has a high ankle sprain.  He’s not going to practice again […]

  3. Issac Madison is a good CB(Sleeper)

  4. joe d says:

    Watch Webster return to 07 and 11 form, and Amukamara turn into the next champ bailey.. I think it’s fair to say Giants are thin at CB… I’ll say this…CB2 and Nickel are definitely question marks…. Fair point about us Eagle fans boasting about our depth…Though, in our defense (no punintended), we were tied for 1st in sacks, so it’s not like it’s all based on “what ifs.”

  5. WeGotLinemen says:

    I am not to worried about the loss of Goff. I am sad for him obviously, apparently it was the same knee, but I don’t think it will have too much of an effect on the final 53.

    I suspect that there will only be room for 9 lbs on the roster with a 4/5 split.

    Had Goff made it I would have thought we would have carried 5 MLBs: Fletcher, Riley, Alexander, Robinson and Goff.

    Those first 4 were going to make it whatever happen. Fletcher and Riley are the starters. Alexander makes it on special teams and Keenan Robinson wouldn’t have lasted on the practice squad. The chances of hanging on to him if he doesn’t make the final 53 (or IR) just aren’t good. The team will need to carry at least 4-OLBs. So, to my mind anyway, Goff was at best going to be our 9th and final backer. Now instead of that spot being filled with a player who is more of a backup, I suspect it will be filled by a younger guy, a special teamer.

    I wish Goff all the best, and it would have been great to have an LB with his starting experience as a reserve but, ultimately, even if he stayed healthy he would have been once of the final pieces in the 53, not one of the foundations.

  6. Benj says:

    Wait, there’s a beat reporter with the name Ebenezer? Did he escape from the set of Night at the Museum 3?

  7. brisulph says:

    So long Thomas, we are going to miss you (assuming it is indeed a full tear). I cannot see him making it back from a THIRD ACL tear.

    1. He’s one of the few Giants I have spoken with. Really nice guy. Stood there with his hands folded, politely answered whatever questions were fired at him.

      1. Free Plax says:

        Just shows you how fast an NFL career can go, last year at this time Thomas looked like he was going to be a Pro Bowler 1 year later he might be out of football.

        1. Dan says:

          yea thats a damn shame. Terrell Thomas was one of the few Giants I actually liked.

  8. Free Plax says:

    CB is acutally one of the deepest positions on the Giants saying their thin based on an injury to Thomas is a stretch.

    1. brisulph says:

      They have depth, the problem is it is unproven depth (so who knows what they will get).

    2. I don’t think it’s unfair to say they’re thin there. Who is their nickel now?

      1. Trueblue63 says:

        Justin Tryon

      2. Free Plax says:

        Tryon, than you got Cole than you have our 3rd round pick Hosley, than they have some vets like Bruce Johnson who has been on the roster on top of a couple of veterans that were brought into camp that can play. Not that you would know our depth at that position but there was always a chance Thomas was not going to be effective this year becuase of injury, the Giants stocked up on CB’s if you look at our roster CB and LB has a lot of bodies competing for spots.

        1. Free Plax says:

          Coe not Cole sorry.

        2. I do know the Giants depth at corner. No shortage of guys that could be the 45th-53rd best players on an NFL roster, but I wouldn’t want any of those guys playing an important role.

          1. Free Plax says:

            Tryon is decent don’t mind him at all in the third slot, Hosely we are going to find out about him one way or the other and and Johnson has started for us in the past.
            Having said all of that, of course i would rather have Thomas back but before the injury it looked like we had 4 guys competing for the 2nd CB and the slot position. We have depth there to survive this, if another CB goes down than I would worry about the depth.

        3. Balagast says:

          I can’t say I’ve seen either Coe or Tyron really play all that much. Also, counting on a rookie 3rd rounder as any kind of reliable depth seems a bit foolish.

          There is a difference between simply having guys that can physically take the field and having guys you have confidence (and reason for that confidence) in to step in and perform well.

          1. Free Plax says:

            Funny I have already heard many times Eagles fans counting their new DE and DT as quality depth and neither has played a down of football yet.

            1. Nick S. says:

              The difference is the potential of the Eagles’ DL depth. Cox, Graham and Curry were all very highly regarded 1st or 2nd round picks. All three have an excellent shot at being starting DL in time. Aside from possibly Hosley, the Giants don’t have a full set of backups that could become legitimate starters in the future.

              1. Free Plax says:

                Okay Cox Graham and Curry have done exactly nothing yet and Graham has been in the league going on 3 seasons. You don’t know what you will get out of any of them this season. How did Trevor Laws work out for you he was a high pick too.

                The Giants do have some backups, ready to compete for the slot CB position, all I’m saying is Jimmy K is pushing the panic button way to early Thomas going down hurts but it can be overcome we did it last year.

              2. No panic button. They were thin last year when they lost TT, too, and they wound up being the 29th ranked pass D. Obviously, they won anyway. Not saying their season is doomed. Just saying they’re thin at CB.

            2. Balagast says:

              I was more asking what your opinion of some of those players were, being as I don’t really know them that well and I would assume a Giants fan would have a better idea.

              As to your other point. I would say a DT like Cox as a rotational/depth piece is a little bit more reliable than a 3rd round CB. DT is a bit of an easier position to make that college to NFL jump compared to corner and a high first round pick is almost always less of a gamble then a 3rd rounder. Having said that I wouldn’t be trilled at all if someone like Jenkins went down and we had to lean on Cox.

      3. educatedfan says:

        Antrel Rolle can play Nickle CB – if tyler sash continues to make plays in camp and preseason.

        Tryon was very good for us last season as a nickle corner before breaking his arm. Colts fans were very high on him before they inexplicably cut him.

        Michael Coe has been getting lots of honorable mentions from the coaches and has been practicing with the 1s. Coe has a good looking frame and he might be a very viable option. I like him more on the outside though.

        Moldin has experience, but is a below average cover corner – still a great player to have on the roster. Was asked to play everywhere last season.

        Bruce Johnson had a very promising rookie year, his pick 6 against Romo was a thing of beaut. He had an ACL and i think an Achilles injury the past two years. He is doing everything physically in camp, will be interesting to see if he can get back to speed.

        Hughes another ex colt – not sure how we got so many of them…. has game experience and has had a few int’s in camp. Excited to see him get some opportunities in preseason.

        Jayron Hosley – was a monster in college, a natural play maker. Hopefully he does not see the field this season on defense – he has a lot to learn. Will be a strong contributor to the special teams group.

        That said i think Prince flashed a lot last season, especially his run defense – he is a very physical tackler that can punish the ball carrier. I cannot think of many corners in the league that do this, maybe Ronde Barber (in his prime). Now that he is healthy, i expect a lot of big plays from him.

        Over the past 4 seasons i think Corey Webster has to be considered a top 10 corner in this league. Consistently going up against number 1’s and never being asked to come off the field. He plays the ball well, and also makes many adjustments for the D.

    3. Balagast says:

      I may not be very well versed with the Giants CB depth, but who does this now push up in the depth chart?

      1. Free Plax says:

        Prince Amukamara last years 1st rounder

        1. Balagast says:

          I kind of meant for nickel and beyond that. That ended up getting resolved above though.

  9. says:

    Looks like Giants on the path to win another superbowl.

    1. Rick says:

      I was thinking the same thing.

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