Reid, Joselio, and McNutt talk

Very slow morning today.  There will be hitting again this afternoon, so look forward to another detailed write-up from that session later this evening.  For now, let’s hear from Andy, Jose, and Marv:

Andy Reid

  • Riley Cooper will have surgery Monday.  Roughly 6 weeks.  Dixon is fine.  Celek is fine, day-by-day, no timeline.  Babin swallowed a thermometer, so he can’t have an MRI until that passes through his system.  If you’re picturing an oral thermometer, that’s not what it is.  It’s an ingestible thermometer, in case you’re into scientific stuff.  Babin has a strained calf.  Reid was clear in mentioning it was not his Achilles.  Punter Mat McBriar will begin to practice Wednesday.  Currently, he works out on his own sans coaching supervision, as he has to sort out his Visa before he is able to officially begin work.  McBriar is Australian, in case you were unaware.
  • Reid said he’s going to leave the WR position the way it is.
  • When asked if Marvin McNutt had a good spring, Reid said that he had a good day yesterday.  No mention of the spring, when I personally thought he struggled.  Reid also noted Damaris Johnson as a young WR that has looked good.
  • McNutt played special teams in college but only early in his career at Iowa.
  • More live hitting this afternoon.


  • Joselio explained some of the different nickel looks we’ve seen so far at camp.  Regarding how they might match against their opponents this season: “I match up well against most of the slot guys. (The coaching staff) is mixing people (to match up against) tight ends. Like if we play someone like San Francisco, (they play) two TEs the whole game, so that would be a situation where we might put Nnamdi inside.”
  • Jose misses Asante.  Said it’s “a little quieter.”  Asante and Dawkins were his favorite players to play with.
  • Mentioned that DRC is making plays. “He’ll be the first to tell you he loves playing outside.


  • McNutt said he’s a long-strider, so at times it only looks like he’s moving more slowly than some other receivers.
  • He said he’s been working mainly as the “X” receiver so far in camp, but thinks the coaching staff will move him around a bit.  If you’re unfamiliar with what the “X” position is, the most basic explanation I can give is that he lines up on the opposite side of the line from the TE, up on the line of scrimmage.  Typically, you want a big, physical receiver to be your “X” because the CB has the ability to get right up on the receiver and jam him at the line, whereas your “Z” receiver lines up about a yard off the LOS, and has some room to maneuver.  The Z position, for example, is more of a fit for a small speedy guy like DeSean Jackson.  Here’s what I mean:


  1. Very interesting topic, regards for putting up.

  2. Deacon Bleu says:

    McNutt is gonna play somewhere in the NFL this year. If things work out Philly will be blessed that it is there. I watched him play at Iowa intensely the last two years. He has SpiderMan hands with long sticky fingers that reel in balls that weren’t thrown on target but somewhere in the zone of his wingspan. He catches them. He has intangibles when it comes to leaping and coming down with the ball. Soon as he gets his anti-jamming technique down better, he’s going to slant people to death in the Red Zone. He’s a three-sport athlete, converted QB, just entering the room of the WR world in the BIGS. Nobody cuts you slack in the NFL, I get that, but smart coaches will see his potential and shape him.
    So, 4REAL, just relax and enjoy the show. Nutty will deliver.

  3. Steve says:

    I hear very good things about Graham. Read on he ragdolled Herremans during the OL/DL 1 on 1’s on one rep. If he can get a solid tackle like Herremans on the ground thats really encouraging.

    1. ICDogg says:

      didn’t look as good today as he did the previous 2 days

  4. Peter says:

    4real, just how is it that you know that McNutt is a bust? Let’s give him a chance at least.

  5. 4real says:

    McNutt a Bust.

    1. Steve says:

      Can a 6th rounder be a bust? I’m not really sure.

      1. Tracer Bullet says:

        He certainly can’t be a bust in the first week of camp.

      2. T-rade says:

        Maybe he was joking – bust a McNutt

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