Eagles training camp recap: Day 7, July 29, 2012: A Jaiquawn Jarrett sighting, and… (yawn)… DRC was good again

Practice started off sloppy.  False starts, missed handoffs, offsides, just general ugliness.  But it got better.  Loooong practice today, probably the toughest I’ve seen since 2010.

  • The 1’s on the D Line were a big factor in shutting down the run all day.  With Jason Babin out, that unit looked like this today:
    Cullen Jenkins Fletcher Cox Derek Landri Trent Cole
    • I watched Phillip Hunt a little bit today.  He’s a talented guy that will be fighting for a roster spot.  I happened to catch one play where they ran a screen to his side.  He recognized it and had to decide whether to chase down the back, or go after the QB.  He thought he had enough time to get close enough to the QB (Kafka, I think) where he could at the very least mess up his throwing lane.  It was the right decision.  Hunt got his hands up an Kafka had to throw it away.  Messing up screens can lead to big plays.  Well done by Phillip.
    • One D lineman that does not look good right now is Antonio Dixon.  He is apparently down from the 360 range last year to around 330 this year.  He may very well be 330, but he’s playing like he’s 360.  Slow.  No push at all.
    • I didn’t watch the offensive line as individuals too closely, but I did see Danny Watkins continuously helping defensive linemen up off the ground.  My assumption is that he put them there.  I don’t think that after every play, he’s looking for any fallen D lineman he can find to help to their feet… or maybe he is… I don’t know.  He is a fireman, after all.  I’ll give him a little more specific attention tomorrow, but my hunch is that he’s playing well.
    • Saw quite a bit of Stanley Havili today.  He caught a pass over the middle for a nice gain.  The offense burned a zone blitz on the play, as Trent Cole was in coverage.  Havili also got some looks as a single back, a la Leonard Weaver.  On one run, there wasn’t much there, he got lower than OJ Atogwe on a collision and fell forward for an extra two yards.  Nice, hard run.
    • Atogwe had a rough day.  He had Dion Lewis in his sights with the help of the sideline, which has never missed a tackle in the history of football.  Dion somehow juked Atogwe so badly that he lunged toward the sideline, and Lewis got inside of him, before taking it to the house.  Added kudos to King Dunlap for being all the way down field who was there to wall off Atogwe, albeit long after he had already left his jockstrap on the field.
    • Speaking of safety play, Jaiquawn Jarrett started off a little shaky, but then had himself a big day.  In 1 on 1 receiving drills, he looked pretty bad trying to cover LeSean McCoy.  He would get his revenge.  On a play near the sideline, he came in like a missile at Shady’s thigh, and up-ended him.  Then later he got another big pop on Shady.  I couldn’t see it, but I sure as hell could hear it.  McCoy fumbled and the D recovered.  Nice to see Jaiquawn make some plays, but I’m not sure I’m all that interested in seeing Shady taking any more big hits.

    Much more after the jump…

    • Keeping with the safeties, Tim McManus mentioned on the sidelines that the Eagles had been running a lot of 3-safety sets all day.  I hadn’t noticed up until that point, but after he pointed that out, they were pretty much running them exclusively.
    • Kurt Coleman did some good things.  He intercepted a pass, although, again, I missed it.  I was on another field when I heard a loud cheer from the crowd as Kurt was returning the pick to the house.  I did see him miss a tackle on Shady.
    • Shady actually had a pretty tough day.  As mentioned already, he fumbled, and he never really seemed to be able to shake free.  Dion Lewis continues to impress, as he is having a really nice camp so far.  I thought Bryce Brown had a good day.  We already kind of knew Bryce had some speed, just watching him in shells and shorts, but today we got to see some extended action of him running the ball with live tackling.  He ran hard.  Broke some tackles.  Played fast.  So far so good there.  It will be interesting to see if he can continue to play well throughout camp as bodies get more tired.  I think he is clearly ahead of Chris Polk at this point, who isn’t getting a ton reps.  I did see Bryce drop an easy pass.  That’s starting to become a theme with him.  I’ve seen him make some really tough catches, and drop some easy ones.  Concentration.  But again, a lot more good than bad for him.
    • DRC got himself another pick.  Yawn.  I’m bored with him making plays at this point.
    • On one play in 1 on 1 receiving drills, all in one play, Trevard Lindley was guilty of holding, then pass interference, and then he gave up a deep completion.  That’s the CB trifecta.
    • Cliff Harris got himself a nice PBU against the 1’s.  It was on the other side of the field, so I couldn’t see who he was covering, but he made an impressive break on an out route and made the play.  On another occasion, Emil Igwenagu caught a pass and as Emil was getting his head around to turn upfield, Harris came in with a head of steam and tried to lay a pop on him up high.  Let’s just say Igwenagu won that battle.
    • Speaking of Igwenagu, he is now getting reps at TE with the absence of Brent Celek.  I watched him a little in drills, and he just looks kind of awkward running routes.  He played some TE at UMass and they worked him out at TE at the Senior Bowl, but for whatever reason, he just doesn’t look natural up here at TE with the pros.  I’m thinking the Eagles need to get him back to FB, where he can legitimately push Havili, because at TE, he’s going to be a complete non-factor.
    • There was one play that was just awesome all around, that just so happened to be right in front of me. Jeremy Maclin went deep, with Brandon Boykin in coverage.  Maclin got a step, and Vick let fly and absolutely gorgeous ball.  However, Boykin closed and got his hands in between Maclin’s, but Maclin was still able to bring it in for a tumbling catch about 40 yards down field.  Great coverage, great throw, great catch, great football.
    • After practice, Vick was asked if any of the young receivers had stood out to him.  He obliged with an answer, which surprised me.  He said McNutt.  Marvin was invisible for the first 4 days of camp, but he’s been very good ever since they put on the pads.  I thought Jamal Hamler had a good day as well.  He caught a couple deep balls in 1-on-1’s.
    • One of my favorite players to watch is Jason Avant.  He cares.  A lot.  He was watching the young guys practice onsides kicks, and McNutt touched the ball before it went 10 yards.  Avant got all over him.  And it wasn’t as if Avant just happened to be walking by and noticed it.  He was watching intently… and we’re talking about special teams drills here.  He also gave FB Jeremy Stewart kudos for finishing a run instead of running out of bounds.  If he wants to, he’s going to be a coach on some level in the NFL one day.

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    3. rhaheem rouse says:

      So im guessing Nnamdi was Being the same Nnamdi as Last year ? – 17 yr. old fan.

    4. deg0ey says:

      Another bad day from Dixon? I wonder whether there’s a chance he gets cut before the season. Probably depends on where Patterson is, but it might be worth keeping an eye on Thornton; if he’s playing well, we might see an upset there, no?

      1. I’m a big Thornton fan, but he’s more of a UT than a NT. sudden lack of depth at DT

        1. deg0ey says:

          Yeah I was thought about that too…Maybe they keep Landri and Dixon at NT and Jenkins, Cox and Thornton at UT to start the year and then cut Dixon when Patt comes back off the NFI.

          Assuming they only keep 5 DTs, it seems like they’ve got the option of 3 UTs and 2 NTs or 2 UTs and 3NTs; any idea which is more likely?

          1. 3 UTs are more likely, since they have more good players that play that spot.

    5. KillianScott says:

      Today was my first trip to Eagles camp after being a fan for 24 years. Let me say it was awesome!

      Great blog by the way too!

      I thought DRC had a terrible day. He had a pick but he was constantly burnt in live drills, 7 on 7, and 1 on 1’s.

      I watched the LB’s a lot today. Demeco Ryans has a long way to go in pass coverage but looks solid at the line. Kendricks looks like he has a long learning curve but plays fast and hard.

      Fletcher Cox looks like he has stud potential. Again, great blog, so happy to join the community!

    6. Birdbrane says:

      I watched the live feed on PE.com and again, like Jimmy said, its difficult to completely analyze one player’s day since they are constantly switching camera angles and practice fields, but one thing I certainly noticed was Kendricks. He is fast. He moves like a Safety or DB. Very hard hitter with solid tackling. He was really taking good angles for his hits. Have you noticed anything bad he’s been doing Jimmy?

      1. No, not yet really. At times he has stood out for really good things he is doing. I’ve missed him at times, but I’ve yet to see him him stand out in a negative way.

    7. Mark Cowley says:

      I’m hoping Boykin can push Hanson out of a job this year. I got so tired of watching Hanson get burned last year (and please don’t give me that crap about him being better on the slot than outside, wherever he is he gets burned.. a LOT). If I had to pick 5 corners today to keep I’d pick Nnamdi, DRC, Boykin, Marsh, and Harris. Wave goodbye to Hanson Lindley and that other kid whose name I can’t remember.

      1. D3Keith says:

        Brandon Hughes.

        We might keep more than 5, even on a tight roster, and if those were the five … I’d be glad Boykin and Harris are showing skills, especially since they both could be return-game factors. With those two and Damaris on the roster, we might not miss DeSean at PR all that much, which would be ideal.

    8. 4real says:

      Cliff 2 thin 2 win?

    9. Tracer Bullet says:

      DRC got himself another pick. Yawn. I’m bored with him making plays at this point.

      This is very good to hear.

    10. Randy Jobst says:

      The only two questions I havn’t seen or heard an answer from so far has been the lead blocking ability from Stanley Havili and how Brandon Washington has looked. I have to be honest, I didn’t give Emil much of a change to win a full back job. Didn’t see a whole lot of him as a lead blocker coming into the draft. Might be wrong on that. Full back is wide open as far as I am concerned. The loser probably gets stashed away on the PS. Washington has a lot of potential but I doubt he makes this roster unless he proves he can be a reliable backup this year. Good stuff as always Jimmy.

    11. Jim Z. says:

      Based on the absence of any mention of his name, I’m guessing that Brandon Graham didn’t look good today?

      If there’s anyone I want to see succeed, it’s him.

      1. Randy Jobst says:

        Everything I have heard and seen(PE.com) has been really great. Excited for him to tear it up in 2012.

      2. He looked fantastic yesterday.

        One important thing to note is that I’m just one set of eyes, and there are 22 football players on the field on every play. I might see one particular player do a lot of good things, and miss the bad, while someone else might catch the bad and miss the good. I used to include that disclaimer on all these recaps, but have just kind of stopped doing that.

        I didn’t notice Graham much today, good or bad, but I also wasn’t specifically looking at him.

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