Notes from around the NFC East: Skins tinkering with the Pistol formation, and Martellus makes excuses

First some injury house-cleaning, but before we start, please note that the PUP list is not a big deal at this time of the season.  Players can come off the PUP list at any time.  News for all 4 teams:

  • Jammal Brown is on the PUP list after aggravating his hip.  All offseason, when projecting the Skins’ depth chart, I had placed a question mark next to Brown’s name because I couldn’t imagine how they could go into the season with the idea that he would be their starter after two really bad, injury plagued years in DC.  RT Eric Winston became available briefly during free agency when the Texans surprisingly cut him, and he would have been a perfect fit for the Redskins’ zone blocking scheme, but the Chiefs were able to get a very reasonable 4 year deal done with Winston for $22 million.  Tyler Polumbus will fill in for Brown until he’s ready to go.  The Skins also placed Tanard Jackson on the PUP list, but it is expected that he should be back on the field soon.
  • Brent Celek went off after only 4 or 5 plays yesterday, and did not return.  It was revealed that he had a mild knee sprain.  He told reporters after practice, “I’ll be fine. I promise.”
  • Four Giants will start on the PUP list: Hakeem Nicks (foot), Chris Canty (knee), Travis Beckum (knee), and Clint Sintim (knee). No surprises there.
  • Mike Jenkins basically has a rotator cuff injury that would keep an MLB pitcher on the shelf for a year.  Since Jenkins’ responsibilities differ from those of a MLB pitcher, he’ll play this season, but he still has “a ways to go before he will be cleared to play.”

And now some other notes:

  • If you like my bullet-point style notes from Eagles camp, you’ll like Rich Tandler’s coverage of Redskins camp.  Some good nuggets here.


“Who’s better to learn behind than Witten?” Bennett told reporters. “He is one of the best to ever do it. I learned a lot from him. Every once in a while, plants can’t really grow when they are out-shaded by the tall tree. So I get a little sunlight for myself now.”

Martellus Bennett never “grew” because he never pushed Witten, and as I’ve noted over and over here, it’s not as if Bennett didn’t get every opportunity to show something in Dallas.  He did.  And now he’s on his second team making excuses for his lack of production.  Classic Martellus.



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  5. ct17 says:

    Funny how no story headline reads “Bennett praises Witten”. If you read the whole interview, it is standard player-speak. He’s got a great opportunity, is looking forward to showing what he’s got, he wants to win, everyone else is the enemy, blah blah blah. You could get a more PC version of the same quote from Peyton.

    And yes, getting every first team rep and being a starting TE does give you more opportunity than being a #2 guy. I don’t know why that is hard to understand. Yes he had a chance in Dallas and disappointed, but this is a better chance. It’s why he took the Giants 1-year deal. He is a temp with one year to show he is starting-caliber and deserving of a multi-year deal.

    1. pooleboy87 says:

      You just need to stop talking.

      First of all, no, that’s NOT what he was doing. Have you ever listened to Martellus Bennett talk? This is more of the same from him. He NEVER takes any of the blame, it’s never his fault, and he’s always being hurt by others, not his own choices. He’s blamed everybody and never once has he admitted that he’s underperformed.

      Jimmy’s listed his production before: in nearly 1500 snaps over the last 3 years, he’s produced a whopping 65 catches and 0 TDs. He’s dropped countless passes. He runs incredibly lazy routes. But he didn’t produce because he played with Jason Witten? Are you kidding me? Pretty sure Aaron Hernandez would tell you that being the second TE isn’t all bad. Pretty sure the Cowboys love the 2 TE offense, and pretty sure Bennett had ample opportunity behind Witten.

      Did he compliment Witten? Sure. Did he immediately turn that into an excuse for why he never, in nearly 2000 snaps, produced anything more than 20 receptions? You betcha.

      It also looks like the only thing that’s grown since he signed with NY was his ass.

  6. Euler is a Pimp says:

    I love when people say, Martellus Bennett never grew because he never pushed Witten, as if that’s the direction the causality takes. He never pushed Witten because he never became a good player.

  7. brisulph says:

    I am curious as to when something positive about the Giants will be reported around here… maybe if you didn’t just focus on quotes from Osi and Bennett (two guys that you know are not your favourites)… oh, and no Rolle, as no one wants to hear his stupid mouth flap either.

    1. Ha, plenty of positives upcoming at camp, I would think. Giants are nearing the end of “any news is typically bad news” season.

      1. Trueblue63 says:

        Ok so you’ve written off Bennett. I’ll say the same thing I say to tons of people. Betting against JR/TC on personnel is risky business. They know their business, there were other TEs out there, but they signed Bennett and he was pretty clearly a priority (signed him early). I strongly suspect they knew what they were getting.

        1. DerfDiggy says:

          Stop acting like a Cowboys fans, guys. Really unbecoming of you Giants fans…

        2. They’ve done well in the draft, but their FA acquisitions haven’t exactly lit the world on fire.

          1. DerfDiggy says:

            Lol I know…Bennett’s a bum…has always been a bum except his rookie year. You pointing that out isn’t a crime. Dude has been making more headlines because of his talk then he’s ever done with his play.

            I’m not even sure why Giants fans’ are defending him lately.

          2. giantsfan says:

            I actually think Canty/Rolle/Boley have all been great acquisitions. Maybe a little expensive but I don’t think we win the superbowl without them, so it’s hard to criticize JR over that. Also, need I say Cruz?

          3. Trueblue63 says:

            The biggest criticism of his FAs is that they’re overpaid. But Rolle was a quick fix for a disaster area, I haven’t seen another S that could also play CB get signed for appreciably less. Canty got hurt and when healthy has been solid but unspectacular. Boley has been very good, but maybe overpaid.

            But he also signed, Cruz as an UDFA, Ward from the Jets, Grant was a cheap effective player, Ballard was an UDFA, Boothe got picked up from the Raiders.

            I don’t expect great things from Bennett, but it will surprise me if he doesn’t block well, and if our run game doesn’t improve behind him. Considering WRs dominate the targets here and our run game was weak, thats a win to me.

    2. rage114 says:

      Apparently, you missed the JPP love fest. Go scroll through the archives, you’ll find them.

    3. RedskinsFan says:

      JIMMY is POSITIVE about the four players who are on the PUP. He’s also POSITIVE that Osi is a trashtalker. Oh, and as much as we fans of other NFC East teams may spout otherwise, he’s POSITIVE that Eli Manning is a star QB with two Superbowl Victories in the last few years. I believe that he’s also POSITIVE that someone will accuse him of bias and hating on every team not the Eagles at least twice in any week. I’m personnally waiting until next week to accuse him of POSITIVELY being biased against the Redskins again.

      1. brisulph says:

        I need some sarcasm tags on this site… I tweak Jimmy’s nose all the damn time. People seem to have missed this previous behaviour, and thought this was straight laced. Oh well.

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