Eagles training camp recap: Day 5, July 27, 2012: Vick slides, DeSean pukes, and Cox is quick

  • I missed the two highlights of the day.  Michael Vick slid (without a defense even on the field), and the crowd went nuts.  I did turn around in time to see him throw the ball in celebration.
  • I also missed DeSean Jackson going deep, coming back to the huddle taking a knee, and throwing up.  My boy Sheil caught that one.
  • I thought the big 3 at WR (DeSean, Maclin, and Avant) all had good days.  DeSean caught a ton of short passes, including a bubble screen.  I think DeSean could be an absolute nightmare on bubble screens if he attacked them the same way that Steve Smith (the Panthers’ Steve Smith, not that other guy) does.  Is he going to give himself up or run out of bounds if he’s near a defender?  If so, that won’t work.  Is he going to gobble up a few quick yards and then look to make plays?  If so, it’s a cheap and easy way to get him the ball in space, especially with some of the cushions he sees.  Otherwise, Maclin made a handful of catches today, highlighted by a diving catch on a missile between 3 defenders from Vick.
  • I watched Fletcher Cox a little today.  There still isn’t a lot of contact just yet, but he has an extremely impressive lateral first step.  On one play, he was lined up on the outside shoulder of the G, and at the snap he came all the way across and drove the center into the backfield while trying to split C/G gap.  Very quick.  He’s going to be a force on stunts.
  • Brandon Boykin continues to impress me.  Watched him jam Chad Hall at the line and stay in his hip pocket.  Then I watched him do the same with Damaris Johnson.  The one guy I’m really looking forward to seeing him do battle with is Jason Avant.  Avant is the best route runner on the team, and has made a habit of beating pretty much anyone that has tried to cover him in the 3 years I’ve watched practice up here.


  • Clay Harbor had a much better day.  On a simple little TE screen in drills Vick fired a pass way too low.  It’s difficult trying to catch a low pass at short distance that has some heat on it.  Clay went down and got it smoothly, and turned upfield.  Later he made a nice sliding catch, again, with no defense on the field, but still a nice play.
  • Riley Cooper had a chance to make two big plays, but he dropped them both. They were both deep balls, and both times the corner had good coverage.  Riley did a good jump tracking the ball, leaping and getting two hands on the ball at its highest point, but couldn’t finish after being tangled with the defender.  Joselio Hanson was in coverage on the first of these, DRC on the second.
  • OL was a little sloppy initially.  A couple false starts.  Demetress Bell was guilty on one of them.  Somebody on the left side of the line was guilty on another.
  • Other linebackers had to line up Greg Lloyd on a couple plays.  He has been here a year.  That’s not good.
  • A guy that I was pretty tough on in minicamp and OTAs had a nice play today.  That would be Elvis Akpla.  He caught a quick slant, made a cut, and was gone.
  • Alex Henery was perfect today (I think).  He had FG opportunities from 36 going steadily back to 48 yarders.  I’m pretty sure he hit them all (can’t be sure from my vantage point).

Tomorrow the real fun begins.  Pads!  …and possibly tackling to the ground.  Can’t wait.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter for live in-practice observations.


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  3. EagleFury says:

    I would give anything to be watching training camp in person. I would be in heaven.

    Glad to hear the rookies are standing out. Especially Boykin. This is the first draft in a long time we haven’t drafted 12 year old CBs. Boykin is built like a stud and could do some good out there.

    It’s funny that you mention Riley Cooper’s struggles. I’ve been clamoring for Cooper to be cut for a long time, because he just isn’t good. Now with McNutt we have an excuse to let Cooper go. This is the NFL we can’t waste a roster spot on a below average player because he might be a redzone wr someday, or he might just watch a db pick it off and end our season.

    1. I don’t think Cooper is guaranteed a roster spot. He’s going to have to earn it. However, if he is unseated, I don’t think it will be because Marvin McNutt took his job. McNutt has not looked good so far.

  4. ICDogg says:

    Watching what they showed on PE.com’s live practice feed it looked to me like Graham stood out, had good burst.

  5. wow says:

    Redskins claimed the fake Dez aka Dezmon Brisco(3rd team in 3years)

  6. wow says:

    Redskins claimed the fake Dez aka Dezmon Brisco.

  7. Tracer Bullet says:

    If “MeSean” was serious about football rather than being a thug with a rap carrier, he’d be in shape and ready to play. What a looser.


    1. D3Keith says:

      You had me going with that one.

      I refuse to make a login for there. Who knows how many hours of my life I’d have spent trying to “talk sense” into the Negas that hang out over there.

  8. Randy J says:

    Henery: think it was Roob who said he missed a 60 yarder, but it was just wide not short. If Riley Cooper is going after the ball and then dropping I am okay with that. He has been known to just let the ball come to him. I hate that. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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