Random notes from around (the rest of) the NFC East: You suck at trash-talking, Osi. Please stop it.

Apologies to my Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins friends.  It has been very Eagles-centric here over the last few days, since I’ve been going to their camp.  I have some catching up to do on the the rest of the division:

–  The Cowboys placed five players on their PUP list: CB Mike Jenkins (shoulder), G Mackenzy Bernadeau (hip), rookie 5th round pick Danny Coale (broken foot), C/G Kevin Kowalski (ankle), and a surprise name, 4th round pick S Matt Johnson, with a hamstring injury.  The explanation from Jason Garrett on Johnson’s hamstring:

“Matt was one of those guys who missed the offseason because he was (still taking college classes) and was not able to participate in any of our offseason practices,” Garrett said. “He tweaked his hamstring about a month ago and was rehabbing that. He did go through the conditioning test yesterday and we really advised him if it gets tight at all on you stop. That’s what he did.

“He’s going to miss some time. He’s not going to participate over the next three days and we don’t anticipate him practicing initially next week in training camp. Somebody asked earlier about the importance of reps. Matt’s behind in that regard. He’s doing everything he can to stay engaged with our team and understands what we’re trying to teach. Hopefully, as we get into training camp, he’ll be able to improve and catch up quickly.”

I know some Cowboys fans aren’t completely sold on Brodney Pool coming in and being an effective starter opposite Gerald Sensabaugh on the back end.  I sure as hell know that I’m not sold on Pool.  It was probably a long shot for Matt Johnson to make the jump from a Division I-AA school to an immediate starter in the pros, but his invaluable missed time in camp further makes that less of a reality.

Also, speaking of Sensabaugh, he’s “50/50” for the start of camp.

Continued after the jump…

–  Keeping with the Dallas secondary, I like that the Cowboys tested Morris Claiborne on the very first play.  Claiborne reportedly “looked rusty” on his first day.

–  My buddy Raf will be attending Cowboys camp for two weeks, beginning on Monday.  I would assume that most of my Cowboys readers are following him on Twitter, but if not, here he is.

– The Giants are the Super Bowl Champions, as we are all well aware.  With victory comes spoils.  And so, the Giants have done their fair share of chirping this offseason.  That’s cool.  I have no problem with that.  But at some point, you can just start sounding like an asshole.  That would be Osi Umenyiora, who said that RG3 doesn’t deserve to be called RG3 until he has done something in the NFL:

“Who is this RG3 guy you guys keep talking about?’’ Umenyiora said. “You talking about Bob Griffin? You guys are giving him a cool nickname already and everything.

“When he does anything in the NFL we’re gonna call him RG3. Right now he’s Bob Griffin.”

For one, the Redskins smoked the Giants last year… twice.  Didn’t just beat them… smoked them.  So maybe Osi should leave the Redskins out of the his shit-storm of shit-talk.  Furthermore, while I realize that Osi’s premise is that he needs to do something in the pros before he gets respect, RG3 did, you know, win a Heisman Trophy.  That’s kind of a big deal, as far as individual achievements go.  And is “Bob Griffin” really even that funny?  I mean… First Osi wishes LeSean McCoy a Happy Mother’s Day (haha, I get it, it’s funny because he said he’s a woman), then apologized for it when women were rightfully pissed, because really, if you replace “woman” with race, religion or sexual orientation, it’s basically the same thing but far less socially acceptable.  So please Osi… enough with the snaps.  You suck at it.

RG3, meanwhile, when asked about it, responded with the equivalent of a “Meh.” 

– Regarding Giants’ TC, not that anyone is on the edge of their seat awaiting my Giants coverage, but I’ll be up at Albany August 6-8.  That’s all I have planned as of today, but I’m trying to carve out some extra time when I can make a second trip up to see them.

– Redskins UDFA CB Chase Minnifield was waived.  The Redskins were excited about Minnifield in minicamp, and in turn Redskins fans got excited about him, and then bam… in the blink of an eye… done-zo.  He’ll go through waivers and if nobody claims him, Minnifield will go on the Redskins’ IR.  (UPDATE: He did in fact clear waivers.)

– In previous posts, I mentioned that Tommy Lawlor of IgglesBlitz and I were launching a podcast soon.  We’ve recorded 4 episodes already, although a few of them are already outdated.  That’s OK.  They were good for practice.  Anyway, I finally figured out how to actually get them on the website for public consumption, which is an underrated detail.  We’ll probably be launching it tomorrow morning.


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  6. giantsfan says:

    I didn’t care about the osi / bob thing either. Although, I will grant that Osi is pretty bad at trash talking.

  7. Shon Scott says:

    Osi plays mind games yes the GIANTS won the super bowl , however they did go 0-2 against the REDSKINS.

  8. ubrab says:

    Weird Jimmy, I thought you would have liked the Osi/RG3 thing, I really did find it pretty funny (“Bob Griffin” does sound great). Personal bias against Osi ?

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  10. 3rd WR says:

    Dezmon Brisco just got cut by the Buc”s

  11. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    Calling Robert “Bob”, is like calling Elisha “Eli”, only you aren’t changing the gender of the name.

  12. Free Plax says:

    Yeah Jim when you win the super bowl it kind of washes away losses to sup par teams like the skins, you think anybody in Green Bay even remembers they loss to the skins in 2010?

  13. Sam says:

    Psyched about the podcasts.

  14. T_S_O_P says:

    Here in Blighty (except I’m not there at the mo), more specifically in the county of Leicestershire, ‘Bob’ means shit, as in when I sing at Karaoke, I leave my name as ‘Bob’ because I can’t sing for shit. So Bob Griffin sounds great to me.

  15. Gordon Tyron says:

    I thought the bob griffin thing was pretty funny. The lady gaga comment was pretty hilarous as well

    the mothers day thing was a flat joke

  16. Steve says:

    I didn’t even think RG3 was a nickname, I pretty much assumed everyone did it for convenience.

  17. NYG_slater says:

    wow really guys? I found the “Bob” comment to be pretty funny and a decent way to trash talk. It doesnt make it personal, like saying RG3 is trash, its just a playful remark in the offseason. Most of the comments I’ve seen on articles about osi’s comments tend to agree. Lighten up a bit?

    1. SkinsaneAsylum says:

      As a Skins fan, i too found it pretty hilarious. I have been calling him Bob Griffin and snickering each time since yesterday.

      I think it was pretty harmless and playful. Robert didn’t coin the name RG3, in fact, he is on record as not even liking it too much.

      No harm, no foul.

      1. skinsaholic says:

        I thought it was comical, but still find Osi to be quite douchy

  18. rage114 says:

    The funny thing is that Osi actually gave RG3 more credibility by talking about him to being with. He isn’t talking about any of the other rookies and he didn’t talk about Grossman last year (I think).

    So RG3 hasn’t done anything in the NFL….well, except get Osi all fired up even before TC really begins.

  19. Jimmer says:

    Osi is basically just a poor man’s Michael Strahan in both play and trash talk.

  20. Imp says:

    Osi should have just said “his mom is fat.” As least it’s an insult.

    1. He ain’t Woody Haralson.

      1. Trueblue63 says:

        And Osi said, when he does something then he gets the COOL NICKNAME (my emphasis added), not exactly fighting words.

        This reads a bit like you’re still angry about the whole twit war with McCoy.

        On to some football: I read that Janzen Jackson was putting in time at CB cause he was about 185lbs. He thinks if he can get to 195 he’ll switch back to safety. What’s your thoughts on this and do you think that it will affect the Eagles UDFA Cliff Harris the same way (he’ll need to bulk up to play safety in the regular season)?

        1. Redeem Team says:

          Cliff Harris at safety? Since when? He is a pure cornerback.

      2. pooleboy87 says:

        It is now my life’s goal to bring back Woody Haralson’s hat from that movie. From this point on, I’m going to wear a pastel tie-die hat at all time. Even in my sleep.

        Thanks for the updates, Jimmy. Oh, and something about bias for being Eagles-centric, and attending the camp that was most easily accessible and actually gave you credentials. Why are you trying to make the cross country trek to California?! Bias, I say!

        1. pooleboy87 says:

          *That was “Why are you NOT trying to make the cross country trek to California”.

    2. NYG_slater says:

      see this is what i don’t get. Why is making personal attacks against a person or a persons family considered “good” trash talking? I heard stuff from the eagles last year about brandon jacobs wife being fat, or that osi sucks and is the 3rd best DE on the GMen…. is that “good trash talking”? Be honest, if the $$$ was right these guys would all be on the same team. I’d much rather have osi call RG3 “bob griffin” and have steve smith tweet photos of an eagles trophy case with a single can of chunky soup, than have players making personal attacks on each other. Real professional.

      1. NYG_slater says:

        Disregard the brandon jacobs wife comment, that wasnt made by a player, just a fan, my mistake.

      2. pooleboy87 says:

        Not really sure how “Bob griffin” is really any less of a “personal attack” than calling Osi the 3rd best DE on the GMen. Saying he hasn’t done anything is stupid, and disrespectful of a pretty successful college career.

        Now, the wife thing (if it HAD been said by a player) would’ve been too far. But these guys almost always refrain from attacking family, because they know that would be crossing the line. But if these guys are going to give it (which the Giants do…a lot…probably more than any other team) then they better be ready to get it back. The big problem, as said above, is that Osi is just terrible at it. In fact, without Brandon Jacobs, I’m not sure you’ll have any quality trash talk remaining. Case in point: see Martellus Bennett.

        1. NYG_slater says:

          Calling RG3 “bob” isnt a personal attack, its completely harmless, and its intention is to be comical not hurtful. RG3 is a cool nickname, for a cool guy, which RG3 seems to be. Calling him Bob, is just playful and may result in a chuckle (or not).

          Imagine of Osi said RG3 is “soft and overrated, probably the 3rd best QB on his team” that is a direct attack with no intention of humor, just bashing for the sake of bashing.

          there is a clear difference.

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