Eagles training camp recap: Day 4, July 26, 2012: If you attend Eagles camp tomorrow, here’s where you can expect to see them line up

Very short practice today.  Apologies for posting this so late – Had dinner with the in-laws right after practice.  There wasn’t much from a “competition” standpoint.  I’m not sure if that’s the right way to put it, since every snap is evaluated.  What I mean is that passes weren’t really contested (the scout team basically let receivers run free), there wasn’t really any press coverage, etc.  It was basically just a day where the vets get their first taste of preseason action, and the rookies get their first taste of training camp with the big boys.  It was the first team offense going up the scout team defense and vice versa.  So there wasn’t much in the way of what I can report as far as who looks good and who doesn’t.

However, one thing I can note for the people attending camp tomorrow is who they can expect to see on the first and second teams for the offense and defense.  The offense is pretty much exactly what you would expect, but if you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer what I can in the comment section.  The defense will go a little something like this:

1st team DL: Jason Babin – Cullen Jenkins (UT) – Derek Landri (NT) – Trent Cole

2nd team DL: Brandon Graham – Fletcher Cox (UT) – Antonio Dixon (NT) – Darryl Tapp

1st team LB: Mychal Kendricks (SAM) – DeMeco Ryans (MIKE) – Brian Rolle (WILL)

2nd team LB: Akeem Jordan (SAM) – Casey Matthews (MIKE) – Jamar Chaney (WILL)

Nickle LB: Mychal Kendricks (looks like Mychal will be the only 3 down LB for now) – Jamar Chaney

1st team CB: Nnamdi Asomugha – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Nickle CB: Curtis Marsh (outside) – Nnamdi Asomugha (slot) – DRC (outside).

2nd team CB: Marsh (outside) – Brandon Boykin (slot) – Joselio Hanson (outside).  Make of that what you will.

1st team S: Nate Allen – Kurt Coleman

2nd team S: Oshiomogho Atogwe – Jaiquwan Jarrett


  1. Anthony Chez says:

    I agree 100% with Randy*, is what I meant in my first post haha

  2. Anthony Chez says:

    Battle it out for Will, keep Chaney at his natural and best spot (Although what makes him out best LB clearly is that he’s the only one versatile & smart enough to play all 3 spots) and Ryans at Middle, Use Kendricks every other series in the first few games and for make him rolle chaney and ryans our solid FT 4 nickel LBs, that’d be not only the smart but right thing to do. I also wouldn’t mind seeing my boy Kurt Coleman switched to free since he clearly is a ball hawk, lead our team in Ints and always in great positioning for picking off deep field passes and have Otogwe or Jaquan Jarrett battle it out for Strong. I really really hope the Eagles. Come to their senses with their depth chart they got now and are doing to the defense fix this by the end of preseason because they’re messing up so far and setting us up for failure, As far as the Offense side, I got no complaints and like what they’re doing just hope for much smarter Red Zone play calling and much wider, stretched, outside running plays at 10 to goal, vs the obvious unmuscled predictable guts and powers we try to run to get the TDs that get stopped 70% of the time. Also if Riley Cooper gets back soon enough and healthy enough for him, get him in our redzone offense as a solid starter since he’s got great hands and height, our best and biggest Target to hit, personally Id start him over J mac because of his height, wingspan, and catchability, a much better threat overall even though he’s not as quick as J Mac, Make J Mac and Avant our 1-2 slot guys then your really using our O right and to its max potential!

  3. Anthony Chez says:

    TDs in coverage than Ints then clearly you should not be starting nor on the field. Marsh has great size and is a rising stud, getting better by the game I think he deserves his change to start on the outside because let’s be real here, can’t get any worse than what Asomugha did to us last season on the outside, its so annoying to see everyone keep makes excuses and defending him, turning a blind eye to all the huge PI calls he fucked us over with and passes he gave up got burned on just because of his name and his great period with Oakland but that don’t mean squad now does it? I say Asomugha comes in on 3 CB packages and we hit a lot of them with big play TE teams have Marsh get his big chance for a couple of games on the outside CB and go from there. As far as the LB situation, I’m pissed as hell they took clearly out best last year and most experienced LB and not only switched his position (again) from SAM to Will, they downgraded him to 2nd team deciding to start a 2nd round draft pick without even seeing a single pro or physical snap over him really??! Have they learned nothing from Casey Matthews, Jaiquan Jarrett or Brandon Graham? Correct me if I’m wrong please but its a proven fact that Will is the quickest and easiest of the 3 LB spots to pick up as well as ideal of the three for pass coverage and Blitzing which I believe is exactly what they want to use Kendricks for yet they wanna start him without even seeing if hell be good or able to handle the spot as well as put him in the LB spot that’s gonna be the hardest for Blitzing and not really used for pass coverage…..That’s Juan Andy and Howie for you….take our best proven LB over the past few years demote him to 2nd team and then throw him in the spot you should be placing ur rookie LBs that you drafted for that area of specialties, just disgusted with them doing that to Jamar, what they should do is have Rolle and Kendricks

  4. Anthony Chez says:

    First off a wanna give a big thanks to you Jimmyor taking your personal time and caring enough to make this for us fans who can’t make it to training camp, def great to have someone like you do this to keep tabs and stay connected to all of us who really wanna know, I really appreciate it!
    00% with Randys latest entry with the CBs and Asomugha, he plays best as in inside slot corner, I really wish the Eagles would start Marsh over Asomugha because Aso really fing killed us last year with averaging a PI call every single game! 12 of them led to TDs against us, he gave approximately 60%-75% of passes on his side last year, got burned for 5+ TDs passes on him not to mention sat out to injury 3 of the games; I’m sorry guys but I can’t stand Asomugha he’s clearly lost his edge and was the highest paid bust last season. There’s a good reason Oakland didn’t pursue resigning him, and don’t get me wrong I was as excited as anyone when we first got him, I gave him a good fair chance before I got disgusted by him, his best feature is this size and inside slot coverage, back him up 4 extra yards in the slot to cover best TEs and yeah he’s good for us then but anything else he did way more harm to us than good, I’m sorry but if you give up more 1 on 1 tTD

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  8. mike says:

    Its funny how everyone is pannicking, Why is Marsh on slot defense over Hanson, Oh know why is Chaney in on Nickel Defense.

    With Chaney the Eagles want him to be ready to work with the starters because he will at some point even if he doesnt start they could still use Chaney on Defense.

    With Marsh he is the top back up outside CB meaning if NA or DRC goes down it looks like Marsh starts, however for nickel defense he wont be a slot CB. At this point it seems like they’ll keep all 5 CBs and maybe Hughes as well.

    Im not ready to count Joselio out yet, it all depends on if he’s got fight in him or not.

    Look at Tapp working with the 2nd team, a lot of people say he might get cut over Hunt but if he’s better then Vinny Curry right now there’s no reason to cut him, the Eagles could wind up keeping 6 DEs while Paterson is out and hope to trade Tapp during the season if they can’t during training camp.

  9. Bete says:

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  10. tino says:

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  11. Raymond says:

    It’s the first day of camp. The depth chart on the defense will see plenty of changes between now and September. And probably more tweaks between September and October. The depth chart on offense is more settled.

  12. Shon Scott says:

    I like what i see so far seems like the coaching staff is gonna give MARSH a chance to play himself into a spot. It looks like the coaches want to go with bigger corners. Its gonna be hard to unseat HANSON i think its gonna be a work in progress I say. Like the depth at the safety position keep a eye on rookie PHILLIP THOMAS he could be the next QUINTON MIKELL.

  13. Kben says:

    That safety battle is going to be interesting. I’d love to know how Atogwe stacks up against Coleman. He definitely has the experience and talent boost over Coleman, but we all know Kurt’s a fighter and won’t be giving up that starting spot too easily.

  14. Immynimmy says:

    Is there a 2nd team nickle with Clayton?

  15. Anders says:

    I read that the Eagles ran two different nickel package, one against TE and one against regular WRs and that the one against TEs had NA in the slot, while the regular had Hanson in the slot with NA and DRC on the outside

  16. Randy Jobst says:

    Curious to see what Havili, Bell, Atogwe and Ryans look like once TC really gets going.

  17. Randy Jobst says:

    Trying not to take anything too seriously after just one day of TC. Hanson on the outside scares me. Still remember that Bears game in 2010. I believe Lindley and Hanson both spent time on the outside that game, opposite Patterson. Maybe the worst CB duo in history.

    1. He won’t ever be on the outside in a game unless they have a ton of injuries.

      And yes, that Bears game was ugly. Imagine if it were a team that actually had some bigtime talent at WR.

      1. Anthony Chez says:

        I agree 100% with Randy* is what I typed for rhe first comment post I typed haha

      2. Anthony Chez says:

        Amen, I hate Hanson he fing sucks! Now hopefully with our depth thanks to boykin when we cut him this time, he’ll stay cut! He’s even worse than Asomugha last year and without and height or wingspan 2 thums way down for Hanson!

  18. Daniel says:

    Marsh over Boykin in the nickel? I’m not quite sure what to make of that. Also it’s probably not a good sign for Hughes that he isn’t even on the 2nd team.

    1. I think they think Marsh is a talented player.

    2. ct17 says:

      Boykin is a rookie on day 1. Marsh is a year in. Simple as that. They may like Boykin better, but Marsh has more of a clue what he is doing.

  19. Gary says:

    “Joselio Hanson (outside)”

    No comprendo.

    1. Seriously though, I think the only way you’d ever see that is if Nnamdi, Marsh, and DRC all got hurt.

  20. Randy Jobst says:

    A couple points I got out of this: Jamar Chaney over Ryans in the nickel is interesting. Is this just because they believe in him so much they want to get him on the field w/ the 1st team D? Does it have anything to do with Ryans Achilles? It is probably nothing to be worried about but you know us Eagles fans will anyway. I like Nnamdi in the slot in certain packages. 3rd and 15s aren’t so hard to convert if you have a dangerous tight end like Jason Witten or Jimmy Graham. A player like Nnamdi can take that weapon away on a third down. Hanson not playing in the slot isn’t a good sign for him.

    Great stuff as always Jimmy. Only a matter of time before you are doing this for PE.com.

    1. greenbean#twooh says:

      according to Bo Wulf, they started w/ Ryans and Rolle in the Nickel and then worked Mychals and Chaney…so they’re just getting everyone a taste..

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