How far back do the Giants’ and Eagles’ scouting departments look when evaluating young talent?

Yesterday, I was just messing around looking at old high school prospect rankings on Yahoo’s, and something stood out to me: There are a boatload of current/former Giants and Eagles that appear on these lists.

It could be that the Giants and Eagles put more stock than other teams in what players accomplished as far back as high school, or it could just be a complete and total coincidence.  Anyway, I found it interesting enough to at least list the former top high school recruits I found that entered the NFL in the last 5 years:

Giants Position Year on Rivals Top 100 Overall Rank
Reuben Randle WR 2009 2
Janzen Jackson S 2009 17
David Wilson RB 2009 40
Will Hill S 2008 10
Marvin Austin DT 2007 7
Chad Jones S 2007 14
Charles Scott RB 2006 50
Martellus Bennett TE 2005 8
Kenny Phillips S 2005 12
Ryan Perrilloux QB 2005 16
Mario Manningham WR 2005 45
Travis Beckum TE 2005 56
Phillip Dillard LB 2005 76
Rhett Bomar QB 2004 4
Keith Rivers LB 2004 5

Eagles after the jump…

Eagles Position Year on Rivals Top 100 Overall Rank
Bryce Brown RB 2009 1
Cliff Harris CB 2009 41
Fletcher Cox DT 2009 94
DeAndre Brown WR 2008 22
Ronald Johnson WR 2007 8
Noel Devine RB 2007 15
Brandon Graham DE 2006 15
Ricky Sapp DE 2006 21
LeSean McCoy RB 2006 33
Charles Scott RB 2006 50
Riley Cooper WR 2006 99
DeSean Jackson WR 2005 18
Macho Harris DB 2005 28
Keenan Clayton LB 2005 74
Cornelius Ingram TE 2004 62
Marlon Favorite DT 2004 72

Also, for Eagles fans, he didn’t make the cut because he didn’t enter the NFL in the last 5 years, but check out who the #1 high school recruit was back in 2003.


  1. […] Jimmy Bama was looking at a list of some high school guys (I don’t ask questions) when he came across some interesting info. ¬†He found out where some Eagles players were ranked in the Rivals Top 100 as HS prospects. ¬†Interesting post by Mr. Bama. […]

  2. NYG_slater says:

    Not a coincidence, atleast not for the Gaints. These HS pedigree players can be sorted “roughly” into two groups; some of them are just studs. They were studs in high school, in college, and drafted high expected to contribute (kenny phillips, Mcoy, Djax, Wilson, Randle etc). The other group had a great HS career but failed to transfer it over in college. The giants seem to like these guys too– either in later rounds or as UDFA. In video interviews you can find on Marc ross discusses the high school pedigree of players in post draft pressers. Basically he says something to the effect like these type of guys have the talent and skill to be productive in the NFL but for whatever reason (attitude, dedication, injuries, family) didn’t get it together in College. They interview them thoroughly and talk to their coaches to see if they show signs of changing. I guess they feel like its little risk to bring them on, and if they pan out the reward is worth it.

    1. NYG_slater says:

      However, I would love to see what changed JR or Marc Ross’s mind on Will Hill.

  3. ct17 says:

    Not that surprising for the Giants. They look for height-weight-speed guys. And that is really what you are measuring in high school players. No one is looking at the RBs for pass protection or the WRs for route running.

    Abiamiri was pretty high on that 2003 list. Our Steve Smith as well. A lot of busts at the college level, but that is hardly a surprise because the talent differential at the high school level hides a lot.

  4. rage114 says:

    Take a look at the #1 and #3 prospects in 2002, for that matter.

    1. Nathan says:

      And #66. Tommy will be happy.

      1. Ryan says:

        #55 that year was jarrad page….i vote we nix that number forever

    2. Steve says:

      Vince Young AND Lorenzo Booker. We had to go get those guys but pass on #2.

      Its amazing how many of those high ranking guys coming out of high school never even sniff the pros.

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