Report: Cowboys had a 3rd round bid in on Josh Gordon

According to Josh Ellis of the Cowboys’ Mothership, the Cowboys had a 2nd round grade on Josh Gordon, and put in a 3rd round bid on the 6’3 WR.  It’s always fun when these reports come out after the fact, and we can speculate on why they tried to get the kid.  From the morning of the supplemental draft, I gave my thoughts:

Did I mention I think the Cowboys don’t have a legitimate 3rd WR, and it’s a position that is going to have to be addressed next offseason even if Gordon can’t reasonably contribute immediately?  Did I mention that I think that hoping Andre Holmes or Raymond Radway are suddenly going to be legitimate 3′s this season is a bit of a stretch? Did I mention I think that we can expect the Cowboys to put in a bid on Gordon in the 3rd round or higher?

I was right! You were wrong! Nanner nanner nanners!  OK, so blind squirrels and nuts and whatnot.

But the other interesting angle to this news is whether or not a report from Pro Football Weekly’s Nolan Nawrocki about Dez Bryant not getting a second contract in Dallas has some teeth:

The way we hear it, the Cowboys do not intend to offer Dez Bryant a second contract and interviewed the Texas-grown Gordon closely.

Could Gordon have been looked at by the Cowboys as an eventual replacement for Bryant? It’s probably way too premature to start speculating on that, since Bryant still has 3 seasons left on his rookie contract.  Three years in the NFL is an eternity, but I think Nawrocki’s report is at least worth filing away in the memory banks.

Anyway, true credit to Evan Silva of PFT for calling the Cowboys’ interest a few days before the supplemental draft:

OK, now… I swear… No more Josh Gordon talk for 2 months.


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  3. Gary says:

    This guy.

  4. Blue Eyed Devil says:

    My take on the “not going to be offered a 2nd contact” line – Nolan probobly heard that the Cowboys have zero interest in extending Dez THIS YEAR and then spun it with sensationalism to get some site traffic in this down-time. Notice Nolan is very careful to say “will never offer a 2nd contract” or “will be playing for a different team”, he couches it in his very best Adam Shefter “not going to be offered a 2nd contract” leaving open the time period in question.

    Dez Bryant stories draw eyeballs, Flash Gordon stories do not.

    1. ICDogg says:

      I was thinking that was probably what they meant. They just were not going to offer him a 2nd contract now, and they were not sure whether next year they would have a potentially difficult situation. In which case they might want to have Gordon around so they would be at more of a position of strength when negotiating.

      1. iskar36 says:

        This thinking would make more sense to me. I think it is still too early in Bryant’s career to have decided whether or not he is on his last contract with the team. If he lights it up this year or next even, I doubt the Cowboys will be sitting there saying, “eh, we said back in 2012 that we wouldn’t give him a second contract, so we are sticking to that.” I think what’s a lot more likely is that they feel he still needs to take another step for him to be part of their long term plans. If he takes it, they will give him a new contract, if not, they will not. But making a sweeping statement right now that they will not give him another contract when he has so much time to add to his value seems a unlikely/poor business.

  5. guess what says:

    Mike Williams?Who?Mike Williams!

    1. Don’t see that one.

  6. David_Does_Dallas says:

    Releasing Dez seems highly speculative, the article doesn’t give a reason why they would take that route. That statement seems ridiculous, but crazier things have happened.

    1. The report says they won’t offer a second contract, not that they would release him. They’d never release him. At the very least, there’s trade value if Dez has rubbed some people the wrong way.

      But we agree that it’s way too early to speculate on that stuff.

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