Random notes from around the NFC East: Are the Cowboys (or at least one of their writers) seriously complaining about their schedule?

– Mickey Spagnola of the Cowboys’ Mothership wrote 1353 words on how the Cowboys got screwed by having to play in the Wednesday kickoff game, with this as the money statement at the end:

No computer made those scheduling decisions. Even my hp is smarter than that.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, if someone up on Park Avenue is going like, oops, so sorry guys, or is sitting back, feet propped up on the desk chuckling.

I swear, most times it does, but sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be America’s Team.

Boo freaking hoo.  The Cowboys have the enormous advantage of getting a home Thanksgiving game every year, which not only benefits them in that game but the following one as well.  Somehow, the word “Thanksgiving” wasn’t included in Mickey’s 1353 word piece.

– Morris Claiborne’s agent made some noise when he said he didn’t know if his client would have a deal in time for camp.  It’s July 9th.  Camp doesn’t start until July 25th.  Way too early to start any hand-wringing.

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– Morris Claiborne isn’t the only 1st round pick that remains unsigned.  The other would be a guy by the name of Robert Griffin III.  Rich Tandler of RealRedskins thinks talks could be heating up this week, now that the brass is back from vacation.

– Nice job by my buddy UK at Hogs Haven breaking down some tape of Trent Williams on DeMarcus Ware.  No idea what the background music is all about though.

– Pretty much nothing noteworthy going on with the Eagles lately.  If only there were an 80+ page Almanac chock full of Eagley goodness for the low low price of $4.99.  Oh hey, look… There it is!

– I’m not sure why anyone gives a crap that Amani Toomer says that Tony Romo is better than Eli Manning.  Eli has two Super Bowl trophies.  Tony Romo has one playoff win. But beyond that, Eli was just better last season regardless.  It’s a “Hey look at me” statement.

More later on Josh Gordon and the Cowboys’/Redskins’ potential interest.


  1. Trub Deuce says:

    For all u cowboy haters, he said the BEGINNING of our schedule was rough, THAT’S IT. We have 3 home games thru the first 10 weeks. And in what category did Sheli beat tony. I was always a Eli hater but he did shut me up last year with his post season run, the guy was on fire. But if TNew could cover some body the division would have been ours. Simple & plain. Jimmy u can’t give the cowboys no respect with out bashing us can u?

  2. bigbluethruandthru says:

    According to Cowboys fans on BtB, John Mara controls the NFL scheduling, and one guy today asked if he also decided the reffing assignments. All on his own mind you. I’m surprised the Cowboys aren’t playing 8 home games in London this year.

  3. Uda says:

    Just to point out. The Spagnola article says Thanksgiving once in the third paragraph.
    But the 3 home games in the first 10 is kind of a cruddy schedule, but the Bye week crap the Eagles go through is equally, if not worse, bad as that.

  4. mastermind says:

    Thanksgiving has very little to do with the impact this game has on their 53 man roster decisions and shortened period to pick up players on the wavier wire. If the situation were switched I’m sure ud cry foul…i.e. Thanksgiving game for example. I’m not saying…I’m just saying.

    1. bigbluethruandthru says:

      But this is an inconvenience one year. The Thanksgiving game is an advantage for two games EVERY year. Big difference.

  5. Mick says:

    So the Giants having the hardest schedule in the division 2 years running somehow leads to the Cowboys complaining about scheduling? Figures.

  6. Dave King says:

    The Cowboys writer also neglects to mention how the Eagles got screwed over.

  7. seanrude says:

    Spagnola is a hack.

    More accurately, everyone at cowboys.com is a hack.

    BTB is my main source of Cowboys info, with Raf’s site filling in the gaps.

  8. my guess says:

    Giants team is very boring so they pick fights with Cowboy players for some press for instant Chris Canty says Pierre Paul is better than D. Ware then Toomer says Romo is better than Eli then Strahan replies but none of The Cowboy players say Sh because they know they the Sh & the G Men wish they were atleast more popular than the Tebow Jets!

    1. brisulph says:

      Congrats, that might be the stupidest thing I will read all week online. If this was a purposeful effort to sound incredibly ridiculous, then kudos. If it was an accidental happenstance… well… I feel sorry for you.

    2. Free Plax says:

      LOL, Giants aren’t worried about headlines, maybe if your Cowboys stoped worrying about the headlines they might return to glory.

  9. bdawk4ever says:

    I think Romo and Eli are about equal. Yeah, Eli has two rings, but Trent Dilfer has one and Dan Marino has none, so that’s a worthless argument. And don’t forgot that he one the first one thanks to his defense, and the second thanks to luck. So he really doesn’t deserver either.

    He’s just a mediocre QB.

    1. Trent Dilfer has a ring because he played on a team with a historic defense. Eli Manning and Trent Dilfer don’t belong in the same sentence.

      It’s not a worthless argument at all. If we’re talking about 2007, then sure, I’m on board with saying that the Giants DL probably did more than Eli on their run. But this season, Eli put that team on his back. He was stellar. Let it go.

      1. brisulph says:

        May as well yell at a brick wall, dude is unwavering in that belief.

  10. Free Plax says:

    Why are Cowboys fans complaining about their schedule? As a Giant fan I would gladly switch schedules with them.

    1. ArthuroMolenda says:

      And face Eli Manning twice a year ? Fuck no !

  11. Ben says:

    Ha, that trent video music was classic stuff. I think a commenter summed it up when he asked if it was playstation 1 music.

  12. ArthuroMolenda says:

    You love counting those words, huh ? We got like one word count every week ^^

    Great film by HogsHeaven. I’m still looking for a Giants blog that does film study, x and o’s … and not just copy/pasting of players and coaches interviews.

    Everyone’s talking about brain Toomer because it’s july.

    1. Ever since I started this blog, I’ve been reading the work of all 4 teams. Eagles and Redskins fans have it best in terms of the quality, quantity, and diversity of their coverage.

      Then there’s a decent-sized gap to the Cowboys, who have a few very good blogs, but the traditional media coverage kinda stinks.

      And then there’s another big drop to the Giants, where most of the coverage is very vanilla. You won’t find any x’s and o’s stuff, or deep dive statistical stuff on the Giants… at all.

      I find that kinda crazy. NY is the media capital of the world, and the Cowboys are the most popular team in the league. And yet, the Eagles and Redskins have far more (and typically better) coverage.

      1. Anders says:

        I think Redskins and Eagles have more hardcore fans.

      2. Blue says:

        What Eagles and Redskins writers are on the level of Rafael Vela and Bob Sturm?

        Also, while ESPN and DMN’s writers suck, 1310 The Ticket has been the #1 English language radio station in Dallas for the better part of a decade and their hosts, like Bob Sturm, tend to bring many unique non-homer takes on the team.

        But back to the original question, who is as good as RAF and Sturm? I’d like to read their stuff.

        1. Anders says:

          I dont know how good sturm is on the radio (I live in Denmark), but while his blog is good, its just not enough posts (I know quantity isnt everything, but a good blogger have some material for almost everyday) and I also enjoy RAFs blog (outside of his heavy use of Joyners stats), but I still think the Eagles have alot more diversity than the Cowboys.

        2. I’m a HUGE fan of Raf and Bob both, and Blogging the Boys is also a great resource. But that’s about it for worthwhile online Cowboys coverage, especially since Gosselin is no longer Cowboys-centric. Tommy Lawlor of Iggles Blitz is right on their level. Sheil Kapadia of Philly.com is excellent. The old IgglesBlog was legendary in its time, although that’s now in semi-retirement. Plenty more are very good.

          My buddy UK at Hogs Haven does excellent film breakdowns. Big fan of Rich Tandler at RealRedskins. Redskins Hogs Heaven is very thoughtful. John Keim is great. Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog is very entertaining. That’s just naming a few.

          1. Ben says:

            You just listed half my favorite blogs, also good is lions in winter

      3. brisulph says:

        Agreed on Giants coverage, though a lot of their bigger name reporters are long timers, right? they may not have the background/inkling to foster that sort of X and O style you get from the blogger generation.

      4. rational says:

        Why don’t you just name your site “No excuses, the Cowboys flat out suck!”

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