Film breakdown: Brandon Banks fumbled on 7 kick/punt returns last year, somehow didn’t lose any

Lsst season, Brandon Banks either muffed or fumbled 7 times on kick and punt returns.  I’ll give the little guy credit – At least he’s scrappy enough to recover his fumbles, and he was able to fall on 5 of them.  But obviously, this is totally unacceptable football.  Frankly, it’s mind-boggling that the Redskins never replaced him last season.

Fumble #1: Banks tries to catch the ball moving laterally on the run, muffs it, but is able to fall on it before the Rams converge.

Fumble #2: Banks drops the ball in the end zone as he’s about to return a kick.  Has the option to pick it up and kneel on it, but instead tries to return it anyway.  He gets out to the 19, but a penalty brings it back to the 5.

Fumble #3: This one is awful.  Banks tries to field this punt at his own 3.  Now, I’m not totally opposed to fielding a punt inside the 10 as a “never do” kind of thing, but I’m only for it in certain situations.  For example, let’s say your opponent is punting from their own 35 and the punter hits a bomb. The coverage isn’t going to be anywhere near you if you field it, so I’m not opposed to trying a make a play in that kind of situation.  But in this case, the Niners were punting from midfield, and Banks is trying to return the ball from the 3.  Atrocious football.  He muffs it, but is able to fall on top.  Skins start with terrible field position.

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Fumble #4: This one bounces right off of Banks’ chest, a 49er has a clear shot at the ball, overruns it, and Banks recovers.

Fumble #5: This time Banks catches the punt (HOORAY!):

…but he runs all the way across the field, loses 6 yards and fumbles the ball out of bounds.

Fumble #6: With the gunner bearing down on him, Banks has no business doing anything other than calling for a fair catch.  Instead, he fields it, the gunner strips him, two different Giants have a shot at the ball, but Banks somehow recovers it yet again.

Fumble #7: Last kick return of the season, and one last fumble.  Teammate Brandyn Thompson jumps on this one.

I wouldn’t trust Brandon Banks to go with me to the store and hold my groceries.


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  2. PAyscue says:

    7 mishandles in 87 attempts, lost none but you are worried about him handling your groceries? Spoken like an armchair mgr who never played a competitive game in his like. At 5-feet-ish and a third the weight of the PROFESSIONAL athletes trying to kill him, I’d say Banks is to be admired, not mocked

      1. PAyscue says:

        a manly response, but anticipated you might question his pass catching abilities, so I’ll defer to Bill Snyder, HOF college coach at Kansas State who trusted to throw him as a deep threat. We won’t know until Shanahan gives him more than 4 shots:

        1. Are you Brandon Banks?

          1. PAyscue says:

            nope, I have 85 pounds and 27 years on the proud Garner graduate
            and I like you, I didn’t play football, but I do respect those that do

          2. DerfDiggy says:

            Haha, reads like it doesn’t it?

            1. PAyscue says:

              ouch! that was a bad typo (edits not allowed)
              “just like you, I didn’t play football”…BUT no reason I might not like our host. Just because he didn’t play football doesn’t mean he isn’t a bad person, just a bit misinformed

    1. Tracer Bullet says:

      Wait, who has a 465lb player covering kickoffs? Who has a 465lb player?

      1. PAyscue says:

        got me on that one…your math wins. That was probably worst than “don’t handle my groceries..” I sense I invaded Kemspki’s “buddies”

      2. Shut up Tracer. Onviously you never played football. Go back to your physics club.

        1. Tracer Bullet says:

          But I did . . . okay.

    2. Brandon Banks says:

      hey i was too busy looking at the Redskins cheerleaders… omg did you see that Brunette?

  3. skinsaholic says:

    He’s as good as gone if he cant contribute on offense, which he wont. Electrifying, but had a knee issue last year and is as good as gone in my opinion.

  4. Patrick says:

    So then who do you want returning your kicks/punts? Brandon Banks or Dion Lewis

    1. Lewis. I’d rather have the ball at the 20 than double bypass surgery.

    2. McG says:

      Can we add “muffmaster” Kyle Williams into the mix? He gift wrapped a SB trip.

      1. bigbluethruandthru says:

        Neither of williams’ fumbles were a muff. He had one bounce of his knee and the other was stripped. It’s not like he was running and dropped the ball all on his own.

  5. PE says:


    1. The fumbling, the recovering, or both?

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