Video Rewind: Sean Lee put the Cowboys in a great position to win 3 games that they ultimately lost

I was taking a look at Sean Lee’s four interceptions last season, and three of them came in incredibly crucial situations last season.  The first came in Week 1 against the Jets on the last play of the 3rd Quarter, with the Cowboys up 7.  Lee drops with TE Dustin Keller, then settles into the underneath zone.  Mark Sanchez seemingly never sees Lee, makes just an atrocious decision here, and Lee makes him pay.  What is so impressive on this play is Lee’s natural athletic ability after he makes the pick.  Watch the little jump cut on Shonn Greene at the 0:16 mark, and then he flashes some speed getting to the pylon.

Next play: TD, Cowboys up 14 with a quarter to play. Unfortunately for the Cowboys, Tony Romo would later fumble at the 1 yard line, the Cowboys would have a punt blocked, Romo would throw a bad pick to Revis, and the Cowboys would eventually blow a 14 point 4th quarter lead.

Against the Patriots, with a tie score and 9 minutes left in the game, Lee makes another athletic play, this time picking off Tom Brady, who was being hit on the play by Victor Butler.  Again, watch the want to make a play once he has the ball in his hands – nice little spin move to make the first guy whiff, than a cut to make the second guy miss, before he’s brought down by Brady and Wes Welker:

The Cowboys would get 3 on the ensuing drive, before eventually giving up a late, 10 play 80 yard drive in just 2:09 for the loss.

On the third INT, the Cowboys are up 5 with a little less than 7 minutes to go, and the Giants are driving.  They have a nice looking screen set up to Hakeem Nicks with blockers out in front.  However, hey, there’s Victor Butler again, who deflects the pass:

The ball heads in Lee’s direction.  Lee sees it and despite being blocked by two Giants offensive linemen is able to bring it in.  Outstanding awareness:

A few jukes and a couple broken tackles later, Lee is all the way out to midfield.  Two plays later, Antrel Rolle is “roasted” (as Collinsworth would say) on a deep ball to Dez Bryant down the sidelines.  Cowboys up 34-22.  Ballgame.  Or not.  I won’t rehash the details on the rest of that game.

Had the Cowboys won these three games, these three interceptions would be looked at as three of the biggest plays of the Cowboys’ season.

Instead, they’re largely forgotten.


  1. Joe11 says:

    Jimmy just a small thing, after Lee picked Brady off he was broguht down by #72 Robert Gallery and Wes Welker.

    1. Steve D. says:

      Ha! In Jimmy’s defense, Gallery does look a lot like Brady.

    2. Ha, I’m not even fixing it. Funnier that way.

  2. Blue Eyed Devil says:

    “hey, there’s Victor Butler again”

    Nope, Victor Butler is a scrub OLB who needs to stay off the field for the Amazing Anthony Spencer who is so much better than that scrub the Cowboys should pay him top-5 OLB money, $9 million a year, to enjoy his amazing services of run blocking and the key “pressures” he creates.

    I’m going to laugh my ass off if Victor Butler if when Victor Butler leaves in this year’s free agency period he becomes the next Cameron Wake.

    1. Archie "Chia" says:

      I won’t be laughing at all. Butler needs to be on the field more, just like Lissemore. Why is Butler not used more? got me, he was inactive one game against the Eagles in 2010 because he wasn’t a good special teams player which is mind boggling considering you are playing a team where you need your pass rushers

  3. Playmaker says:

    Sean Lee is gonna be ah BEEEEAST!!!!!!!!!! even Chris (da 1eye) Canty can see that.

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