DeSean Jackson: Biggest… jerk… ever.

A few days ago, Mike Freeman of CBS listed the 10 biggest jerks in the NFL.  Sitting at number 6 was DeSean Jackson:

No. 6: Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson: Benched in fourth quarter of a game last year. Benched for missing team meeting. Celebrates before scoring. More than once. Mad talented, crazy fast, super smart and a jerk.

This will be an interesting situation to watch. The Eagles just rewarded Jackson with a long-term deal. Historically, jerks don’t handle this kind of thing well. Jerks are to fat contracts what a Kardashian is to … oh, never mind. Jackson also is now the CEO of a rap label called Jaccpot Records. Nothing wrong with that. The problem, as always with a situation like this, is money. Someone has to fund this venture and it will probably be Jackson. Athletes funding their own business ventures never go wrong, right?

A few additional notes on DeSean Jackson:

What a jerk.


  1. Enedina says:

    there are many of the articles over internet but this one seems to be taking most of the time. i loved reading it

  2. mastermind says:

    So when the media bashes an eagle ur panties get wadded. However if it were a cowboy, ud chime in and pile on. Goes around comes around!! U shoulda been #1 on the list jimmkyk. :p

  3. Joe11 says:

    Jimmy you really could have gone into this way deeper defusing the “DeSean is a selfish jerk” comments for good. Theyre especially blown up because he’s a comfident cocky player who has fun on the field and shows it. People love to root against him.

    You should’ve mentioned how that selfish guy majored in social welfare at Cal.

    1. flytillwedienasty says:

      wow…i did not know that was his major at cal. good piece of info…

  4. I Agree says:

    D. Jackson will not get 1 pass coming his way against Dallas .Brandon Carr is gone shut that lil fool down!

  5. BBI says:

    This list was almost as ridiculous as calling Osi Umenyiora “soft” 🙂

    1. …and overrated.

    2. Smitty2K3 says:

      He IS the third best DE on their team though… That statement was true.

      (Which actually just goes to show how scary the Giants DL is… but still a true statement lol)

  6. flytillwedienasty says:

    mike freeman should be on that list…for calling desean a jerk. i dont know why everyone (including my fellow eagles fans) were all over him for the money issue. but if you see the mediocre players getting paid several million a year and you also see the franchise that drafted you just sign someone that would be 3 spots lower than you on the depth chart get paid 2 million for the year after a leg injury and your getting paid a quarter of that amount to be the star WR…anyone would be bitter and most would let it show. and to be in such a dangerous business that likes to nickname itself “not for long” and the average span of your fellow players is about 4-5 years than yeah…i would want to get paid asap as well. im sorry but for anyone that disagrees and thinks otherwise is full of shit. its easy to say that someone is all about themself and not about the team when they arent the one putting their health and career on the line every week and still get paid about the bare min. thats like being the best cop in your precinct while being paid min wage at $6.75 an hour while all the other cops that arent as good are getting paid salaries 10 times the amount as you. i understand these football players make a lot more money…but as a wise man said -mo money, mo problems.

    and about his celebrations on the field. thats what makes him a jerk??? the touchdown celebration has been around FOREVER! yes, jackson might taunt the opposing players a little more than others with his celebrations…but its all in the fun of the game. i dont see how that hinders the game at all…or why someone should be considered a jerk for it.

    and what everyone else is saying about his charity work is just wrong. i dont care for what reasons or what other superstars do it or if its tax deductible. if a person goes out to do good for the community and charity and HUMANITY…there is nothing negative to say about it. cause at the end of the day..they did some good. have any of you seen the specials when desean came to that little kids aid that was being bullied? did you see how happy that boy was? how much of a difference desean made just by showing up…dont see how he could have deducted his taxes with the joy he brought to that kids face. and im sure you guys didnt catch what he did for the make a wish foundation huh? he made spent a whole day with some kid that has some rare disease or something and one of the things they did was record a song together at a professional studio that was funded BY JACCPOT RECORDS! …what a fucking jerk! how dare he start his own record label with his own hard earned money and use it to try and give chances to succeed for his not-so-well-off friends that he grew up with and record a song with an extremely ill kid. mind you that those friends didnt have the talent to escape the hood through sports like desean did…so they had to turn to rap like most urban males. at least he didnt fund them to become huge drug dealers like a lot of black celebrities and sometimes athletes do when they come up.

    this guy stays out of trouble and tries to do all the right things to stay out of trouble and he’s considered a jerk…while like 90% of the detriot lions is getting arrested this offseason and they get a pass. so stupid…

  7. Free Plax says:

    I am certainly no Jackson fan, and I hate how he carries himself on the field. However we don’t know the guy in his personal life, he seems like he is active in the community. For all we know this guy might really be a nice guy, just becuase he is extra on the playing field does not mean he is not a good person.

  8. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    He’s a jerk because he has “De” at the front of his name.
    Like DeMaurice Smith. I saw that name, and I just knew the guy would be a jerk.

    Also De ZBryant. What an ass that guy is.

    1. Anders says:

      Funny thing is, Smith is on Freemans good guy list

  9. rabbit says:

    “my thoughts exactly. it seems like all star players create charities and do things for their communities.”

    Remember that it’s all about the tax deductibles and thus increasing their profit even though all the rich people want you to believe otherwise…

    1. Anders says:

      Unless they got more than a 100% in tax deductibles, they wont increase profit, just not lose any money doing it and I think alot of the athletes could care less about that. Take this as an example

      and im sure there is many more like that (Family memeber dead because of an disease and they got the resources to help out)

  10. RogerPodacter says:

    note that i didnt actually read the article and i have no intention of doing so.
    how are they grading the players as jerks? are there other players voting on this??

    what i’m thinking is that this is some non-player guy making a list of players he thinks are jerks. i would also assume that #s 1-5 were people that blew him off at an autograph signing or something. 6-10 refused to answer some stupid question of his at a press conference and 11-15 gave him a funny look in the hallway.

  11. Anders says:

    I just saw he also have Cutler on that list because of his face and he dont want to talk to the media?

    1. Anders says:

      another note, he got Ochocinco on his good guy list

  12. DerfDiggy says:

    First time caller, long time listener…

    Listen here JimmyK…I think this is predominently why this site gets such a bad wrap at times for being BGN2. You continuously try to defend these asinine articles regarding the Eagles, while not doing the same for the other B(E)ast. Thereinlies the problem…

    These dumb articles don’t deserve a post…and I know it’s slow news season, but there’s 100 articles a day for each one of these 4 teams. Yet the only ones I see defended are those regarding the Eagles. So readers see this and call you biased…even if you aren’t necessarily.

    I’m sure you pay more attention to the Eagles by nature. Nothing wrong with that…but if the guy wants to call Desean a jerk(and he is…Sting Dey Azz!!!)….he’s perfectly in his right to, listing a bunch of semi-mandatory volunteer’isms from Desean doesn’t discredit the article…nor does it really deserve discrediting. It’s just a dumb article…not every bad thing said about the Eagles is deserving of dissecting.


      …and that’s Brandon Jacobs!

      Here’s one on your own team from last week:

      Speaking of “garbage,” that’s how Darren Woodson described the Cowboys’ tackling last year. I, and ProFootballFocus, would disagree. PFF has Dallas as the second best tackling team in the league last year.

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        Well I guess that refute my comment:(

    2. But anyway… Freeman’s article IS asinine. If DeSean is out raping college girls in the bathroom of a bar or killing dogs, then sure… you might be inclined to overlook the charity work. To label a guy as the 6th biggest jerk in the league for effing funding a rap label and celebrating a TD too early, when he does so much good off the field, is mind-numbingly ridiculous.

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        Well, it wasn’t just for celebrating early was it(I didn’t read the article), that was also a factor obviously, but it was all that came involved in the money stand off. Desean basically pouted the entire season. Take a gander at BGN on pretty much any game, and you’ll hear similar sentiments(Desean’s a jerk, he’s me first, trade him, etc, etc) from the Eagles’ very own fanbase.

      2. Smitty2K3 says:

        Mike Freeman is a JACKASS. Period. The guy continuously writes the most asinine articles, then when you try to refute his opinion on Twitter, he blocks you.

  13. Anders says:

    Also he is jerk for investing money? So in these times, he is been called a jerk for investing his OWN money, there will keep a few people busy (A guy like Freeman would be suprised how much even a small company like Jacksons affect alot of people, because they need a ton of things and somebody have to produce them)

    1. Yes, Anders. Investing money = jerk.

    2. ct17 says:

      Professional athletes spending money comprises 20% of the national economy.

  14. yehti says:

    maybe it shoupdnt be “jerk” and just be bad teamate…IDK

  15. ArthuroMolenda says:

    Ray Lewis created a charity. Doesn’t mean he isn’t a killer.

    1. Might be a killer… celebrated a TD too early.

      Potato… potahto.

      1. ArthuroMolenda says:

        My point was Jackson being involved in charities doesn’t prevent him from being an a$$.

        1. Anders says:

          but is a premature TD celebration and funding a rap label really enough to make him one of the biggest jerks in the NFL?

          1. slandog says:

            Well he did give up on the team last season and only played when he wanted too. Randy Moss did that a few times and everyone jumped all over him, it’s only fair to do the same to Jackson.

    2. RogerPodacter says:

      my thoughts exactly. it seems like all star players create charities and do things for their communities.
      if everyone is equal in that regard, we have to look elsewhere to determine what makes them a ‘jerk’ or not… be it small things or big things.

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