My thoughts on Martellus Bennett: Redux

One of my favorite things about having a football blog and an audience is when another site links to me and a completely new audience comments on what I have written.  I don’t write stuff with that purpose in mind, but when you admit you’re a fan of another team and you’re being critical of one of that team’s division rivals, their fans often go apeshit if you write something negative about their team.

Around this time last year, I created an extremely simple Excel table.  One side had the Redskins’ 1’s on offense.  The other side had the Eagles’ 2’s.  I even said that I thought the Skins’ 1’s were better.  That was the entire post.  It took me 5 minutes to do.  Anyway, not appreciating that I even dared to make that comparison at all, a large message board by the name of picked it up and their community proceeded to call me everything you can possibly imagine over the next few days.

This weekend, something similar happened.  I wrote a short, unflattering post about Martellus Bennett last week, and gave my opinion that it would not be surprising to me if the Giants cut him.  This time, a large Giants message board by the name of Big Blue Interactive picked it up, and their fans unloaded.  Some of my favorites:

“What is that writer on crack” – BillyBoy8384

“Any site with the tagline “we be journalizin son” should not be taken seriously.” – nyjuggernaut

“Yes, the writer is a well known crackhead…” – Matt G

“Stirring up controversy is a common tactic for trying to generate interest in a story or a career. But this is really ridiculous.” – AcidTest

“I’d like the 30 seconds of my life back for having to read that crap” – Larry in Pencilvania

“What a fucking idiot. Does this guy not know that Bennett pulled his hamstring and is running at half speed?” – Eric from BBI

“one bad mini-camp practice? absolutely cut his ass!” – Giants11

“and once again a bbier thinks a blogger is a journalist. this guy is just another moronic fan, just like you” – snablats

“Bennett isn’t getting cut. Sorry, but with all due respect to the writer of that post, I think he’s jumping to conclusions. For starters, the off-season was way shorter this year so new guys coming in had less time to work with the coaches on the play book. Second, if you’re in your contract year and can’t show your stuff due to an injury, well, yeah, you’re going to be a little frustrated.

Third, what the blogger fails to take into consideration in trying to “decipher” Bennett’s body language is that the guy was trying to work his way back from a hamstring. He could have sat out the entire spring with an eye toward getting healthy for camp, but gave it a go. And in giving it a go, he took things slow so as to not make the injury worse. How is that poor body language?

And here’s something that the blogger didn’t mention. Every day the media had access, I saw Bennett at his locker, his head in the play book. If that’s a sign of someone who doesn’t give a crap, then I’d like to see what someone who does give a crap looks like.

I respect others’ opinions, but the idea of the team cutting Bennett just to pick up more draft picks next year is ludicrous. And as for him reportedly being a headache, trust me when I say that team has put up with bigger headaches in recent years and have done so with a smile so long as said headaches have produced.

I am not sure right that he’s the long term answer, but I am interested to see what he brings to the table once camp starts.” (Giants beat writer) Pat (Traina) from Inside Football

“I like turtles” – KsToNe498

Personally, I can see why they crapped all over my Bennett post.  Mainly because… well… it was crap.  Not the assertion that Bennett very well could be cut, mind you – I still believe that’s quite possible, and I’ll get into that in a minute.  I’m more disappointed in how terribly the post is written.  For one, I had to add an update because my projection on what potential compensatory pick Bennett would qualify for was off by a round, per Blogging the bEast’s compensatory pick expert, “ct17.”  I consider myself as somewhat of a “Clyde Drexler” when it comes to compensatory picks.  I have enough knowledge of them to be dangerous, but I’m not on the level of the Michael Jordans and Magic Johnsons of the world, like my boy ct17 and guys like Sam Lynch over at IgglesBlitz.  I should have asked a Jordan to review that part to make sure I had it right, but didn’t.  Eff.  Bad job by me.

Also, I made a common fatal mistake of assuming the readers would already know my feelings on Bennett as a player (I don’t think very highly of him, as again, I’ll get to in a minute), which is the most crucial part of why I think he’s vulnerable… not just because he looked like he didn’t give a crap at practice.

Anyway, I call a re-do.  I didn’t completely lay out my entire reasoning for thinking Bennett could be cut.  I’ll do so now.

I’ve been following Martellus Bennett’s career closely for 4 years.  He has been an enormous disappointment.  And yet, here’s what I wrote about Bennett when he was visiting with the team, before he even signed.

What I really want to get to is Martellus Bennett.  I’ve been poking fun at Marty B for years now, but I actually REALLY like the fit for him with the Giants, and to be perfectly honest, I hadn’t thought of it.  The Giants LOVE using an extra offensive tackle for max protect, and while Bennett’s receiving numbers are rather comical, I’ll give credit where it’s due… He can block.  Bennett is not a #1 TE that is going to catch 40+ balls over the course of the season.  Repeat… Bennett is not a #1 TE.  But I think he’d be great as a role player with the Giants, specifically as an extra blocker in the jumbo package, assuming he wasn’t serious about the comments he made about wanting to be the #1 guy.

In regard to the “Bennett is not a #1 TE” statement above, an argument I’ve seen a lot of from Giants fans is that Bennett had a case of the sads because he had to play behind Jason Witten for for 4 years, and knew that no matter what he did, he’d never be the #1 guy.  That’s a ridiculously over-apologetic assertion.  The great Rafael Vela of Cowboys Nation summed that relationship up like so:

The guy can block… …Problem is, he’s a flake. It’s hard to back up Jason Witten, but he never pushed to get more playing time. Witten never had to sweat that Martellus was gaining on him.

If I may also add, Bennett averaged 31 snaps per game over the last 2 years, which was more than ample opportunity to produce more than this:

Bennett Rec Yards Avg TD
2010 33 260 7.9 0
2011 17 144 8.5 0
Total 50 404 8.1 0

What’s crazy is that those numbers don’t even begin to tell the story of just how useless Bennett really was in the passing game.  Somebody with the handle “NYGiantsCentral” on YouTube edited together video of every target Martellus Bennett had over the last two seasons.  I’ll be kind and just say that I don’t see much of anything here that would make an opposing defense respect him as any sort of threat in the passing game:

Watching those two videos, 45 of Bennett’s 50 receptions over the past 2 years fell exclusively into 4 buckets:

  • Short (2-10 yard) stop routes
  • TE screens
  • Nobody was open, the play broke down, and the QB found Bennett as a safety valve
  • The misdirection screen, AKA the “Oh shit” screen

That was basically the limit to what Bennett was capable of in Dallas’ passing game.  He also had one catch on a shallow crosser, and just 4 catches (that’s 1-2-3-4) in which he caught a pass more than 10 yards down the field.

Here’s how all of Bennett’s receptions over the last 2 years look in graph form:

Additionally, assuming the two above videos are truly including all of Bennett’s targets, here are his QB’s numbers whenever they tried to connect with Bennett more than 10 yards down field:

Comp Att Yards TD INT Rating
4 10 72 0 3 25.8

OK… So have a adequately hammered home the point that Bennett was complete non-factor in the Cowboys’ passing game?  Yes?  OK, well I think we already knew that, so let’s move on to what I saw in practice.

At the first Giants OTA I attended, here’s what I wrote about Bennett:

Martellus Bennett is listed at 6’6, 270. We can see those numbers and know that he’s a big guy. But sometimes you don’t really grasp how enormous a player is until you see him in 3D. Bennett is one of those guys. I hadn’t really planned on paying too much attention to Marty, but I wound up watching him quite a bit. His athleticism is everything as advertised. It’s impressive how well he moves for a guy his size. However, (and I’ll say this bluntly)… His route running sucks. On 2 consecutive plays, I watched him run a little 10 yard stop. Both times, he got to his spot quickly, but executed a very lazy turn back to the QB. I could have flipped around more quickly. On that kind of route, when you hit your spot, you want to turn your body sharply back to the QB and give him a big target. Bennett’s turns were slow and lazy. In a weird way, I think this should be looked at as a positive. From what I saw, Bennett’s deficiencies are fixable. Last year, the Giants took a complete unknown in Jake Ballard and turned him into a guy that would contribute 604 receiving yards. In terms of pure talent, Ballard doesn’t touch Bennett with a 10 foot pole. It’ll be interesting to see what the Giants can do with him.

Two things to note here:

  • There was nothing wrong with his hamstring that day (or at least you’d never know it if there was).  This was the first time I had ever seen Bennett practice in person, and I immediately identified how lazy his route running was.
  • Take a look at the rest of the notes from that day.  Mostly positive, right?  So if you think I’m picking on Bennett because I just feel like picking on the Giants, think again.

The route running I saw that day prompted me to go back to look at some tape of him. Here’s what I wrote then:

I wanted to go back and look at the tape to see if what I saw in OTAs mirrored his game action, and really what I found is that he’s kind of a fascinating player. I chose the Week 16 Dallas-Philly matchup, since he was targeted 6 times in that game. There was one stretch in the 2nd quarter (three consecutive plays) where you can really see the good and bad of Martellus Bennett (You may need to use the full screen function):

These were three consecutive plays in a game against Philly:

  1. On the first play, Bennett is lined up left side, a yard off the line of scrimmage. His route is a little 7-8 yard stop, not unlike the ones I watched at Giants OTAs. The Eagles are in zone, and Bennett’s route goes right into the area of the field occupied by Brian Rolle. As noted above, Bennett is 6’6, 270. Rolle is 5’9, 229. This should be an easy win for Bennett, who should have little problem posting up the much smaller Rolle. Nope. Bennett runs in a straight line right into Rolle, never using his hands to fend off the much smaller defender, who easily gives Bennett a shot right into his shoulder pads, knocking Bennett off balance and making him useless in the pattern. This is a terrible route. However, once the QB has dumped the ball to the running back, it’s almost like a switch is flips in Bennett’s head, as he aggressively attacks Rolle as a blocker, driving him a good 8 yards down the field.
  2. On the next play, we see Bennett as a run blocker. He is lined up in line on the right side. Here, he takes on Jason Babin. First he steers Babin out wide, and once Bennett gets his hands on Babin, that’s pretty much it for him. Bennett looks to continue driving Babin through the whistle, loses his helmet, and then mixes it up a little with Jamar Chaney. Good block, good effort, well done.
  3. On the next play, we see Bennett out wide to the right. The play is designed to go left, and Bennett knows this, so he runs a very lazy 10 yard stop route. This is the kind of thing I saw at OTAs last week. That is not route running. It’s running through the motions.

Some players are great receivers, and give crappy effort in the blocking game. From what I saw, Bennett was the reverse, which is rare. I think that sometimes human nature is to expend more effort at things in life that you’re good at, and maybe not try so hard in some areas of deficiency. You can probably apply that to any aspect of life, not just football. I wonder if that is what is going on here with Martellus Bennett? After 4 seasons of virtually no receiving production in Dallas’ offense, could it just be that he has no confidence in his game as a receiver, and is content to let that part of his game go unimproved? The raw ability is there. Dallas was never able to get him to harness that talent and translate it into a contributor in the passing game. It will be interesting to see if the Giants can.

The next practice I attended was when I saw him barely jogging in 7 on 7’s, when I wrote:

Bear Pascoe got a lot more reps with the 1′s today than Martellus Bennett.  I watched Bennett run one route in 7 on 7′s today.  Barely jogged.  It’s not like we’re in Day 20 of training camp in sweltering August heat and he’s understandably taking a play off.  We’re in Day 2 of a minicamp, it’s 70 degrees with a calm breeze, and after Thursday, there are no practices until the end of July.  Totally unacceptable effort and body language.

I was aware of the hamstring issue, but this went beyond a player with a little muscle pain. I’ve seen players work out with various injuries.  The hamstring thing is no excuse for what I saw.  He was most certainly not, as Pat Traina put it in the comment section at Big Blue Interactive, “giving it a go.”  There was no limp, he didn’t appear to be favoring it as far as I could see, and frankly, if his leg was that bad, the Giants’ staff wouldn’t have put him out there.

There are 90 players at practice.  I happened to be watching Martellus Bennett quite a bit that day. Seeing a player loafing around isn’t terribly obvious unless you’re specifically watching him.  As such, it stands to reason that another beat writer like Pat didn’t see what I saw, which was a pure lack of effort.  Now, if you feel the need to dismiss away my observations because I’m “blogger” and not a “journalist” (whatever that means), then by all means, that is your prerogative.

A fair argument is that the Giants don’t have much else at TE.  Bear Pascoe is far from a starting caliber TE, Adrien Robinson is a rookie, and guys like Christian Hopkins and and Ryan Purvis may prove to be nothing more than camp bodies.  But it’s not as if Martellus Bennett is setting some sort of high bar here.  I’m on board that he’s a good blocker, but if you’re going to be basically useless in the passing game, then you may as well just put in an extra offensive tackle instead of Bennett, especially if you look like you’re not trying to get better.

The Giants have put up with headaches like Osi Umenyiora in the past.  Osi Umenyiora can play.  Martellus Bennett, on the other hand…


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  6. I really don’t know Martellus Bennett or what type of player he will be for us. What I do know is, we really need a TE after J. Ballard and T. Beckum got hurt. I’m very happy that the Giants Brass were able to pick up a quality TE w/ NFL experience, otherwise we would be forced to play a rookie or also rans. What I saw on Bennet from these videos is that he is very athletic, runs well after the catch(YAC), very good blocker and superb instincts and awareness. He does have defiencies in route running and being disciplined during pass plays or passing situations, but remember he is a back for a reason. Getting a new contract in a new situation and starting might motivate him to play better and focus his attention to detail. The Giants scouted this guy very well. They know what he can do. In Reece and Mike Pope we trust. Giants may have a steal on their hands. Don’t forget we had a Victor Cruz on our practice squad and JPP was a steal at #15 in last years draft and considered to be very raw but talented. When the Giants coach him up and polish his game we will be laughing at the rrest of the league! GIANT DYNASTY BABY!!

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  8. Mune says:

    Actually, Brian, on BBI at least, ESPN is seen for what it is.

    1. dankula says:

      “on BBI at least…”

  9. Brian says:

    I love the bashing of bloggers against the mighty journalists. I’m sure those same people who criticize Jimmy, blindly follow ESPN like it is the bible of sports. I hate to break it to you, but ESPN and its “journalists” are the Pizza Hut of sports reporting. I’ve seen more garbage reporting, bad information, biased and ridiculous opinion, and attention whoring from ESPN than any other outlet or blogger. I will take an intelligent, passionate and unbiased blogger any day of the week. Keep up the good work Jimmy, I really respect what you do.

  10. Matth313 says:

    As a Giant fan myself I cannot see Bennet getting but I can imagine him being in Coughlin’s doghouse for a while. At worse he is the Jumbo tight end, a punishing blocker. But how many teams can field a Jumbo tight end who is quick and athletic enough to be considered for screen passes. I know he is no Hernandez or Graham but the kid has talent. Mike Pope, the Giant’s tight end coach, has a strong history of taking previously unknown and turning them in to solid contributors. The only tight end that he’s had trouble developing is Beckum who is in all respects the anti-MartyB. Route running can be taught and the playbook can be simplified (for the tight end) but size and athleticism can’t be taught. If he gets his head right then he’s an extra target for Easy E, if not hes going to stay in and help David Diehl who we all know will need it.

  11. jim jones says:

    you also say he had averaged 32 snaps a game but did you tell us how many routes he ran and how many were on running downs, or even how many pass blocking plays he was in? lol no you did not so you trying to tell us that he was ineffective does not have much fact except for stats!!!! 32 snaps is a lot of playing time but how are those snaps being allocated. maybe he only ran 1 route in a game and pass and run blocked for 31, which is more than possible!!!!!!!!!Like i said you before you did not give him a chance to state his 16 game case

  12. jim jones says:

    what is failed to be realized about the 2 videos is not where he caught the ball, but his yac yards, out of all the passes caught deeper than the short route none were complete by ROMO but by the other qbs on the roster. Bennett was used in the screen game or short route because cowboys obviously thought he was better with the ball in his hand his hand quickly JIMMY!!! His 2 yard catches turned 7 yards, his 5 turned into 10 or more(thats called moving the chains). However, he did not have any HOMERUNS is what you are saying!!!!! To say he was not useful is obviously wrong, was he effective in a way that you want him to be? maybe not, but his coaches thought he was enough to keep him on the field for 4 years straight. Your observation about him at otas are STRANGE because cowboy fans watched him be GREAT at otas and camp thats why it was always labeled his year after a great camp!!!!!

  13. mastermind says:

    Who would have guessed giants fans would defend an ex-cowboy so adamantly. True sign of the end times!

  14. dankula says:

    This is alot of anger from giants fans over their crappy depth at tight end. I’m sorry that the patriots pissed in your cheerios. I’m sorry you get so pissed off about a man questioning that a lazy-show-nothing-for-being-a-second-round-pick dude is a lock. I’m also sorry marty is now your #1.

    1. TRUTH_JUICE says:

      I’m pretty sure we “pissed in your cheerios” in much grander fashion.

    2. brisulph says:

      Because Ballard was so going to play this year, right? Oh wait, no… try again.

  15. yehti says:

    Jimmy i dont always agree with what you write and being a cowboy fan you piss me off ALOT. yet I still come back here daily to see what you have up. I like all the articles even if its Dallas bashing. Screw those idiot Giant fans. what i would love to know is what BBI has wrote about MB for the last 3 years and now think he is the second coming. MB could be another tackle and will Improve there blocking, but thats it.

    good article by the way

  16. seanrude says:

    That turtle comment was way over the top.

  17. Mark Sitko says:

    Jimmy – you are hilarious fighting with these emotional Giants fans…love it man…thank you for the laughs.

    The only thing that anyone who thinks Bennett is not a lazy fat ass should need to see to be convinced otherwise is this – skip to about the 1:10 mark if you have no attention span:

    He posted that video himself mind you…is he even aware that diabetes exists?

    Hmm…apparently not:

    1. Gordon Tyron says:

      Wow, did you see the other capncrunch video on that channel?

      He clearly wants to get diabetes. What an irresponsible freaking moron:

      skip to 1:10, that has to be nearly 150 extra grams of sugar put in the cereal! Oh my GOD! And he thinks pouring 2% milk somehow compensates for the horrendous amount of added sugar in his cereal. This guy might be diabetic and not know about it! Could explain why hes lazy, blood sugar too low?

      1. Gordon Tyron says:

        sorry didnt link it properly:


  18. Jack Neefus says:

    Jimmy —

    Thanks for this long and thoughtful post. I really appreciate the depth.

    I am a Giants fan and have been excited about getting a TE of even average ability for the 2012-13 season. In TE talent, the Giants were probably 32d in the NFL last year.

    I fully concede that Bennett may not last beyond this one-year deal. But given the Giants’ desperate need for blocking from the TE position, the suggestion that Bennett might not be on the opening roster still seems strange to me.

    The analysis you did seems perfectly in line with the YouTube clips (with the provision that most of the completions seemed to be dumpoffs behind the line of scrimmage). Some good, some bad — decent hands, but definitely not crisp on route running.

    No idea if the signing is going to work out, but your article gave more in-depth analysis than I’ve seen on any other site or discussion board.

    1. Thanks. Much appreciated.

  19. McKeevie says:

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    1. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

      Keith Richards runs better routes than Martellus Bennett.

  20. Pirannah says:

    BBI is like the wild west. There are only three rules.

    No religion.

    No politics.

    No lolcat.


  21. Southern Philly says:

    I’m amazed that Martellus Bennett has caused this kind of reaction. Bennett wouldn’t work up the energy required to defend himself.

  22. Authorities Of BBI says:

    REMINDER: If this gets political, you will be BANNED.

  23. Joe21 says:

    I loved this Jimmy. Giant fans suddenly believe this guy will be an amazing player. I’m not sure why, but it’s laughable.

    1. Troy O says:

      “Giant fans suddenly believe this guy will be an amazing player. ” Orrrrr their saying he wont be cut because he’s a good blocking TE… You know, the reason he was brought here.

  24. MarshallOnMontana says:

    FACT: LeBron James has defended all 5 positions this postseason.

    FACT: LeBron James is being asked to basically play the whole game wire to wire. Eventually that’s going to wear you down.

    FACT: LeBron James pajamas are 40% off at Macys right now.

    1. Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.

  25. Eli Manning says:

    Martellus will be fine.

  26. Timmy Kempski says:

    BBI is a sanctuary for enlightened souls. I don’t know how my cousin Jimmy was even able to access such a fine and glorifying website.

  27. Davisian says:

    Where are the caulks?

  28. The fact is, BBI is like one’s own private masterbatorium. You can go there for a while and have a great time, but at the end of the day, you need to leave, walk upstairs, kiss mom goodnight and cuddle up with your cat named Otis.

    All Year Baby!

    Also, Eric doesn’t even exist. BBI is run by a cross dresser named Margi Walnuts ’56.

  29. I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw in that video of Bennett. He caught most of the balls thrown his way–made some good catches. A couple of the misses were bad reads by Romo because Bennett just wasn’t open. He showed good ball security after the catch and really made an effort to get extra yards. I can see why the Giants want to give him a chance. If he plays only as well as he played in that video, then he’ll be a contributor, not someone to cut. But I’ll bet he plays better after getting coached up by Mike Pope.

  30. Patrick says:

    This article is pretty much proof that you don’t realize there’s a difference between a blogger and a reporter.

    1. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

      Reporters don’t know how to embed video?

    2. James says:


    3. Anders says:

      Consider he said journalist and not reporter, it shows you didnt read what he wrote.

  31. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    I think Martellus Bennett could be the Giants’ starting left tackle by midseason.

  32. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    I thought BBI was an affable Indian guy. Who are these dbags, his manservants?

    1. BBI says:


      Thank you for calling me affable.

  33. Eric from BBI says:

    I am the Gestapo. Kneel before me or be banned.

  34. Steve For BBI says:

    Jimmy, you said, initially, that there is a good chance that he gets cut. Now, you have rewritten the article, no doubt better this time, essentially arguing he wont be effective in the pass game.

    Maybe he won’t be effective. But, the Giants have won two super bowls with Jake Ballard and Kevin Boss. Boss, replaced Shockey, while Bennett is now replacing Ballard. What you don’t understand is that Eli Manning, like Tom Brady, will make those players better. There is no chance in the Giants cutting him…..Zero. There is a chance he won’t be that effective. Arguing he might get cut, essentially destroys any credibility in “Giants” fans eyes not because they are angry with what you wrote, but because their insight into the Giants better allows them to identify the inherent ignorance of your initial arguments.

    Also, you don’t know the difference between a journalist and a blogger? So you do, I’ll answer. The crucial distinction is that journalists are forced to rely on fact-checking, not spinning things out of your head(i.e. Bennett might get cut). Further, bloggers are permitted the freedom to be subjective, rather than objective. This tends to lead to moronic statements clearly designed to attract attention. But hey you got me here….yet this will be the only time. Rest of NFC East….lick our champions ass.

    1. Steve For BBI says:

      Also…an FYI, this is despite the fact that I think the owner of BBI, Eric, is a megalomaniac and sociopath.

    2. Steve For BBI is right on says:

      Wow JimmyK just got Ethered by Steve For BBI. Seriously, Steve For BBI just took JimmyKs lunch money. JimmyK is such a n00b.

    3. #2 TE might get cut = “clearly designed to attract attention”


      1. Steve For BBI says:

        Jimmy, their current third TE is a raw rookie. Also, MB is in all likelihood the starter. The Giants just lost Ballard and Beckum is iffy to play at all this year and is iffier when he does play. How many TEs you think we have up our sleeve.

        In any case, you are no longer worth my time. “#2 TE might get cut = “clearly designed to attract attention” That is so deliberately evasive it amounts to surrender. Later perpetual no name.

        1. So I guess you were just kidding when you said you wouldn’t be back?

          1. Timmy Kempski says:

            Hey Jimmy this is your cousin Timmy.. mom said she wants you out of the basement by Saturday.

            1. Kevin Kempski says:

              And make sure you take all your VHS football tapes

            2. Ohhhhhhhhh snap! You went all “mom said she wants you out of the basement.”

              That shit is funny. I can’t even be mad, that’s so funny.

              1. Timmy Kempski says:

                Yeah, don’t forget your packed lunch either. And your Radio Flyer wagon.

            3. brisulph says:

              Wow… you guys are embarrassing the rest of the Giants fans here (I mean, besides attacking him relentlessly for choosing poor wording in the initial article). Shape up fellas.

    4. Mick says:

      Seriously? Journalists have to rely on fact checking and can’t be subjective? So Mike Barnicle (and the Boston Globe) and Jason Blair (and the New York Times) are heavily into fact checking? Mike Lupica, Michael Wilbon, et al aren’t journalists because they write subjective pieces? This makes less sense every time I look at it. I spent some time as the editor for the sports section at a local paper, every week I had a column that was pure opinion/prognostication/argument. Was I a journalist the six days I wasn’t writing that column, but not on Mondays?

      I am a Giants fan, I lurk on BBV (not BBI), and that’s how I got here. Jimmy posts there a lot and is usually intelligent and respectful, even when trash talking. His blog is usually pretty good. Getting on the high and mighty horse just makes you sound like a jackass, and assures I will not become a reader at BBI.

  35. MikeInLongBeach says:

    Is it okay to hate on this article and have some enjoyment out of watching Girls on HBO?

  36. Glen Danzig says:

    Turtles are cool, but squirrels are way more cooler.

  37. Did you not even see LeBron this past postseason? I don’t get this Mob Mentality regarding LeBron. It’s sickening.

  38. John says:

    The problem I see with the writing is that he doesn’t take into account Eli Manning. Jake Ballard was nothing more than practice squad fodder until Eli came into the picture. Kevin Boss hasn’t done anything since Eli stopped throwing to him. Eli has a way to making people look and play better than they truly are (with the help of TE coach Mike Pope, of course). And if he truly is a good blocker, he has a spot on this team without even thinking about it. It is foolish (stupid) to think that he will not make the team. Between Eli and Mike Pope, MB will be more than serviceable in the Giants offense. Cut in camp? Hardly.

    1. giantsfan says:

      I see your point but it’s not like Romo is chopped liver either.

      After all, what was miles austin before Romo got to him? How about Laurent Robinson? It would be one thing if Bennent was coming from a system with an awful quarterback, but Romo is very talented (whether we like to admit it or not).

      1. Eric says:

        Or Jason Witten. He was highly regarding coming into the NFL, but he’s spent the majority of his career catching passes from Romo.

  39. Gordon Tyron says:

    What’s even more frustrating is that some of his catches downfield bounced into his hands, came in garbage time against reserve players, or came after the catch (in garbage time) against prevent defenses

    I have NO confidence this martellus bennett guy is a great receiver thats going to be unleashed with more playing time. But the encouraging thing is that he showed some nice speed and athleticism sometimes. Crossing my fingers Mike Pope can make use of his natural talents!

  40. Well, apparently I’m not the only hack who can’t write. It’s apparent that anybody can throw shit against the wall of the internet and hope it sticks.

    1. giantsfan says:

      ^ okay this was actually kind of funny

  41. Mike J. says:

    The difference between a blogger and a journalist is that bloggers can write nonsense like this:

    “Additionally, assuming the two above videos are truly including all of Bennett’s targets, here are his QB’s numbers whenever they tried to connect with Bennett more than 10 yards down field”

    And journalists have to…you know…actually check their facts before waxing poetic about a player’s production or lack thereof.

    So, to review, your source is f*cking youtube and a real journalist’s source would be, you know, actual statistics.


    1. Lol. I have all of his completions on tape, so any other incompletions not included in that film only hurt his numbers.

      That’s the sentence you want to pick out? Really?

      1. Mike J. says:

        even better. your source is your own VHS collection.

        is there any sunlight in mommy’s basement?

        1. Gordon Tyron says:

          at least he can defend himself

          u just throw petty insults like a child

          who cares if all of his catches (which ARE all of his catches) are on youtube instead of all-22 film. Does it make a freaking difference? So if he linked coaches tape, are you still going to take offense to his argument?

          You’re a moron Mike

        2. “So, to review, your source is f*cking youtube and a real journalist’s source would be, you know, actual statistics.”

          It’s funny because his stats happen to show….you know…how many passes he actually caught and if you watch the video showing all of his targets you will see all if his catches…. to match his “actual statistics”

          And if the video missed some of his targets…. then I’d love to see you produce the targets not included. And if you don’t actually care if the video did or didn’t then the only reason you’re here is because you’re a whiny douche.

          Mike, go back to raging on your douche forum.

  42. Gordon Tyron says:

    Bennett was even worse in 2009. He had a lot of drops that year and dallas threw to him downfield more. I wish there was film of that as well

  43. ct17 says:

    Bennett gets a shot because there are no other good options. We think. Ballard was a nobody until last year. And Eli made him somebody. But I laugh at the comments about losing him to the Pats. Ballard is not really starter material. No speed, no athleticism. Bennett can jog down the field, he’ll still be farther along the route than Ballard. All Bennett has to do is catch the ball when Eli hits him in the hands. And block, which Ballard was not great at either.

  44. SJBBF says:

    I got more info on this guy reading this then anywhere else. JimmyK brings up some obvious tendencies on this guy. i thought it was very good.

  45. Tom Ryle says:

    We watched MartyB in Dallas for years, always hoping he would become more than he was.

    The fact that the Dallas fanbase almost universally stood up and cheered when they heard he was leaving should tell you something. The fact they laughed when they heard the Giants had signed him should as well.

  46. Plax says:

    and the “We be journalizin’, son.” is hilarious and the true trademark of a top quality journalist journalizing journals. well done

  47. Plax says:

    I wanna know who the F Pat Traina thinks she is. Her stuff is TERRRRRRRIBLE and she is wrong 99% of the time. She tries to write an essay to explain why your wrong, but she just comes off as super annoying and very “nah nah im know more then you do.”

    im a giants fan, i thought jimmy was wrong, i DID NOT wish death upon him. does that make me a 1%er?

    1. Troy O says:

      You may not dig her work, but all she did was drop some facts and opinion.

      Which kinda seemed dead on.

  48. flytillwedienasty says:

    haters hate.. thats all that really needs to be said. obviously that site is just full of people that get mad and offended by what someone says if it isnt something they want to hear. i deal with people like that all day in my line of business. its always “BS” or “false advertisement” (these idiots i deal with daily dont even really know what false advertisement is). but its not like any of this is new news.. this is whats been said about the kid since day one. coincidentally i was even watching the re run episodes of hardknocks last week that you referenced in that last post and your reports are on point with that was said about him in dallas. those giant idiots just got mad cause you said something they didnt want to hear…it happens to me all day. all you can really do is just brush those idiots off. i really hope bennett gets cut now or is a complete non factor for the giants. but its not like those dickheads would apologize to you.. probably still wouldnt admit you were right.

  49. brisulph says:

    The Bennett piece was rather fair… dude has some warning signs attached to him, warnings that will make the Giants think twice. Why anyone gets so twisted over a piece on a guy who played for the Cowboys and has yet to even attend a training camp yet in Big Blue, I have no idea.

    1. Free Plax says:

      Exactly, Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken!”

  50. NYG_slater says:

    ya don’t mind the haters. Even as an eagles fan, your articles on the giants, boys, or skins are 10x better than the stuff “journalists” put out there…I used to check out Pat traina’s site……..yawn……nothing original, hardly any opinion/critiques/analysis….just the ultimate vanilla giants news……don’t ever be that.

  51. BBI says:

    I honestly don’t think you need to defend your work to anybody. It stands up on its own. I know you don’t make statements without believing them, or throw out ideas that are without merit.

    Every great writer has haters.

    1. Thanks. I don’t mind their comments, because personally, I was unhappy with the original article myself. That’s probably an article I would have crapped all over as well. I dish it out. Gotta be able to take it too.

      But yeah, there’s definitely some reasoning behind that thinking he might get cut.

      1. Joe from Cambridge says:

        I am still not seeing the reasoning behind Bennett being cut. The Giants had the worst rushing attack in the NFL last year. It would be lunacy to cut one of the best run blocking TE’s in the NFL. There’s essentially no reason to do that. Even if Bennett doesn’t improve he’s not any worse as a receiver than Bear Pascoe, and he’s a much, much better blocke

      2. D3Keith says:

        I agree with you here, on both dish it out/take it, and the fact that there’s nothing to apologize for when you put your best work out there, and people just don’t like it, for whatever reason, valid or otherwise.

        But I always kick myself when I could have phrased something a little better and that would have eliminated 90% of the silly arguments it raised.

        Ah well. You did the right thing in coming back to it. And as a famous bird walking on a beach once said in his meme, Haters Gonna Hate.

  52. ArthuroMolenda says:

    I was just starting the Eagles Almanac, did you guys get a look at the FO Almanac 2012 or is it just a little ad ?

    Oh, and yeah, next time you call me one of the “the cream of the crop of Eagles fans” or I’ll never buy another book from you guys !

    1. Mike Tanier has probably gotten a look at it since he writes for FO, but I dont think any of the rest of us have.

      FO and PFF let us use their stats, so we put up ads for them.

  53. Free Plax says:

    I think thou protest to much for a player who has a one year show me deal. I totally believe you that he is lazy and his route running sucks. However in our Offense a blocking TE is much more important than a pass catching TE. In fact any true pass catching TE is going to be very fustrated by their role with the Giants because the Giants will ask him to block a lot more. ask Shockey about how he was used once Coughlin and Gilbride installed their offense.

    If Bennett get’s cut it’s going to be because he can’t block not because he can’t catch. Because if he is running the routes as bad as you say, I highly doubt Eli is even looking his way. My only bone to pick with you is around these parts their is only one Marty B. and he plays Goalie!

    1. Brian says:

      So because blocking is more important in our offense (your opinion), it is acceptable to be lazy in his route running? Do you think Tom Coughlin feels that way? Did you watch any games last year? Did you see how often we threw the ball? Did you notice how integral Ballard was in the passing game? The issue is not that Bennett CAN’T catch, or CAN’T run good routes. The issue is that he is undisciplined and lazy. THAT is why he could get cut. As far as a one year show me deal goes . . . trying hard is expecting TOO much? Really? You’d think someone would be motivated to show what they can do and get that payday. If Bennett is not motivated in this situation, then I have great concerns about his character.

  54. Kushan says:

    We be journalizin’, son.

  55. Doug_M says:

    Get EMM!

  56. Ben says:

    You’re just a hater plain and simple! You don’t raise one good point in this piece and you deserve to die!

  57. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    Marty Bennett’s hamstrings weigh 30 lbs apiece.

  58. giantsfan says:

    Confession Time: When I first started reading your blog I thought you were a biased hack. But I kept up with the blog and to your credit you’ve been fair with your coverage of all teams (so you might let the Eagles slide every once in awhile but who can blame you for it).

    In retrospect, I think the reason why I thought you were so biased was because your blog started up during the “Offseason From Hell” (for the Giants) and the “Dream Team Offseason” (for the Eagles). In that vein, you weren’t reporting any differently than most of the other football writers in America.

    Anyways, to my Giants bretheren: aside from being an Eagles fan, Jimmy is a good guy. He is super knowledgeable about the NFC East and his blog postings are actually really creative and interesting. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Follow the blog for awhile before calling the writer a hack.

    1. ArthuroMolenda says:


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