Pop Quiz (20 questions): How well do you know the Redskins’ secondary?

Answers may be used more than once.  Some may not be used at all.

(A) Kevin Barnes (B) Travon Bellamy (C) Jordan Bernstein (D) Richard Crawford (E) Reed Doughty (F) DeJon Gomes (G) Cedric Griffin (H) DeAngelo Hall (I) Tanard Jackson (J) Brandon Meriweather (K) Chase Minnifield (L) Brandyn Thompson (M) Morgan Trent (N) Madieu Williams (O) Josh Wilson

1. Two teams gave up on me in less than a full calendar year.

2. Packers beat writer Bob McGinn said the following about us on Twitter: “Hard to find two more ineffective, near-worthless players in the NFC-N than ____ and ____. #Redskins signed them both. Wow.”

3. In 2010, according to a stat invented by Football Outsiders, I had the 2nd worst “success rate” in the NFL at 39%.  I also gave up the 3rd most yards per target in the NFL (10.5), and the 3rd worst yards after catch (5.8). I wasn’t much better in 2011.

4. I’m the newest member of the Redskins’ secondary, and the 10th roster move the Redskins made in their secondary since March.

5. I was healthy last year, but didn’t get any defensive snaps in my former team’s final 14 games.

6. I have torn the ACL in each of my knees since 2010.

7. I was pulled over at 2:54 AM on April 26, and refused a breathalyzer test.

8. When my former team played in London, during my press conference I referred to Big Ben (the London tourist attraction, not the Steelers QB) as “The Big Bang clock.”  Twice.

9. During an on-field brawl when at was in college at Miami, I kicked a few opposing players.

10. I’ve been involved in bizarre circumstances, like the time someone was charged with raping a woman in my home, and the time I was involved in a gun fight and one of my teammates was shot, but I was never charged with any crimes stemming from those two incidents.

11. I’ve been repeatedly fined for helmet-to-helmet hits.

12. I was benched on multiple occasions by my former team last year.

13. According to Pro Football Focus, I made 57 tackle attempts last year, and missed 24 of them.

14. At the 2012 Combine, I had the smallest number of bench press reps of everyone in attendance, with 7.

15. Last year with my former team, I reportedly refused to run the plays called by my defensive coordinator.

16. In my NFL career, I have missed 20 games due to suspension.

17. In 2008, I was so bad that my former team released me after just 8 games, even though they had given up 2nd and 5th round picks to acquire me, and paid me an $8 million signing bonus during that same offseason.

18. The Redskins waived me twice last year.

19. I’m the guy that tackled Adrian Peterson, leading to his torn ACL.

20. I made the Pro Bowl in 2010, which was one of the most undeserving Pro Bowl appearances in recent memory.  And then I won the MVP of that Pro Bowl.



  • 1. H, J, and N
  • 2. G & J
  • 3. H
  • 4. M
  • 5. N
  • 6. G
  • 7. J
  • 8. J
  • 9. J
  • 10. J
  • 11. J
  • 12. G
  • 13. I
  • 14. K
  • 15. G
  • 16. I
  • 17. H
  • 18. L
  • 19. F
  • 20. H


  1. Aimara says:

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  2. andrew says:

    13/20… not bad for an Eagles fan!

  3. greenbean#twooh says:

    10/20…. 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 17, 18…..only because I know your love for mocking Meriweather…

  4. […] Bama has up a funny post at BloggingThebEast.  He did a quiz on the Skins secondary that is quite humorous.  You’ll want to definitely check this out.  Trying to choose a favorite question is harder […]

  5. Ben says:

    I got 9/20, not bad

  6. deg0ey says:

    I scored 8 out of 20 (assuming you only got 1 point for getting both of the guys in Q2). In case you’re interested, the ones I got right were 1,2,3,8,10,11,15,20.

    1. deg0ey says:

      Incidentally, that’s only 2 points better than if you’d answered Brandon Meriweather for every question :p

    2. 8/20 isn’t bad. A lot of tough ones in there.

      1. The trick is… When in doubt, just go with Meriweather.

        1. Anders says:

          and that is kinda scary.

  7. NYG_slater says:

    this is great jimmy. Fun for the entire family.

    1. Instead of sitting down with the family for Saturday Boggle night, this is a stimulating alternative.

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