Random thoughts from around the NFC East: Oshiomogho, and the Cowboys’ supposed “garbage” tackling

Oshiomogho Atogwe texted ESPN radio 980 in Washington saying that he had signed with the Eagles.  This is not official yet.  But assuming he does eventually sign, a few quick thoughts:

  • The Eagles’ top 3 safeties are 24 years of age (Nate Allen), 23 (Kurt Coleman), and 22 (Jaiquawn Jarrett).  Beyond those three players, there’s Colt Anderson, who is still recovering from a torn ACL.  Adding Atogwe would give the Eagles a veteran presence on the back end.
  • While the Eagles’ group of safeties is very young, the team loves Kurt Coleman’s smarts.  Coleman is only 23, but he’s almost sort of the veteran of the Eagles’ safeties, if that makes any sense.  I don’t think signing Atogwe is any threat to Coleman, nor Nate Allen, who is firmly entrenched as a starter.
  • The guy that should worry is Jaiquawn Jarrett.  Per Jeff McLane of Philly.com, the team thinks he is slow, and it’s pretty clear that they don’t think he is ready to start.  Signing Atogwe could be an indication that the Eagles would feel more comfortable with “just a guy” (Atogwe) filling in for Allen or Coleman in the event they get injured, rather than rolling with Jarrett.  Obviously, if that’s the case, this would be very disappointing for a 2nd round draft pick.  The Eagles plan on doing a lot more hitting this year in camp.  That will provide a more fair evaluation of Jarrett and his game.  He’ll be watched like a hawk up at Lehigh.

One more quick note on Atogwe: If the Eagles do indeed sign him, the Eagles will have the most difficult to spell trio of defensive backs in the league: Oshiomogho Atogwe, Nnamdi Asomugha, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

– Rich Tandler wrote a post on 2nd year safety DeJon Gomes.  Gomes is a player I really like.  I remember watching the Skins in the preseason last year, and Gomes was everywhere.  Wherever the ball was, 24 was right there.  Interestingly, Rich has Tanard Jackson penciled in as the starting safety opposite Brandon Meriweather.  I think the Skins would really like to see Gomes step up and earn that spot. Personally, if I’m a Skins fan, I don’t want Tanard Jackson anywhere near the field. But that may happen. Hogs Haven wrote about the all the Redskins’ safeties, and here’s what they had to say about Jackson:

Jackson attempted 57 tackles and missed a whopping 24 of them

I don’t even think Jarrad Page was that bad last year.

– In my Redskins’ 2012 draft recap, I noted that 6th round pick, RB Alfred Morris, was a player that I liked:

In Morris’ last 5 games at Florida Atlantic, Morris ran for 725 yards and 7 TD’s on 118 carries (6.14 per carry).  Florida Atlantic was outscored in those games 190-84.  Despite playing from behind in most of those games, the Florida Atlantic passing attack contributed just 826 yards.  In other words, Morris basically WAS their entire offense.

My buddy UK at Hogs haven did an excellent film breakdown of how Morris might fit into the Skins’ zone blocking scheme.

– Ed at Big Blue View asked what Super Bowl team was better: The 2007 Giants, or the 2011 Giants. For me, it’s a really tough question.  I think the 2011 defense has more star power, but the 2007 team didn’t have any glaring holes like the 2011 version.  On offense, the skill players of the 2011 team are better, and Eli circa 2011 is better, but that offensive line is night and day.  The 2007 OL was awesome – Those guys were all in their prime.  The 2011 OL was garbage.  I think I’m going 2007.

– Speaking of “garbage,” that’s how Darren Woodson described the Cowboys’ tackling last year.  I, and ProFootballFocus, would disagree.  PFF has Dallas as the second best tackling team in the league last year.

It’s going to be extremely hot out there today.  Some people like it ridiculously hot.  I do too.  Got some beer, gonna do a little power washing with the occasional dip in the pool, maybe a little floaty raft action.  Bring it.


  1. Gordon Tyron says:

    That stuff about Jarett is confusing.

    I’m not an eagles fan, but I remember the eagles LOVING this kid coming out of the draft. They spent so much pre-draft attention to him and arguably reached for him in the 2nd round when many experts had him going in the 3rd or 4th round

    Then… he wasn’t ready to grab a starting spot as a rookie and now the staff is down on him? Unbelievably confusing

  2. mikhaili says:

    IP block…

  3. I think Woodson just has really high standards–stud that he was. 🙂

  4. ICDogg says:

    Paging andyreidswaistline

  5. Free Plax says:

    Better hope the Eagles D Line is as good as they are being hyped because with those safeties, teams are going to be going over the top on them Big time.

    1. Nate Allen can play, and Coleman isn’t going to kill you. If either guy gets hurt they could be in trouble, but the starters, while certainly not great, aren’t a liability. I’ll take that duo over over the Skins’ and Cowboys’, and I’ll take either guy over Antrel Rolle.

      1. slandog says:

        I agree, the starters for the Eagles will hold their own. Last season Allen was still recovering/trusting his knee, but at the end he played much better. Coleman, after his benching he played pretty well also. Last year the biggest issue was LB play and exposing the Safeties. If the LB can play at least average it will make the whole backend better.

      2. Free Plax says:

        I wouldn’t be to confident in that group, Coleman is a third safety at best he had 4 INT’s but 3 came in one game and I beleive he got benched a few times too even if you don’t agree with my assesment of him you have to conclude that at best he was inconsistent last season. The guy was a 7th rounder you can’t always catch lightening in a bottle, my guess is Coleman is already at his peak.
        Early signs of Jarrett is that he is on his way to becoming a bust. It’s still to early to judge him, but if they are bringing in Otagwe they must be worried about him.

        As far as Allen goes this is his second year back from the knee injury so he has no excuses, either he get’s it done or he is gone becasue last year he was pretty inconsistant too, Anderson is a special teamer and like you said trying to make it back from an ACL injury. Say what you want about Rolle but if he was on the Eagles he would by far be your best safety.

        From an outsider last year the Eagles D had major holes at LB and Safety, they address LB somewhat and didn’t do a thing about the safety spot. If you D-line is not getting to the QB, teams should still be able to make big plays against you guys.

        1. Antrel Rolle’s resume last season:

          – He was targeted more than any other safety in the league (76 times).

          – Opposing QB’s completed more passes on Rolle than any other safety in the league (57 completions). That’s a completion percentage of 75% (4th worst in the league). The next closest player on completions allowed was Buffalo’s Bryan Scott, who allowed 42 (15 less).

          – Rolle gave up more yards (642) than any other safety in the league, with a cushion between him and the 2nd highest player (the Jets’ horrid Eric Smith) of over 100 yards.

          – He gave up the 2nd most yards after the catch, behind only Eric Smith.

          – He had just one PBU on the season.

          – His 5 penalties were good for 5th most in the league for safeties.

          Antrel Rolle isn’t better “by far” than anybody… anywhere.

          1. Free Plax says:

            He was also playing out of position the whole year becasue we had major injuries at corner, thus the number of targets. Rolle primarly covered the slot reciever, Deon Grant played his role (no pun intended) at Safety. Stat’s are only going to tell you so much about his play becasue he was mostly playing CB during the game. Pull his stats from 2010 if you want to really look at him at safety. Is he a great player no, is he better than anything on the Eagles roster yes. Your secondary is the same thing as the Cowboys, good corners JAGS for safeties.

            1. Coleman… JAG, no question. Allen is not a JAG.

        2. The Rolle stuff aside, I’m not saying the Allen-Coleman duo is good. I’m just saying it’s not bad. You’re making them out to be some sort of God-awful mess. That’s Washington. Allen was really, really good down the stretch. That’s a guy that can be a + safety. Coleman will never be that because he lacks top NFL athletic ability, but he’s enough of a football player to be decent. Of course, if teams want to beat Philly deep, they’ll have to beat Asomugha and DRC as well. It’s not all about Coleman.

          1. Free Plax says:

            Since the topic of the day was safety and we were talking about the Eagles possibly bringing in Atogwe I was making more of a comment about the state of the Eagles secondary more than saying they are a hot mess. In retrospect I might have come off a little harsh on Allen but, I was a little bit suprised more was not done to fix the Eagles secondary because to me safety is still a weakness on thier D.

            I do reserve the right to be proven wrong, so maybe Allen lives up to his pre knee injury potential, or Coleman improves but don’t you think the Eagles are gambling a lot starting the year with the same duo from last year?

            1. CoughlinLooksLikeAnOrc says:

              As an Eagles fan, I can say that I agree with a lot of what you are saying. Do the Eagles safeties this year worry me? Uhmyes.

              However, the question must become “how will the Eagles improve this position?” Continuity is important to a team regardless of position, but safety especially needs both players to be on the same page in order to react quickly and effectively in tandem. If there was a safety available, either in free agency or via draft, that was good enough to be worth fielding a new safety combination for (at least) the 5th time in 5 years, I’d be all for it. There just wasn’t this year.

              I’d rather have the Eagles keep the guys they’ve got; it’s not as if the group was so bad that they will ruin the defense even on their best day. In fact, I think that the group has the potential to make plays. Nate Allen racked up picks the beginning of his rookie year. Kurt Coleman had three picks in one game. Yes, it was against Rex Grossman, who qualifies as asterisk-worthy, but it still takes at least some semblance of ball skills to pick off a QB three times. And, as Mr. Lawlor has recently pointed out, OJ Atogwe has 25 INTs and 16 FFs. Some astounding numbers.

            2. Would the Eagles rather have a stud safety over Kurt Coleman? Of course they would. But look at the the safety class in this year’s draft. Look at what was available in free agency. It’s less of a “gamble” and more of a case of what was available.

  6. Dragon_Eagle says:

    On the 2007 v. 2011 Giants. Agree its a tough call, but I would go with 2007 on the following additional observation: the 2007 Pats were a significantly better team (19-0*) than the 2007 Pats. Thus, the 2007 SB win for the Giants was more impressive.

    1. Dragon_Eagle says:

      Edit: I meant the 2007 Pats were a significantly better team than the 2011 Pats. Didn’t mean to violate the irreflexive property by claiming that x>x.

  7. WeGotLinemen says:

    I thought Gomes looked promising in pre-season but it didn’t translate to the regular season. He wasn’t bad, just a bit meh. Camp watchers have been careful to say how hard it is to judge the safety position without contact but the standouts so far have been Madieu Williams and Meriweather.

    Williams has been getting the bulk of the praise and has apparently been around the ball a lot. I get the impression that Gomes hasn’t shone and isn’t currently in contention of a starting spot.

    As for Jackson, he was regarded as decent prospect before his suspensions. Last year he struggled to make tackles but the stats might be a touch misleading. He says he was carrying the shoulder injury that has restricted his practice this year all the way through last season. It’s hard to tackle when one of your arms is knackered. Also, it probably didn’t help Jackson that he missed so much practice time because of his suspension, which stretched from Week 2, 2010 to mid October 2011. I’d be interested to know how many tackles he missed in his first 3-seasons.

    From the practice reports that I’ve read, the general impression seems to be that he is the most athletic potential of all the safeties, but that Williams is winning coaches over with his ability to read and react.

    1. Good question. Hadn’t thought to check that:

      2010: 8 tackles, 2 MT
      2009: 57 tackles, 17 MT
      2008: 49 tackles, 11 MT

      Turns out he was always very bad.

      1. WeGotLinemen says:

        I’ve always wondered, what counts as a missed tackle in the official stats.

        1. It’s not black and white. For example, I did a breakdown of all the Cowboys’ sacks allowed last year. I had 7 for Doug Free. I think PFF had 10. Not saying I’m more right than them, but there’s definitely some subjectivity. But I think for the most part, they’re at least in the ballpark.

  8. ameero2 says:

    About the cowboys missed tackles that list is only through week eleven and I think we all know that the shit didn’t hit the fan with our D until the late weeks of the season.

    I’d be interested to know how they finished on that list through 16 games.

    1. Dallas Fan says:

      The D’s problem wasn’t missed tackles; it was the pass defense.Beginning with the first Eagles game, the pass defense continually played poorly (with the Buffalo game as the only notable exception).

  9. nicolajNN says:

    I’m just going to borrow a comment from A_T_G on Igglesblitz in regards to JaiJar
    “Obviously we are all just speculating, but I don’t think they would have been disappointed by his speed, they knew what they were getting in that area. If they signed Atogwe because of dissatisfaction with Jarrett. I think it is because of the mental side of the game. That seems to me to be the part of his game they could evaluate in OTAs.”

    I tend to think us signing Atogwe(if it happens) has something to do with Jarrett, but could it be as simple as wanting a back-up at FS? Which we don’t really have right now, unless you want JaiJar backing up both spots

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