Eagles OTA notes, May 31, 2012

Ticks are idiots.

– First and foremost, the big news of the day is that I got bit by a tick.  Or at least I think I got bit by a tick.  It was borrowing into my stomach and I had to rip it out.  I would assume that counts as being bit?  What an idiot that tick was.  It’s dead now.  Was it really worth it?  I mean… my stomach is full of cheeseburgery milkshakey goodness and all, but is it really worth risking your life to try to burrow in for a taste?  Anyway, trooper that I am, I continued to take notes on practice for about an hour despite this horrific injury.  Jack Youngblood playing linebacker with a broken leg?  Pfft.  You got nothin’.  Anyway, if anyone happens to be an expert on ticks, I’d prefer not to get Lyme disease.  I washed the affected area, and then threw some Purell on there.  If there are further steps I should take, your advice would be much appreciated.  Oh, also, Les Bowen got stung by a bee.  Tough day for the reporters.

– I would have consulted with trainer Rick Burkholder, but he was busy tending to Jeremy Maclin. I tweeted earlier that Maclin had his ankle taped up, was limping around a little, and was then looked at by Burkholder.  I know people get nervous at any hint of an injury, but he practiced the rest of the day, perhaps on a limited basis, and answered questions for a good 10 minutes after practice.  I would venture a guess and say he’s fine.

– Really fun watching DeSean Jackson go against DRC in 1-on-1’s.  In my third season of watching Eagles practices, DRC is the only player I’ve seen that can run with DJax in those drills.  DJax, by the way, in 7 on 7’s, was going down on his own after making catches in traffic.  Practice makes perfect.

– One guy that I seem to notice making a lot of catches in traffic is Chase Ford, who is an undrafted rookie free agent out of Miami.  He’s been active enough that I looked up his college stats on the sidelines during practice.  They’re very unimpressive:

Chase Ford Rec Yards TD
2011 9 88 1
2010 7 96 1

You’d never know those were his numbers watching him fluidly catch passes and turning upfield. I’ll be interested in getting a better look at him in pads at Lehigh to see if he can block.

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– Saw some of that athleticism from Mychal Kendricks today.  Leaped up and batted a pass intended for Clay Harbor down the seam.  It was a well-thrown ball, but Kendricks just went up and got a piece.  The ball still sort of found it’s way to Harbor who tried to tip it up to himself, but wound up falling into the arms of Jason Avant, who took it to the house.  Weird play.  I hope they have that one up at PE.com.

– Play of the day today was by Chad Hall.  Great diving catch near the sideline.

– Another pick for DRC today.  He has had a bunch of them in these OTAs, usually in the flats jumping out routes.

– Harbor had an opportunity to make a nice catch in traffic.  It was a gorgeous ball from Vick down the seam in between two safeties, right on the money, in traffic, that Harbor could have had, but just couldn’t bring in.  Tough catch, but one I’d like to see him make.  Speaking of drops, there were quite a few today.  Maclin, Jackson, and Chris Polk each dropped balls today.

– The buzz among the media guys is that Damaris Johnson, an undrafted rookie out of Tulsa, has a great chance of making the team.  Way too early to tell, in my opinion, but the kid can fly and has some return ability.

– More buzz from the media guys is also on Nick Foles.  Everyone loves his accuracy, and he has a big-league arm.  I agree.  Foles did not impress me at all down in Mobile at the Senior Bowl practices, but he has looked like a totally different guy (in a good way) whenever I’ve watched him throw at OTAs.

– After practice, Vick likened Maclin to Michael Irvin.  Someone will have a column up on that one, I’m sure.  I don’t really see the similarities (and that’s not a knock on Maclin), but whatever. Irvin was one of the most physical receivers to ever play the game. I think Maclin wants to be more physical this season, but let’s not get carried away there.


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  5. Those are great ideas; I use two or three already – esp. the one about encouragement – but I will try a couple of the others.

  6. pjxii says:

    Jimmy, how has Kafka been looking in the OTAs?

    1. Tim says:


  7. NoDecaf says:

    Maybe a journalist survivor kit could include Deep Woods Off and Tick Repellent? 😉

  8. […] Jimmy Bama offered up some OTA notes yesterday.  Selflessly, he shared the story of his harrowing confrontation with a tick.  Jimmy looked death right in the face and said “Not until after dinner.”  It would not surprise me to learn that his parents were Mother Teresa and Chuck Norris. […]

  9. FrenchEagles says:

    About the ticks, I got a Lyme disease two years ago, so I know some things… Just control the area where you’ve been bitten. if you observe a red circle around the location that increases with time, go and see a doctor. It can be not very pronounced, can appear 30 days after and be the only symptom: for me it was the case.
    But as other people told you, I had dozens of bites before this one and never had a problem. Just control and everything will be fine!

  10. brisulph says:

    Hold up… Desean going down is a good thing? All I have heard from Eagles fans about Steve Smith was “he is a pussy, always going down right away”… correct me if I’m wrong, but he went down in traffic all the time. Does this mean Desean is a big pussy?

    1. Nobody is saying it’s a good thing.

      1. Steve says:

        I’d rather he went down in traffic than take another shot to the head, Dunta Robinson.

    2. Steve D. says:

      I don’t think anyone is a fan of how often DeSean goes down without contact. However, the problem with Steve Smith wasn’t “he is a pussy, always going down right away;” the problem was the one specific time that he went down without contact a yard short of the first down on a crucial third down play against the Cardinals.

    3. Brian says:

      Eh- I don’t really think its that bad of a thing. Issac Bruce and Tory Holt used to do it all the time in St. Louis, and both stayed pretty healthy (until Holt got old and stayed in the league longer than he should have). The extra yards are nice, but I’d also like to keep DeSean healthy.

  11. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    Ticks suck.

  12. Free Plax says:

    LOL damm Jimmy you don’t have any country cousins out there somewhere. Ticks are just looking for their next meal nothing personal.

  13. nicolajNN says:

    So is Damaris Johnson the front-runner right now for the prestigious Na Brown award?

  14. Euler.is.a.pimp says:

    Judging by the location and the size of the tick, I don’t think you need to really worry about Lyme disease.

    1. iskar36 says:

      Most ticks don’t carry Lyme disease, so chances are you’re fine. The recommendations on what to do after a tick bite are to remove the tick entirely (including the head), wash the spot, and then to simply watch the spot and pay attention to any flu-like symptoms that may pop up. But like Euler said, I would guess that you don’t need to worry about it.

      1. Thanks guys. I feel safer now.

        1. CulDaddy says:

          Now the tick has you right where he wants you. I didn’t even see the lil F’er that bit me and I got Lyme disease. You ever feel like you have the flu, go to the doc and get tested and prescribed antibiodics ASAMFP!

        2. Euler.is.a.pimp says:

          Well then, know that most instances of Lyme disease come from infant ticks who are smaller than a poppy seed and usually borrow in hairy areas so that you will be usually unable to find them until they have finished feed which would put you past the 24 hour marker usually required for you to contract the disease.

          1. bula says:

            isn’t there also supposed to be a bulls-eye like rash?

            1. CulDaddy says:

              “supposed” to be yeah. No such luxury here though. I woke up half-dead one day and thought it was the flu, so they treated me for the flu. Since they give the same treatment for the flu as Lyme’s (antibiodics) and I was otherwise healthy, the symtoms cleared up. You are supposed to stay on antibiodics twice as long for Lyme’s as the flu tho… I didn’t find out it was Lyme’s until over a year later when donating blood and they found the anitbodies. It stays with you and could come back at anytime. Lucky me. Ticks ARE idiots.

            2. Euler.is.a.pimp says:

              It can develop, but it doesn’t have to do so. A lot of time, the bitten area can be covered in hair or in an area you usually don’t look at so that even the development of a rash could not be much of an indicator.

  15. Mikesta says:

    Good stuff

  16. Redskins Fan says:

    I was pretty high on Foles the last few years; he seemed to me to be Shannahan’s “Plan B” for this year’s draft even two years ago.

    I guess the Senior Bowl caused Shannahan to say that Plan B wasn’t good enough, so we had to get Plan A. Which meant RG3.

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