Blogging the bEast is 1!


In blog years, that’s like 25.  We agreed on a few things, disagreed on a lot more, but at the end of the day we’re all football fans of the most entertaining and newsworthy division in sports.  I’m closing in on a million site hits (should hit that mark around the end of June), which is much better than I ever would have imagined when I launched a year ago today.  A lot of that has to do with some friends at other much larger sites promoting my stuff, and for that I’m extremely grateful.  If I didn’t have an audience, I probably wouldn’t do this, so I thank you all… sincerely… for reading.


  1. Thanks to everyone who had kind words, and to answer a question a couple of you had… No, I don’t make money off of this blog. In fact, it cost me about $3000 in various expenses last year.

    1. Scott Bacher says:

      Absolutely amazing. Your ability to work as hard as you do and provide this fantastic analysis and news for FREE should motivate all of us to do better and be better in whatever we do. If you tell me where I can send you a check, I’ll send you $50. It’s not much; and I’m not sure I’d offer this if you were getting paid, but especially because you’re not, I feel it’s a worthy investment and the least I can do. Or you can contact me directly at: Thank you.

      1. Thanks Scott. I’ll settle for the great compliment, but I appreciate your generosity.

  2. kmklbi says:

    Congrats Jimmy – keep up the great work! Dare I say best football blog ever? Yup…no doubt! I love the articles, your humor and the participation from your readers. It keeps me coming back every day!

  3. yehti says:

    congrats Jimmy!!

  4. D3Keith says:

    Jimmy, there’s only one way to celebrate. Start planning BGN Bowl III (or BTB Bowl I). I don’t see how your squad could win two straight against mine.

  5. Scott Bacher says:

    Jimmy – I am a first time “commenter” – not only on this site but possibly on any site. I’m 42, have been an avid Eagles fan since I was 5 and I read your site almost every day. Yours is the first site I go to for any Eagles news – before, CSNPhilly,, or even Tommy’s IgglesBlitz. Your intelligence, sense of humor and raw-ness are a unique combination for a journalist. It’s fun reading whatever you’re talking about. Nice job. (I hope you’re getting paid by someone for doing this! Are you?)

  6. Eagle Eye says:

    I hope i don’t sound like I’m kissing your ass, but you should do this professionally. The guys that break news because they have contacts within the organization have their place, but I don’t ever learn anything from them. You, Tommy, and Sheil are the 3 best Eagles writers and it’s impressive that you can go toe to toe with the most hardcore fans of the other 3 teams.

    1. D3Keith says:

      I feel for Sheil because his commenters don’t add much to the discussion, but on the flip side, he gets paid, I assume, so there’s that.

  7. Mr.Electric10 says:

    Congrats. You do great work and always have solid analysis.

  8. FinnEagle says:

    Hello there and Congratrs! I was reading your articles and they were really enjoyable. If only other webmasters were as good as you. Now hopefully your readers will be dumb enough to click to my site and get malewares and that sort of things.

    Keep up the good work Jimmy! You have a fan from Finland.

  9. TheRealMcCoy says:

    Congrats! Looking forward to the future.

  10. mastermind says:

    Congrats….as much as I dog ur view on my team, I enjoy reading and or arguing with u the same way I do with my brother who is a 49er fan. I’ll drink a beer to ur site, and to many more years of the beast. Best conference in the NFL

  11. brisulph says:

    Congrats man… when you first made it known you were starting a blog of your own, I knew I was going to be a regular. Now start fellating the Star, like any good blogger is supposed to!

  12. Free Plax says:

    I came across this site by accident, Jimmy had one of his thought prevoking post’s on the best 3rd reciever I think. Since I didn’t agree, I started giving Jimmy a hard time and he gave it right back to me, with a couple of thoughtful comments LOL. I been hooked ever since,.

    Congrats on the 1 year birthday to BTB and looking forward to the site getting bigger and better.

  13. Mark Sitko says:

    You Rock Jimmy, don’t know what I would do with you – I read you and Tommy every single day – everything else is second rate…


    1. Mark Sitko says:

      without you…hehe

  14. mgrisez7 says:

    Great site man, keep up the good work.

  15. Immynimmy says:

    Happy first birthday BTB!

    Also, I hate how BTB is the acronym for both bloggingtheboys AND bloggingthebeast.

  16. BBI says:

    Congrats, mate. That is awesome.

  17. says:

    Congrats, Jimmy.

  18. theguyotc says:

    “If I didn’t have an audience, I probably wouldn’t do this, so I thank you all… sincerely… for reading.”

    I never read this crap. You clearly have a bias against the Eagles.

  19. Imp says:

    Party! Party! Party!

  20. iskar36 says:

    I only really started reading this site regularly in the last month or so, but I quickly realized it is a fantastic place for great insight on the bEast and you do a great job Jimmy. On top of that, you manage to provide multiple articles every day. It has definitely become one of the first few places I visit any time I get on the internet. Thanks for all you do!

  21. Justin F. says:

    Thank you, Jimmy, for having a wonderful site!

    1. ArthuroMolenda says:


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