I feel your pain, Mike Jenkins

According to Clarence Hill of Star-Telegram.com, Mike Jenkins will not be showing up for voluntary OTAs this week.

In one offseason, Mike Jenkins went from the Cowboys’ best CB to the 4th guy in line for playing time.  First they locked up Brandon Carr to a 5 year $50 million deal, and then of course they coughed up their 2nd round pick to move up from 14 to 6 to draft Morris Claiborne.  Based on 2011 #5 overall pick Patrick Peterson’s contract of a year ago ($18.4 million over 4 years), expect Claiborne to get a deal somewhere north of $4 million per year.  Orlando Scandrick was already on the team, and he’ll retain his spot as a quasi-starter in the slot.  Last August, Scandrick signed a contract worth $28.2 million over 6 years.

Jenkins, meanwhile, made major strides in quelling the deservedly negative public perception that he lacks toughness, as he played injured for most of 2011.  He had shoulder, knee, and neck issues, with the shoulder being the most severe, as he reportedly couldn’t even lift his arm above his head.  And despite all of that, he not only played, but he played well.  Jenkins is set to make a hair over $1 million this season.  Back in March, prior to the draft, Mike Jenkins and agent Drew Rosenhaus approached the Cowboys about a new deal.  The Cowboys’ reply was something to the effect of “Yeah… uh… no.

So to recap, if you’re Mike Jenkins, it’s kind of hard not to take a quick snapshot of your surroundings and ponder the following questions:

  • I was the best CB on the team last year, and now I’m 4th in the pecking order?
  • Our slot corner is making what?  Wait, are 3 of our corners going to make at least 4 times as much as me this year?
  • They think so little of my play that they used their first two picks on a guy to replace me?
  • I’m going to be an effing backup, in my contract year?
  • This is how I’m being rewarded by staying on the field despite all my injuries?

Now I’m not saying he should hold out, because in reality, it doesn’t do him any good… but I understand.


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  5. rational says:

    Its tough to depend on Jenkins and pay him 40 to 50 million with his injury issues. Great player to have when healthy. Dallas made the right move in protecting their interests with cornerback depth and talent for the next handful of years. If Dallas could get him for 5 years and around 35 million, I would not think it would be a waste to sign him….even with Scandrick. A defense could get enough snaps out of all of them to justify it.
    He will get plenty of snaps and will start some games. Cornerbacks are always banged up. He will probably be better than Mo Claiborne this year so there will be incentive to get him on the field. Keep on cheering for the worst possible scenarios with every situation in Dallas.

  6. mastermind says:

    That’s the beauty of the internet….I can be a Dick all day, criticize ur work and never make apologies. Big boys wutev, and I’m glad I’m ur favorite reader Jimmy k. I can finally check that of the bucket list

  7. Jimmer says:

    Honestly, who cares what Jenkins thinks/feels. Being the best CB on last year’s team is like being the smartest kid at retard camp. Take what you can get for him.

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  9. D3Keith says:

    JimmyK, just trying to get more retweets from his friends in the dre(a)ded cornerback club.

  10. Blue says:

    Mike Jenkins has no one to blame but himself. Who was the CB making business decisions when Brandon Jacobs was going for the end zone? Who was among the leaders in pass interference penalties in 2010? Who gave up in games and started jogging around in 2010? Who was in the bottom of starting CBs in defensive passer rating in 2010?

    This is not some great soldier who’se being pushed aside. This is a player who made his bed, now he’s moping around pretending to be the victim when he has to sleep in it.

    This is a guy who made ‘business decisions’ on the field then is surprised to find the team making A business decision about him.

  11. Juz Saying says:

    Mike was the best CB on a secondary that sucked.Carr is way better!

  12. mastermind says:

    Still clownin’

    1. Jelly says:

      Says the same idiot who got all those stats wrong for the Browns… Ouch.

      May 20, 2012 at 4:19 pm

      “Jimmyk in all ur wisdom u messed up in ur chart and used the browns overall ranking to make a case about rob Ryan. Way to go “we be journalizin” the browns D was actually 5th in points allowed and 2nd in pass defense. If ur gonna bash the boys at least use good info. I’m not surprised, u disappoint again as a “journalist”


      1. mastermind says:

        R u without error? I may have made a mistake, for that I’m not ashamed. So kiss my @as jelly. Go cowboys die the day I die!!!!!!

        1. Recap:

          – You thought I made a mistake.
          – You insult me for making what you thought (incorrectly) was a mistake.
          – People make fun of you for so comically being a dick in incorrectly pointing out that mistake.
          – You plead “Aw, come on guy, everyone makes mistakes.”

          I think you’re my favorite reader.

          1. brisulph says:


          2. BBI says:

            It really is funny.

            “mastermind” is anything but….
            “rational” is anything but….

            1. deg0ey says:

              Maybe I should change my name to “hilarious”

        2. slandog says:

          No everyone makes a mistake but it’s the way you went about it after it was pointed out you were wrong. You act like an ass so you’ll get treated like an ass…..you’re just a child trying to play with the big boys.

          Now take your ball and go home, tell you sister “hi” for me.

  13. mastermind says:

    U think he has lived up to his expectations…not even close. Bringing in his replacement a year early is genius…he is not entitled, this is a business. He may have been the best Cb last year but that doesn’t say much considering the group he lead. J Garrett is thinking 2 years ahead, so what if his feelings got hurt, put on ur big boy pants and prove ur worth. Holding out will only hurt his chances at playing thus decreasing the value of any contract he signs after this year whether it be Dallas or someone else.

    1. Free Plax says:

      I don’t watch the Cowboys a lot, but everytime I have seen Jenkins he is an average player at best, I don’t see why the Cowboys would spend money on him. Being the best CB on a terrible secondary is nothing to brag about.

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