Random thoughts from around the NFC East: Osi Umenyiora should probably just quit Twitter

–  In 2010, Mike Jenkins had 8 penalties.  Only 5 CBs in the NFL had more.  Those 8 penalties cost his team 101 yards, and gave their opponent 7 first downs.  The 8th was declined because their opponent scored on a 74 yard TD pass.  Here they are:

Mike Jenkins Penalty Yards
Week 5 Pass interference 35
Week 5 Pass interference 15
Week 6 Pass interference 23
Week 6 Pass interference 11
Week 7 Pass interference 7
Week 15 Defensive holding 5
Week 16 Pass interference, declined, 74 yard TD 0
Week 17 Defensive holding 5
Total penalty yards   101

In 2011, Mike Jenkins’ penalty total: 0.

–  Speaking of Dallas CBs, it appears Morris Claiborne will not be ready to practice with the team until training camp.  Last year there was a lot of debate as to whether or not the shortened offseason hurt the 2011 rookie class.  While Claiborne will be able to dive into his playbook unlike last year’s rookies, he’ll still have a similar disadvantage as last year’s group.

– Dan Graziano of ESPN’s NFC East blog chose Rob Ryan for the Cowboys in his “Pressure point” series, which examines who faces the most challenging season.  I agree with that choice.  However, here was Dan’s last sentence on Rob:

But Ryan’s got to show something really impressive this year, because if the Cowboys’ defense is costing them games again in December, his record and his pedigree aren’t going to be enough to spare him the blame.

I think there’s a common belief that Rob Ryan has some sort of impressive resume.  He doesn’t:

Rob Ryan Overall Run Pass Points Team’s record
2004 Raiders 30 22 30 31 5-11
2005 Raiders 27 25 18 25 4-12
2006 Raiders 3 25 1 18 2-14
2007 Raiders 22 31 8 26 4-12
2008 Raiders 27 31 10 24 5-11
2009 Browns 31 28 29 21 5-11
2010 Browns 22 27 18 13 5-11
2011 Cowboys 14 7 23 16 8-8

– Interested read from Tommy at IgglesBlitz, who notes that LeSean McCoy probably would have held out if he didn’t get his deal.

– A couple days ago, we debated here which team’s offensive 2’s would be able to score if the 1’s were kidnapped.  There was some debate as to who the 2’s would even be along the Redskins’ OL.  Rich Tandler of Real Redskins gave his OL depth chart for the Skins.

Osi’s bumbling after the jump…

– Osi Umenyiora is not good at Twitter. First, he called LeSean McCoy a woman, and ESPNw’s Sarah Spain blasted him.  Osi later apologized.  Then he said that if he got 1,000,000 followers, he’d buy registered sex offender Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl ring, which is up for auction, and let his millionth follower give the ring back to LT personally.  Then, a fan noted a major flaw in that strategy, which made Osi re-think it:

So Osi changed the terms and conditions:

I assume people didn’t quite understand what he meant, so he clarified:

And then re-clarified:

It looked like Osi wasn’t going to make it to a million, so he reduced the number.  Somewhere, Lawrence Taylor had new hope, and began refreshing Osi’s twitter page feverishly to see his progress:

When the deadline passed, Osi remained 446,000 followers short πŸ™

And then this morning, Osi basically said “Sorry LT, gave it my best shot. No ring for you. Best of luck, bud. Oh, and I promise this wasn’t just some nonsense stunt to gain more followers, since, as you can see, I’m reminding everyone that they now have the option to unfollow me.”


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  4. mastermind says:


    Jimmyk in all ur wisdom u messed up in ur chart and used the browns overall ranking to make a case about rob Ryan. Way to go “we be journalizin” the browns D was actually 5th in points allowed and 2nd in pass defense. If ur gonna bash the boys at least use good info. I’m not surprised, u disappoint again as a “journalist”

    1. Yep, the Browns were 5th in points allowed and 2nd in pass defense… in 2011.

      Unfortunately, that was the year after Rob Ryan left… you know… the year he was in Dallas. In a way, you’ve helped prove my point, in that the Browns’ defense got much better once Rob Ryan left. So thanks for that.

      Once again your incredibly valuable commentary is appreciated.

      1. El Donkerino says:

        Lol, Cowboy fans.

        JimmyK, dishing out the knowledge.

        1. Journalizin’, son.

          1. mastermind says:

            The link and website clearly state 2010…u n ur trolls are illiterate and ignorant

            1. Look it up again, clown.

              1. slandog says:

                Haha mastermind, maybe you should rethink your screen name. Maybe “masterpgrgh…” is better or maybe “I try so hard” or “I think I can, I think I can I think I…..oh nevermind, I can’t”

                But thanks for playing buddy.

            2. Fiftyfourd says:

              The stats below the year selection box are from 2010, the stats above it stay the same (cause they’re from 2011) no matter what year you choose, but thanks for playing πŸ™‚

              1. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

                Jerry Jones hired Robby Ryan because Jerry didn’t know how to read a chart on NFL.com.

    2. gherbox says:

      As an Eagles fan I hope that Ryan has a long career with the cowboys.

  5. One.cool.customer says:

    In 2010 Mike Jenkins was penalized every time his shadow fell on an opposing receiver.

    I exaggerate a little, of course. However, the whole thing is quite telling about the Wade Phillips coaching regime. After week 7 of 2010, the Cowboys were third in the league with 49 penalties and led the league with 30 offensive penalties. Only then did Wade bring in officials to supervise practice.

    And like a magic spell, Jenkins went largely penalty free after that.

  6. Scott says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only person who feels this way. And just think last year he was calling McCoy a twitter gangster

  7. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    Desperate to remain relevant.

    1. giantsfan says:

      That shiny new ring on his finger disagrees.

  8. BBI says:

    Anytime we talk about Michael Vick, I might have to start off by saying, “convicted felon and brutal dog killer Michael Vick….”? ‘Cause it seems like everybody brings up “sex offender” when they talk about LT πŸ™‚

    But yeah, I agree Osi should probably just stop. He ain’t helping himself.

    1. Fair point. I can’t speak for why others include that moniker when talking about LT, but I’ll note why I have done so here.

      In this circumstance, Osi is talking about doing something nice for a guy that has fallen on hard times. But we’re not talking about the same kind of “hard times” cases that you might see on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” We’re talking about a pretty bad guy here. So in my opinion, it’s worth noting because it adds to the ridiculousness of Osi’s little pledge drive. In other words, I’m not just taking a shot at LT for the sake of taking a shot at him. It’s part of the story.

      1. BBI says:

        Sometimes my fandom defense mechanism boils up before my rational thinking, especially because its a delicate topic that gets brought up with somewhat reckless abandon by a ton of people but yeah, I understand why. πŸ™‚

        Though its not LT that’s selling the ring, he gave it to his son as a gift, who was selling it for himself. Osi was going to buy it from the son and give the ring back to LT. I saw it as a cheap way to get followers, but a nice (if unrealistic) gesture anyway.

        1. Anders says:

          My opinion, Osi should have bought no matter what unless it went of for unrealistic money.

          1. BBI says:

            I agree, if he does something like this, he should’ve just bought it. Now it looks a bit disingenious (sic)

    2. slandog says:

      I know what Vick did was wrong, everyone likes/loves dogs.

      But what LT did was so much worse, raping underage girls!! Come on man. Buying underage girls to have sex with! That is completely wrong. If anyone else did this they would be hung in the street (and I’d be fine with that). He is a sick little man!!!

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