Random thoughts from around the NFC East: Eagles in on Yeremiah Bell?

– Per Howard Eskin, Yeremiah Bell is expected to sign with either the Jets or Eagles, possibly as early as today.  Love how badly Eskin butchers Yeremiah’s name:

Bell was coached by new Eagles defensive backs coach Todd Bowles in Miami.  I’m not sure how I would feel about that move.  I think I’m going to take the lazy approach and wait to see if it actually happens before I comment.

– Forbes listed the top 10 highest paid coaches in sports.  Since they present them in the highly annoying slideshow form (you’re better than that, Forbes), we’ll show you the round up from The Sporting News.  Mike Shanahan ($7 mil) was 2nd.  Andy Reid ($5.5 mil) was 10th.  Tom Coughlin may be breaking in to the top 10 pretty soon.

– Osi Umenyiora apologized to women for calling LeSean McCoy a woman.  ESPN’s Dan Graziano wrote a good follow-up on it, and the dopes that comment on his blog are blasting him for taking the time to write one article that isn’t really about football, even when he writes about 5-6/day that are.  A few things here: (1) Good for Osi to apologize, and do so sincerely, for a dumb comment. (2) It should be clear that he was apologizing to women only, not to McCoy for the “insult.” (3) LeSean got paid yesterday. Osi did not.

– RG3 was on Leno.  You can watch it here.  Natural.  Didn’t know he was born in Japan.  That means he can’t be president, which always bothered Mr. Costanza from Seinfeld.  His beat box a little bit after the 8 minute mark is great.  2/1 odds say some marketing guy saw that and is working on getting him to do a commercial with him doing beat box behind some highlights.  Impressive kid.

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– Tons of blogs out there saying “This is the slow time of the offseason.”  It’s not that bad.  Rookies are signing contracts.  OTA’s are underway.  LeSean McCoy just signed a long contract extension.  Plenty to talk about.  Nothing touches what was going on last offseason during the lockout.  I’ll take this kind of slow over that mess any day.

– Great feature on LeSean McCoy as a kid on PE.com (with a h/t to Tommy Lawlor of IgglesBlitz for the find).  Not sure if that’s his dad yelling encouragement from the sidelines in the first 10 seconds of the video, but I think I’m going to start screaming “SMASHMOUTH!” at people to encourage them in every day tasks.

– Apparently, Colin Cowherd listed his top 10 delusional fan bases.  The Cowboys were 4th.  This seemed to aggravate Cowboys fans.  In recent weeks, I’ve been told by Cowboys fans that Dez Bryant is a top 5 WR in the NFL, Jerry Jones is a good GM, and Tony Romo is better than Eli Manning.  So… yeah.  Then again, I’ve heard similar delusional statements from fans of the other 3 NFCE fan bases as well.  Every fan base, or at least the ones that give a crap, are delusional.  I’m surprised people even care what Colin Cowherd thinks.


  1. skinsaholic says:

    I thought RGIII was great on leno last night.

    I listen to the sports junkies on the radio here in DC and one guy that called this morning said RGIII set his race back 100 years for beat boxing. I was taken back by that.

    1. Ha, people are idiots.

      1. brisulph says:

        sounds like a job for the DC equivalent of the fakeWIPcaller (sp?).

    2. xvii_xxii_xxvi says:

      In this man’s defense, beat-boxing was HUGE in 1912.

      1. Steve says:


  2. DCeaglesfan says:

    I’m pretty sure he is still allowed to be president, if both his parents are US-citizens.

    1. Just looked it up…. and you’re right. Learned something new today.

  3. DallasStar says:

    I am surprised that anyone cares what you think.

    1. And yet, here you are.

      1. DallasStar says:

        Anh you are good for information on the entire division now if you could only take your opinion out of the information it I would read it everyday. But your opinion is always worth a good laugh ill give you that.

        1. CulDaddy says:

          So, you CARE (good or bad) about what Jimmy writes. You contradict yourself.

        2. xvii_xxii_xxvi says:

          Good Lord. Could you be more of a stereotype?

      2. slandog says:

        Haha I thought the same thing Jimmy. He complains about your blog but yet he keeps coming back. Stupid Cowboy fan!!!

  4. Tracer Bullet says:

    I wish I could use Mike Florio to beat Cowherd to death. Then I’d choke Florio with Cowherd’s entrails.

    1. Corry says:

      Can you fit Skip Bayless into this equation?

    2. brisulph says:

      I know you are serious, but the imagery it evoked made me laugh.

  5. Vince says:

    “I’m surprised people even care what Colin Cowherd thinks.”

    Me too, and yet he won’t go away.

    1. Steve says:

      Second that for almost anyone on ESPN.

  6. Smitty2K3 says:

    There’s really only one potential move left for the Eagles to make… and it’s to sign Yeremiah Bell. After everything they’ve done this offseason, safety is the only position they really haven’t addressed. And to bring in a strong veteran presence like Bell to possibly start at SS or push Coleman and Jarrett, it’s the perfect move to make.

    Bell isn’t what he once was, but he’s the best option out there right now, by far. And as much as we hope Coleman and/or Jarrett improved, it’s no guarantee. This just gives us another solid option.

    I’d really like this move; if it happens.

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