If the NFC East’s 1’s on offense were kidnapped, which team’s 2’s in the NFCE would be able to score?

The Cowboys probably have the best QB/RB combo in Kyle Orton and Felix Jones… but after that they have nothing.  The Eagles would actually have a receiving corps that might be better than a few teams’ starters, but their QB/RB combo is weak.  The Giants would have the most inexperience with 3 rookies.  And finally, the Redskins… The Redskins’ 2’s look very similar to their 1’s of a year ago.  None of these teams would be able to block anybody.  Note: I didn’t include a FB. Went with 3 WR’s instead, an used the 3, 4, and 5 for each team.

Here are your 2’s:

The 2’s Giants Eagles Cowboys Redskins
QB David Carr Mike Kafka Kyle Orton Rex Grossman
RB David Wilson Dion Lewis Felix Jones Tim Hightower
WR Reuben Randle Jason Avant Danny Coale Leonard Hankerson
WR Jerrel Jernigan Riley Cooper Kevin Ogletree Josh Morgan
WR Ramses Barden Marvin McNutt Dwayne Harris Anthony Armstrong
TE Adrien Robinson Clay Harbor John Phillips Chris Cooley
LT James Brewer King Dunlap Levy Adcock James Lee
LG Kevin Boothe Mike Gibson David Arkin Adam Gettis
C Jim Cordle Steve Vallos Kevin Kowalski Erik Cook
RG Mitch Petrus Julian Vandervelde Bill Nagy Josh LeRibeus
RT Sean Locklear Dennis Kelly Jermey Parnell Willie Smith

Who ya got?


  1. JJeaglerooter says:

    I just had a scarey thought…………..$Goodell$ might see this and think , “Hey , we could have a saturday nite JV game with the practice squads of the sunday teams >>$$$$$$!!

    1. D3Keith says:

      Hey they already charge full price to watch the JV in the preseason!

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  3. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    None of these teams would beat Alabama from last year.

  4. […] If the NFC East’s 1′s on offense were kidnapped, which team’s 2′s in the NFCE would be able … […]

  5. DerfDiggy says:

    How much do Eagles fans believe in Kafka? I obviously have no idea what to think…he’s a reliable backup if Vick had to miss a game or two?

    Compare him to Kolb….without the hyperbole, I would’ve thought Kolb was a probowl QB while he was an Eagle.

    1. ICDogg says:

      Kafka IMO is a guy who doesn’t have much talent but has a lot of know-how. A good guy to throw in for a few plays or a couple of quarters, but I don’t think he will ever be an effective starter. I project that he will eventually be a quarterbacks coach.

  6. brisulph says:

    The pro-Eagles, anti-Cowboys slant of this site is ATROCIOUS… BGN2 all up in this bi… What’s that? Eagles third, Cowboys second? Huh.

    1. Gary says:

      Yeah, I’m getting sick of all the pro-Redskins bias around here.

  7. Max says:

    The two most important positions on an offense that is essentially a pickup squad are going to be the QB and RB, since they’re the ones who will have the ball the most, and the Cowboys clearly have the best of both, so I don’t see why everyone’s picking the Redskins…

    1. BBI says:

      I don’t think the dropoff is that great from Orton/Jones to Grossman/Hightower. And Wash has Dallas beat easily in WR corp and I think has a better OL at this point. Also the TE situation, Chris Cooley >> anybody else.

  8. RogerPodacter says:

    actually going with the skins.
    i think all of the OL talk is more or less a wash with all of the teams.
    grossman isn’t…. ok. well. forget that. mostly i like cooley & hightower.

  9. WeGotLinemen says:

    It’s a tiny point but I doubt Eric Cook even makes it into the Redskins second string. He has looked poor whenever he has got playing time, even against 3rd and 4th stringers in pre-season. He also showed no improvement from his first to second year.

    It would probably be either be Grant Garner at center, or Maurice Hurt who would fill one of the guard slots, with LeRibeus or Gettis at centre. Tyler Polumbus would also be in with a shout at right tackle, and he has played reasonably as a starter there for Shanahan last year and back in Denver.

    I’m actually a little bit staggered by how good the ‘Skins depth looks. I think the major problem is that at some OL slots our starting line-up isn’t that much of an upgrade, if any at all.

    1. Yeah, I actually tried to get LeRibeus as the center, but couldn’t make that work. The reality is that most teams don’t keep 10 OL, so guys like Cook have to suffice for the purpose of filling in a full line.

      1. Mikeiscool says:

        Firstly this is way off subject from the linked comment above, but I wanted to get your attention by replying to your comment
        Hey Jimmy, i’d like to say i’m a Cowboys fan and I really respect your views on the NFC Beast, you do a really good job of analyzing each teams strengths and weaknesses. I also like the fact that you try and represent the whole NFC east and not just one team. I really think more bloggers should take this approach.
        My real question is where do you think the Cowboys will end up this year, and whats your opinion of their talent and depth. And, what do you think of Jason Garret and the direction he is taking this team.
        Last question I promise, where do you honestly feel Dez Bryant will be in five years, because I know you said you think he is the most physically talented WR in the NFC beast, or something along those lines.
        PLEASE reply, I would really like to get your opinions on the above mentioned questions.

        1. Thanks.

          “My real question is where do you think the Cowboys will end up this year”

          Gonna wait until the end of August for all of that.

          “whats your opinion of their talent and depth.”

          I think they’re very “top heavy,” meaning that they have a lot of really talented guys at the top of their roster, but it falls off pretty quickly once you get to somewhere around their 12th-15th best guy.

          “what do you think of Jason Garret and the direction he is taking this team.”

          I like Garrett. I think he has a very difficult job working for Jerry Jones.

          “where do you honestly feel Dez Bryant will be in five years, because I know you said you think he is the most physically talented WR in the NFC beast, or something along those lines.”

          He’s not going anywhere, meaning, he’s going to be a starter in the league for a long time. Way too talented not to. But he has a lot of work to do. He’s more of an athlete than a football player right now. I really can’t say if I think he’ll put it all together or not. Sometimes you can get a feel for a player’s mentality if you’re around them often enough. I’ve never interacted with him, so my opinion on that front is useless.

  10. BBI says:

    Few quick corrections, the OTs for the Giants are kind of weird. Will Beatty and David Diehl are technically the LT and RT starters. The primary backups are Diehl at LT and Brewer at RT. So if you kidnapped Beatty and Diehl, James Brewer would be the LT and Brandon Mosley or Sean Locklear would be the RT.

    I’d say the Giants and Eagles have the better of the two OLs. I’d contend Giants because Boothe/Petrus could potentially be starters, but King Dunlap would be a very decent backup relative to whoever else is on this list.

    As far as QBs, obviously the Cowboys, then Redskins, then Giants, then Eagles.
    TE, its obviously the Redskins.

    At RB, its Felix Jones, then Hightower, then Wilson, and finally Lewis. (Lewis is essentially an unknown, didn’t see too much of him at RB, but I’m going to go with Wilson because of both of their draft statuses)

    At WR, it gets kind of interesting. I know I’m going to get roasted for this, but I don’t think Jason Avant is anything special. He’s been with both Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick in his career, and he hasn’t really posted any great lines, despite potentially being the number 2 guy behind Desean Jackson (who was brought in in 2008), didn’t have to contend with Maclin at first (brought in in 2009) or compete against T.O (left after 2006).

    I know he’s very sure-handed, and has a high catch rate and whatever, but I mean, look at his stat lines since 2007 (didn’t do much in 2006):

    2007: 23-267-11.6-2
    2008: 32-377-11.8-2
    2009: 41-587-14.3-3
    2010: 51-573-11.2-1
    2011: 52-679-13.1-1

    Reuben Randle is obviously an unproven rookie, but he’s got the highest upside of any other WR here. Do you go with upside and potential? Pre-draft, he profiled as a #1 WR. Or do you go with the sure-handed, reliable 50 catch, 600 yard, 2 TD guy in Avant?

    It’s an interesting predicament, and one that I don’t have a surefire answer to. As far as the rest of the Eagle-Giant comparisons go, both Ramses Barden and Riley Cooper are JAGs and Jerrel Jernigan is a good KR, don’t know about WR yet, while McNutt is a 6th round rookie with upside, I’d consider both even there.

    As far as the Cowboys go, Harris has a bit of upside, Coale has the upside to be an Avant like player, and Ogletree is a scrub. The Redskins are much more interesting. Josh Morgan is an underrated player, and Leonard Hankerson is probably 2nd on this list in terms of upside with a WR. Anthony Armstrong is FAST too.

    Here are Josh Morgan’s stats:

    2008: 20-319-16.0-3
    2009: 52-527-10.1-3
    2010: 44-698-15.9-2
    2011 (5 gms): 15-220-14.7-1

    I think I’d like the Redskins WR corp has the best mix of veterans plus upside, so I think I’d shockingly go with them. I mean, Anthony Armstrong had a line of 44-871-19.8-3 in 2010, so that’s pretty damn good, too.

    With the Giants WR corps, its upside, with the Eagles, its reliability. At least at the top. For now, I’m going to rate them equal.

    So to summarize:

    OL: Giants > Eagles > Redskins > Cowboys
    QB: Cowboys > Redskins > Giants > Eagles
    RB: Cowboys > Redskins > Giants > Eagles
    WR: Redskins > Eagles = Giants > Cowboys

    Given this, I think, in a shocker, I’d go with the Washington Redskins’ backups.

    1. You’re right. Brewer should be in there. Fixing…

    2. skinsaholic says:

      I was shocked when I saw the poll results (so far), but I clearly voted for the skins. My thinking was virtually the same as your’s. Well said

      1. Yeah, I voted for the Skins too.

        1. D3Keith says:

          Me three. Was a pretty easy decision.

    3. Anders says:

      I think you are underrating Dion Lewis. Only reason why Lewis was drafted late was because he isnt that big of a RB and he isnt super fast even tho he isnt big, but he still produced better then most college backs.

      This year, I would also take Avant over Randle, but Im 100% sure that in a year or two, he should be better.

      Also Jimmy, you could just aswell have listed Trent Edwards as the Eagles backup QB, because right now Kafka and Edwards are equal and between Carr, Grossman and Edwards it is a toss up who is better.

      1. BBI says:

        Lewis had 23 carries for 102 yards and 1 TD this season, which is peanuts. He flashed good ability on the carries that I saw, but I don’t know if its underrating him by putting the Giants’ first round draft pick before him when both are untested.

        I won’t comment on how he’ll actually do, cause he could very well be better than Wilson, just saying he did more STs work than running work, and I’d put my guy over him because expectations are higher.

        As far as Avant vs Randle, that’s the question, yeah….if we’re talking just this year, I’d take Avant, but in a couple years it’d switch.

        1. Anders says:

          You are taking your boy Wilson over Lewis based on draft position. Why not look at college production? Lewis was more productive in college and the only reason he wasnt a 2nd round pick, was because he isnt overly athletic or big. Remember this is a guy there was actually a more productive college RB then McCoy.

          1. Anders says:

            Also shouldnt Lewis have the advantage of knowing the Eagles playbook over Wilson there is a rookie and have never taken a snap in the NFL?

    4. ICDogg says:

      Has to be the Skins.

  11. AustonianAggie says:

    Orton is best back up probably, but his tackles will get him killed. Felix Jones can make some plays as #2 RB though

  12. Willgfass says:

    The interior line for the giants actually looks pretty strong.
    The bookends though… Ouch. Carr would be having some flashbacks to his time with the texans.

    1. BBI says:

      I don’t think those would be the bookends.

  13. dr wnc says:

    Gotta be the Redskins;

    You said score right, the Defense will score an interception from Grossman at the least,

    Second point: other than the two new guards and the old TE, the Redskins used this lineup as a number 1 last year.

    1. Willgfass says:

      And they were 26th in scoring with that offense

  14. Djax10 says:

    That Poll really shows the bias on this site. Then again, it is still early. as more ppl vote, it wont be so skewed

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