What statistical metrics were the NFC East teams in the “Bottom 10” in the NFL?

The short answer… A ton of them.

I thought it might be fun to take a look at the most statistically deficient numbers for each of the NFC East teams.  These are basic overview categories that can be found on NFL.com’s team stats area.  I didn’t drill down too deep, by getting into more subjective advanced stats like drops and missed tackles, but thought this might serve as a good overview of the areas that needed the most attention for each team heading into the 2012 season.  Let’s start with the team that had the most “Bottom 10’s,” the Washington Redskins.

Redskins Stat Rank
Rushing Yards per game – Offense 100.9 25
Rushing TD’s – Offense 8 26
Rushes of 40+ yards – Offense 0 6 teams had 0
Fumbles 25 25
Points per game – Offense 18 26
Passing TD’s – Offense 19 23
Interceptions thrown – Offense 24 30
Pass plays of 40+ yards – Offense 7 6 teams tied for 8th worst
Passer rating – Offense 73.3 27
Turnover differential -14 31
Average kickoff distance 63.4 27
Kickoffs out of bounds 3 Tied for last with Bears
FG% 76% 29
FG’s blocked 5 32
Kick return avg 22.1 27
Kick/punt return fumble 7 Tied for last with Ravens
Punting avg 43.1 25
Defensive TD’s 1 7 teams only had 1
Fumble recoveries 8 24
Pass plays of 20+ yards allowed 58 26
Opposing QB passer rating 87.4 24
Rushes of 20+ yards allowed 14 4 teams tied for 9th worst
  • It’s no secret that the Redskins had problems on offense last year.  They finished in the “Bottom 10” in 9 statistical categories.  A lot of that was due to poor QB play.  A lot of it was due to poor OL play.  Obviously, the Skins hope that Robert Griffin III can turn things around, and the bar is set pretty low for the kid.
  • The Skins tied with the Eagles for second worst turnover differential.  Turnover differential is kind of a big deal.  Only 2 teams in the Bottom 10 in turnover differential made the playoffs. Seven of the Top 10 made it.
  • It’s kind of remarkable how bad the Skins were on special teams last year.  They were in the Bottom 10 in SEVEN statistical categories, most disturbingly in blocked FG’s.  There were 35 blocked FG’s/PAT’s in the NFL in 2011.  The Skins were on the wrong end of 6 of those, or 17% of the league’s blocks. They also had a ridiculous 7 fumbles on kick/punt returns.  Crazy.
  • The Skins had some tough luck on fumble recoveries.  They only had 8 recoveries, but they forced 26 fumbles. That’s a recovery rate of 30.8%.

The rest of the NFC East after the jump…

Giants Stat Rank
Rushing Yards per game – Offense 89.2 32
Yards per carry – Offense 3.5 32
Rushes of 20+ yards – Offense 4 32
Rushes of 40+ yards – Offense 0 6 teams had 0
Time of possession 29:30 23
FG’s blocked 2 6 teams had 2
Punt return avg 6.1 29
Defensive TD’s 1 7 teams only had 1
Points per game allowed 25 25
Yards per game allowed 376.4 27
Yards per play allowed 5.6 23
Passing yards per game allowed 255.1 29
Passing TD’s allowed 28 25
Pass plays of 20+ yards allowed 60 29
Rushing yards per attempt allowed 4.5 23
Rushing TD allowed 15 23
  • It’s just staggering that the team that won the Super Bowl was dead last in rushing yards and yards per carry, and in the Bottom 10 in points per game allowed, yards per game allowed, yards per play allowed, passing yards allowed, passing TD’s allowed, rushing yards per carry allowed, and rushing TD’s allowed. That just shows what a great QB, a great pass rush, and the mantra of “Just get into the tourney” really means.
Eagles Stat Rank
Fumbles lost 13 26
Interceptions thrown – Offense 25 Tied for last with Bills
Turnover differential -14 31
Touchback % 65% 23
Kick return avg 20.9 31
Punt return avg 7.1 27
Kick/punt return fumble 5 N/A
Punting avg 42.2 29
Punting Net 36.9 27
Touchbacks 9 25
Forced fumbles 10 27
Passing TD’s allowed 27 24
Pass plays of 40+ yards allowed 13 3 teams tied for 2nd worst
Rushes of 40+ yards allowed 4 4 teams tied for 4th worst
Passing yards per reception allowed 12.3 2 teams tied for 10th worst
  • For the Eagles, 2011 was really all about one thing… the devastating play.  26th in fumbles, tied for last in INT’s, -14 in turnover differential, and 17 total plays of 40+ yards allowed.
Cowboys Stat Rank
Rushing TD’s – Offense 5 30
Penalties 114 816
Punt return avg 7.1 27
Punting avg 42.9 26
Punting Net 36.7 28
Defensive TD’s 1 7 teams only had 1
Yards per play allowed 5.6 24
Passing yards per game allowed 244.1 23
Pass plays of 20+ yards allowed 57 25
Opposing QB passer rating 88.4 25
Passing yards per attempt allowed 7.6 24
Passing yards per reception allowed 12.3 2 teams tied for 10th worst
  • The Cowboys, to my surprise, had the least number of “Bottom 10’s” in the division, and five of them were in the pass defense.  The biggest offender was Terence Newman, who was of course replaced by Brandon Carr in free agency.
  • I didn’t realize the Cowboys only had 5 rushing TD’s.  That’s putting way too much pressure on your QB, and it’s an indictment of your OL being totally unable to win in the trenches.

“Top 10’s” next week.


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  6. AustonianAggie says:

    If Dallas turns around that 5 rushing TD stat, we won’t miss Laurent Robinson so much

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  9. Trueblue63 says:

    Some stats mean more than others, just being bad at something doesn’t make it a problem. For example, not being able to run the ball doesn’t mean quite as much when you have a QB who excels and WRs that threaten the goal line every time they touch the ball. In 2008 when the Giants were the top rushing team, it didn’t matter much when their passing game lost its mojo.

  10. joe d says:

    The eagles are CURSED in the playoffs and the giants are BLESSED in the playoffs. When the Eagles should win/have everything going for them it flops. WHen the Giants are literally the 1% favorite to win the sb — it happens. It just makes me sick.

    1. brisulph says:

      We enjoyed your post you made after the Giants beat SF the other day on BBV… the hate and anger was so strong in that thread.

      Keep in mind that the Giants tend to get absolutely stupid bad luck during the season though (injuries and epic collapses), so it does even out in a way (ie missing the play-offs, meaning no shot at the SB some years).

      1. Anders says:

        How does it even out? The Eagles have made the playoffs more often then the Giants the last 5 years, yet the Giants have 2 super bowl rings.

        1. brisulph says:

          2007 – Make play-offs, play good D and strong run game to SB title.

          2008 – failed season, lost at home in divisional to hated rivals (got badly outplayed all game too)

          2009 – Sitting at 8-6, blow last two game horrendously (lose both by 30 to 40 some), miss play-offs.

          2010 – Lose a Nightmare of a game at home, then get smoked by the pack to assure missing play-offs.

          2011 – Suffer horrendous injuries, get guys back in time to make play-offs, and proceed to force turnovers and get big scoring plays, winning SB.

          I am not going to go back and examine the 2001-2006 seasons, but lots of brutal heartache in there too. My point is that the rest of the fans out there see the Giants as lucky… but in reality this season is payback for all the crap luck they have had in the past decade. Yes I know, 2 SB titles and all that, but in between (and before) has been agonizing to deal with (I did not mention the SF play-off game, or getting shutout at home by the Panthers).

          This is what I mean by all things even out over time.

          1. Anders says:

            How can you call a decade with 3 super bowl games and 2 titles crap luck? What does any of the other shit have to do with that when you won fucking 2 titles.

            1. brisulph says:

              I did not even mention the other Eagles beat Giants play-off loss (but I never saw it, I was at a wedding) in the last decade. Plenty of karma to come back ’round and even things out.

        2. BBI says:

          actually, we’ve both gone to the playoffs 3 out of the past 5 years. It just looks like we’re worse cause we missed ’em two years in a row, while you guys missed in 2007 and 2011

    2. Trueblue63 says:

      DO you think that it could have anything to do with the type of players and style of play?

      The Eagles have tended towards a more high risk/high the deep passing, ignoring a ground game all those years with McNabb, and a defense that depended on blitzing. (and while there have definitely been changes the last two years, the wide 9 is a pretty extreme approach to pressure)


      The Giants tend towards a more balanced attack, and even when passing attempts went up this past year, they still ran between the tackles just to keep the defense honest. And on D, they depend on their DL taking a 2-gap approach and still pressuring the passer.

      I ask because maybe, it’s harder to maintain a high risk approach in the playoffs where games are officiated tighter and the caliber of play goes up. Only other thing that sticks out is Eli. He’s ridiculous under pressure.

  11. Timbo says:

    The Cowboys ranked 816th in penalties? Ha, I know they are bad but not thatttt bad.

    1. Wow, not even sure how that could have happened, considering every rank is either in the 20’s or 30’s, and there are no 2’s or 3’s there. That’s just an epic typo.

      And you know what? It’s so bad that I’m leaving it there.

      1. Fiftyfourd says:

        Your hate for the cowboys comes out again haha

  12. deg0ey says:

    I know Giants fans don’t like being told they were lucky on their path to the Super Bowl (especially because it’s true of every team that ever won the competition to some extent) but I suspect it’s the performance in the statistical categories above that largely prompts that criticism…

    I’d still take a season like that for the Eagles, though 😉

    1. BBI says:

      Thing is, if you look at the profile of the “low 10” stats…

      Wash dealt with what we can infer (given the stats) was terrible QB play.

      Eagles, we can infer, was terrible at STs (weird) and at holding on to the ball.

      Giants was rushing and defense.

      Cowboys was pass defense.

      So, given the way the NFL is evolving now….you want to be passing the ball, and running takes a bit of a backseat…which sort of minimizes (but absolutely doesn’t excuse) the Giants run game stats…while maximizing the Eagles’ turnover woes…cause the more times you got the ball, the more times you can score.

      …but yeah, our path to the SB was not what one would call….ideal….lol

  13. Anders says:

    We better copy that method to win a super bowl, I mean, what team wouldnt compare it self to a 9-7 team and is worse then your own in most categories? Basicly this proves that the Eagles just need to turn down the turnovers on offense, become better in the RZ and dont allow to many big plays on defense.

    The Cowboys just need a better secondary and re find there ground game, while the Giants seems to be in must trouble if a guy like Cruz takes a step back or Eli misses a game or 2.

    1. brisulph says:

      I suspect the Giants o-line will bounce back a bit, meaning the run game will be better, thus not requiring Cruz/Nicks/whoever and Eli to run up staggeringly high numbers.

      As for D, considering that the d-line was super banged up most the year (and we had our depth back ups playing in the secondary), I think a lot of those D numbers were just a tad inflated.

      That said, I am not expecting the 11-1 start they had after the last Super Bowl, as that team dominated the line battles and had three health-ish backs ready to go.

      1. Anders says:

        Still, the Giants model is not a blue print of anything unless you aim for a high probability of missing the playoffs.

        1. brisulph says:

          Oh agreed… they were just able to make enough big time plays to win it.

          1. Anders says:

            No, the Niners fumbled enough for you to make it.

            1. brisulph says:

              Yep, the entire run was based off of that. You guys crack me up.

            2. BBI says:

              And we convienently forget about the dickish calls against us vs Green Bay….

              but then again, that’s not surprising.

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