Some random thoughts from around the NFC East: My favorite pick from each team in the bEast

– My Cowboys readers… Let’s be friends again.

– My favorite picks for each team:

  • Keenan Robinson

    Redskins: Keenan Robinson, LB, Texas: RG3 was obvious, so we’ll go with my second favorite Redskin pick here.  Extremely talented kid that may just need a push from a strong veteran presence.  He’ll have a year or perhaps 2 to learn from one of the most professional players in the game, London Fletcher.  I hadn’t thought of Robinson as a Skins target before the draft, but it was one of those picks where you kind of go, “Oh yeah… that makes a ton of sense.”  Starter in Year 3.  Getting him at 119 is extraordinary value, in my opinion.

  • Cowboys: Tyrone Crawford, DE, Boise: The more work I do on this kid, the more I like him.  In his two years at Boise, he had 13.5 sacks.  Compare that to first round pick Shea McClellin, who had 16.5 over the same span.
  • Eagles: Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall: I’m still in a little bit f disbelief that Curry slipped all the way to 59.  My boy Tommy noted a comparison made by Mike Mayock to a current NFL player. I can see it.
  • Giants: Adrien Robinson, TE, Cincinnati: Out of the box, he’s pretty much already what Martellus Bennett is… a big blocking TE with great size and athletic ability, sans the receiving ability.  The difference is that Robinson has a clean slate.  It’ll be interesting to see what the Giants can make him into.

– The Eagles added another OT off waivers from the Rams, Thomas Welch.  It’s the second OT they’ve added off waivers this offseason, the first being DJ Jones.  They also signed Demetress Bell and King Dunlap, and drafted Dennis Kelly.

– The Redskins already signed their two 7th rounders.  Gotta love the new slotted pay scale for rookies under the new CBA.  Nothing is more annoying than having a draft pick not signed a few weeks into camp.  Last year, Danny Watkins and Prince Amukamara were among the last to sign their roookie deals (Amukamara was actually last), but they still only missed a week or so.  With no lockout this year, I expect just aboutall the rookie deals to be done prior to camp.

– Interesting over/under discussion on the number of yards Giants rookie RB David Wilson will have this season.  The number is 571, or the same number of yards that Brandon Jacobs had last season.  I’m taking the under.  That’s not because I don’t think he’s good.  I just think the Tom Coughlin is slow to trust his rookies, and obviously, Ahmad Bradshaw is the unquestioned starter.  Keep in mind, the guy that people optimistically compare Wilson to is LeSean McCoy.  McCoy had 637 yards as a rookie in a season in which the starter (Brian Westbrook) only played 8 games.  Most rookie running backs, including the ones that are drafted highly, don’t sniff 571 yards.  More on that later.


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  5. Nightspook says:

    Jimmy – saw your “let’s be friends again” link and decided to finally click on one of your articles and leave a comment. It has been a long time since I have clicked on one of your pieces as in my opinion I identified you as a “troll writer” from the first piece I read of yours a long time ago.

    To be clear, I did not read this one. However I did feel obligated to point out you and I have never been friends. Ever.

    I can see how someone would like to claim so (grasping at any credibility) yet it is a canard, an untruth or as mom used to call it “a lie”.

    Keep on trolling. It’s how you roll.

    1. “To be clear, I did not read this one. However I did feel obligated to point out you and I have never been friends. Ever.”

      Ha, you didn’t read it, huh? I assume you were also sleeping with your laptop next to you, rolled over, and your unconscious body also just happened to type “B-l-o-g-g-i-n-g-t-h-e-b-e-a-s-t-.-c-o-m” in succession, and that’s how you got here in the first place.

      1. Nightspook says:

        Yo Jimmy-san,

        Love the “notify by email of response option”. 🙂

        In answer to your assumption (query), nope. I was doing my daily round robin search engine gig. Saw your article header begging Cowboys fans “Let’s be friends again” and just felt an urge to set the record straight (as I enjoyably did). Purly happenstance.

        Don’t feel bad about your assumption however. Unlike most assumptions you did not “Make an @$$ out of you and me”. Just yourself. Based on your reply, I suspect this is not an unusual occurance.

        Enjoy the day! Go Cowboys, their fans and friends of those fans. :))

        PS – NFC East is the BEST. Only as good as your competition.

        1. I have no idea what you’re trying to say/accomplish here, but cheers.

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  13. mastermind says:

    To all cowboy fans. Save ur time don’t argue with jimmyk, he’s a total douche. He even ran off KD in that silly post using weak plays that run away from d. ware as “evidence” that he is a liability in the run game. d ware isn’t perfect, he is human and may have had a bad night. But that article is yet another example if how that idiots obvious fear and discontent with the cowboys result its ridiculously written articles about the team we love. I come here for news, and laugh at his “we be journalizin” motto. The guy is a tool not unlike 75%-85% of all other eagle fans.

    1. rational says:

      Well played. The percentage may be higher. But what pisses me off is that there are more than just Eagles fans that do this kind of crap targeting the Cowboys because they are so hated. And the tough part is listening to our own fans parrot some of the same bull shit. Its like, even some of the Cowboys fans hate the cowboys. I mean, hearing crap like replacing Tony Romo and even some fans talking shit about Dez Bryant? Tony Romo is a fantastic quarterback and Dez Bryant will be a pro-bowler and the best receiver in the East and third best receiver in the NFC within the next two years. I have never seen a talent like him (its funny that Blackmon is compared to him because Dez is way better in my eyes……he just has an extra gear); he is making plays and the guy hasn’t even had an off-season program since he has been in the league. He schooled Revis for most of the game last year against the Jets. And with Miles, Witten and DeMarco Murray in the backfield with the best fullback in the league and more beef up front……look out.

      1. ProtoTyler says:

        Yay you found a buddy. Go start you own chatroom/site together. LOLOMGCOWBOYZRULEJIMMYKSUCKS.COM

        1. rational says:

          you are gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  14. rational says:

    If RG3 was obvious, why isn’t Claiborne? The Cowboys had him rated 2nd on their board (ahead of RG3) and they only gave up a second rounder to get him (as opposed to Washington giving everything for the next two years which is the only means to build a team around him as they have salary cap issues). They have so many holes on their team as their Linebackers and Secondary will age, become ineffective and retire. As a Dallas fan, I am only disappointed that they didn’t address the tight end spot with a tight end who can black and actually has good hands (Hanna has bad hands but I am not complaining too much about getting a tight end in the 6th round with 4.5 speed).
    Claiborne will solidify the back end of their defense for years. If they did not pick him, they would have either lost Jenkins for the following year and had to settle for whatever they could draft (which would have most likely ended up with Carr and Scandrick starting at corner) or they would have been forced to sign Jenkins and have two $50 million dollar corners (one that is very injury prone….Jenkins).
    The only other argument that you could have is that Dallas could have reached for Kirkpatrick in the first round or bit the bullet and drafted Janoris Jenkins in the second. They both have character concerns and Garrett is gung-ho with selecting players that are smart and have great work ethic to create a good environment for the team and have a higher probability of realizing their potentials as individual players. So those players weren’t an option and physically they don’t offer near the schematic advantages as players that claiborne does (claiborne has height, length, ball skills and big play ability as Jenkins is very short and would not fit in a secondary with Scandrick while kirkpatrick is really nothing special on any level as even his height is negated by shorter arms than normal….for his size).
    That pick was truly the best situation that they could have hoped for with their first pick (even if they gave up their second). So, even if Dallas has to wait another year to really make a push (Ware, Romo, Witten and Ratliff should be able to make that; don’t you think?) while acquiring a possible free agent 3rd receiver (that could be allowed by not having to sign Jenkins), 2nd tight end, center or safety (some type of combination of those positions….likely 1 or 2 of them) while drafting a starter at one of those positions (unless they can draft superior depth behind Ware, Witten or Ratliff).
    Bottom line, Dallas didn’t treat this year as if they were one player away; the Claiborne pick allows them flexibility into the future to be competitive in free agency and draft the best player available. Thus, they will round out their roster year after year with more talent as they avoided a situation that would overextend them and dictate where they needed to allocate their resources.
    In addition, their draft is very underrated as Kyle Wilbur reportedly jumps out at observers during rookie camp and is very versatile (covers, rushes and can play strong side and weak side….but needs a little bulk) and Matt Johnson covers (17 interceptions with a horrible shoulder injury his senior year that dropped his stock……watch his you tube video….he has a great nose for the ball….takes great angles……not to mention your eagles were looking at him).
    Therefore, the cowboys came out of this draft creating depth across the roster and acquiring 4 possible starters (some not this year….but 4 starters in one draft is never expected) with no second round pick. While every player has a great chance to make the roster as all have great special teams qualities to grab a roster spot and develop. Ronald Leary (G) is considered their 8th pick as he is an undrafted free agent who signed that has great size (as he was a tackle but dominated at guard during a portion of his college career), quick feet, long arms to help with pass protection and is a great run blocker. He was not drafted because of a degenerative knee condition that will undoubtedly end his career early (much like D’Quan Bowers last year) but can provide help right away. Dallas has great competition for camp withing their interior line…….and a full off-season with a lot of experienced players relative to such a large competition (Livings will be the left Guard while any number of things could happen at the other two interior line positions with Makenzie Bernadeau as the odds on favorite to claim one of the spots). Dallas will definitely be improved in the interior line from last year as they will have more weight to provide a push in the running game and hold their ground to eliminate a push to the pocket to a much better degree.
    Dallas will improve in a lot of areas and will be a very versatile team as far as scheme is concerned on both sides of the ball (a blocking tight end and third receiver would help, but don’t discount that some could very well emerge as Dallas has the best receivers coach in the league and players who have had time invested in them and have physical attributes to succeed in the NFL remain on the roster……..and no, I don’t like Kevin Ogletree….he sucks).

    What do you think? Is that a reasonable argument for the approach to pick claiborne and rationale to be optimistic for the following year. There are some questions with their roster; as there are with any roster. Matter of fact, it seems to be the teams that think they are certain all the way across their roster than never get it done. That has been the case with the Cowboys quite a bit. It was the case with the Eagles last year.

    Also, have fun addressing the loss of Jason Peters. I have noticed that the Jason Peters subject has been conveniently avoided………..which should probably be the number one subject and worry of Eagles fans. He may be every bit as important of a loss as Terrell Suggs to the Ravens.

    What say you?

      1. rational says:

        Why did addressing the Peters situation never come up in your assessment of the Eagles’ draft? My point is that is a huge weakness that was not addressed while they added two defensive lineman in the first two rounds, where there is already a solid starting crew.

        And, I came across a statement of yours in the comments of the article you sent me to:

        “Because JPP isn’t just a great pass rusher, he’s also stellar against the run. And I think you probably remember his blocked FG pretty well. So yeah… 19.5 > 16.5, but JPP was the more complete player.”

        I have noticed that this thought has become more common lately. This is a statement of a person that hates the cowboys that does not want to give a Cowboys player the credit he deserves. D-Ware is fantastic against the run and has been throughout his career. Show me one play where he is a liability. He is much more than not just a liability against the run…..teams have to scheme against his ability and run play action to kick him outside to get passed him. He just plays on the weakside. He drops into coverage very well too. But if you have the best pass rusher since LT, why would you drop him into coverage? Your defense is going to focus on getting him to the quarterback exclusively. JPP has better pass rushers around him so the giants do more things with JPP down in and down out. That does not mean that Ware cannot do them though. He is a freakish athlete…..

        I like JPP too, and he probably did have a better year bursting onto the scene seeing fewer double teams and blocking a huge kick. But he is no-way the more complete player. I can’t believe an eagles player would say that after being tormented by him for the amount of years that you have.

        deMarcus Ware is a very complete player. He is the best defensive player in the league!

        1. Why did addressing the Peters situation never come up in your assessment of the Eagles’ draft?

          They signed Demetress Bell.

          1. rational says:

            you just said that they signed Demetress Bell as if that is really addressing anything. You have a three tackles who could only have a chance at being effective at right tackle. And even that is being optimistic. Who is going to be leading the screen down field? Who is going to be able to lead McCoy or Vick on a draw? Good luck.

            O-Line: Dallas > Philly after Peters went down
            WR: Dallas > Philly
            QB: Dallas > Philly
            WR: Dallas > Philly
            TE: Dallas > Philly
            RB: Dallas < Philly (not by much…..DeMarco and Felix is great to have)

            DL: Dallas Philly
            DB: Dallas > Philly

            Even though you throw Dallas’ draft in the dirt. Dallas improved their team to a much higher Degree than Philly did. And even though you say Dallas had more holes to fill……they did that in free agency more than any other team (filling more roster spots with experienced veterans that are still in their prime or about to step into it). They added potential in the draft and 4 likely starters within the next couple of years and significant playing time right away. What else can you ask for. Philly got their hands on 3 upgraded starters in the offseason and lost an All-Pro player and depth at experienced depth at corner. They have holes at safety, tight end, tackle, nickel corner, linebacker (SAM) and third wide receiver. There are height and issues all over the middle and back end (Boykin as well as the lack of physicality by Rodgers-Cromartie) of the defense (as you wrote about with the linebackers today). I love the match-up of Austin, Bryant and Witten against the Philly defense, with Murray coming out of the backfield with receiver type skills). I question how physical the defense is outside of a few players. I question how physical the offense is at every almost every position. That means injuries can cripple the dynamic of this team. They have playmakers……….but so do the Cowboys (and a lot of other teams). Should Philly really feel that good about their team going into next year? Or are they still hoping that they can live up to the expectations going into last year? Philly is always a trendy pick and Dallas is always a trendy doubt. More most of the league; it is really hard to hate a team that has never won anything. For Dallas, it is easy to hate the poor behavior and resentment that we know that their fans carry and throw Dallas under the bus at every opportunity. I was a little impressed that you put a story up that exposed a weakness though. Now do an overall expectation article with improvements and set-backs. I will be interested to see that.

            1. rational says:

              *DL: Dallas < Philly……..I was not trying to minimize a huge strength of the Eagles

            2. rational says:

              The linebackers one erased as well:

              LB: Dallas > Philly

            3. Jimmy Kempski says:


        2. D-Ware is fantastic against the run and has been throughout his career. Show me one play where he is a liability

          Ask and ye shall receive:

          1. rational says:

            dude, that is crap………he is setting the edge every time. He is carefully setting it. He meets the pulling guard and is careful not to aggressively push the pulling guard in too far to create a cut back lane. He doesn’t even get up the field too far to create more of a whole. Because if he is too over aggressive setting the edge, it can leave a huge whole outside of him for McCoy to run. Playing that position you have to have confidence that your middle linebackers, safeties and interior defensive linemen will make the play. The same play is done over and over as a read on Ware. He is put in a tough situation where he has to set the edge and react. Its kind of like playing that position and hitting the quarterback on the option no matter what, in that he has to commit and the read is on what he does. That has nothing to do with his ability. They are trying to neutralize his ability by making him the guy to make the read because if he was the guy being counted on to pursue the play and make the tackle… would obviously get done. Another thing that has to be considered with that play is the Vick bootleg. Normally what you would do on that play is knock the guard back into the back field to close the whole. But you have to pick your poison with that play. You can tell that Ware has the ability to push the guard further back to close that whole……..but he is also supposed to set the edge. This is a fantastic play call…….there is no doubt. But your analysis is wrong in that D-Ware is not getting defeated within his matchup…….its more like he can’t do everything. You must have never played the game…….have you? Definitely not defense or any key read position. If you did, maybe WR or Corner?
            Now, a player like Claiborne allows the defense to go one on one and on the corners more and change some things on a play like that.
            I would have to look at it more, but from the clip that I saw…..the approach of the was to minimize the effectiveness of Dallas’ two best run defenders in Ware and Spencer while trying to take advantage of the lack of speed or Brady James or the inadequate size of the safety replacing him (many times they put Church in, who is a safety, to make up for his lack of speed….believe it or not). They may have tried Brooking for a while to see if he could make the play….but I’m sure he didn’t). The match-up on the perimeter with the speed at the wide receiver position and the ability of Vick to run with the ball creates some tough approaches by the defense (not to mention the ability of McCoy). Sean Lee and Bruce Carter will provide speed and coverage in the middle providing better flexibility than any other 3-4 team in the league….assuming Carter can stop the run well enough (which I’m sure he will)….check out his north carolina tape Whole new ball game. But do me a favor and consider the scheme of the whole defense a little more before you write bullshit articles like that. There is too much of this type of writing. There are too many opinions out there of people who don’t know the game well enough to credibly comment on it.

            1. Setting the edge or not, he was getting blocked with ease and getting knocked to the ground repeatedly by a TE who isn’t even a very good blocker. There’s no defending that tape.

              1. rational says:

                its not like the guy was getting pancaked…..he was getting cut on draws that he was performing a pass rush or diving for tackles. The thing is, what do you expect him to get aggressive? That is what is getting him out of the plays. Make up your mind. It didn’t look like he was getting kicked out of the whole really far on pulls (as if he was getting obliterated or dominated). Its tough to defend that tape for the defense and Ware didn’t do anything to stop it; but its more the team than anything. Ware is being isolated because there are 8 members of the defense on the other half of the field. One guy can’t set the edge and make the tackle on LeShon McCoy very many times. This is the price to pay, many times when a defensive coordinator is trying to take advantage of the whole line sliding to DeMarcus Ware. This isn’t a problem with Ware……….this is coaching. I love to play philly when they get a bye week to prepare as well. Andy Reid is an unbelievable coach. Rob Ryan said after the game “he was reading my mail.” Its simply the price to pay with aggressive defensive play calling; especially with no real off season to lay a foundation for all variables. And if he is such a weak defender………find something else; specifically where he is getting handled. There is nothing! I maintain that he is the best defensive player in the league! I can’t wait till the year starts. This should be fun. As a Cowboy fan; the season is much funner when they are not supposed to win the Super Bowl. Warren Sapp said the other day that they won’t even make the playoffs. I bet those boys are steaming and working hard.

          2. rational says:

            I just looked at the second video and they are using his aggressiveness against him in that one. I have to think that this has more to do with how rob ryan is using him overall. Yes, undisciplined football…..probably rob ryans aggressive scheme and temperment getting baptized by the perfect team to exploit that style of play. It will be an interesting chess match next year. I must say, that was tough to watch. It reminds me of the heartbreak that I had during that game last year. It should be a little easier handling that without Jason Peters next year though 😉

            1. rational says:

              I still wouldn’t call him a liability though, by any means.

              1. brisulph says:

                Dude… the amount of throwback in your face you just got was astounding.

  15. Mike says:

    I’m still pissed…

    that the Eagles got Vinny Curry. I think he’s going to be the best of your entire draft. I absolutely love that kid, and if the Cowboys HAD kept their 2nd rounder, he was who I wanted.

  16. Tfizzle says:

    Dear Bot,

    No real person puts spaces between their ellipses these days. Just letting you know.


    21st century

  17. I agree says:

    McClellin started more games than Crawford,Crawford started 1season with 27tackles for a lost .McClellin started 2 seasons.

  18. BBI says:

    I think that McCoy’s rookie season….Reid was not exactly taking the Rex Ryan approach to running the football, he was airing it out around 60%+ times.

    Coughlin was super pissed that we threw the ball that much, and one thing he’s been emphasizing is getting back the running game.

    We picked up blockers in Bennett and Robinson, and I can see Mosley being used as a jumbo TE. Hynoski will have a season under his belt. Hopefully the OL can stay healthy this year. Mitch Petrus is the hope at LG and he’s a better run blocker than Diehl or Boothe.

    On top of this, I can’t see Bradshaw staying healthy for the majority of the season. Da’Rel Scott I think, is a STer and will do kickoffs. Danny Ware is a 3rd down back and is mostly in for pass protection. That’s why I think Wilson might go for 800. I don’t think its a stretch to say he could very well end up being THE guy, despite being a rookie (and we all know Tom Coughlin’s stance on rookies). This is simply because Bradshaw is a time bomb. Who knows when that foot will act up again.

    Of course, if they sign a vet RB, disregard everything I said.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Just made a chart of all the RB’s drafted in the first two rounds over the past 5 years. There were 28 of them. Only 10 broke 571 yards.

    2. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Also… I’m not sure I agree that the Giants want to run the ball more. They won the SB because of their passing game.

      I just think that when they do run the ball, they want to do so more effectively. I don’t think we’ll see the run:pass ratios change all that much, unless the Giants are getting big leads on teams, but obviously, we’ll have to wait and see on that.

    3. NYG_slater says:

      I’m sure we would love to run the ball more often/effectively. But last year, when it went down to the wire, we won through the air. Next year, Ill be shocked if we revert back to the ’07 giants. I’m actually a little nervous we are going to be stubborn and lose a couple of games just trying to establish a run game. We did that last year and were fortunate Eli could bail us out. I don’t want to rely on eli throwing 15 4th quarter TD’s every year. Rather just air it out early, and run to close it out.

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