Poll: Who won the draft in the NFC East?

Well, nobody did.  We’ll know better in 5 years who had the best draft, but that of course shouldn’t stop us from having our initial reactions.  My initial reactions for each team can be found here:

So… Who ya got?


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  8. McG says:

    Great articles, and nice comments by the readership of the blog.

    This is a tough choice. I don’t personally think there is a clear cut winner… I am going to talk about the teams in the order in which I would rank them.

    I do think it’s hard not to love the depth of the picks the Eagles made, and the way the “board broke” to supply them will a combination of BPA fitting Need. Ultimately I voted “Eagles” because the only boneheaded pick in the lot seems to be the 3rd round QB Foles… though I don’t think any reasonable person can argue the kids potential after watching the QB camp Gruden tape. Obviously a project, but I still don’t like the pick.

    For the Giants, the value isn’t there selecting a RB in the first round… esp one who may not develop into a good blocker (though Eli can take a hit… I don’t think he wants to) and puts the ball on the turf. There is a chance that this kid will be the man who finally kills Coughlin during one of his trade mark red in the face heart attack moments. I like the rest of the Giants draft, but having such a major beef with their #1 is what made me think they came in 2nd place (in an overall very strong draft by all 4 teams).

    Sorry to Jerry Jone’s lovers and fans of Claiborne (who I like). There is no way I can justify burning a pick in the “sweet spot” of this draft to take one of the “big 3” CBs coming out. Heck Jerry could have stayed put and selected 1 really good CB and another good CB. Or (more to my taste) he could have revamped his interior O-line. I for one am glad that he didn’t get DeCastro. If Claiborne does develop into the second coming of you know who, then this will suddenly look like a very good trade.

    And in the “basement” we have the Redskins. This was hard for me… My grandfather (RIP) was a Skins fan, and I love the fact that they have a *potential* franchise QB now. I like the fact that they attempted to address their O-line (though I have my doubts on whether those picks are geared toward the passing game). If Shananhan had Howard Mudd for his O-line coach I think I would be more apt to believe in these “quick” interior o-line guys. My major beefs are: they may have overpaid for RGIII and are they seriously already planning for him to not finish the season by selecting Cousins? The Cousins pick was a total waste IMHO… go get a decent backup in free agency (I hate Vince Young with a passion but the dude can win a game if your real QB is out). I am NEVER inclined to say that an ACL tear makes a draft pick a bust, but it is scary to think that the Redskins gave up so many top picks to get RGIII and his frame below the waist is so fragile looking. I hope his track start abilities serve him well because in the NFC Beast there are going to be an awful lot of exceptionally talented athletes trying to crush this young man.

    In the end, 3 years from now; it may be that the Redskins win a superbowl because of the RGIII (or Cousins) pick and then my little ranking will look pretty foolish.

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  10. […] Jimmy Bama has a good poll up on his site about the best NFC East draft. […]

  11. ian says:

    redskins: they landed a franchise qb

  12. I agree says:

    Lets have a poll on who got the most rings in the NFC east.

    1. Kevin M. says:


      Rings? What kind? Engagement rings? Wedding rings? High school championship rings? Casual rings? Do brass knuckles count?

      Counting rings is tricky business…

      1. McG says:

        Don’t forget that “other” appendage that can also have a ring on it…

    2. We don’t need a poll for that. I can answer that. May be missing a guy somewhere, but…

      Cowboys: Just took a quick look at the Cowboys roster. It doesn’t appear any of them have any rings.

      Eagles: Only guy I see with a ring is Cullen Jenkins, when he was with GB.

      Redskins: London Fletcher has one a long time ago with the Rams, and Leigh Torrence got one with the Saints. I think that’s it for them.

      Giants: They have a boatload of players with rings, some with two.

      Unless of course you’re referring to stuff that happened a long time ago, in which case the Cowboys have the most rings.

      1. TK19 says:

        As a Cowboy fan, I HATE it when we throw rings from over a decade ago in another teams face.

        Jimmy, with your permission, I would like to use your reply to anyone who ever uses the “Super Bowl” argument to win a debate.

        1. McG says:

          I think it’s an attempt to make a point that other people “can’t argue against.”

          But what is the fun in that? What IS fun when talking about sports (in my opinion) is having questions where there is no clear cut answer. Ex: Which teams will make it to the 2013 Superbowl? Who had the best draft in 2012? Who is the greatest Mike of all time/the last decade/today?

          History is cool, and all that; but when it comes down to it… fans of other teams just don’t care about your teams history. If a player can be great without a Superbowl victory (Dan Marino anyone?) can’t a team be great without a Superbowl (’91 Eagles mostly due to their defense)?

          The common thread is the present and the future 😉 or to throw in a quote from the movie “Joe Dirt,” “The past is past; the future is now.”

          Respectfully submitted by a “ringless” Eagles fan.

  13. Tfizzle says:

    Also, can you put in a poll sometime to see which fans come to this site? Because I have a feeling there are almost as many giants, skins, and boys fans as eagles.

  14. joe d says:

    The Eagles bias in me wants me to pick the eagles…. The jaded Eagles fan in me wants me to pick anyone BUT the Eagles.

    The Giants always seem to hit at least 1-2 home runs in the draft *Cough Nicks* *Cough JPP* — marquee guys.

    The Cowboys have been on a real downward spiral since Tuna left as they really have NOT drafted all that well… Can anyone think of a guy that was AWESOME besides Sean Lee???????? Maybe Jenkins can have a comeback season?

    As everyone else stated. If RG3 turns out to be a super stud — gettng a franchise qb should be the clear cut winner

  15. Gary says:

    I agree with the results that the Eagles had the best but I’m surprised the Giants are last. I think theirs was easily second best.

  16. One.cool.customer says:

    I’m voting for the Redskins, and the reason is really simple.

    Adding RGIII to their roster makes them the team that improved the most out of all the teams in the East. Will it be enough for the Redskins to compete for the east this year? Probably not. But the Redskins easily made the biggest leap forward of any NFC East team.

    Given that the other teams all finished within a game of each other in the division last year, how did the draft impact those teams’ ability to compete?

    1. Tfizzle says:

      I actually think this is a very, very good point; I’ve been saying for several years that with a good qb, Washington could compete and make the NFC East a 4-man race.

      However, I couldn’t vote for them simply because of the sheer amount of picks they used to get RGIII. Even if he isn’t a bust, he’ll have to be an all-time great to be worth that much. He certainly has the talent, but until he shows me he can make it in the NFL, I’m going to have to mark their grade down for that.

      1. McG says:

        Definitely agree with your point about over paying for RGIII… but when put in the context of the Julio Jones trade from last year’s draft, it doesn’t look quite as ugly.

  17. I agree says:

    The Boys draft goes 1st pick Morris Claiborne 2nd Brandon Carr 3 Tyrone Crawford 4th Wilborn 5th Matt Johnson

    1. You agree with yourself?

      1. giantsfan says:


    2. ProtoTyler says:

      Yea, except they didn’t give up a 2nd for Carr that was Claiborne. Allow me to correct it for you.

      “The Boys draft goes: 1st pick Morris, 2nd Claiborne, 3 Tyrone Crawford, 4th Wilborn and 5th Matt Johnson.”


    3. Toddzilla says:

      Well then add demeco Ryan’s and Demetrius’s bell to the eagles draft

  18. Wake Up says:

    You gotta add FA with the Draft because it goes with the off season, The Cowboys got CB Brandon Carr (top CB in FA) & Mo Claiborne (top CB in the draft) & they were both needs!

  19. NYG_slater says:

    picked the giants….because I’m a homer.
    ……what! 77% eagles! bah.

    1. McG says:

      Legit… Personally I think it’s hard to argue a clear cut “winner” this year.

  20. BBI says:

    If preseason draft grades mean anything, I’d pick the Eagles as the best draft, followed (strictly IMO) by Giants, then Cowboys, then Redskins.

    But hell, that’s not going to stop me from homering out and picking my Giants.

  21. WeGotLinemen says:

    I voted Redskins because we acquired a potential franchise calibre QB, thus filling our biggest roster hole at the most important position in football.

    More than any of the other drafts apart from that of the Colts, the RGIII draft is one that could transform a franchises fortunes.

    So from that perspective, Redskins had the best draft.

    However, we kind of cheated by spending the next two-years’ first rounders. In terms of the best technical draft, moving around and finding the correct talent, the Eagles had the best draft of any team in the league.

    The great thing is that the Giants and Cowboys also had good drafts. The NFCE is moving in the right direction again.

    Outside of the Beast, the Bengals had a terrific draft. I would have rated it ahead of the Eagles until they signed Burfict as a UDFA.

    1. ProtoTyler says:

      If RG3 does you are right if not…well I don’t have to tell you.

    2. MikeC says:

      I agree that if RGIII is the man over the next decade arguing against that trade is silly. But are we grading strictly the talent they got or the value and talent combined (e.g. draft and drafters quality)? The skins spent five picks on the QB position in this draft (3 first rounders, a second and a fourth). For a team with holes all over the roster that seems crazy, particularly since many of those picks will impact their ability to fill those holes with blue chip players over the next few years. I’m sure that The Danny will blow us all away with free agent acquisitions but still the cost was so high I have to take that into account in grading their draft.

  22. giantsfan says:

    Giants fan here. I voted the eagles just because the draft fell perfectly for them.

    IMO it goes:


    If RGIII turns out to be the savior in DC, that would be enough to push them first, imo.

  23. Same Story says:

    I guess the Eagles are the Dream Team Again.

  24. rage114 says:

    Yes, the outcome was very predictable. Not sure if these results mean anything other than there are more Eagles fans here than anything else.

  25. bula says:

    definitely a large giant contingent on this site and if anyone read the comments for the cowboys post draft review, you’d have to believe there are a lo of cowboys fans on here too

  26. Toosy_13 says:

    This is like a rough distribution of who your readers support hahaha

  27. DerfDiggy says:

    Lol, why would you even ask this question here? This is BGN2 in essence.

    1. brisulph says:

      He has a sizable Giants readership as well… and fyi, two Giants fans in here posted Eagles as their vote. Not all of us are homers through and through.

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        So you think a few unbiased Giant votes out of the hundreds skews things or something?

        If you put this same poll on bigblueview, BGN, BtB’s, I’m sure the results won’t be too surprising. It’d basically be similar to this, with a large percent going towards the home team, and a few scattered votes for the 3 others.

        That’s all I was pointing out. It is what it is.

        1. brisulph says:

          I guess I am just sick of bitching Cowboy fans around here… yeah, he did not like the trade up in round one move for a few reasons, but he never slammed the player as being bad. he laid out a both sides of the discussion, but got killed for the anti-Cowboy stance, called biased, etc. He is an Eagles fan, yes… but he also is one of the most level headed football bloggers you will ever find.

          If you want true bias and awfulness, go check out Jason B’s work sometime (you know, the guy who made fun of a Cowboy fan on a link to an article about the Cowboy fan missing his deceased child?)… go check out the Colt’s SBN site, or hell, just about any other blog. Jimmy is a good egg that gives credit when it fits, derision when it fits, and yes, sometimes he is wrong on both counts, but it is not bias (hell, he even admits his being wrong after the fact, which is bloody rare in today’s blogging environment).

          That said, I now await the label of apologist suck up, because that is what the script calls for in this situation. Start adding to the narrative… NOW!

          1. Immynimmy says:

            the guy who made fun of a Cowboy fan on a link to an article about the Cowboy fan missing his deceased child?

            What the? When did this happen?

          2. DerfDiggy says:

            I called this site BGN2 well before the draft. Pointing out that the majority of the readers here as Eagles fans, and thus asking why someone would expect something different out of a poll seems perfectly reasonable…and….logical. No?

            I don’t really care about everything else you typed up. Simply pointing out a bias(which Jimmy has done himself) doesn’t discredit completely the writer. I enjoy JimmyK’s work…as well as quite a few other Cowboys fans here. Otherwise why come back?

            1. brisulph says:

              Classic… just like what i typed up. Thank you for proving my point.

              1. DerfDiggy says:

                riiiigghhttt…good uhh….point.

                *thumbs up*

          3. slandog says:

            Agreed, I am an Eagles fan. I enjoy a lot of the Giants/Redskins/Cowboys fans comments on here though for the most part. But the biggest majority of complaints come from the Cowboy fan base…..by far.

            It seems like they can take any criticism at all, even if their is proof to the reasoning. If you pick on the team, you pick on them and they go all cry baby on you.

            I respect all the fans, but my god the Cowboy fans are by far the most whiny and can’t see anyone else’s opinion on anything, especially if it’s against their team. Their are some good ones, but in my time, many more poor ones.

          4. youranidiot says:

            “(you know, the guy who made fun of a Cowboy fan on a link to an article about the Cowboy fan missing his deceased child?)”

            uhhh…that actually never happened. he actually sympithized and told everyone to go read it and that it was touching. i remember specifically because i read it after he posted it. here is the link to it…

            get your shit straight before saying something so ridiculous buddy…

            1. youranidiot says:

              also…the guy the article was about actually even went onto that post and commented with appreciation and was very thankful of jason. go and read it and tell me how you got what you said from that post. how is that making fun of him? like seriously…what a fucking dickhead.

            2. blains2000 says:

              That’s the RE-posting after the proverbial shit hit the fan. Get YOUR shit straight.

  28. TK19 says:

    I think all the teams did pretty well

    1. Eagles
    2. Giants
    3. Cowboys
    4. Redskins

    If RGIII turns into an elite QB they could move up much higher. – from a Cowboys fan

  29. brisulph says:

    I had to vote Eagles… Giants was fairly good, but I like the overall depth quality the Eagles grabbed. The Cowboys and Redskins were no slouches either… all teams did fairly well, all told.

  30. ArthuroMolenda says:

    Kills me but … Eagles.

  31. rage114 says:

    Wha-hoo! First vote.

    1. bdawk4ever says:

      But you didn’t vote

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