NFC East draft recaps: Is Dallas a better team with Morris Claiborne, or (Player X at 14) and (Player Y at 45)?

Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU, First Round, 6th overall

First, let’s talk about the player.  You can find reviews of him here, here, here, here, and well, just google him if you need more confirmation that he’s the best CB prospect in this draft with good length, ball skills, hands, natural coverage ability, good but not great speed, that could stand to be a better tackler, that needs to do a better job keeping focus on every play, while also adding some bulk in the weight room.

(catching breath from that run-on sentence)

I love the player.  He could be a great CB in this league, and may even be very good his rookie season.  That’s to be determined.  If you’ve been reading my website over the past few days, you probably already know how I feel about the decision to go and get him.  In fact, I wrote just shy of 1800 words on the decision and posted my thoughts at around 2:30am the night of the draft.  Here’s that article:

Trading up for Morris Claiborne screams “Same ol’ Jerry”

The “too long, didn’t read” version is fairly simple:

I identified 8 positions above that have more of a need to upgrade than CB.  They are, to recap… All 3 interior OL spots, OLB, S, and both DE spots. When you have that many positions that you can stand to upgrade, there’s an excellent chance that whenever you’re on the clock, the best player available on your board will also likely be a fit at one of those 8 bigger need positions.

So why use your first and second round picks on a CB?  Well, that can be answered with another question.  And that is:

“What are the Cowboys, exactly?” 

They’re a team with no shortage of star power (or at least perceived star power) at the top: Ware, Romo, Witten, Austin, Ratliff, Smith, Lee and if you want to throw in Bryant and Carr too, then OK, I suppose I’ll allow it.

Beyond the stars, there’s mediocrity up and down the starting lineup and typically no depth to speak of whatsoever.  This has not been a winning formula, and probably never will be.

The Cowboys’ decision to trade up and utilize their top 2 picks on one player (albeit potentially a great one), especially at a position that didn’t need as much help as other areas, reflects that same pattern.

This draft happened to be loaded with talent in the first two rounds. Had the Cowboys not traded away their 2nd round pick, there was an excellent chance that a really good player was going to be sitting there for them on a tee at 45.  And in my opinion, there was.  Here’s what I tweeted when the Cowboys would have been on the clock at 45:

Aaayyy, the Konz could have been a Cowboy.

A short list of players they may have made sense that were still on the board if the Cowboys had just sat tight at 14:

  • OLB Melvin Ingram
  • DE/OLB Quinton Coples
  • CB Dre Kirkpatrick
  • OG David DeCastro
  • DE Michael Brockers

Another short list of players that were still on the board that the Cowboys could have taken at 45:

  • C Peter Konz
  • DT Kendall Reyes
  • DT/DE Jerel Worthy
  • DT/DE Devon Still

In my opinion, a combo of Ingram/Coples/Kirkpatrick/DeCastro/Brockers paired with Konz/Reyes/Worthy/Still would have been better for this Dallas team than just Claiborne. The Claiborne move is one that would have made sense for a team that was perhaps a player or two away, not this Cowboys team that has so many holes up and down the roster.

The great Bob Sturm of Fox Sports Southwest had a similar take, as he took the various options available to the Cowboys a little deeper, noting that they, like the Eagles, could have executed a more modest trade up to 12 to take Fletcher Cox, as well as other reasonable trade-up options that may have been available in the second round for players like Cordy Glenn.

The consensus of Cowboys fans that have been assessing my opinions as a “hater” have noted several things about Claiborne in the comment sections of other articles I’ve written here since Thursday, which I figured I’ll address now:

1) “Morris Claiborne is a guarantee.”

That’s simply wrong. Nothing in the NFL is a “guarantee.” When Aaron Curry went 4th overall to the Seahawks at 4 in 2009, he was considered a “guarantee.” When Glenn Dorsey went 6th overall to the Chiefs in 2008, he was considered a “guarantee.”  LaRon Landry was considered a “guarantee” by some in 2007. Reggie Bush was considered one of the best prospects ever in 2006. Only Dorsey remains with the team that originally drafted him. There’s a “sure-fire star” that winds up being a total disappointment almost every year.

But those aren’t CB’s, Jimmy! OK, fair enough. Here is a list of CB’s that have gone Top 10 in the last 10 years:

Player Team Year Pick
Patrick Peterson Cardinals 2011 5
Terence Newman Cowboys 2003 5
Quentin Jammer Chargers 2002 5
Morris Claiborne Cowboys 2012 6
Joe Haden Browns 2010 7
Antrel Rolle Cardinals 2005 8
DeAngelo Hall Falcons 2004 8
Carlos Rogers Redskins 2005 9
Dunta Robinson Texans 2004 10

Some very good, some good, some meh, and some bad in there.  I’ll reiterate that I do think Claiborne is the real deal, but he is not a “guarantee.”

2) “But those other CB’s don’t compare to Morris Claiborne. He was the highest rated CB on the Cowboys’ board since Deion Sanders. He’s going to be the next Darrelle Revis.”

I don’t doubt that the Cowboys had him rated so highly, but evidence would suggest that Dallas had him rated much higher than a number of other teams at the top of the draft:

  • Vikings: Minnesota had the 26th ranked pass D in the league last season.  That’s especially bad considering that they trailed in most games.  They could have taken Claiborne at 3, and then 4 after they traded out of 3.  Instead, they chose OT Matt Kalil.  Plus, it’s not as if they didn’t recognize their poor pass defense, as they draft defensive backs later in the 1st round, the 3rd round, and the 5th round. If the best CB prospect since Deion Sanders is sitting on the board at 4, you take him.
  • Jaguars: Another team that could have used CB help. Chose Justin Blackmon instead.
  • Buccaneers: Traded out of the 5th spot back to 7, and only received a 4th round pick in return. This is a team that gave up 37.25 points per game over the last half of the 2011 season.  With 37 year old Ronde Barber on one side and a complete idiot (Aqib Talib) on the other, CB was a need area that was clear as day, and they passed on Claiborne.  Instead, they moved back to 7 and selected Mark Barron.
  • Rams: This was the team that traded with Dallas, moving back from 6 to 15. Obviously, they didn’t think as highly of Claiborne as Dallas. And yet, this was yet another team with a glaring hole at CB, which they addressed early in the 2nd round, and then again early in the 3rd.

As far as the Darrelle Revis part goes, Revis is perhaps one the 5 best corners of all time.  Let’s tap the breaks on that one, at least until we see Claiborne play a few games in the pros. Fair?

3) “According to the trade value chart, the Cowboys got a good deal.”

I happen to agree that the compensation itself wasn’t bad.  Here’s the draft value chart, in case you’re unfamiliar.  The draft value chart will say that the 6th overall pick is worth 1600 points, while the 14th overall pick (1100) and the 45th overall pick (450) are worth 1550.  Since 1600 > 1550, the Cowboys “won the trade.”

The draft value chart is a tool, or rather a guide.  It is not the end-all, be-all of whether or not making a deal makes sense for your team or not.  This year, as I noted already, talent was extraordinarily deep in the middle of the 2nd round.  So really it comes right back to, who would you rather have? A combo of Ingram/Coples/Kirkpatrick/DeCastro/Brockers paired with Konz/Reyes/Worthy/Still?  Or Claiborne.  My strong preference is the former.

Moving on…

Tyrone Crawford, DE, Boise St., Third Round, 81st overall

Once again, typical Cowboys. Horrible pick.

Ha, just kidding.  Crawford was a player that had sort of escaped my radar leading up to the draft, but represents good value in the 3rd round. According to Matt Mosley of Fox Sports Southwest, some other teams around the league also thought highly of him:

The selection of Boise State defensive end Tyrone Crawford in the third round didn’t seem to excite fans, but it was a popular pick among personnel experts around the league. A league source told that the Baltimore Ravens were ready to pounce on Crawford if he’d made it to No. 84 overall, three spots after the Cowboys took him. In case you weren’t aware, the Ravens are widely believed to have one of the best scouting departments in the league, which is backed up by how many players they hit on in the middle and later rounds.

“Crawford is a good fit for them,” said one longtime AFC scout. “He’ll be a five-technique eventually with a great motor. He’s a little raw as a pass-rusher, but he’ll be a good run defender on first and second down from the start. He’ll chase the ball and tries to finish everything.”

My sister recently started getting into football.  She’s in a fantasy football league I run, and while her knowledge is growing, she’s understandably behind most of the people in the league.  Whenever she makes a pick, she looks around the room for approval.  If she gets positive feedback from someone, she’s happy as a clam. If somebody laughs at her pick, she’s crushed.  I feel like that’s what Dallas fans do with every Cowboys pick. “Did another team like it?  Yes?  Holy shit, THE RAVENS liked it?!?!?  Woohooooo!”

Ha, sorry. I can’t help myself.  Them’s just jokes.  There isn’t much tape of Crawford out there, unfortunately.  This is the only video I could find.  Nothing all that impressive here, but again, that doesn’t mean much, as it’s a very small sampling.  However, there IS a kid at the 0:45 second mark that looks like he’s pretty good (MOAR jokes!):

Kyle Wilbur, OLB, Wake Forest, Fourth Round, 113th overall

The Cowboys tagged Anthony Spencer this offseason.  He’s going to make $8.8 million this season.  Spencer is probably a lame duck in Dallas, for two reasons:

  • If you tag Spencer again next year, you’re paying him 120% of his 2012 salary. That’s over $10 million. That’s not happening.
  • If you want to sign Spencer long term, you’re going to have to give him a contract that’s more appealing to him than the one-year, $8.8 million he’s making this season. That’s not going to happen, at least not in the immediate future.

Now, I do see two ways he could potentially stay:

  • He has a breakout season in 2012, and the Cowboys get something worked out with him long term. Personally, I don’t see that breakout season happening, but that’s just my opinion.
  • He plays out this season with similar results, and the Cowboys let him walk. He doesn’t find the big bucks elsewhere, and re-signs in Dallas. But I think by then, both sides would be looking for a change.

So Wilbur makes sense here as a guy that can play special teams for a year, with the hope that he can contribute more on defense in 2013.

Matt Johnson, S, Eastern Washington, Fourth Round, 135th overall

Johnson’s profile on ESPN:

That’s either a big “Yikes!” for the Cowboys, or ESPN.  To be determined.

Danny Coale, WR, Virginia Tech, Fifth Round, 152nd overall

The first thing that jumps out to me on Danny Coale is his YPC at Virginia Tech:

  • 2011: 15.1
  • 2010: 18.8
  • 2009: 20.5
  • 2008: 11.3

Very good numbers.  The other thing that stands out is that he got his fair share of playing time in college, as he had at least 30 catches in each of his four seasons there.  The oddity is that he only had 8 receiving TD’s in his college career.

Morris Claiborne aside, Coale may be the biggest contributor from this Cowboys draft class as a rookie, as there’s a very good chance he’ll be their 3 this season. Here’s what I wrote about the Cowboys’ depth at WR a few weeks ago:

The Cowboys don’t have a legitimate #3.  Raymond Radway had the team made last year, but his injury was ugly.  He says he’ll play this year, but I don’t know about that.  He’s the 3 if he’s close.  He’s what they want, tall, smooth, a good leaper and eats up CB cushions.  Or at least he did.  He had the equivalent of the Joe Thiesmann injury, so we’ll see.  Kevin Ogletree is one of the top “black hats” entering 2012, guys the fans hate.  He wasn’t ready to start when Austin and Bryant got injured last year.  Ran crappy routes.  Ego the size of Montana but no work ethic.  That’s a lethal combination.  Still, he has skill.  Dwayne Harris is a good route runner.  Good hands.  Not explosive, however.  That’s not good for a slot guy.  Needs guys ahead of him to go down or somehow needs to shave a tenth off his 40 time.

Reminds me a little of Wes Welker.  Just kidding.  Actually, he reminds me a little of Patrick Crayton, minus the attitude.  Similar in size, similar skill set.  Nice pickup in the 5th.

Oh, and he can punt if need be, too.

James Hanna, TE, Oklahoma, Sixth Round, 186th overall

Hanna’s 4-year career at Oklahoma: 52 catches, 720 yards, 9 TD’s.  I hope he can block.

Caleb McSurdy, ILB, Montana, Seventh Round, 222nd overall

McSurdy could also potentially be moved to FB.  At this point, you’re just throwing darts.

Positions that could be addressed, and did the Cowboys address them?

For this section, we’ll look back to what I wrote about each team in the mega-preview from last Thursday, and see if each team addressed each spot.

Preview: OL across the board: In 2009 (the last Cowboys team to make the playoffs), the offensive line consisted of Flozell Adams, Kyle Kosier, Andre Gurode, Leonard Davis, and Marc Colombo.  All were over 30 years of age and their collective decline was fairly predictable.  The Cowboys did little in the way of adequately replacing that group, and in just two years, they went from the oldest OL in the league to one of the youngest.  All of those players are now gone, and the only remaining offensive lineman left from that team is Doug Free.

Drastic turnover doesn’t have to be a terrible thing, as long as the young guys that are stepping in are ready.  Rookie Tyron Smith was ready, and looks like he could be a stud LT for the next decade in Dallas.  Doug Free was ready in 2010 at LT, but his play fell off a cliff in 2011.  Free will flip to RT this year, with Smith taking over at LT.  Second year undrafted free agent center Phil Costa wasn’t ready, as he was regularly overmatched. Ditto that for rookie 7th round pick LG Bill Nagy, who played poorly before being lost for the season with a broken ankle.  Rookie 4th round pick David Arkin never saw the field.  Luckily, the Cowboys got surprisingly decent play out of Montrae Holland, but he’s now gone.

In free agency, the Cowboys brought in Mackenzy Bernadeau from Carolina and Nate Livings from Cincinnati.  At least it appears Bernadeau has some upside, but I don’t see much of an an upgrade in Livings.

Free should be better in 2012, especially when he moves over to RT, and even if he doesn’t improve, the Cowboys are kind of stuck with him there, due to his 4 year, $32 million contract.  But behind both Free and Tyron Smith at tackle is pretty much nobody.  Depth is essential here.

Addressed? Reportedly, three different scouts advised Jerry Jones to select an offensive lineman at various points during the draft.  On all three occasions, Jerry Jones pushed a button on a console on his desk a la Dr. Evil, that tipped the scouts’ chairs into a fire pit, where they died a horrible death.

Preview: Wide receiver: Laurent Robinson had a breakout season last year, and then cashed in when the Jaguars handed him an absurdly dumb contract based off one year of good production.  The Cowboys have very weak depth behind the occasionally banged up Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.  Again, I’ll repeat what I said above twice.  This WR class is extremely deep and talented.  Expect the Cowboys to add one in the mid-rounds.  In fact, oddly enough, the Redskins, who have the worst pair of starting WR’s in the division, are probably the least likely to draft a WR this weekend.

Addressed? Yes. Danny Coale could potentially contribute immediately.

Preview: Tight end: The Cowboys pulled the plug on the Marty B experience.  John Phillips is now the 2.  Phillips was looking like a breakout player during the 2010 preseason, when he tore an ACL.  He played in 2011, but wasn’t the player he looked like he might become before the injury.  He’ll be two years removed from the ACL this year.  Can he play or not?  That’s the question. Either way, the Cowboys like to carry 3 TE’s, and they currently only have 2.

Addressed? Drafted James Hanna.

Preview: Cornerback: Terence Newman was done.  He’s gone.  Brandon Carr is in.  Major upgrade.  The guy to watch this season is Mike Jenkins, who is on the last year of his rookie contract.  Jenkins wants a new deal, and the Cowboys are in no rush to give him one.  It’ll be interesting to see if/when they draft a CB.

Addressed? Sure did, AND HOW!

Preview: Defensive end: I like Sean Lissemore and Jason Hatcher, especially since the Cowboys employ both players on the cheap, but they’re role players, in my opinion.  Marcus Spears is done, or at least he should be, and Kenyon Coleman is very much “just a guy.”  The Cowboys haven’t had an impact player at DE in ages.  The lasting image I have of the Cowboys DL is Jason Peters bullying them up and down the field.  Anyway, at some point the Cowboys have to address this spot a little more seriously, right?  Jerry Jones has said that he admired the Giants DL.  Maybe this is the year.

Addressed? Yes. Got good value with Tyrone Crawford in the 3rd round.

Preview: Outside linebacker: Anthony Spencer is an extremely expensive one year potential lame duck.  A pass rusher opposite DeMarcus Ware would make a lot of sense.  I’ve seen some chatter among Cowboys fans that the Cowboys can now trade him for a pick if they take an edge rusher early in the draft.  Well… Let’s think about that one for a second.  He’s an average player, he’s making $8.8 million in 2012, and he’ll be a free agent after this season.  Who’s lining up to take on that kind of situation, much less give up a pick to do so?

Addressed? Yes, Drafted Kyle Wilbur.

Preview: Safety: Abram Elam was a former Rob Ryan DB back in Cleveland, and his one-year run in Dallas is over.  The Cowboys will go back to the Cleveland well again this season with Brodney Pool.  Pool is a below average safety that nobody else had serious interest in.  This remains a pretty significant need.  Mark Barron has been heavily linked to Dallas.  They’ll have to trade up to get him.

Addressed? Negative.

If you’re a Dallas fan, and you like Claiborne over (Player X at 14) and (Player Y at 45), I don’t think you’re crazy, and you have every right to disagree with me.  I just happen to have a different opinion, and I think it’s pretty clear that the thought that has been put into this is a little bit more than just “Everything Dallas does is stupid.”

Prior draft recaps:

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  10. Ian says:

    morris claiborne may not be a guarantee ok, but this counter argument completely debunks that statement. no player in the draft is a guarantee, including brockers, still, konz, worthy, coples, and ingram.

    the grade of the cowboys draft all depends on your opinion on claiborne. imo dallas got a potential shut down cb, that will likely be a perennial all pro. supposedly he was the 2nd best player on the cowboys draft board, and they landed him at pick 6. that is a steal if he truly winds up being the 2nd best player in the draft.

    if an nfl team can land one great player out of a draft it is a success. having multiple picks is nice, but that method doesn’t always work out. just look at the eagles 2010 draft, 13 picks who all suck.

    1. Then again, there’s also 2009.

      The Eagles could have traded up for… say… Knowshon Moreno, a player that was unanimously considered the best RB prospect in that draft. Instead, they got Maclin at 19 and McCoy at 53.

    2. ProtoTyler says:

      There are no shut down CBs anymore, outside of maybe Revis but man did S. Johnson light him up. I trust that Rob Ryan will overestimate himself(again) and put too much on Claiborne early on.

      The combo of the non dominant Ryan at DC and Dallas’ OL (minus Smith who is gonna be really good for a long time) will keep them around 7-9 wins, and miss the playoffs again.

    3. ProtoTyler says:

      Coleman and Allen are currently the starting FS and SS. Graham was playing well until he hurt his knee. Teo horrible pick but we knew that when the pick was made. Clayton has been a very good ST and a nickel LB. Kafka was drafted to be a backup QB and has been decent but not anything great.Clay harbor is the #2 TE. Sapp was a flyer and busted. Cooper has been a good ST, and will be fighting for a roster spot this year. Chaney has been up and down, but has starter potential. Scott was traded and Owens is out of the league after his knee blew up.

      So of the 2010 draft:
      Allen- Starter
      Coleman- Starter
      Chaney- 2011 Starter, Potential WIL Starter this year
      Harbor- #2 TE
      Clayton- Nickel LB, STer
      Graham- 2nd line DE
      Kafka- #2 QB

      If that’s an awful draft, then what do you call the Dallas 2009 draft?

  11. AustonianAggie says:

    JimmyK you and I must be huge sports fans. I never watch ESPN, I can’t stand their shallow sensationalist approach; so using ESPN to cast doubt on an unknown small school safety earns an eye role.

    Also I’m really excited for Claiborne; I think an elite CB prospect can change the complexion of a whole defense. Considering how visibly bad our secondary has been for, what, a decade? I’m surprised you’d dislike the pick. Then again, the Eagles have never really seen elite CB play

    1. Regarding the kid from E. Wash, was just making a joke that either ESPN or the Cowboys are way off. Wasn’t saying ESPN is right.

    2. Tfizzle says:

      Because everyone else had so much on him.

      Oh, wait…

      Especially since SI had 450 undrafted players ahead of him.

  12. celebrate says:

    Claiborne ran a 4.39 at his Pro Day ,he bulk up at the Combine & ran a 4.5 & a 4.47.

  13. […] it jumped up a notch in the comment section of the Cowboys draft recap yesterday.  I mean… that really escalated quickly.  It was so much fun, that I’m almost tempted […]

  14. Chandus says:


    I can’t remember the amount of times in which you made fun of the Cowboys having like 10 Kickers in last year’s camp…

    For someone that’s so full of witty criticism of the Cowboys and that’s WRONG much more times than not, I can’t help but say: “Keep at it”.

    1. I’d be interested in hearing some specific examples of things I’ve been wrong about in my criticisms of the Cowboys on this blog. I mean… I’m sure you can easily name a bunch of examples off the top of your head, since it happens so frequently, right?

  15. Eric says:

    I also forgot to mention that the track record for first year corners is not very good. A lot of people will talk about Patrick Peterson, but he really only had an impact as a returner. If Claiborne can impact their special teams like that, then, yeah, he’s going to be a major contributor. However, corners just take a year or two to figure things out. And the Cowboys are really in win-now mode with such an aging team.

    1. ProtoTyler says:

      I mentioned this on a different post. 1st year corners usually improve throughout the year, and are rarely standouts their rookie seasons. And him being the #6 pick isn’t going to matter to any of the plethora of really good-great QBs the Cowboys face this year. They are going to go after him hard. Baptism by fire. They better hope he becomes as good as they want him to be, because those Safeties aren’t going to do him any favors back there.

      1. Mike says:

        The safeties is another area where I think Jimmy is being extremely unfair. Over the past two seasons Brodney Pool has had the 2nd and the 10th best DPR in the NFL. He may not be a great all-around free safety, but he’s a very solid center-field safety.

        He’s DEFINITELY an upgrade over Abe Elam, who started all 16 games, and failed to record even one Pass Defense.

        Say what you want, but they’ve improved their Secondary by leaps and bounds so far this season.

        1. ProtoTyler says:

          Honestly, its probably more Rob Ryan isn’t a good DC. I’m really not saying the players can’t play but Rob(along with JJ) overestimates his own ability to coach. Overload/exotic blitzes have their time and place but he over uses them. He’s not Buddy. He’s not Rex. But he seems to think he is. The Pass Rush always seems to fade late in games, which is also on the players or the GM for thinking you only need one legit pass rusher. Anyway, the secondary should be better but the pass rush is almost nonexistent if Ware gets picked up.

  16. Eric says:

    Let’s also not forget that Mike Jenkins is still on the team. I get that they want to trade him, but as I said in the Claiborne article Jimmy previously wrote; I, personally, would rather roll with an average corner in Jenkins along with an upgrade to Spencer, a DT/DE or an offensive linemen.

    Obviously we’re all amateurs at this whole NFL draft thing, but like I mentioned to a few friends last year when we were discussing the draft; when you’re on the clock or wanting to trade up, think about who could be had in the later rounds and who is currently on your team. If the first round pick you could take either at your spot or as a trade up is only marginally better than a second or third round pick or you have 2 or 3 other holes to fill elsewhere, you just go with your board and stay put. Or simply do a very minor trade up.

    1. Free Plax says:

      Mike Jenkins is a JAG nothing more nothing less, Cowboys are dreaming if they think they will get some value back for him, he is the kind of guy you throw in your rotation for competition if he wins the job great but you still need to address the position at some point. I think the problem people have with the Boy’s draft is they are listening to the “Experts” who think the Cowboys are a now team, they are not, they are building and still have more wholes to fill (weather it’s a guy on the roster stepping up or adding a FA or drafting someone) 2 to 3 season’s down the line if the Cowboys develop this kid right, he should be a damm good CB.

  17. This is year two of the Cowboy rehabilitation……first year JG knew what needed to be corrected on the offensive side of the team and used the majority of last years picks to address them….to just say that the oline which went to one of the youngest in the league without a full offseason to gain cohesion needed to be addressed again is short sighted….they need time to gain some cohesion and develop their strength and technique…even if we had drafted Decastro was there a guarantee that he would be able to beat out a player who had experience going against the Haloti Ngata’s of this league?….we could have had Konz… oft injured overrated Center who can’t get proper leverage in the running game due to his height and doesn’t have the strength right now to hold up to nosetackles trying to bull rush him….he only had 18 reps at the combine…..horrible… we were going to draft him or one of the highly ranked centers in this draft just to fill a need…oh..thats right…anyone other than Konz lasted past the 4th round so that would have been a reach of major proportions if every other team didn’t take them until later….

    this team had to let RR have a year with the talent on hand to see what needed to be upgraded for his defensive scheme….a press corner to replace Tnew, check…a OL LB to take over for Spencer, check…a pass rushing 5T, check…a ballhawking safety….you siad negative even tho the player drafted was a safety…he had 17 INT’s in his career in 3 years of playing…his senior year was cut short due to a pectoral injury if I remember, check…..(pay attention to Matt Johnson….his name is going to become quite familiar to you)….so even tho we didn’t bring in the BIG names we addressed every need thru either FA or the draft that needed to be addressed…

    it remains to be seen how these selections and additions pan out but its up to the coaches now to get the most out of these players..sorry…its up to the PLAYERS to grow and develop to the maximum of their abilities….in case you missed it almost everyone of these players was a team captain at their schools..self motivated, hard working, leaders…JG is changing the mentality of the team…if you aren’t careful you might miss the change…

    1. romo2dez says:

      I’m sure you’re a better evaluator of talent than scouts that put a second round grade on Conz, but even forgetting about that for a second sure it’s nice having RKG’s who were team captains which helps build team character and eliminates locker room discord that such as the ones we may have had in the past, but that sure as hell won’t get you sacks int’s and wins only talent does. Now I’m not saying that you’re completely wrong just that the points you’ve made other than Conz sucking (which may or may not be true I certainly have no idea and neither do you) have nothing to do with topic at hand.

      Also you sound like an extreme homer defending draft picks that you’ve never even see play one down if you’re so offended by his opinion ignore it.

      1. and you sound like an extreme prick attacking me for defending players that you’ve never seen play one down….i thought we were on the same team here…..if you don’t like the picks fine…but don’t come after me becuz I’m finding a way to justify the picks that weren’t glamourous…Callahan went up to Wisconsin to test out Konz…and I think I am accurate in my estimate of his current abilities….you tell me if a player that misses time 3 years running due to injuries isn’t injury prone… tell me that a center, a position where we were wanting more drive and ability to maintain position against the bullrush , only did 18 reps at the combine doesn’t concern you that he will take awhile to build up the strength needed? if we had taken Konz he would have been sitting on the bench this year pulling an Arkin as he rebuilt his strength and regained his conditioning….for a player thats supposed to start does that sound like a good investment of a second round pick? hell Arkin caught hell for doing that coming from a smaller school and having to gain strength….can’t imagine how badly the Cowboys staff would get lamblasted for drafting yet another second rounder with injury concerns….

        1. Mike says:

          Jeez man…

    2. ProtoTyler says:

      Crawford could develop into a pass rusher. He’s a 2 down DE right now. And might be tried at OLB. That Safety, we will maybe hear from him on ST but that’s only if he can make the active roster on gamedays, nobody needs to be worried about that guy. Forgive me for my skepticism on the Dallas eye for Safety talent.

    3. BBI says:

      “even if we had drafted Decastro was there a guarantee that he would be able to beat out a player who had experience going against the Haloti Ngata’s of this league?….we could have had Konz… oft injured overrated Center who can’t get proper leverage in the running game due to his height and doesn’t have the strength right now to hold up to nosetackles trying to bull rush him…”

      You speak as if Morris Claiborne is a guarantee to beat the Andre Johnsons and Megatrons of this league.

  18. ICDogg says:

    I think there’s a legitimate point of view that if you get a chance to get a rare talent, you do it. You just don’t get guys like that sitting in the 14th spot.

    1. rage114 says:

      I agree which is why no one is blaming the Redskins for trading the kitchen to get RGIII.

      I am not so sure Claiborne is in that same category.

      1. musiccitynorm says:

        RGIII has a lot more questions about his future in the NFL than Claiborn,

      2. JimmyY? says:

        @Rage114 Yeah thats just a stupid comment, you cant back the redskins who gave away the better part of 3 drafts and question the cowboys for giving up a second.

        That just doesn’t track

  19. romo2dez says:

    I was upset about your criticism of what I thought was a great move (and to some extent its still pretty good) but then I realized we could have had possibly one of the best offensive lines in league for years to come, getting decastro and conz.I could have lived with an average mike jenkins for a year then looked for a fix later on.

  20. PE says:

    YOU SUXX!!119119u12934awsrezsersz s

  21. TST29 says:

    You’re seeing this in the perspective of who would help the Cowboys the most next year. However it’s the wrong way to look at it. Dallas had the opportunity to get a top 5 talent in the draft and they went after it. They’re not in contention of winning a Superbowl and they have plenty of picks in future drafts to address some of the holes they have. Nothing is a guarantee in the NFL and neither are the players that were available at pick 14 and pick 45. Dallas is taking a gamble and it could be the difference between having a “Darrelle Revis” and a combination of “Bunkley and Jamaal Jackson”. 5-7 years from now it’s not going to matter who in the 2012 NFL draft would have helped them the most in the 2012 season.

    1. “You’re seeing this in the perspective of who would help the Cowboys the most next year.”

      No I’m not.

  22. Switzbeats says:

    How about you have Archie Barbeiro or another BTB writer that actually researched these picks do the review like you had for the Giants?

    Because you have not heard of some of these picks you immeditaly laugh at them whereas the Eagles took some more recognizable names so they “killed the draft”.

    2/3 of every player drafted this year will bust. You have admitted before that you do not follow college footbal. You have also said that you really respect Mike Mayock’s opinion and he had very good things to say about several of these picks.

    Finally, if Dallas would have drafted 2 Gs, a C, a FS, and an OLB you would probably be saying oh haha look at Dallas drafting like they are going to fill all of their holes in 1 draft.

    I admit I do not follow college ball so I really do not feel qualified to speak about many of the players drafted.

    Come on man

    1. Show me where I made fun of a pick because I never heard of him.

      And furthermore, I’m not so sure the Eagles loaded up on “recognizable names.” Ten years ago, before the draft got so huge, how many people would really know a lot about a 2nd round DE from Marshall?

      I know a lot about some players. I know nothing about others. But I was 100% sure not to throw out uninformed opinions on players I hadn’t done adequate homework on. So let’s not just make stuff up.

  23. ct17 says:

    Not sure if the trade was good or bad. My preference is for more picks – more chances to hit. But making the flashy move is Jerry Jones’ thing. Just like sitting on the picks he was given is Jerry Reese’s thing. And by his comments this year, it sounds like Reese will never trade picks again.

    I really wanted Tyrone Crawford for the Giants. That pick hurt.

    1. D3Keith says:

      See, Eagles and Giants fans can agree. More picks, at least in the early rounds, tends to be my preference as well. Given that something like half of all picks, even early ones, end up disappointing, it seems wise to dip into the well as many times as possible to find those stars and key contributors.

      As noted, when a team is one player away, or has a desperate need at a position, like the Redskins and RGIII, it makes sense.

      With the Cowboys, it’s not even that it was a bad pick. It’s the question of ‘would two good picks help the team more than one great one?” Legit to ask.

  24. Hatin says:


    1. TheRealMcCoy says:


  25. Gary says:

    Whatever your opinion on the Claiborne situation, this is really well written. Nicely done Jimmy.

    I actually think it will end up being a good trade for Dallas, even though it pains me to say it as an Eagles fan. I still think the value was very good (even better than the draft value chart says) and Claiborne will be a stud for years, surpassing the expected contribution of that second rounder.

  26. Crash says:

    My theory is the Cowboys feel obligated to draft an ILB in the 2nd round every year, hence Wagner, and since ILB wasn’t a major need they felt the 2nd pick wasn’t needed.

  27. mastermind says:

    Same ok Jimmy K…. Preaching doom and gloom claiming to know the cowboys true weaknesses. Grain of Salt, wish he’d just not post about the cowboys. But he truly fears the star which its why he wastes so much energy bad mouthing the cowboys. Either way I got two words for u “dream team”

    1. Free Plax says:

      Jimmy K’s already pissing in the Cowboys fans cornflakes, however still think he has a point about the cowboys draft, corner spot is fixed but you still have one pass rusher and no safety help, with one LB and guys that need to prove themselves and did anyone mention the O-line still might get Romo Killed.

      1. deg0ey says:

        Good point about the Cowboys O-Line. Romo was sacked 36 times last season (tied for 6th in the league). Of the two teams with legitimate playoff aspirations that were worse, the 49ers took two OL in this draft and the Steelers took 3. That’s spotting a hole and filling it.

        With the recent additions to the Eagles and Giants DL, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Romo goes down more than 40 times next season…

    2. Gary says:

      “But he truly fears the star”


      1. D3Keith says:

        Fourth place next year. 7-8 wins.

  28. Steve D. says:

    “Reminds me a little of Wes Welker. Just kidding.”

    I think his is great analysis. Even though I think he reminds me more of Kevin Curtis and Drew Bennet than Welker. I just hope he doesn’t have too much Matt Jones in him.

  29. kmklbi says:

    Jimmy…within your Tyrone Crawford section…I’m just curious as to why you didn’t mention the fact that your sister beat you in the championship game of fantasy football the first year she was in the league?

    1. I don’t recall that.

  30. Eagle Eye says:

    “Addressed? Reportedly, three different scouts advised Jerry Jones to select an offensive lineman at various points during the draft. On all three occasions, Jerry Jones pushed a button on a console on his desk a la Dr. Evil, that tipped the scouts’ chairs into a fire pit, where they died a horrible death.”

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read on a sports blog.

  31. Smitty2K3 says:

    This is a no-brainer for me.

    OG+DT or DT+OG in rounds 1 and 2 would’ve easily helped the Cowboys more than Claiborne alone. If they didn’t have Mike Jenkins, or if they didn’t sign Carr, then I would probably be singing a different tune. But that’s not the case. Now they’re staring at the Eagles situation from last year, where their CB corps is solid on paper, but other positions are weakened because of it.

    But give me DeCastro (potential PBer) and Still and I’d be elated. Or Ingram and Konz. Either combo would’ve helped the Cowboys immensely.

  32. Matth313 says:

    One little flaw with the pro Cowboys arguements. Two of you assume that Claibourne is the next Revis and the other thinks hes going to be Deion without the flashiness.
    Ultimately the draft is a crapshoot and whoever has the most lottery tickets has the better chance of winning.

    1. Seanrude says:

      I did not say Claiborne was Deion without the flashiness. I said Claiborne was not a flashy pick, which undercuts the “Same Ol’ Jerry” thesis

  33. Mike says:

    I think the rub, is that you’re being a little unfair. First of all, I’m not sure it’s fair to say that Peter Konz would’ve been an immediate upgrade over Costa. Costa was bad last season. Or more to the point, Costa was bad for the first HALF of last season. PFF gave him an overall grade of -9.7 for last season. But if you break that down into halves, it’s a little different. He got a grad of -10.0 for the first half of the season, and +0.3 for the second half of the season.

    Meaning for the second half of the season, Phil Costa was a slightly above average starting center. Beyond that, he’s also not finding out that he’s going to be the starting center one week before the season, and pretty much no offseason to speak of. So to say that Peter Konz would step on to the field and be immediately better than the guy who’s now got a full season worth of starts, and finished the season as an average center, is a little shaky to me. Say what you want about the OL, but the Cowboys think they’ve upgraded there, and Costa, Arkin, Kowalski, and Nagy are actually getting the benefit of a full offseason, both in the weight room, and on the practice field, this year.

    But at the end of the day, upgrading the secondary was an absolute must. The Cowboys backfield was atrocious at the end of last year. They were dead last in the league in big plays. They let Eli Manning hit them up for 746 yards, and 5 TDs. In the final game, 60% of Mannings completions didn’t even travel 5 yards through the air, yet he still had an Avg/Att of 10.5 yards.

    The Cowboys were down so epically fast in that final game, that they never had a chance. The offensive game-plan had to be thrown out the window, because they were down 21-0 in the blink of an eye.

    1. D3Keith says:

      Well-argued at least.

      We’ve often seen the short offseason argument used a few different ways, with the outcome always assuming the player will be much better this year. I’ve done it a bunch myself.

    2. ProtoTyler says:

      Good argument, except the part about Costa. He was awful. Improvement from awful in the 2nd half of the year doesn’t make him above avg. He was simply less bad.

      1. Mike says:


        PFF had him rated as an average center over the final 8 weeks. I’m not saying that’s where I’d put him, but they do a ton of film-study, and I don’t. He was awful to start out with, then average over the course of the final 8 weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be a whole heck of a lot more comfortable if they had signed a top-quality center…but they think that Phil Costa, Kevin Kowalski, or Bill Nagy can handle the job, apparently. And like I said, I think having 3 rookies who had 4 weeks worth of an offseason, along with a second year player who found out in the last week of the preseason that he would be starting really hurt the interior line-play last year.

  34. musiccitynorm says:

    It is way to early to start this stuff,,,, There is so much to consider that has not been considered in this post I would have ot write a book to explain it all, there are concerns but to break it down very simply, Dallas is a lot better today than it was 3 months ago, b y leaps and bounds

  35. DerfDiggy says:

    Claiborne is > 14+45.
    Agree to disagree on this subject….is all I’ll say.

    1. D3Keith says:

      I think I’d always rather have the two highly-rated players than the one, unless the one is clearly superior. Which I think will always be the argument here, whether or not Claiborne is.

      Kirkpatrick (the No. 3 corner prospect in the draft) and a very good potential starter at 45 sure looks appealing, at least to a team that has holes to fill.

  36. skinsaholic says:

    Well thought out. Agree with your assessment of Mo Claiborne. Most likely a huge impact player, but to be able to fill 2 major holes would be too much to pass up if I was a GM (Jerry Jones)

  37. rational says:

    Again, why don’t you consider how a draft pick can enhance other positions. While guard would help the running game and pass protection; one has to consider how hard it is to improve guard play vs securing a potential All-Pro player at cornerback (and with your argument I am sure you are considering a guard with x and y picks). Dallas does have pass rush ability that can be enhanced with the improvement in coverage. Especially one who can press, has ball skills, scares qbs because of his probability to intercept the ball. There are less places to take advantage of in the secondary which will allow players who, have a reputation of getting to the quarterback, there easier. I know that scares you.
    You just don’t recognize that there is a widely held philosophy in the league to get pass rush, coverage ability and quarterback play in the first round; because you can’t count on it with the near the amount of confidence in the rest of the draft. Yes, other positions are picked, but the other positions are valued more.

    It is more valuable to have a darrell revis than a steve hutchinson and chris canty. And that is really, all you could hope for from those two picks. Try to trade those two for darrell revis and see if anyone takes it!

    I’m sure you will take out of that, that I am expecting Claiborne to be Darrell Revis…..because you will try to shoot down my argument to try to stop your Bull-Shit website from making you look like you are very bias and have no business naming your site as if you are objective on the division. But, that comparison is the only way to illustrate the possible upside of all the players we are comparing. obviously Claiborne has a way higher upside than any of those players. They got the best defensive player in the draft. So treat the situation as if Dallas has the possibility of receiving a perennial all-pro; which I’m sure you don’t want to recognize that possibility because you are a bias philly fan and want to feel better about your team.

    Let me ask you: why didn’t Philly try to replace Jason Peters in the first round as he will never be the same. Ware says hello!

    Bottom line, this is a horrible site and only has one point of few. Its like watching Fox News. You guys suck, and I promise to never visit this bull-shit site again.

    Get a clue! Be rational! It may provoke more consistent thought provoking comments and better web traffic via more credibility. I promise to talk shit about this website as much as possible and give as many bad reviews as I can.

    So remember that your team did not get better this off season because of the Peters injury and the lack of depth at cornerback. Don’t tell me Boykin is your savior…..he is a shrimp and will get taken advantage of like a drunk girl on prom night. You better bring that Foles along fast, because Vick is falling off the table in the next couple of years. Have fun turning the ball over and being disappointed by Asomgha’s lack of interceptions and your vastly overrated secondary. You guys have a fantastic pass rush but no real backbone for the run….as your wide nine scheme does not allow…..unless you have Patrick Willis.

    The eagles can win any game……but they can lose very many as they are grey hounds running through race horses. They are bound to get trampled a few times. I will come back to this site to tell you how horrible you have played in your losses during the season though.

    This is the kind of treatment that is warranted to the lack of objective journalism. Blogging and Journalism are the same thing these days. The only difference is credibility. Even that is suppressed these days (see fox news and your own site).

    You suck, bad.

    If you erase this post…… are even worse.

    1. Word count: 675

      1. Trueblue63 says:


      2. Scott says:

        jeez. Thats about double the length of most of my college essays

      3. rational says:

        A little something to remember me by………and pictures that you will see in your nightmares for the next 15 years……..only in the Silver and Blue. Pray for a left tackle. I’m out.

        1. Oh… well… Bleacher Report… I know when I’m beat. I concede.

          1. NYG_slater says:

            I know right! Bleacher report says Claiborne is a play-maker in an area of need. Such insightful and indepth analysis BR.

            1. He also smells nice.

          2. rational says:

            It was merely supposed to give you more visuals for you nightmares. And that there are people out there that think Morris Claiborne is an outstanding player. Ok, I’m really gone now

        2. Immynimmy says:

          LOL BLEACHER REPORT! It all makes sense now!

          1. ProtoTyler says:


            1. skinsaholic says:

              That makes me dislike cowboys fans even more, if that is actually possible. This guys argument is just screaming. The cowboys have a bigger NEED for o lineman, that doesn’t mean Claiborne will not be a good player.

    2. ArthuroMolenda says:

      What’s up with the insults ?

      Can’t you just give your opinion (and you do have a point) in a constructive way ?

      I don’t think Jimmy considers himself as all knowing, so I guess he welcomes points of views he may have overlooked (he’ll tell you better than me).
      But the way you write doesn’t help your point one bit.

      1. I consider myself all-knowing.

        1. Ha, kidding. Right a lot. Wrong a lot. Freely admit when wrong. Obviously, this should be a fun one to watch over the next few years. We’ll see.

    3. BBI says:

      As a Giants fan, I can consider myself an outsider, and I think you have a legitimate point. You really do. But you also sort of come across as a dick. Of course Claiborne could become a perennial all pro, and if that’s the case, its obviously a good trade for you.

      We’ve seen how much Revis DOES do for the Jets, who’ve had a nonexistent pass rush. He can be, and is the crux of that actually very good defense.

      But you can’t just dismiss an opposing opinion and label it as biased. Jimmy has extremely valid points on this as well.

      Take for example Patrick Peterson, who was labeled as just a good prospect as Claiborne is. He was terrible in his rookie year. Rookies have learning curves. With this move, you may get an instant impact with Claiborne, but then again, you might not. And that’s okay, he’s a rookie.

      What you DID do however, is piss off Mike Jenkins, who can actually be pretty good when healthy. That leaves you with Carr, a rookie Claiborne, and a bunch of scrubs for this year, a year in Romo’s, Ratliff’s, Ware’s prime.

      What’s more is that you left off the possibility of taking both David DeCastro AND Peter Konz. You have an interior OL of Mackenzy Bernadeau, Phil Costa, and Nate Livings. I wish you, and Tony Romo the best of luck going up against Cullen Jenkins, Trent Cole, Jason Babin, Fletcher Cox, Vinny Curry, Chris Canty, Linval Joseph, Marvin Austin, Jason Pierre Paul, Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, Mathias Kiwanuka, Barry Cofield, Ryan Kerrigan, and Brian Orakpo.

      1. Jason-E says:

        Wow. When you lay out all of the players that way, the NFCE has some brutal DL/OLBs.

        1. BBI says:

          Yeah, its definitely the strength of our division by far.

          1. Jason-E says:

            I think we have the best set of QBs in the league too. You could make a case for the NFC North, but RG3>Ponder. Eli, 2 rings to Rodgers 1. Vick and Romo are as good as, or better than, Cutler and Stafford.

            1. Hmmm… It’s close. Agree on RG3>Ponder. And while Eli has the rings and my respect, I still think Rodgers is the best player in the game. Also think Cutler is underrated and Stafford is really coming into his own. Tough call.

              1. Jason-E says:

                I agree that Rodgers is the better QB, as far as just phenomenal passer, but if I only get one game, I’m probably taking Eli. I agree with you on Cutler/Stafford, but I like Vick at his best over either of the at theirs. And after last season, Romo earned my respect. Especially after the redskins game. His o-line is laughable.

      2. Mike says:

        “That leaves you with Carr, a rookie Claiborne, and a bunch of scrubs for this year, a year in Romo’s, Ratliff’s, Ware’s prime”

        Sorry, but no. That still leaves them with Carr, Claiborne, Jenkins, Scandrick and whoever else. I don’t care how badly “pissed” Mike Jenkins is, he’s going to want to be productive this year.

        He’s a free agent at the end of the season, and I highly doubt he’s going to sulk through the year and refuse to play. Because the consequences of that would be missing out on a contract similar to what the Cowboys just paid Brandon Carr. He’s had one very good season, and the rest have been midling, so he’s going to have to show the NFL that he’s more than an average corner if he wants to get paid. Money is a fantastic motivator.

        1. BBI says:

          Correct me if I’m mistaken, but isn’t he on the trade block? I understand being pissed and having to play through it….Giants….Osi….but I figured he was getting traded. If he isn’t, then I retract my statement.

          And I’m of the opinion that Scandrick is not very good.

          1. Free Plax says:

            Scandrick and Jenkins stink, Cowboys secondary is now like the Eagles, good Corners no safety’s which means you can still go long on either.

          2. Mike says:

            He’s on the trading block in the sense that the Cowboys are supposedly willing to talk about him. But not in the sense that they’re willing to hand him over for whatever they can get.

            Also, PFF has Scandrick as one of the better rated slot corners.

            1. BBI says:

              Ah, thanks for the clarification. I had assumed it was an Asante Samuel type deal with the Cowboys and Jenkins.

              Agree to disagree on Scandrick.

      3. Mike says:

        “That leaves you with Carr, a rookie Claiborne, and a bunch of scrubs for this year, a year in Romo’s, Ratliff’s, Ware’s prime”

        Sorry, but no. That still leaves them with Carr, Claiborne, Jenkins, Scandrick and whoever else. I don’t care how badly “pissed” Mike Jenkins is, he’s going to want to be productive this year.

        He’s a free agent at the end of the season, and I highly doubt he’s going to sulk through the year and refuse to play. Because the consequences of that would be missing out on a contract similar to what the Cowboys just paid Brandon Carr. He’s had one very good season, and the rest have been middling, so he’s going to have to show the NFL that he’s more than an average corner if he wants to get paid. Money is a fantastic motivator.

    4. Jason-E says:

      What a douche.

    5. peterhad313 says:

      if he sucks so bad, why are you here?
      I would never have traded up because I believe that within the same round, players are very similar, and that is more valuable to have extra chances then one slightly better pick. There are so many little variables such as injuries, opportunities and coaching that its impossible for anything to be guaranteed.

    6. Yeah, people keep trying to give the site a chance as actually containing competent writing and analysis, but, unfortunately, it keeps proving itself to be anything but.

    7. Andy says:

      Please don’t leave, please please please. You are absolutely hilarious and I love you.

      Also, I’m a Giants fan, but here are some 2011 Eagles stats versus Cowboys stats:
      offense: 4th to 11th
      defense: 8th to 14th
      greyhounds running with racehorses?

    8. Eric says:

      Actually, corners have less of an impact than guards. Corners are not involved in every play, in a sense. A guard is always doing something. A corner may do almost nothing if a play goes to the opposite side of the field. Not to mention a corner can’t always lock down a receiver, nor can they if the pass rush is horrible and the QB has more than 4 seconds to throw. Which is why you need to have a dominant pass rush.

      A wise man once said years ago, the further a player gets from the football, the less of an impact he has on the game. You can argue this a little, but if your lines blow, I don’t care if you have Darelle Revis on your team. As a matter of fact, the Jets do have Revis and their pass rush was atrocious last year and look what that did for their success? They went from a back-to-back AFC championship game team to missing the playoffs.

    9. Timbo says:

      Yikes! Why so much hostility? I think Jimmy has some great points. When I first heard the Cowboys landed Morris I was incredibly stoked for next season and I thought it was a great decision. Now my nightmares consist of images ranging from a football being snapped over Romos head or just not being snapped at all. Not only does Costa lack football IQ, he lacks everything that makes a center good. He looks like a fat T-Rex waving his little arms in failure as the D lineman slips past laughing. Now that I have taken the time to research I have decided I would have much rather the Cowboys taken Kirkpatrick at 14 and then Konz at 45. Instantly that upgrades two of the Cowboys largest issues. Carr and Kirkpatrick would have easily sufficed while Romo could finally trust that his own center knows the snap counts!

  38. Seanrude says:

    Jimmy, the Claiborne pick may or may not workout. The Cowboys may have been better off with the 14 and 45th pick, or maybe not. My entire objection to your original post was your claim that this was “Same Ol’ Jerry” at work. That is just nonsense. Look at Jerry’s trades in the drafts when he had neither Jimmy Johnson nor Bill Parcells sitting next to him to say “WTF are you thinking?” Jerry would either trade a slew of picks for a quick fix that no one else wanted(see Joey Galloway or the best damn blocking wideout ever who I refuse to name); He’d trade up to get a player that no one else wanted (see Quincy Carter); or he’d trade back for special teams and/or value (see the 2009 abortion of a draft).

    The Claiborne transaction fits none of those templates. Jason and Stephen Jones are running the show now. Sure, they let the old man call the pick into the Commissioner, and they let him call the draft pick to say “Welcome to the Cowboys” but otherwise he is sitting in the corner, nursing his Crown Royal on the rocks. As the Cowboys were making the trade with St. Louis, it was Stephen who was on the phone, holding the line at just the 2nd round pick. Dallas made no move to get back in to the 2nd round, which “Same Ol’ Jerry” certainly would have done, or at least attempted to do.

    I do not see how Claiborne qualifies as flashy pick, other than his being damn good. He is not a RB or WR or QB, which are the standard flash positions. Other than Deion, how many CBs could be considered flashy? And with Deion, it was at least as much to do with his personality as anything else, and Claiborne does not seem to have that outsized personality. Who else? Revis? Namdi? Maybe, but those guys are best know for not doing much on the field, as no one throws to them. I’d be happy if Claiborne becomes ‘flashy’ like that.

    1. brianbrianbrian says:

      It is the same ole Jerry because he reaches for shiny objects. He never has patience, never sacrifices the momentary joy for the long patient moves that win championships. The Roy Williams trade was like that – panic in October, sell the farm for a useless guy. Not trading Tashard Choice when he had the chance last yr…never gives up a few games of a player to get a draft pick. Same thing here: the splash, the bling was to go get Claiborne. The patient, build-a-winner thing was to sit there, maybe move up a tad for Cox, then get your round 2 guy.

      Did you read he badly wanted to trade next year’s picks to get back into round 2? What a foolish man.

  39. Jimmer says:

    After the season will be the true indicator of if this moved worked or not. We will have a better idea of what type player Claiborne is, and also, more importantly, what they passed on. Right now its just a fun article to get Cowboys fans fired up.

  40. ArthuroMolenda says:

    Another great post 🙂

    I don’t agree with 2) on Clayborne at all – except for the “he’s not Revis” part.
    Teams pass up talent every year, it’s not because a guy was passed by a team needing help that he’s not that good.

    Has the draft value chart been updated ? With the rookie salary scale (or whatever they call it), top picks should be worth much more as you get the high pick and no crazy stupid salary like the years before.
    Anyway, do FO use this chart ?

    Can’t shake the visual of Jerry pushing that button with an evil smile on his face now. Nice.

    You didn’t put Preview and Adressed in red and green btw.

  41. Tfizzle says:

    Hopefully this first link works, because it’s a great explanation of how people over-value what they have. Which means that as soon as your team picks someone, that was the person you wanted. (Except Irvin. I don’t think any Seahawks fans really wanted that, even though I have heard a couple vehemently defend it.)

    This is a similar paper. If you can prove that Cowboys fans have invested time and effort into the team…well, that makes sense.

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