Mike Lolmbardi’s NFC East draft grades

I dare anyone to justify the “A” for the Cowboys.


  1. move says:

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  2. rational says:

    With Dallas drafting Claiborne, it allows them to sustain economical depth at the cornerback position (very hard to do) and maintain a high level of talent there for years to come. Jenkins is very injury prone, but a very good player. They should keep him for depth, holding his franchise options and a possible 4th round compensatory pick next year. Why would they trade him for anything less that a third if he allows depth at that important position. Dallas’ cornerbacks (even their 4th and 5th CB’s) get a significant amount of snaps. They should have actually drafted another cornerback. So cornerback was a need to not get pushed into an unreasonable financial corner. Also, it is undeniable that claiborne was the most talent that they could get with their resources in the first and second round. To get an All-Pro talent as opposed to two solid starters is the way to go. They got off cheap on the deal as well…….the point chart said they should have given up a fourth rounder as well.
    Dallas’ problem on the O-Line last year is that they couldn’t get a push. Therefore they were horrible on short yardage and running when the defense knew they were going to run. That is why they passed so much at the end of games that they were winning. They couldn’t run. Therefore, they signed two guards that will provide a push and that are in the primes of their career. That is better than drafting those guys because offensive lineman many times, take a couple of years to fill out and learn successful technique. Sometimes, its a steal to get guys that have a few years in the league and are ready to take that next step. Dallas did that. If a team takes a

    if a team takes an offensive lineman in the first round, it disallows them to take a player that has elite talent that they would not be able to fill in any other round. Dallas had a few holes to fill (especially secondary and DE) and if they took DeCAstro, then it would have been tough to get an impact player in the secondary who wasn’t a shrimp (such as Boykin). Its easier to make up for not taking a guard in the first round than a secondary player. So now, it really only made sense to take a secondary player and most thought it was going to be Barron. Barron would have not provided the coverage upgrade or turnover difference that Claiborne is going to do. Poole is experienced and has played in the Ryan defense multiple years. They would have had to trade up for either. I bet Dallas is glad that it was Claiborne. Meanwhile, you guys are trying to convince yourselves that they made a bad decision. He will make the largest difference on how other teams scheme against Dallas and what the D-Coordinator can do. I believe that Dallas and Philly will be the best teams in the Division next year.

    So go ahead and try to justify why you think Dallas did the wrong thing while 95% of everyone else loves the move. Also, he adds to the Nightmare that Dallas is as far as scheming against them. Dallas has the best pass rusher in the division, the best corner corp, the best tight end, the best nose tackle (Ratiif, as Andy Reid), the best fullback (Vickers), best MLB (Lee) and possibly the most corner (Claiborne). Oh yeah, their Quarterback, tackles, WR’s are close to being the best (if not the best).
    What is important about have cornerback play that Dallas will have, is it enhances the largest investments that you have on defense (Ratlif and Ware) and will bring more turnovers and sacks because of the ability that they already know is there at the front end. Teams would not, let Dallas’ pass rush get there……they just dropped and got the ball out. No route was re-directed because no one could press (except Jenkins). Now Dallas has Bruce Carter (their second round pick) coming in to solidify the middle of the field. Our MLB’s will cover a lot of ground. Spencer’s sack total will be over 10 this year and you will see sack totals and turnovers rise. This is all enhanced and really tied to having strong coverage and depth at the corner position. Now you tell me…….is that worth a second round pick? Evaluate football, dont evaluate the hate and resentment that you have for the Dallas Cowboys.

  3. roger syracuse says:

    Who wouldn’t trade The Cowboys draft for the Eagles. Is this a joke.? In truth the grades should have been switched. Cox starts. Best pass rushing DT in the draft. Add curry the QB and the linebacker who runs a 4.5 fourty. Are you nuts? The writer should seriously think about another occupation!

  4. Celebrate says:

    Brandon Carr & Mo Claiborne is about to turn this mother out!!!!!!

  5. WeGotLinemen says:

    As a Redskin fan I hate the Cowboys at an entirely irrational level, that really quite worries me. Still, whilst I couldn’t justify the A-grade, they didn’t have a bad draft.

    Instinctively, I hated the Claiborne trade. Their corners were a major weakness that they have just comprehensively resolved through free agency and the draft. As for the rest, well you can only wait and see on mid round picks.

    I can only see the Cowboys being very tough to beat this year. The East is going to be a brutal division, long may that continue.

  6. AustonianAggie says:

    Cowboys got a franchise defining CB and good players the rest of the way. It’s “Franchise Defining” that makes this draft stand out. We’re talking about a .500 team with a player who is a corner stone

  7. Greg says:

    To all the haters accusing Jimmy of bias:

    So every time the Eagles do something good and the Cowboys do something bad, the only justification is that Jimmy is biased? All he’s saying is that the Cowboys should NOT have gotten an A for their draft, which a ton of people (including Cowboys fans) will agree with.

    1. Crash says:

      I think it depends upon whether it’s a judgment call whether it’s “good” or “bad.” You really can’t objectively claim that any team has had a “good” or “bad” draft. I suppose sometimes Jimmy is more trusting of decisions that the Eagles make whose outcome remains to be seen, and much less so toward those made by the Cowboys.

      That said, the fact that Jimmy thinks that the Eagles had a good draft and the Cowboys had a bad draft isn’t even necessarily bias toward the Eagles and against the Cowboys, but has more to do with his valuation of the players. The Eagles picked the players he thought they should pick and the Cowboys didn’t. I’m sure he would be critical toward the Eagles if they drafted players he didn’t like, while complimenting the Cowboys for doing the opposite.

      I think the issue for people here is that he criticizing Lombardi for having what is ultimately a differing opinion. I’m not going to defend Lombardi’s opinion, and frankly I don’t really know much about the players in this year’s draft, not nearly enough so to have an opinion of my own, but I think it’s really not worth getting upset over.

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        Great post Crash.

      2. “Jimmy thinks that the Eagles had a good draft and the Cowboys had a bad draft isn’t even necessarily bias toward the Eagles and against the Cowboys, but has more to do with his valuation of the players. The Eagles picked the players he thought they should pick and the Cowboys didn’t. I’m sure he would be critical toward the Eagles if they drafted players he didn’t like, while complimenting the Cowboys for doing the opposite.”

        That’s true to a degree, but there’s a hell of a lot more to it than that.

        1. Mike says:

          We’ll see. But if your main complaint winds up being solely about them giving up their second rounder for Morris Claiborne instead of grabbing Michael Brockers and a second round player, then I’m going to say that there isn’t a lot more to it then that.

  8. Mike says:

    Fine, I’ll justify it.

    The Cowboys biggest problem area last season was CLEARLY the secondary. As in, no other issue was anywhere near as worrisome. The Cowboys secondary allowed apposing passers to have a pathetic amount of completions against them. The were dead last in the NFL in big plays (Pass breakups, INTs, and FF). There is no debate about the Cowboys needing secondary help.

    They also got a 5-tech defensive end that, as far as I can tell, most analysts were really really high on. Most said he’ll contribute to the pass rush this season, and that he has the ability to grow up into a dominant starter for the Cowboys.

    They got a guy who supposedly has the ability to be a rush linebacker from either side of a 3-4 front.

    They got a safety who several teams were apparently high on. At the very worst, he’ll help on special teams.

    They got a receiver with good slot potential.

    They got a VERY athletic TE. Guy put up a 4.4 40 at 250 lbs.

    Then, they picked up potential depth at ILB, where they’ve only got 3 guys they’re counting on.

    What exactly did they do that makes it so utterly ridiculous that they could get an “A”?

  9. ICDogg says:

    Yeah… I don’t know that there’s any reason to grade the Cowboys’ draft higher than the other drafts, but I like what they did.

  10. Anthony says:

    Draft grades are stupid. I remember last year everyone saying Dallas’ draft sucked. Well, out comes DeMarco Murray, and their draft looks a ton better. Whether they “had the best draft” is irrilevent right now.

  11. Rhinoddd50 says:

    Lombardi has had a thing for the Eagles since they fired him in 1999 (I think?). He is one of the most unbearable guys on NFLN. During the whole McNabb, Vick, Kolb trade talk after the 2009 season, he was the worst and most wrong analyst out there predicting what would happen. It was embarassing. He was talking about Comp picks without even understanding the rules on them. Brutal. I wish I owned an NFL team so I could hire him and fire him myself.

    And to be clear, I would have said that if he gave the Eagles an A+ grade.

    1. Shaun says:

      Exactly….how he still has a job at NFLN I don’t know…same guy who said the Redskins were gonna win the NFCE last season #fail

  12. Crash says:

    I don’t really see the point to grading the draft after it’s just concluded at all, TBH. I suppose there’s perceived value for picks based upon a hypothetical collective draft board, but ultimately that doesn’t do a whole lot when the season starts.

    1. DerfDiggy says:

      Pretty much..grading a draft a few hours after it’s over is almost as ridiculous as grading how a team fills it’s needs after the first round.


      None of this matters….I await Jimmy’s post in 3 years regarding the 2012 draft class…until then….we’re all talking about “potential”, and every single player drafted over the last 3 days has it.

      1. deg0ey says:

        Very true; the only real ‘analysis’ you can do of the draft right now is try to identify which of the guys are likely to contribute to the team right away.

        1. Crash says:

          I think that draft grades at this point are merely the analysts practicing confirmation bias by rewarding teams that drafted according to their valuation with high grades and giving teams that didn’t low grades.

          Over at Cold Hard Football Facts they have first round grades, they gave the Cowboys an A- for Claiborne and the Eagles a D- for Cox. They gave the Cowboys an adjusted grade, I suppose, of a D- for their lack of success at drafting and developing corners in the past though. All draft analysis immediately after the fact is intensely informed by personal opinion and biases.

          1. “I think that draft grades at this point are merely the analysts practicing confirmation bias by rewarding teams that drafted according to their valuation with high grades and giving teams that didn’t low grades.”

            (Nodding in agreement)

          2. Tracer Bullet says:

            CHFF judges picks SOLELY by need, which is just stupid.

  13. theguyotc says:

    Redskins and Cowboys drafts will be judged based on their top picks. The other guys, unless they turn out great, are afterthoughts.

    While getting the top-rated CB in the draft is good, getting a franchise QB is much, much better.

  14. RedskinsFan says:

    I hate to say it, but the Eagles and Giants both had good drafts. The Redksins draft was OK, maybe even good if LeReibus pans out. The Cowboys draft was awful, point and laugh bad.

    1. Agree on the Skins’ draft. I like the Cousins pick a lot more than more people, including a lot of Skins fans from what I’ve seen. Really like that they put a lot of resources into the OL. Had to.

    2. Cowboysfan2013 says:

      The cowboys draft wasn’t bad at all. We got a potential shutdown corner, a 5-tech that has tons of upside and can crack the rotation as a rookie, a developmental outside linebacker, a WR that runs near perfect routes, and a 6-4 TE that runs a low 4.4.
      The picks I don’t get are the safety and ILB but it’s not like the last picks of the 4th round and a 7th rounder that don’t make a lot of sense make a bad draft.

      1. nadam says:

        WR, TE, CB – huge needs

      2. Prototyler says:

        see now that’s the difference. Point of view.

        Claiborne- great pick up, high cost tho. Crawford was okay, value was decent at a need position. but the TE, OLB are developmental, the WR is nothing special, S was a huge reach and ILB was a head scratcher.

  15. Randy J says:

    He only watches the top 10 and than he goes to sleep for 2 days. In his mind we didn’t even draft anyone.

  16. this guy says:

    A for Awful?

  17. sports00fan00 says:

    hahaha “Lolmbardi”… nice

  18. Imp says:

    Did he give reasons for the grades or what?

    1. He was talking, I suppose, but didn’t really say anything.

      1. JimmyY? says:

        Your a Hater; dont know why anyone on BTB shows you any modicum of respect. As I have never heard you come close to saying anything that could be be deemed as coming close to a statement with out blatant bias when it comes to the Cowboys.

        Crawford; A player you admitted to know nothing about, is a very very good 5 tech prospect; which more importantly fits rob ryans scheme very very well. We had 2 questionable picks in the SS at the bottom of the 4th and a ILB in the 7th. Frankly its the 7th round, so really can begrudge anyone there. Not to mention the cowboys front office seems to have a nack for finding late round gems.

        As for our OLB out of wake forest there are mixed reports; another high character hard working upside guy.

        To say the draft was awful is ignorant; especially when we not only turned last years biggest weakness into a team strength but landed by many accounts the the second or third most talented player in the entire draft.

        1. nadam says:

          can you point out where Jimmy said the cowboys’ draft was awful please??

          1. Chandus says:

            Ummm, saying: “I dare anyone to justify the “A” for the Cowboys.”, sounds like a ringing endorsement to you?

            To me, it sounds like a blatant disagreement.

            1. Brian says:

              Not a ringing endorsement to be sure, but he didn’t say it was awful like JimmyY? said here:

              “To say the draft was awful is ignorant…”

              Not ‘A’ does not imply ‘F’

              1. Mike says:

                No, but it pretty clearly suggests a huge deviation from the A. As in, Jimmy probably isn’t giving it a B+ either.

              2. DerfDiggy says:

                Only if Jimmy hadn’t had a history of biased posts.

                This screams out “cowboys had the worst draft” without actually saying it.

        2. Well KNOWN HATER. Without a doubt.

  19. brisulph says:

    Missed the last three rounds… what did the Eagles do wrong? I thought their draft had been excellent through 4.

    1. deg0ey says:

      They reached for OT Dennis Kelly in the 5th, got steals with WR Marvin McNutt and OG Brandon Washington in the 6th and then made a speculative pick of RB Bryce Brown in the 7th.

      All in all, pretty good the whole way through as far as I’m concerned.

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