Giants or Eagles defensive line: Who ya got?

Do the Giants and the Eagles have the 2 best defensive lines in the NFL?  I think that’s a very fair question.  They’re both loaded.  I’ll withhold by own opinions on this one for now, but here they are:

Giants DL 1 2 3
DE Justin Tuck Justin Trattou Craig Marshall
DT Chris Canty Marvin Austin  
DT Linval Joseph Shaun Rogers Dwayne Hendricks
DE Jason Pierre-Paul Osi Umenyiora
Eagles DL 1 2 3
DE Jason Babin Brandon Graham Maurice Fountain
DT Cullen Jenkins Fletcher Cox Cedric Thornton
DT Mike Patterson Antonio Dixon Derek Landri
DE Trent Cole Darryl Tapp Phillip Hunt


  1. oem software says:

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  2. joe d says:

    I’ll take the giants starting line with a HEALTHY Tuck


    Health Tuck>babin

    The Eagles are definitely deeper at the DT position though. I think with the sb win the giants talent will be a little more over rated. Not that they are BAD per se, but it was a team who went 9-7 with a NEGATIVE point differential.

  3. Jim says:

    With Kiwi on the line, edge goes to the Giants.

  4. Jim says:

    Dont forget Kiwanuka plays D-end on passing downs.

  5. rage114 says:


  6. NY_GiantsFan says:

    i voted giants because i feel the giants have already proved they are the more effective D-Line when it counts….

    give the eagles 2 years though, their d-line will be insanely scary if everything pans out….

    oh yea, i also voted giants bc i’m a “bit” biased.

    1. Anders says:

      I dont understand the thing when it counts? So because the Eagles didnt enter the postseason in a TEAM game, you give less credit to the Eagles dline?

  7. Free Plax says:

    If I am being totally honest I would put the 49ers D-line first (justin smith is a monster)

    1. They’re a little trickier because it’s a 3-4. But I agree Justin Smith is an animal, and when you pair him with Aldon Smith, they have something special there.

  8. AustonianAggie says:

    I like the Eagles D Line but voted for the Giants because JJP is much younger than Trent Cole, and that was the big difference in my view

  9. Redskins Fan says:

    I’m not convinced that either of these teams has the best line in the NFC, much less that they are 1-2 (in either order) in the NFL.

    Someone is forgetting about the Pontiac Pussies Defensive Line.

    1. Couldn’t disagree more on the Lions.

  10. JUZ SAYIN says:

    I got Dallas SECONDARY!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Free Plax says:

    Give me the guys with the Rings all day long.

    1. Who, Cullen Jenkins?

      1. Andy says:

        rings, not ring

  12. NYG_slater says:

    um, considering eagle fans traffic this site more… just going ahead and assuming the eagles will win this vote.

    1. You don’t trust Eagles fans’ ability to put their biases aside for the sake of an accurate poll on a football blog?

      1. NYG_slater says:

        lol, absolutely none

      2. brisulph says:


      3. RogerPodacter says:

        eagles fan that voted NYG on this one. i’m sure there are more.

  13. RogerPodacter says:

    hey jimmy,
    did you see this in the article about the ram’s war room?

    Before the trade was announced on ESPN or the NFL Network, Demoff had already fielded a congratulatory call from Eagles general manager Howie Roseman.

    kind of interesting to me. why would howie call them and how did he know the trade was made before it was announced??

    1. I did see that. The Eagles have relationships with EVERYBODY. That’s what happens when your coach has been with the same team for more than a decade.

  14. says:

    I think we should wait to see what happens tomorrow. I would assume the Giants add someone of value.

    At this moment, I think I like the Giants line better. In terms of the potential, I definitely like the Eagles. Graham and Cox have questions marks next to them right now. Really, Dixon does as well. He played kind of poorly in 2011 before his injury while he adjusted to the new scheme. If those 3 guys play like I think those 3 guys will end up playing, then I like the Eagles by noticeable margin.

    1. Anders says:

      Dixon played a really good game against the Niners when he got injured.
      I think its a toss up with a slightly edge to the Giants at the DE position (That is untill Graham or Hunt show us what we think they can do), but the Eagles got the clear advantage at DT and I think the Eagles so far got the best overall depth. So I voted Eagles.

      On another note, JPP would look good in Eagles green, but I still think Graham will be in the same area this year.

    2. Ryan says:

      Yeah with guys like Vinny Curry, Andre Branch, even Courtney Upshaw and both team likely to add along the DL things could change quick. I would not at all mind seeing Vinny Curry AND Fletcher Cox lineup in Eagles Green.

      1. Vinny Curry was one of my favorite players at the Senior Bowl. In the right situation, he could easily put up 8-10 sacks his rookie season.

        1. Shaun says:

          Who’s spot is Vinny taking on the depth chart? Tapp, Hunt? Would he be better as a rookie than Tapp is now or Hunt in his 2nd yr in the system?

          1. deg0ey says:

            I’d slot him straight in behind Cole, keep Hunt at 3 and try to trade Tapp

            1. Shaun says:

              I can see that…That would be one helluva 4-some at DE….Babin, Graham (if he lives up to expectations), Cole and Curry. Would expect at least 8 sacks apiece from each

          2. I’m actually a little surprised they didn’t cut Tapp. He’s making $2.575 to be a backup DE this year. I like Tapp. Good player. I think they could get a late rounder for him.

            1. Shaun says:

              Damn…didnt realize he was making that much money…is it too late to try to restructure his deal? He may turn out to be good trade bait after TC starts and a few injuries around the league happen

      2. deg0ey says:

        I was about to post the exact same thing – If Curry lasts to the 45 area, I think Howie would struggle to resist trading up for him.

    3. RogerPodacter says:

      i think you said it best.
      the birds may have more potential, but i think the giants dl is more proven. having a backup in umenyiora helps tremendously.

      1. slandog says:

        I agree, the Giants are more proven for now. But the potential that the Eagles have is amazing. Their second string could start for most teams and their third string could also start in some places…..that is amazing depth.

        I know nothing about Maurice Fountain but with Landri, Thornton and Hunt as the #3 rotation, they could really put some numbers together as well. Thornton is unproven and so is Hunt to a degree. But he played well last season later, and Landr, well we all know what he did last season.

        Give me the Eagles right now and for the future!

  15. Ryan says:

    Depending on Rodgers health/ability at this stage and Marvin Austin’s development, I give the edge to the set of DTs the Eagles have. The only other DL in the league that comes close is Detroit with Suh, Fairley and Corey Williams inside and KVB and Cliff Avril on the outside but unless they add another guy I think they are 3rd.

  16. KJ Brophy says:

    We have Derek Landri & Philip Hunt as 3rd stringers that should tell you right there who has the better line although it wouldn’t surprise me if Hunt is a 2nd stringer if Tapp gets traded or demoted but then we would have Tapp as a 3rd stringer

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